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  1. Hi, As for now, internet server list advertises servers by their IP addresses only. It would be awfully nice if there'll be an option to use hostname instead of IP address there - for cases when your server IP address changes. This way, if server IP address changes, you (as a server admin) can update single dns record and players won't notice a thing. Otherwise you need to make a lot of hassle updating your save folder name. Yes, I know that you can manually add hostname instead of IP address if you add server to favorites manually. But majority of players are using internet server list. (Well, another solution to this problem would be to store character save files on server side, but I believe this is already planned to do). Thanks.
  2. Enoahe

    There is no way to the main menu

  3. Yup. If some element of window goes beyond a window you cannot use this element. I've got similar problem with color picker (no mods).
  4. Enoahe

    Can't pick up or disassemble large low shelves

    This is probably because original shelf consists of two objects (two-tile shelf), but there is only one of them installed, probably for aestetics reasons. There are a couple places here and there where you can stumble upon this kind of objects.
  5. Enoahe

    Start-UP Zip error

    Click RMB on Project Zomboid in your steam library list, choose "Properties", switch to "Local files" tab and press "Verify Integrity of Game Files".
  6. Enoahe

    How To Make My Server Public?

    server.ini: AutoCreateUserInWhiteList=true
  7. Enoahe

    Hydrocraft Mod

    You have wrong version of mod installed. Remove the mod completely. Then re-join the server so the game will download the correct version of Hydrocraft.
  8. Check this map https://map.projectzomboid.com/ It isn't completely up to date but 95% of it is still relevant.
  9. Enoahe

    Walls, windows and doors blocking screen space

    Also there'll be a new wall hiding algorithm in the upcoming release. Maybe it'll help.
  10. Enoahe

    NULL in player name

    Hi, Currently it is possible to log in to MP server with non-printable ASCII (e.g., NULL) in character's name. I'm not sure how exactly people doing this, but they are doing this and game cannot handle it properly. For example, non-printable symbols will not be stored in log. For example, you have a player registered as "Sake\u0000nj". But in logs he'll be registered as "Sakenj". And it is a little bit harder to kick or ban this user by name - you need to look him up by partial match ot some property other than name to get his steamid. And, nope, AllowNonAsciiUsername option can't help with this due to NULL is in ASCII range. Currently we ban this users ASAP, but it'll be nice if they won't be able to log in at all. Thanks.
  11. Enoahe

    Logging for cars

    Hi, It will be awfully nice if there'll be a way to identify on which cat specific action was performed. Now action log for cars looks like this: [08-07-19 20:03:23.051] 76561198422160059 "UserA" vehicle.setDoorOpen @ 5726,6425,0. [08-07-19 20:03:24.054] 76561198422160059 "UserA" vehicle.setDoorOpen @ 5726,6425,0. [08-07-19 20:03:24.654] 76561198422160059 "UserA" vehicle.setDoorOpen @ 5727,6425,0. [08-07-19 20:03:27.658] 76561198422160059 "UserA" vehicle.startEngine @ 5728,6425,0. [08-07-19 20:05:32.385] 76561198275614352 "UserB" vehicle.setDoorOpen @ 5727,6425,0. [08-07-19 20:05:32.586] 76561198275614352 "UserB" vehicle.setDoorOpen @ 5726,6425,0. We know who, when and where, but do not know which car was affected. It should at least specify a model. It would be even better if there'll be a unique car id that could be tracked. Thanks.
  12. Enoahe

    Barricading with metal sheet from backpack

    There are a lot of bugs like this. For example. you can build wooden floor with planks in a backpack. But walls - only with planks in main inventory.
  13. Enoahe

    Car floating in the air upside down (Multiplayer)

    Known bug, no solution at this point. You can nudge the floating car back on wheels with another car, though. Also, if server admin accessible - he can delete this floating car and create a new one.
  14. Enoahe

    Ham Radios not working?

  15. Enoahe


    Read this