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  1. Last time we did this thread it hit 15 pages, where is that Legends of Zelda giant sword gif.
  2. I never thought I would see people talking about other games graphics on the PZ forum.
  3. The Reddit thread makes me think it applies to all versions, regardless the lack of working poisons is making me sad. It was my favorite way to strategically kill someone without a fight.
  4. Blandness of the food, try adding bleach.
  5. The ability to draw large amounts of zombies to an area with gun fire does seem to have more defensive use than one would expect. Using it to clear out buildings out the front door before you pop in through the back door and loot unlooted claims.
  6. People are dropping like flies in every direction, come check it out.
  7. Propane tank bomb catapult.
  8. This has been affecting New Dawn also, it seems impossible to poison items atm, I thought it was a bug possibly related to hydrocraft but I believe this happened with all vanilla items.
  9. Animations will be excellent because they'll allow characters to climb large fences and all kinds of other amazing shyat.
  10. Toxic poison that accumulates over long term eating would be cool too
  11. I wouldn't mind putting sleeping pills into food as a poison option, or other things that don't exactly kill the person but perhaps makes them go blind or incapacitates them? I don't know, I just don't want to be straight up murdering people with my posion every time.
  12. This thread we will talk about animations and how much we'd love to see them. Also about how hilarious it will be when we witness other players falling over randomly and getting ganked by swarms of zombies while we laugh because it isn't happening to us!
  13. fire

    I thought this was going to be a thread about campfire safety.
  14. Sprinters are the best, long have I petitioned for a sprinter heavy RP project Zomboid server.
  15. lol why don't you stop camping my thread like a butt hurt bridge troll.