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  1. doesn't this invalidate the question tho?
  2. TheVastator

    New Hot Bar

    I for sure could sling the fire axe in the back slot.
  3. Yeah, you have to aim a bit towards the head (upper torso seem to work as well) in order to stomp correctly.
  4. I agree with Boogieman. I really like the movement but it needs to be smoothed out, also in order to have at least a chance to break free from a hold from behind, which at the moment means 100% death
  5. sadly the theme is still so white that I have to use sunglasses
  6. Probably you got VERY unlucky and got that 40-20% in which your suit doesn't help
  7. also remember that what was shown of the new build so far was done on purpose to show the differences; the devs even said that there are gonna be 3 playstyle usable in sandbox (survivor, which is the standard one; fighter, with combat more like build 40; builder, for people that like to build ). Wouldn't worry much about the playstyle in build 41
  8. bump, this would be a quite nice middle ground.
  9. The only reason I'm forced to copy/paste savegames for multiplayer is when I have to switch pc and I want to use the same character. In MP saves should really be server side... In single, I think you can do whatever you want with your save.
  10. Everything is better with pirates!

  11. Me and my friends tried to sleep at the same time in multiplayer, but there's just no option to sleep, at all (tried beds, chairs etc) Edit: nevermind, found the server string, will test this out
  12. obviously something with dragons since they promised them to be in PZ, and I have yet to see one! Bad devs, bad!
  13. hello! my buddy was able to place the spiked barricade...and it turned invisible any idea about how to fix this?
  14. quick question about spiked barricades: in multiplayer a friend of mine created one, but when he drops it on the ground, dropping it like any other item, it just does nothing, you can pass through it (zombies can as well ). Did he do something wrong? Shouldn't the barricade be a placeable like the normal ones?
  15. when you're in a situation like this, always remember the ending credits from Monkey Island 2. They can do wonders
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