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  1. Enoahe


    Read this
  2. Enoahe

    Doors and Windows Do Not Load

    Any mods installed?
  3. Enoahe

    Bug with rain drops

    Yup. Reported here:
  4. It is also impossible to change WorldItemRemovalList via command /changeoption in a chatbox with the same error: Command: /changeoption WorldItemRemovalList "Base.Vest,Base.Shirt,Base.Blouse,Base.Skirt" Answer: "Use this to change a server option, use : /changeoption optionName \"newValue\"
  5. Hi, I'm trying to change "WorldItemRemovalList" via "Server Options" in game: Current value (default): Base.Vest,Base.Shirt,Base.Blouse,Base.Skirt,Base.Shoes I'm trying to edit it, just to remove single item, for example: Base.Vest,Base.Shirt,Base.Blouse,Base.Skirt Server answer: "Use this to change a server option, use : /changeoption optionName \"newValue\" After I press "Apply changes" in "Sevrver Options" window my new edited value replaced with old (default value): Base.Vest,Base.Shirt,Base.Blouse,Base.Skirt,Base.Shoes
  6. Like any other furniture. There is a pickup/disassemble button on the left part of your screen, bottom one I believe.
  7. Enoahe

    Problem! Local files and accounts ...

    Change ResetID in your config file.
  8. Enoahe

    Car weight affects car performance?

    Yup. If you negate all the weight (negative weight items in your inventory) the car won't move either.
  9. Enoahe

    [40.43] [MP] Action logs

    Another beautiful example, this time complete vanilla without mods whatsoever: [28-05-19 23:33:36] username container -50 4259,5877,0 []. 50 items. M'kay. Which items?
  10. Enoahe

    Most buildings have invisible walls...

    Any mods?
  11. Enoahe

    AI driven map making

    It was stated already that there will be no random map generation in this game. https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/192-commonly-suggested-suggestions Although, it would be a cool toolkit for map makers.
  12. I believe the easiest possible way for you will be : https://www.hwinfo.com/ Run it, then choose "Video Adapter" in a main menu.
  13. Enoahe

    Replace broken glass on windows?

    Nope. Heat spreads around a heat source in a certain radius. If straight path to head source is obstructed - there will be no heat from the heat source on the tile you standing (e.g., low iron bar fence around a campfire will make a perfect heat insulation).
  14. Enoahe

    respawn loot

    You can configure it.