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  1. Looking for help editing vehicle storage amounts

    Then I probably have the spelling of the name wrong or there is another someone using the same alias. Not uncommon to happen, I guess. Also, I use 75% of your mods and the only one I really have issues with is the Littering mod, and that's only because it does not run well along sind the Icky Stick mod I put together a while back. Your mod gives cooking xp for smoking and mine does not. Your mod also adds empty packs when you carton cigs, whereas mine does not. I'm trying, or have been trying, to merge the two, but the LUA part is giving me issues... or so I think. I'm more of a gfx guy as opposed to anything else as I spent close to 20 yrs modding civ 2 and 17 yrs for civ 3. Anyway... this thread went totally OT and I hope the dev/mods don't crap on us for it. But for the most part... they seem to be a lax sort and as long as you're not shitting on people, they let things go. Once again, I thank you for your help.
  2. Looking for help editing vehicle storage amounts

    It could have been new vegas , as I also play that game sometimes, but I'm almost 100% sure that there were a couple mods for both, fo4 and skyrim se, that were posted under the alias Svarog. It could have been on nexus or lovers lab. I honestly cannot remember. IIRC, one was a weapon mod and the other was a skin replacement. Or I totally have the alias name spelt wrong. It may have been Savrog? But in old age, copious amounts of alcohol beverage and pain meds, memory sometimes fails you (; Also, if you are female, chances are you are one in the same, as the individual that posted the mods to the sites I mentioned, was female. But that does not matter. What matters is what you do for this community and hopefully life treats you well and you'll get the time do what you do best... mod (:
  3. Looking for help editing vehicle storage amounts

    You don't even mod skyrim or fo4 anymore?
  4. Looking for help editing vehicle storage amounts

    I would love to, but unfortunately I'm semi retired as well as on disability, so the expensive things in life are out for me. Food, rent/mortgage, beer/wine is pretty much all I can afford now ):
  5. Looking for help editing vehicle storage amounts

    Oh... and I like me some Coronas. And Heinekens. Youu know what... I pretty like much any beer, except for Bud.
  6. Looking for help editing vehicle storage amounts

    But you have much more experience than I or most others do when it comes to modding, so you would know where to look and exactly what to edit. As I said, I edited the ones that seemed logical to me but went off in the wrong direction.
  7. Looking for help editing vehicle storage amounts

    Thank you very, very much Svarog. Once again, you come to my rescue. I edited all the template files but totally missed that specific file. Don't beer and mod kids. Again... thanks much.
  8. As the title says, I'm seeking help on editing the amount vehicle storage can hold. I've found everything, I think, in the vehicle scripts about trunks, truck boxes, gloves boxes and seats, but whatever I've edited does not take effect ingame. I thought that since the storage parts of vehicles are set as containers, it would be as simple as editing the amount they can hold within the scripts. This is not so. I've browsed through the LUA, even though LUA is not a strong point for me, nothing caught my attention as to the amount they can hold. Is the actual amount hardcoded? Am I not editing the proper scripts or LUA files?
  9. Hydrocraft Mod

    I was going through the Herbalism script and noticed that there are 2 UnhappyChange = listings for item HCCigar and item HCCigarhandrolled. ::EDIT:: One other thing... would it be possible to have/make the HCMap renamable, like other lootable maps?
  10. RELEASED: Build 38.22

    AFAIK, if you uncheck a mod in the mods list, it will not load. Correct me if I am wrong. I do not remember editing anything like that within the base files as I have my own little mod that edits base items. Though I could have been left as a redundant thing from whatever mod at some point of time. Or it could be from the Hydro mod. I just did a uninstall and reinstall (Build 38.21) of PZ and loaded all the mods I use and so far everything seems to work. No errors reloading any saves I made so far (20ish or so). There is a little bit of a lag though, but I do believe that's due to the Survivors mod. So you got me at what the problem is/was. Anyway, thank you for the response.
  11. If it is the Marijuana mod... that's me. It is pretty much done other than the custom plant gfx, which are totally baffling me so far. Everything is there, but it's just not showing up ingame for whatever reason. But it is useable as is. A HUGE thanks to Svarog for the invaluable help.
  12. RELEASED: Build 38.22

    There still seems to be an issue with custom maps in build 38.21. I am still getting this error with the build, as I was with build 38.20. Steps I went through to attempt to fix the issue: 1. I verified game cache just to make sure I was up to date. 2. Removed (unchecked) all mods so only the custom map mod is loaded. My mod list: 1 amhghksp ( Which is the 'All In Zomboid Map Pack' SP/Splitscreen Enhanced on Steam https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=953754828 ) I chose to spawn in "Kentucky" for testing purposes and also done as suggested on the mod page. Here is the console text: Here is the save if it might help: 03-10-2017_10-10-01.7z
  13. Hydrocraft Mod

    Ahhh... existing games. Yeah, I generally never last more than a few days before I become zombie feed or another survivor kills me because they want my loot or a follower kills me cause I was bitten, so I start a lot of new games. That's probably why I've never noticed anything odd. Would it also be possible to add random amounts of money to the base game purse you sometimes find on zombies? Or would it add random amounts to all purses in game?
  14. Hydrocraft Mod

    I've never noticed anything odd with the script and I use close to 40 mods when I play. A lot of them my own very simple mods. But I'll leave it up to you, as it is your mod and you know what goes on in it.
  15. Hydrocraft Mod

    Thanks for the update. Would you mind adding this in for the next build? It adds functioning wallets for the base game wallets to hold Hydro money. Feel free to change the stats to however you deem reasonable.