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  1. I don't really agree that the helicopter event should be able to just come in and start trying to snipe you. Unless it was some rare variation and was explained really well, like there is some rouge military group hellbent on stopping the zombacalypse by any means necessary and they believe that survivors aren't worth the risk and are better off dead. I think that would make everything a lot more interesting and could lead to some other interesting events (Plus it wouldn't make much sense for the military to just be killing survivors who haven't really done anything).
  2. Kidnapped! After working late one night you were on your way home but suddenly you receive a swift blow to the back of your head knocking you unconscious. You wake up a few days later stuck in an empty cabin in the middle of god knows where. you're hungry, dehydrated and suffering from minor injuries, and to top it all off people have started eating each other. With minimal supplies and no knowledge of where you are can you make it back to civilization just to find out that the dead have started to walk the earth? Or would you rather stay and wonder if your captor is coming back? [With NPCs implemented there could be a chance of a hostile npc trying to hunt you down aswell] I've covered wars ya know. [Reference to the original Dead Rising game obviously] You and your buddy caught wind of something big happening in Kentucky. As a journalist you and your friend fly into Knox county with his helicopter to try and figure out what this Knox event is all about. Unfortunately your friends helicopter was being pursed by a military chopper and had to drop you off quickly at the Mall near West Point. You told him to come back for you in three days but you don't know if you or him will survive that long. But for now you are stuck in a mall filled with zombies and survivors fighting for their lives. Can you find out whats going on? or will you end up like everyone else? [Start with nothing but a camera and a decent population of NPCs in the mall {when they're implemented of course}]
  3. TIS has decided not to release any more info on NPCs until they are practically finished as people would get mad when they were getting hyped then heard of a new set back.
  4. your probably just really lucky at least luckier than me (my last 4 characters all died from their first scratch >:T). Don't quote me on this but I've heard that surviving a scratch decreases future infection chances, but I don't know if it was part of an earlier build or just false rumors.
  5. Very excited about metalworking but I have one question with making blade items (knives, axes, future weaponry) are we going to hammer a piece of metal until it turns into a blade? or are we going to be able to use a grindstone to sharpen the flattened pieces of metal into actual blades, or possibly making existing tools sharper?
  6. I find it strange that we can sleep on a chair and get the same quality rest as sleeping in a bed, it's pretty unrealistic and I've seen quite a few people talk about adding something to fix this. So my suggestion is quite simple, while we could have some complex system that will effect your character in the long term from sleeping on nothing but wood chairs and while that would be ideal a, much simpler method is to make sleeping on stuff like chairs decrease your tiredness at a slower rate, so that you would require more sleep if want to become fully rested. Basically giving your character the restless sleeper effect when sleeping on chairs. And obviously sleeping in a bed would be the best choice and your character would need less sleep to be fully rested.
  7. So as of now all or mostly all of the zombie groups have relatively the same number zombies in them (not including hordes caused by meta noises, the player, house alarms, etc). But I think it would be fun if hordes varied in size, so instead having groups of 15 peppered across the map, zombies could form either larger or smaller groups (configurable in sandbox) to add a bit of randomness to the gameplay. An example is that you're going to loot a warehouse in muldraugh, as you make your way over to it you only come across small groups of 5-6 zombies, no big problem, but then when you arrive there is a large horde of 30 zombies right next to the warehouse. Now do you risk sneaking in to get the loot? or do play it safe and wait until the horde moves? or do you try and clear the horde yourself which could potentially end in your death. This would be a nice addition to keep things a bit more randomized rather than uniform.
  8. A few of my favorites are the SunStart Hotel since it is really easy to wall of. http://pzmap.crash-override.net/#0.40611112115389186,0.21522100870558053,114.47545997288273 And I don't know why but I also really like this place http://pzmap.crash-override.net/#0.434964773402524,0.21364941165211335,329.68932472190227
  9. There is a mod on the workshop that adds achievements. Well they're more like random objectives that you can find but it adds some goals to the game. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=564587783
  10. There was one game that came out with a similar gimmick like these (I don't remember the name of it) but instead of "you're dead you're dead deal with it" all players had a "Live pool" where when someone died a number would subtract from that pool and when that pool go to zero the game would have some epic finale then shut down forever. And I doudt this will catch on as I assume most people won't want to play a game where your first death is also your last (Just imagine a game like Dwarf Fortress with something like this). While an interesting concept if you ask me a perma perma death mechanic in a game is really just a waste.
  11. yes you can go to all the maps you downloaded as long as they have been integrated into the base game map which all of those are I believe so you shouldn't run into any problems.
  12. yeah I was on survival and my safe house was pretty far away, although now that I think of it it could have been due to that I passed by that area a lot so zombies didn't get too many chances to spawn.
  13. actually zombies don't respawn/ migrate as fast as you think. I once used a molotov and a shotgun to clear out zombies near a warehouse. I dragged them away to an open area while firing my shotgun to attract more then I used the molotov to kill the massive horde of about 100-200 zombies. the only thing I destroyed was a small patch of trees, and rarely ever saw any more than 4-5 zombie groups after a few months later.
  14. zombies have a different walking speed, once 20 approaches you, you push back the closest, retreat and deal with all of them slowly. the point is that you push back too many of them too easily. my ideal situation would be to implement Svarog's weapon nerf that way you can still kill 20 zombie if you're lucky, strong and brave enough, but it won't be easy, it's not just hit, retreat, hit again and repeat until dawn, you'll actually need to plan movements better, you'll want to avoid to aggro groups all the time, you'll prefer killing them slowly one by one, or if you'll aggro a group, you'll need to split them, for example by putting buildings between you and them implementing Svarog's weapon nerf mod won't change the fact that you could still walk backwards and kill a group of 20 zombies fairly easily the only thing it would change is that it would take longer because you can't hit a group of zombies.
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