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  1. Zombies should at least drop lighters / matches at a higher rate. Tons of folks all around the world keep lighters on hand all the damn time because they love cigarettes. Zombies are no exception, should even usually spawn lighter + cigarettes together.
  2. If that was true, why are people always screaming and shooting guns near me five years in?
  3. Most folks really just want quality of life changes, the zombie bodies causing diseases is a nice touch. We'd probably like to see the injury table expanded by a lot, possibly switches or buttons that would alter the environment. Animations has got me pretty excited too, but those of us who have been around here for awhile knows that may be a long time coming.
  4. Guns are meant for shooting people, not dealing with a single zombie.
  5. I get whitelisted better than anyone, can't hide from the Bauer Power.
  6. Def going to be hitting a lot of players with cars and driving them over until they're dead. Probably by hiding in a garage I'll build on the highway between Muldraugh and West Point so when you spend four minutes running and are not paying attention a car just drives out of the forest from nowhere and flattens you. I hope when you hit players with cars, the first hit just takes half your health and fractures you. That way I can type *Honks* after the first hit before I reverse into them.
  7. New Dawn has just had a recent overhaul of admins. Expect posts from Atrica, Mindgate or Pika in the upcoming weeks.
  8. Something like that! Just hate to see people survive the bleach attack.
  9. When you make a food item using cooking and you add bleach as an ingredient you can add a whole bottle of bleach and eat through the bleach until it times out and you'll live, while you can drink a whole bottle of bleach raw and die no matter how much food you eat. For example using a whole bottle of bleach to poison a stir fry =/= just drinking a whole bottle of bleach.
  10. The world needs zombie sprinters, it makes for the best multiplayer experience.
  11. Added more bleach, did not solve the problem sadly.
  12. After the bug fix on the bleach with the cooking menu, it seems the poison does not work like it did before. I do not know if this is accidental or intentional but I would really like a bug fix or even response.
  13. Bleach works, but only when the pan gets 5 ingredients unlike the old 3 ingredients. *EDIT* Poison mechanics are completely changed, you can now live through a whole bottle of bleach in a meal by constantly eating. Bleach stills works normally and is a sure kill shot every bottle.
  14. The bleach bug was when you had a food item in a frying pan with two or more ingredients and then you tried to add bleach/anything as poison and it would not let you.
  15. Hi, last time I played poison didn't work in game due to the bleach bug. Has this been corrected and poison works like the old days?