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  1. https://imgur.com/a/I2uPMXc (From the ‘Are zombies omnipotent,’ thread) In my experience some will plan a path around, a quite elaborate one I might add, and others will just keep on banging. I’d suggest you check out the aforementioned thread, as people bring up some good points regarding this zombie pathfinding situation.
  2. If you guys have read what I’m suggesting I’m not really talking about a conventional minimap. My use of the world minimap here is really pushing the term to its limits. But “minimalistic line-based map- like depiction of immediate surroundings for roads,” probably wouldn’t have made for a good title.
  3. I really like how when crowded by enough zombies you can be overpowered and are just slowly brought to the ground and feasted upon in an all too chilling and perilous fashion, the screams especially adding to the effect. It’s a great feature. What I don’t like is how in instances where I’m bleeding to death in a room I convulse back with a backward jolt and fall to the floor in a rapid motion. It’s just out of place given the circumstance. I feel like there should be more variety in how these death animations are handled. With a shot to the head in Multiplayer maybe you jus drop, sure, or if you’ve been barraged with shotgun shells maybe you sort of wave about for a second and then fall like the ending of Red Dead 1. Could add some wheezing and labored breathing to accompany it, coughing and whatnot. I think it’d be really cool. (Sorry if there’s any formatting issues, I’m on mobile right now)
  4. There’s been some suggestions about how there’s a big problem with the way driving is. You can be going up a road and then bam you crash into a car, or a 90 degree angle turn you didn’t see and suddenly you’ve crashed into the trees. There have been some suggestions to mitigate this, like the cruise control one, or making the turns on roads much more gradual, and both of them are reasonable. Here’s an idea I had off the top of my head though, that I figured was a very Zomboid-esque way of handling the situation. When I first saw trailers for the game I was put off by the isometric perspective because like Third Person it felt a little unimpressive having a view of everything like that, and I thought seeing zombies behind me would be a little cheaty. But when I got in and found they used the fog of war (that’s what I think it’s called) I was impressed, they managed to retain the degree of realism in what your character could see without having to totally change everything by substituting it with another mechanic. I think doing that here may be beneficial. While you drive you have a very rough line map, kind of like the one you have in something like GTA except much less detailed, which shows you all the obstacles and turns you’d probably see within your character’s view. This map isn’t to be confused with an actual map like the ones you find ingame, but rather a rough one that gives a map depiction of what your character can see up ahead on the road and around them. I think the other ideas suggested by other people on how to handle the problem tackled here also have their value and are certainly worth considering. But with that, let me know what you think.
  5. I mean building a proper candlestick holder, but yeah that would probably be way easier lol
  6. Might also just be able to build one. (Edit: Just to be more specific, while I imagine you might need high carpentry or something to do something intricate like this, it would be awesome to be able to craft a bunch of these and set them on tables or on the ground around your base) As a matter of fact, fire as a light source really ought to be more explored. Why should I bother going through the trouble of using batteries and such when I can just do what they did in Woodbury in TWD. I'm pretty sure they used some sort of torch.
  7. Would love to just be able to place a bunch of candles in general without adding anything all over the place for a real apocalyptic aesthetic. Being able to visually see them be held would be cool too. This is a good idea as well though, so it gets support from me.
  8. Milkdromeda


    One part of the new build I’ve been really enjoying is character creation, but I noticed that the majority of hairstyles were a straight texture. It just seems a little bit limiting. Can never go wrong with the fro, jhericurls were still a big thing in the nineties, and dreadlocks would be awesome. Maybe some curlier hair? I’d love to see some more textured hairstyles given some representation in the base game, even if it’s just one or two - for anything more and I’m sure the modding community could handle it, but just having some variation off the basic straight haired styles would be nice. I’d also like to see the stubble return as an option, on the head for both male and female characters, and the stubble-beard for male characters.
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