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Found 8 results

  1. Nerd Culture acknowledges the people who would never own a golf club or baseball bat, and who loathe landlines, by adding geeky / nerdy / techy items to your apocalypse. Includes a series of comic books and manga, wooden/decorative swords, a host of new electronics and a full set of rollable dice. Now you and your fellow survivors can while the night away by roleplaying... inside of a videogame. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Full item list: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get it on Steam! Get it from pz-mods.net Supports Necroforge.
  2. Hosting an Roleplay server, it's private and i will ask mods to lock it once i reach server capacity. LORE: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1X3GTdqfSmONSwh6DlkGzTvuksAp5ddTH_hnrLc1V1V0/pub CHARATER SHEET: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_VzvpAuul6dB8pbL7ExXebsjAMoLMyhVyYJiSVL7jgM/pub (If intrested in creating a faction) FACTION SHEET: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-EWTLYOfffpnUcdqEJeSmuGV0Wv2e-uPiIauEcSGik8/pub RULES: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-EWTLYOfffpnUcdqEJeSmuGV0Wv2e-uPiIauEcSGik8/pub EDIT: Forgot to mention that for admin's comfort we use NecroForge and cheaterman menu. EDIT EDIT: Im dumb, add me on skype and send your applications: maciej.hartuna
  3. THIS MOD IS NOW A PART OF NecroForge AND NO LONGER BEING WORKED ON! This mod was requested by RicoUK so that a server admin or a player could spawn some Moveable furniture in item form with /additem command to be placed later. It does not allow the player to spawn every single moveable, only the ones that are defined in the script. REMEMEBER: You need a tool that allows you to spawn items from within the game with an /additem command like NecroForge or whatever admins use in MP. Download: PZ-Mods Link Defined Moveables List Defined Moveables Visual List Screenshot
  4. DistributionXposed 1.1for Project Zomboid Build 33 At first i was making this mod to understand the item distribution of the game. I am using this to see the real distributions and what items are labeled what by adding an item on all distribution locations with the name of item matching its distribution code.I find it funny that clothe racks in stores all over muldrough contains nails and batteries and so i made this mod to see exactly what container is that (turns out to be ["All"]["Other"]) i have traveled all over the place with this mod on and its a quite interesting journey Lol. Im sharing this tool with all my fellow gamers and modders enjoy Gives the ability to see item distribution code of all container in game world. eg. When you open a zombie corpse you will see an item labeled "AllInventorymale", when you get a bag you will also see its item distribution code. Uses for player: 1. Player will know exactly what container they are opening eg. is it labeled garage storage or maybe mechanic metal shelves.ere 2. They will know by trial and error where good loot drops from what container (even if they read the distribution files they still cannot know for sure where the item will spawn but with this mod you can be 100% sure) Uses for Modder: 1. Gives an easy way to distribute your created items because i give separate my files by location. eg you want to add pizza component than just look at my restaurant.lua section 2. As above modder can see which containers are used a lot and which are not, what is the different of ["All"]["Sidetable"] and ["Bedroom"]["Sidetable"] and many other similar stuff. You can even distribute inside bags that you find in the game. 3. Modder can know how many instance of an item is distributed every time they add an item to a table. eg you may place only 1 item but you will get "All Icecream" (5) (the 5 shows how many rolls are done on every item in that specific container type) 4. Modder will be able to distribute items in Microwaves and Stoves and some other stuff normally undistributable. Note: There is 1 item that i still cant find the distribution tag (Barbecues). Download link: http://pz-mods.net/gameplay/DistributionXposed/ Steam Workshop link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=604586928 This mod will not be possible without these people, Thanks 1.Robert Johnson: Developer, modloader and stuff 2.Robomat: Many times in my mod learning Robomat answers help me understand how to mod. 3.Hydromancer: The Hydrocraft mod is the one that i dissassemble to inspire me to do this (the distribution location is not from the Hydrocraft mod tho, its direct from the suburbdistribution thing) Version History
  5. Just finished putting together my first proper mod for Project Zomboid (The first one I made was just a minor edit to some vanilla code for some XP values). Trait Training Books http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=606059733 What does it do? Trait Training Books adds a series of books to the game that can be used to learn traits in a ladder like system of progress. Currently the mod is only in initial release so at the moment there are only books in the game to handle the reading line of traits. An example of how it works in game If your character has the "illiterate" trait, they have the option of trying to find the TTB book related to the Illiterate trait, in this case named "Burch and Friends - Let's Read Together!". If the character has the illiterate trait, when they right click the book in their inventory or another container they will see an option in the context menu for "Struggle to Read". When selected, the player will start reading through the pages of the book in the same way you would read any other skill book. When completed, the Illiterate trait