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  1. Given most of the bombs in this game are pretty small and lackluster. I think it'd be nice if we had the option to make larger explosive devices that could do some serious damage to buildings and players and zombies alike. I'd like to hear what the community thinks on this of course so please add your input.
  2. So long suckers! I rev up my motorcycle and create a huge cloud of co2. When the cloud dissipates im lying completely dead on the pavement.

  3. Good to see this server is still so successful.
  4. This server has been an explosion of activity lately, makes me honestly excited to RP in PZ again. I know I'll see some old faces from the community, I look forward to seeing you all
  5. I will be making an apperance here, lot of old longstanding PZ players seem invested in this server. I look forward to seeing some organic RP happening here hopefully we can make some great new memories here.
  6. Should feature the pistol / hunting rifle stutter step which allows you to shoot while maintaining distance. But perhaps that is more advanced strategies for the next video?
  7. I'll answer this because these accusations are an attempt to tarnish my legacy. When they say /blatantly duping items/ they mean framed. There are no logs of items duped because I didn't dupe anything. Initially I was banned for having Alice Packs they thought I /hacked/ into the game, then when I told them you could build them with Hydrocraft and cited the recipe they just changed their reason. Nobody can cite what I duped /blatantly duped in mass/ because I didn't dupe anything. The only evidence they ever produced was me logging off in one location and logging into ano
  8. From what I understand several problem players still exist in the ND community. I personally enjoyed being a long term community member who was repeatedly framed and banned for daring to go against the secret meta communities that conspire to throttle or essentially grief players whom they do not like. I've played a lot of Project Zomboid and even set some standards and made some good contributions to the Project Zomboid community and this servers has made numerous attempts to frame me has tarnished my long-term legacy. This server used to be run by a fair and impartial guy who wa
  9. Gaining a lot of steam now. Happy to see a lot of old faces in the PZ community I have not seen in a while! I look forward to see where things are heading.
  10. New Dawn actively uses radios, and at night the zombies sprint so the majority of people lock themselves in their own respected houses and communicate over the radio with other factions for entertainment.
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