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  1. I choose human, not out of necessity. But because I broke out of the insane asylum down the street a week ago.
  2. Legal trailers have braking systems that trigger when you stop your car. Towing a random car in PZ does not have that feature. Meaning if you try to stop at 80 miles an hour with a 2 ton car being towed behind you. Naturally it won't brake and it will go wildly out of control. However I will note the car should follow the path of the vehicle towing it in most cases.
  3. The sheet rope thing could be as easy as pressing W and S to direct going up and or down. It can be pretty horrifying when you are clearly climbing into death and there's no way to control your character. / Check where climbing will place you because of how the Z levels function.
  4. Issue #2 is probably the biggest issue with guns in PZ atm. The general consensus of the RP community is "Guns are broken." and until a server option is added that properly removes the stun lock from guns these threads will continuously pop up and the M14 will always be the absolute best gun for 75% of pvp situations.
  5. Jack Bower

    Liquid Zedball

    Will people automatically drink poisoned water out of their inv?
  6. I mean the audio that plays when you move around. If you really make less / more sound when moving, I'd assume you should/should not be able to hear it.
  7. Hello Indiestone, it is I. Jack Bauer back once again to post a bunch of suggestions to help the RP community flourish. I've been playing across most of the top RP servers over the last 3 months and have been active in their discords. I wanted to post about a few problems / suggestions that could help these servers prosper. Logic Gates - These are common in a lot of games, we can tie it to the electrical skill. Provide a use for all the electronic scraps people get for disassembling watches. Creating electrical circuits can also provide electrical xp. So people stop disassembling 10k watches/Radios/Televsion Sets. This can also open up options in the future for electrical devices. (Security Cameras, Electronic gates / doors, perimeter alarm.) That is without even mentioning what some of the more intelligent people in this community can do with logic gates. Vehicles and V levels - This is the future. The thousands of things that could come from allowing your vehicle to pass from one elevation to another. We don't care if it is buggy, The players will find a way to make it work. Give me a big beautiful ramp that can be made with carpentry/Metal working. Interesting ways to disable vehicles. - Currently, the best way to mess with someone, is to install 15% brakes on their vehicle so they have problems stopping. I'd like if vehicle sabotage was given more mechanical support. Especially in the form of cutting the brake lines on a vehicle or slashing tires with a bladed weapon. Noise Traps - Currently only broken glass seems to work for this. I'd love it if we could add more of these. List of random problems I have encountered on roleplay servers. Weather / Time I've heard mods complain they don't have enough control over the server clock / weather. Given plenty of servers are running the Cyrogenic mod, people could benefit from perhaps a biome setting on server creation? Can choose between different weather types? IE : Desert is really hot in the day, cold in the night not much rain. This would be for when people play on custom maps in different regions, or want to simulate the nuclear winter Kentucky experience. In the same way, I feel it would be nice if we could set the IG date in server options. For those who want a 1000 BC privative wooden spear experience. Disassembly We have had a massive problem stretching across several of the larger RP communities where individuals who are grinding skills disassemble half the world. Resulting in the server having to wipe or reset. Having more reasonable / renewable ways to grind skills would do a lot to alleviate this problem. Vehicle Mechanics & Engine Parts Vehicles and engine parts - We have a problem where a few people only remove the engine parts from vehicles which results in a server of car skeletons with no reasonable way to restore them. Either making it so car engines are harder to scrap to 0% or perhaps add an alternative way to gain engine parts through crafting? Too hard to adjust food / Firearm / Specific Object Spawn rates. A lot of people in the PZ community have logged hundreds of hours and they've gotten pretty good at the game. A lot of the servers have had similar problems. Food is way too easy to get, that is without mentioning foraging and fishing. A server option to specifically target a few categories of items would be good. For example, a server with preserved food set to low or scarce while also setting firearms to non-existent would save server mod developers a lot of time.
  8. I believe you can right click on yourself and press /put out fire./ However no armor seems to have any resistance to fire damage, which could be helpful because pipe bombs tend to kill people in close to a hit at the moment.
  9. This is an annoying one for certain.Nothing like installing a military ham into a police car only for it to become a terrible 1 way receiver only radio. Please fix this and the RP community will love you. Including the abilities to switch what kind of radio you put inside a vehicle would be nice also. I noticed a lot of trucks don't have the option for the ham radio. This bug has persisted across multiple versions and as far as I know. Affects both SP/Multiplayer. Perhaps is an oversight?
  10. Instead of getting anxiety when you watch this film, instead you'll get depressed at how they ruined the doggoblin franchise. This will be a typical dog-goblin movie sequel, like all great sequels it takes place in space and makes you wonder what the original premise was.
  11. Been playing 1.5 for two weeks now. The Valley Station / Louisville only map is something I have been waiting a long time for. The staff are also pretty darn smart considering the level of mod updates and support the server gets. Currently I'd say this is the best RP server at the moment for it's rules and approach towards the players. Especially the application system which doesn't ask for a 3 page biography and gives you the benefit of the doubt.
  12. A /Lot/ of people are asking for this. Please take this suggestion seriously!!!
  13. Been playing here recently. Died plenty, seen lots of great things and getting on the server / making a new character is simple and quick. Having rolled around on RP servers for quite a long time this one has my seal of approval.
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