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    Snow DaZe

    Looks great! Glad to see so much progress on this game made lately. Good job, guys
  2. 829. To go with the new weather system, a chance that when there's a thunderstorm, lightning can strike an urban area and cause a fire. To be fair, should perhaps be a rare, maybe even limited event like the helicopter.
  3. Looks like it's working how it's supposed to with this. Speedy fix, thanks
  4. It doesn't look like custom sandbox zombie settings are working for me on the new build. If I edit my server settings through the ingame host menu, proper zombies is checked even when it shouldn't be. I unchecked it, changed my zombie settings back to what they were, then saved changes, and if I edit settings again, proper zombies is checked and the advanced zombie settings are also back to default. I assumed it was a problem with the ingame menu resetting, so I just copied my sandbox settings from the last build into my new server's settings manually and launched the dedicated server. Most settings seemed to be working right, but zombies played like default Survival zombies and I later died of an infection even though I have transmission off.
  5. They're different, unrelated version numbers. Vehicle build 36.4 has everything from 38.3.
  6. It's a little known feature, but you actually can make sinks useful after the water goes out. If you put a rain barrel one tile from the side of the sink on a floor above, the sink will draw water from it and automatically purify it.
  7. I reported this same problem before and am getting it too. It's very noticeable in the Van Sounds video posted in the latest Thursdoid.
  8. The spawn rates of sacks and barbed wire should be greatly increased or else there should be a way to craft them. As is, barbed wire fences and gravel/sandbag barricades are pretty much impossible to make in any large quantities (unless I'm missing something). Paint and plaster spawnrates should be increased too. They only have aesthetic uses in base building, but it takes large quantities of them to do much of anything that are near impossible to find on default survival settings.
  9. As others have said, the new item transfer system feels really weird for most items. For items such as nails and seeds, it works, but for just about anything else such as logs, planks, gas cans, whatever, it feels really strange and unrealistic. Even transferring large quantities of food it doesn't feel right--I just stuffed 5 dead birds into my freezer at once! Not only that, but it also makes the Dextrous trait pretty useless compared to before. Maybe a solution would be to limit the large stack transfers to items with extremely low weights. Edit: The new item transfer system seems to be bugging out for me sometimes. So far I have only noticed it on my stove with stews and water I had cooking. Drag and dropping stacks of them to my inventory has occasionally made them disappear. Boiled 8 pots of water, only have 3 now. Made 2 stews and both disappeared on transfer to my inventory.
  10. Is this just temporary until the "end of the world" bug is fixed, or could it maybe be a server option? I regularly drive a lot faster than this, and before the black screen bug I'd often go around 100~ mph on roads I knew.
  11. I have that issue with lights on my private server as well. With the power out and generators running at the Sunstar Hotel, a bunch of the pink wall lights seem not to do anything at all anymore, powered or not. Others work for some reason, but after a few ingame months, stopped working and it doesn't give me option to turn on/off or replace lightbulbs. Wasn't sure if it was a bug or some kind of feature I didn't understand. Wall light switches also disappear if you replace the wall they're on with a player made one, but you can still turn them off/on. The graphic is just stuck behind the wall. Noticed this replacing some burnt out walls from an accidental fire.
  12. I was just about to post the exact same thing except with metal sheets and planks. Barricading doesn't seem to be syncing at all, but they appear for me on a reconnect.
  13. Hummer H1, the civilian model of a military vehicle. Four wheel drive utility and off-road vehicle in production starting '92. Would be a sick vehicle in the zombie apocalypse.
  14. Trunk lid on the Chevalier D6 doesn't display correctly.
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