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  1. There are clipping problems when character wears long skirts or long dresses in combination with boots (specifically, riding boots, rain boots or the boots which are just called "boots"; might apply to other types of boots as well). Steps to reproduce: - enable all clothing unlocked - move on to the Customise Character screen - equip riding boots, rain boots or boots - equip long skirt or long dress The screen shots below show a character wearing a long skirt with and without boots (second one is with boots where the clipping occurs).
  2. Just wanted to let you know that the problem has been resolved for me. Don't know why but it works now! Maybe due to one of the recent game updates to 41.77 or due to an update of one of the mods... have no idea. Anyway, many thanks for trying to help me!
  3. I have similar clipping problems with the "Hoodie" clothing item. It seems not related to character's gender and it occurs when the Hoodie is worn without any other clothes as well as when it is combined with jackets (didn't try other clothes yet). Playing in 41.77, single player, no mods. Problem seems to be new since I've never noticed it in 41.73 or earlier version although I've used the Hoodie quite often.
  4. I have the impression that the system managing poisonous berries or mushrooms is not working correct in every case. Problems occur for me when I add those items to a (fruit) salad. Afaik, the game should then make the salad poisonous too. Moreover, when you characters have cooking skill >= 7 and herbalist trait, they should be able to detect that the salad is poisonous via their interface (or am I wrong here??). Now, both of these things are not always working for me. Specifically, what happens for me sometimes is one of those things: 1. the salad is not poisonous at all (at least it has "Poison Power = 0" when checked in debug menu) 2. salad is poisonous but this is not displayed in the interface Both problems only occur sometimes for me. There are also cases where I make a salad out of poisonous items and everything works as expected (which makes stuff even more confusing). I am not sure whether this is really a bug or whether this is somehow an intended game behavior which I simply do not understand.
  5. Agree that this "exploit" is not particularly game-breaking...
  6. When you have a single can of food in your inventory, you can receive a multitude of empty tin cans out of it by using traps. Here is how it works: - make sure you have a can of food in your inventory and a trap (example: canned beans and a cage trap); you also need a can opener for opening the can - open the can of food - place the trap - add a bait from the opened can - remove bait - now you have two opened cans of food in your inventory; eating them will produce two empty tin cans - you can even make more empty tin cans this way: do not eat the content of the open cans from the last step and repeat the process of adding and then removing a bait
  7. When calculating the in-game date, does the game takes leap years into account or will February always get 28 days?
  8. Reminds me of this old South Park episode where some people are stuck in a building during a blizzard and resort to cannibalism after only an hour or so. I think one of the first episodes from season 2.
  9. Also tried re-installing all mods and re-installing the whole game. My guess was also it is somehow related to those "HelledBoots" item. I'll do some more research on it and see what I can find out.
  10. When you have food in your inventory and hover over it's entry with the mouse cursor, there will be a tooltip showing you how much boredom and how much unhappiness reduction it gives (in case the food actually gives those types of stat changes). When you then right click the food item an hover over the "Eat" option, there will be another tooltip which shows you the unhappiness reduction but it doesn't show the boredom reduction anymore. Steps to reproduce: 1. Prepare some food which gives unhappiness and boredom reduction (example: roasting pan with chicken (fresh), pepper and salt). 2. Hover over the inventory entry of the food to check boredom and unhappiness reduction. 3. Right click the food and hover over the "Eat" option. Unhappiness reduction is still displayed but the boredom reduction is missing. The problem also seems to occur with food giving only boredom reduction (unhappiness reduction is not needed for this to happen).
  11. Also tried this. Tried making a completely new character with new username and new password on the server. No success so far... So, all what has changed for me since joining the server didn't work anymore is that I upgraded my operating system from Ubuntu 20.04 to 22.04. Ever heard anything that Ubuntu 22.04 may cause problems? Should also mention that the server runs the game in version 41.73 (not sure if this is relevant though...)
  12. Yes. I deleted the whole MP folder. Also unsubscribed from all mods and re-installed the game. Really strange... But many thanks for trying to help!
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