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  1. Shotguns also cannot hit multiple players in one blast. It's really quite weird and makes the shotgun seem like something it isn't.
  2. Going to give this server a try, given some of the people who have signed up already I have a feeling this will be a pretty fun time.
  3. This kind of base building strategy can be utilized all over the map to create situations where stairs or sheet ropes in insanely weird places can be your base entrance resulting in them having to do a very very intense search or be incredibly lucky in order to even have a chance of detecting your base. Due to the vastness of the mall and the amount of area you can do it in, it would be -very- hard for someone to find your base, even if they knew you were living in the mall.
  4. This is my design for a base you can create in the mall in Valley Station. I would describe this build as viable on high population pvp servers due to how hidden it is. If you enjoy basing in a highly public area in secret this base is well suited for you. There are numerous different spots you can drop a sheet rope to exit the mall, and several places you can expand. You can essentially make this base as large as you want, and as long as you stay within the confines of a couple rules your base will be virtually undetectable. REfrence https://gyazo.com/c2743776d2917c369128844a894689ee Sledge all the stair cases that lead up except 1. https://gyazo.com/904205331454d589817851a5029641c4 Reference https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.8515159926171519,0.14480441230204152,284.8515765597235 The idea is that the majority of the second floor of the mall is actually completely unoccupied. Meaning you can hide bases that will be completely invisible to the naked eye all around the mall. You can create vent like connectors to go from room to room.
  5. https://gyazo.com/c94f03e0a2c4a1de8bde11ea6c4f1937 This is a base I recently completed on New Dawn under the concept of a man who turned a hill into a fortified bunker. Extra points if you add sand to make it Egypt themed.
  6. Because I enjoy to make neat and interesting bases. I wanted to try and make it look like a hill under survival settings. Still a work in progress, just wish I had more time / nails to complete it!
  7. Dirt pyramid! https://gyazo.com/9b6f981fdd014b1567b8daa8dcd47a73
  8. Here is a sample picture of my own personal attempt at creating a (underground like) structure. It is modeled after a hill and hopefully will look something like one when I am done. I intend to try and cover the wall looking area with probably some shrubs placements or tall withered farmed crops depending on how it looks. Also part of the wall I colored wrong accidentally and have not got around to fixing it yet. https://gyazo.com/7479b4310361ffdac8d7a5ab676d1263
  9. I've been attempting my own player made hills, but the inability to grow grass on dirt tiles is certainly causing some set backs. I instead opted to use old farmer crops to create a /foliage/ effect.
  10. So, I know we don't want to rustle that bee's nest. But do we have any word on anything animation related being released to IWBUMS? Player populations have really been struggling lately and I'd love to see animations hopefully spike them back into activity.
  11. I wouldn't mind items that if you fell on them you would receive extra damage. Such as spikes and whatnot.
  12. Phase zombies just is the next difficulty after sprinters.
  13. It was confirmed a bug and they were going to fix it a long time ago but I just don't think it ever got done. I personally have made numerous posts on the issue...
  14. Word is this server will involve sprinters?
  15. Usually a rotting corpse that's been walking around for two years would be pretty dirty.