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  1. I believe you can right click on yourself and press /put out fire./ However no armor seems to have any resistance to fire damage, which could be helpful because pipe bombs tend to kill people in close to a hit at the moment.
  2. This is an annoying one for certain.Nothing like installing a military ham into a police car only for it to become a terrible 1 way receiver only radio. Please fix this and the RP community will love you. Including the abilities to switch what kind of radio you put inside a vehicle would be nice also. I noticed a lot of trucks don't have the option for the ham radio. This bug has persisted across multiple versions and as far as I know. Affects both SP/Multiplayer. Perhaps is an oversight?
  3. Instead of getting anxiety when you watch this film, instead you'll get depressed at how they ruined the doggoblin franchise. This will be a typical dog-goblin movie sequel, like all great sequels it takes place in space and makes you wonder what the original premise was.
  4. Been playing 1.5 for two weeks now. The Valley Station / Louisville only map is something I have been waiting a long time for. The staff are also pretty darn smart considering the level of mod updates and support the server gets. Currently I'd say this is the best RP server at the moment for it's rules and approach towards the players. Especially the application system which doesn't ask for a 3 page biography and gives you the benefit of the doubt.
  5. A /Lot/ of people are asking for this. Please take this suggestion seriously!!!
  6. Been playing here recently. Died plenty, seen lots of great things and getting on the server / making a new character is simple and quick. Having rolled around on RP servers for quite a long time this one has my seal of approval.
  7. I am def getting injured indoors while moving without shoes. I also get injured moving across various forms of pavement that should not be injuring me either including manicured lawns roadways and sidewalks. But that is outside. I've done lots of testing involving taking my shoes off and running around.
  8. Jebus has long been running great PZ servers. Certainly worth checking out!
  9. I find the game is almost designed to be played on multiplayer. Sure, solo play is fun. But being in a persistent world with other people driving around on the roads, leaving wrecks and shooting at each other. It turns the game into a whole different beast.
  10. Faking your death is the true OG move.
  11. Nothing like shooting a gun and hitting your friend who was standing standing beside you.
  12. The difference is the amount of time it takes to heal. As someone who has constructed numerous big ugly forts. Having a doctor with even 6 heal skill mend your broken leg compared to you trying to do it yourself is like a 16 irl hour heal time difference. It also helps out in situations when someone ended up getting shot 5 times and is at the brink of death.
  13. Plenty of old timers in the PZ community have been waiting a long time for this patch. Friends and enemies alike - here we go again!
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