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  1. *** I am proud to announce DemolitionDerby is now a Co-Contributor to Hydrocraft and can update the Steam Workshop! ***
  2. I got a new set of requests now that Hydrocraft is back in development. Food - Anadama Bread - Molasses - Rye Bread Forageables - Honeysuckle - Hornet Nest - Kudzu - Mayapple Flower - Trillium Flower (Red and White versions) - Teasel Misc - Pocket Watch
  3. Hydrocraft v.11.1 has been released! Which includes... LUA Changes - Added Hemp to Potted Planting - Added Beer Can Packs, Jello Mold, Large Can of Coffee, Alcoholic Beverages Cookbook, