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  1. Hi, It would be awfully nice if there'll be an option to add write events such as 'SafeHouseRemoval' (declared by SafeHouseRemovalTime in server config) in server log. Thanks!
  2. Enoahe

    Save corruption

    Hi, It's pretty common situation now, when if your game hangs (due to OOM, for example) and you kill it preemptively, that your savefile will be corrupted (either 0 bytes map_p.bin, or correct size, but filled with only zeroes). It would be nice if the game will make a backup of character savefile by itself (every time it writes into a character's savefile, maybe?). Thanks.
  3. Enoahe

    Game hours vs IRL hours in config files

    This is an early access game. Clarification and polishing could take time. An ad-hoc option could be done a bit faster than that.
  4. Hi, Is there a way to understand which moonphase it is now in-game, without looking into lua console? Thanks.
  5. Hi, There are a couple options that allows you to set up time: various timeouts, lengths and so on. Some of them are in 'game hours', some of them are in 'IRL hours'. Sometimes it's not that easy to understand which one is which. It would be awfully nice if there will be an option to specify 'game hours' or 'IRL hours' with a suffix (e.g., 24irl or 24game). Thanks.
  6. Hi, Second player's (with a gamepad) steamid is not registered in whitelist. It's still possible to understand what happenening from logs, but logs are not available for server staff inside the game. Thanks.
  7. Hi, It is possible to paste a text of arbitrary length into a notebook or a journal ( https://pzwiki.net/wiki/Journal ). There are no scrolling controls/buttons, though. Also, if pasted text is long enough (1000 words, 6743 bytes of lorem ipsum, for example), the game will hang. Nothing useful in the log, though. Thanks.
  8. Enoahe

    Starting a car

    Doesn't matter. You spawn a car with a pretty random stats. It could be a car with a 10 Q engine. Or 120 Q engine. You can't change car's engine stats. Just keep deleting and spawning until you'll get a decent one. Pay attention to a temperature stat. If engine is cool, especially in winter, it will require you to make a couple more attempts. Also, I've noticed that sports cars usually more cranky than heavy-duty ones and usually takes a little bit more attempts to start.
  9. Enoahe

    metalworking bug

    https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/24226-iwbums-big-double-pole-gate-recipe-incorrect/ There is also this bug, that require you to have a wire to be able to craft Big Double Pole Gate. I've reproduced it in current release version (40.43).
  10. Actually this is now in current steam release version, not just in IWBUMS. Just stumbled upon it.
  11. Enoahe

    Ice cream truck

  12. Enoahe

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Hey, everyone. Apparently there is a bug in 'Recycle Zinc' recipe. It should not require you to pick up a smelter, but it is now and you can't if your smelter is anchored. This is how recipe looks now: recipe Recycle Zinc { SkillRequired:MetalWelding=7, HCDollar=40, Charcoal, Lighter/Matches/PercedWood/HCMagnesiumstriker/HCBowdrill, HCIngotmold, keep Tongs, keep HCWorkgloves/HCOvenmitts, keep HCSmelter/HCSmelter2, Result:HCZincingot, NeedToBeLearn:true, Time:100, Category:Smithing, OnGiveXP:HCWelding_OnGiveXP, } There should be a 'CanBeDoneFromFloor' option, but there isn't.
  13. It would be nice if there'll be a way to see another character's weight. Through a 'medical check' maybe?