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  1. So cool looking, if only I could speak spanish!
  2. Walkie talkie and ham radio seems really nerf.

    New Dawn actively uses radios, and at night the zombies sprint so the majority of people lock themselves in their own respected houses and communicate over the radio with other factions for entertainment.
  3. Implement the Ability to "Hustle"

    Fat person models / obese person models is the true hero this game needs.
  4. Just sledge the floor on the second floor of any building and boom. Instant zombie proof base. Hilarious extra meta strategy is if the zombies intelligence is low enough they just walk off the cliff. You go afk for a good long time with a horde self-suicide and when you come back they'll all be crawlers. Crawlers cannot bang on structures / doors, so if you can manage to get a wooden fence / wall around them you'll have your own zombie crawler pit.
  5. Vehicle IWBUMS

    Makes covering large distances much easier, so I guess on multiplayer it makes a big map more accessible.
  6. Hellgate: Muldraugh

    I am getting pretty excited for this vehicle patch. Not just because of the cars but cleaning up so much of the code to make the game run smoothly!
  7. Walkie talkie and ham radio seems really nerf.

    All these tips are great, radios could really use some love with the larger map.
  8. Gluttony's Profession Mod

    Suggestion for negative traits. I'll add to this list as I think of them. Blind +10 Tourettes (You randomly yell profanity.) +5 Elderly (Reduced Movement Speed / Vision / Hearing / Higher Rate of Exertion) +15 Glutton ( Like hearty appetite but it requires eating more food in order to fill yourself. ) 6 Violent (Becomes sad when long periods of time go by without a fight.) Crippled (Permanent broken bonken leg status) +15
  9. Biggest Best RP Server?

    Your talking about a game that self-destructs on the majority of hosts with just like 15-20 players.
  10. Biggest Best RP Server?

    New Dawn has an application but has been alive for like 3-4 years? When events happen it can get around 30 people online at a time and during new lore launch we had 40 players. While it's not really what you asked for, it's pretty much the biggest RP server in this game.
  11. Is PZ Ever going to get finished?

    I mean, the servers and addons cover so much of the stuff that happens. New Dawn has heavily modified scenarios. We're a couple months away from probably launching a Fallout themed server. What the game needs is to deliver in small promises that allow for a modded community to grow and build the game. There is no reason that people are not in the market for a game similar to Space Station 13 that lasts longer than a couple hours of people randomly killing one another. Like if the game added other monsters that are not in the base game that can attack players that you can mod in? Steller. Wouldn't be as much work as vehicles but adds the option to enable giant crabs that unburry from sand and chase you down. Like, they've got such a great game but they are being too ambitious.
  12. Is PZ Ever going to get finished?

    Sometimes I just wish they'd fix a bunch of basic shit and release a patch. Doesn't have to be anything fancy. PZ needs redstone(Electricity) like in Minecraft. The ability to trap your base so you can defend yourself against offline robbers and just basic stuff to give the game life. We don't need the next generation of NPC intelligence or cars or animations but we sure love features. The neutrition / injury updates were good examples of quality of life improvements that you don't have to remake the whole game to implement.
  13. New Dawn RP

    I got banned again, this time for something I didn't even do and they did not even offer me a chance to defend myself after being a member of the community for years. When I offered evidence to the contrary they just changed their reason for banning me and publicized that I was a cheater. Tarnishing my hard work, legacy and reputation. I didn't dupe on your server and that's quite evident in the logs and just looking through what my character owned. I was enjoying a quiet passive life of making arrows and using a bow, using a slingshot and protecting the weak as a good character. I made Alice Packs with Hydrocraft and apparently the admins thought I somehow cheated and ported them onto the server, because I guess they didn't know how Hydrocraft worked. So while I was playing without any explanation, I was suddenly banned from the server without a chance to defend myself. When I messaged an admin and corrected the record and explained how I used Hydrocraft to acquire the items, they responded with some coordinate that showed me loading backups. Said that was indisputable proof I was duping. (Despite no duped items existing anywhere in the world and them not even finding any duped items so this entire claim is just a pure fabrication of people with wild imaginations.) and claim I was exploiting the game and any number of things warranting a perma ban. I wouldn't even bother to post my defense here, but the ban apparently locks me out of the entire AGN community and I think my friends and people who knew me deserve to know the truth. This is what happens when the decision makers are a stacked group of super-friends who vote in favor of each-others interests all the time. If someone from the community cares to share my response to the people who I cared about / cared about me I'd be deeply appreciative. I however am not going to bother to try to play on this server anymore, because at this point as an adult. This is just stupid.
  14. Performance Enhancements

    Can't wait until this stuff actually gets released. Playing on a server that is not IWBUMS is </3ing