is removed from your character and replaced with the Slow Reader trait. But how can you read if you're illiterate? The mod uses a custom class that is based off the ISReadABook class used to read books in order to specifically handle trait books through an action that is on the surface functionally identical to reading, making use of pages and starting and stopping reading as any other literature item in the game would do. This was to work around some of the restrictions surrounding reading timed actions that would typically fail read attempts with the native read class. Balancing I'm still pretty new to modding with PZ so I wasn't able to find a way to request the server value for DayLength which was originally the idea I was thinking of to try and make a variable timer for reading so that the same mod could be used on various server or SP configurations without becoming too impractical at either extreme of DayLengths, so that's something I may try to get in when I learn more about what's availiable to me in LUA and if I can get the DayLength from the server. Until then though, this mod is specifically balanced for use on Real-Time multiplayer servers or Real-Time SP games. Reason being I designed this primarily for use on my own MP server but it can still work in SP games or other MP games as long as you're aware of some balancing issues with the books being 25, 50 and 75 pages. The books are a rare find, with a loot distribution of 0.3, 0.2 and 0.1 in Shelves, 0.5, 0.3 and 0.1 in bookstores and then 1.0, 1.0 and 0.5 inside schoolbags for the basic, intermediate and advanced books respectively. (For comparison, books in Hydrocraft have a 1.0 loot distribution) So these should be pretty rare finds, combined with how they are consumed on use it should hopefully keep things fairly balanced. Future Plans I'm hoping to tinker around with the hobby traits over the next few days and get to grips with how the game handles them on characters, once I work things out there I'm going to start looking at getting in books that can be used to learn other positive traits or remove/lessen negative traits. I also want to look into seeing if it's possible to implement some usage of the leveling and skillpoint system in the game, so that reading a book may require you have a skill point available that would be consumed when learning or removing a trait with the book. Figure out a way to adapt the time taken to read pages of these books based on the DayLength setting for the server or SP game.Credits Robert Johnson for the original ISReadABook.lua class that was used as the basis for TTB's reading class.BryBry for help in finding a way to refresh the character's info window to display the updated trait window without requiring a relog.
  6. EDIT: I GOT IT WORKING! And I wrote a guide, which I'll work to update as needed. Link here! Okay so I was following this guide It said to make my own server, do this: Go to your Library and then select "Tools". Scroll until you see "Project Zomboid Dedicated Server" and download/install it like you would with a game. Once downloaded, you start it. So, now I have it here as Picture 1 Now I open PZ and press "Online", and enter the info I want for my server as seen here in Picture 2 Notice it failed. So, how do I make PICTURE 1 work with PICTURE 2? Right now I can't even join my own server? Is the "add a server" window seen in Picture 2 used to Create a server, or to call up an existing one? Help, please?
  7. Hi all, I wonder if a community map project is on the way to fill up the existing map. With the creative mode coming from build 33. A mapping project to complete it (ie zone around the railyard, unfinish zones with roads or the warehouse out of town with no roads) could be nice. Maybe the devs could add it to the game if it's well done? I'm not a mapper, but that new tool remember me the building mode from the sims. I will learn how to use it and take time to make my own project. Creating new houses and neighborhood. But, if someone starts a mapping project I will follow him!
  8. So in the recent mondoid the devs said they are trying to make the world seem lived in/ liveable. So I thought on this while playing my SP character. I realised that my character wasn't able to physically sit down on a chair/sofa or lie down on a bed. To me, I think it makes my character look more like, you know a game character rather than an actual person. I enjoy thinking of my char as an actual person . It seems to me like this should be brought in and fits with what the mondoid said (sort of). I thought on it a bit more yesterday and came up with a few things I would like to see added. The ability for my character to physically sit in a chair/sofa. The ability for my character to physically lay in bed, and getting into bed before sleeping. Being able to read a book while sitting down. Reading standing up for several hours seems strange to me. Maybe a Comfort/Relaxed moodle. being relaxed would help ease pain of some injuries like fractures and leg injuries. Plates! Would love to make my character sit down at the table and eat of a plate with a knife and fork (as zeds casually knock on my windows). I also thought that maybe if you had the sleepyhead trait, you could accidentally fall asleep for a random amount if hours. Chairs made my carpentry level 4 would not be as comfy as chairs made from carpentry level 9, which makes sense. Hygiene could also be added. wearing the same clothes all the time etc. and getting covered in blood wouldn't exactly make me happy. perhaps being dirty could affect the characters mood and make him sad? In theory just stuff that makes the character seem like a person rather than just another character
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