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  1. Patch Regular Branch someday ?

    When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east. When the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves. Then the patch will release, and not before
  2. Pump it up

  3. modifying cars

    Mounting a V shaped plow would be great. Can drive through as many zombies as you like and it just pushes them right out of the way!
  4. Grave Intention

    Can't wait to drive over people with my Spiffo van.
  5. Jaw stab is nice while it works 99% of the time. 1% of the time it doesn't work very well and you risk getting infected. Unlike axe which is just like 100% success rate.
  6. What do you folks think is the best melee weapon? I hear blunt weapons inflict fractures, anyone have confirmation on that? While ranged weapons do hold supremacy in the majority of pvp fights. Sometimes I like to think that an axe man player with a high blade skill could probably drop someone around a corner in like 2-3 seconds. I am curious what most people use / prefer. Because if you can fracture people's limbs with the baseball bat. I think it would be pretty competitive with the axe.
  7. AGN Presents - The Thing

    Applications are now sadly closed. Please stay tuned for the winners to be announced.
  8. PZ Cycle 2018

    Minecraft was originally just made by Notch and he did the majority of the work. I love PZ, but nobody who has been around for a while expects any patches coming any time soon.
  9. AGN Presents - The Thing

    AGN does lots of different lores in many themes. This time we are tackling a two to three week long mini-lore based on the movie The Thing. You will get a single life and it will be steller. AGN is a heavy roleplay server so you will be expected to roleplay while playing on the server. https://newdawn.aggressivegaming.org/threads/who-goes-there.8980/ Here is a link to the thread that gives more information, expect this post to receive edits in time.
  10. Pretty much everyone has at least one story of falling off a roof or out a window.
  11. Barbed Wire Fencing

  12. Another Aiming Suggestion

    Shotguns also cannot hit multiple players in one blast. It's really quite weird and makes the shotgun seem like something it isn't.
  13. Going to give this server a try, given some of the people who have signed up already I have a feeling this will be a pretty fun time.
  14. Civilian Nuclear Bunker

    Because I enjoy to make neat and interesting bases. I wanted to try and make it look like a hill under survival settings. Still a work in progress, just wish I had more time / nails to complete it!
  15. Civilian Nuclear Bunker

    Dirt pyramid! https://gyazo.com/9b6f981fdd014b1567b8daa8dcd47a73