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  1. Something like that! Just hate to see people survive the bleach attack.
  2. When you make a food item using cooking and you add bleach as an ingredient you can add a whole bottle of bleach and eat through the bleach until it times out and you'll live, while you can drink a whole bottle of bleach raw and die no matter how much food you eat. For example using a whole bottle of bleach to poison a stir fry =/= just drinking a whole bottle of bleach.
  3. The world needs zombie sprinters, it makes for the best multiplayer experience.
  4. Added more bleach, did not solve the problem sadly.
  5. After the bug fix on the bleach with the cooking menu, it seems the poison does not work like it did before. I do not know if this is accidental or intentional but I would really like a bug fix or even response.
  6. Bleach works, but only when the pan gets 5 ingredients unlike the old 3 ingredients. *EDIT* Poison mechanics are completely changed, you can now live through a whole bottle of bleach in a meal by constantly eating. Bleach stills works normally and is a sure kill shot every bottle.
  7. The bleach bug was when you had a food item in a frying pan with two or more ingredients and then you tried to add bleach/anything as poison and it would not let you.
  8. Hi, last time I played poison didn't work in game due to the bleach bug. Has this been corrected and poison works like the old days?
  9. In before someone actually does make that a picture of their character.
  10. This is a really good thread to farm community rep in.
  11. Weak and Obese traits can weaken/disappear, I don't know if they get replaced by the positive traits as your fitness / strength increases however because the amount of strength training required to hit ten is pretty massive.
  12. The rules themselves are not that bad, execution and how they enforce them however is a lot like an apartheid in levels of discrimination between players who are in the /inner friend circle/ and those who are not. Good example is if you are popular with the super friend circle you'll get a slap on the wrist but if you are unpopular they'll kill your character / ban you. if you complain about it? Post deleted / declared a troll. Most folks who were serious about RP quit because having some 16 year old admin abuse his powers so that he can defend his imaginary in game girlfriend / super friend circle by moving to get you banned / removed from the server for the crime of being an existing in character threat isn't a very creative or nurturing environment and it isn't even RP. It's just real life drama, and if I wanted that I would go to a House Party.
  13. Has TS ever come back up?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jack Bower

      Jack Bower

      Jacey stopped going on it and now it is closed down to my knowledge. 

    3. Unicorn


      I can open up another one for you guys if you'd like.

    4. Jack Bower

      Jack Bower

      We would like that very much.

  14. I didn't want to post in this but lol. Folks got banned because New Dawn got a new head admin like three months ago and they're just banning anyone who disagrees with them in a public setting. Doesn't matter if you've been with New Dawn or AGN for three years, for the great crime of having a differing opinion you shall be declared a troll and banned. I know Vcassarola and he never deserved what he got and a lot of the older players know it and won't touch this server anymore. They will not accept an applicant that threatens their grand plans for their characters that admins use their powers to make a reality with either blatant favorism / stupid events all about their own personal character and the rest of the server is supposed to follow them as they beat a drum to the tune of a world where they are the most popular hero. Guess this thread is active because they can't ban us for expressing that players should run the story. Jack Bauer out.
  15. Good to see this thread is still alive, as winter turns into spring we watch our progress.