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  1. Barbed Wire Fencing

  2. High strength = Uselles Stomp?

    Depends on location of stomping the zombies. Near the head you are more likely to be successful while body stomps are less successful.
  3. Another Aiming Suggestion

    Shotguns also cannot hit multiple players in one blast. It's really quite weird and makes the shotgun seem like something it isn't.
  4. Going to give this server a try, given some of the people who have signed up already I have a feeling this will be a pretty fun time.
  5. Civilian Nuclear Bunker

    Because I enjoy to make neat and interesting bases. I wanted to try and make it look like a hill under survival settings. Still a work in progress, just wish I had more time / nails to complete it!
  6. Civilian Nuclear Bunker

    Dirt pyramid! https://gyazo.com/9b6f981fdd014b1567b8daa8dcd47a73
  7. Civilian Nuclear Bunker

    Here is a sample picture of my own personal attempt at creating a (underground like) structure. It is modeled after a hill and hopefully will look something like one when I am done. I intend to try and cover the wall looking area with probably some shrubs placements or tall withered farmed crops depending on how it looks. Also part of the wall I colored wrong accidentally and have not got around to fixing it yet. https://gyazo.com/7479b4310361ffdac8d7a5ab676d1263
  8. Civilian Nuclear Bunker

    I've been attempting my own player made hills, but the inability to grow grass on dirt tiles is certainly causing some set backs. I instead opted to use old farmer crops to create a /foliage/ effect.
  9. Hazmatters

    So, I know we don't want to rustle that bee's nest. But do we have any word on anything animation related being released to IWBUMS? Player populations have really been struggling lately and I'd love to see animations hopefully spike them back into activity.
  10. Phase zombies just is the next difficulty after sprinters.
  11. Word is this server will involve sprinters?
  12. Need Matches or Lighter to Smoke

    Zombies should at least drop lighters / matches at a higher rate. Tons of folks all around the world keep lighters on hand all the damn time because they love cigarettes. Zombies are no exception, should even usually spawn lighter + cigarettes together.
  13. New Dawn Heavy RP New lore

    New Dawn has just had a recent overhaul of admins. Expect posts from Atrica, Mindgate or Pika in the upcoming weeks.
  14. In game poison system acting weird.

    Something like that! Just hate to see people survive the bleach attack.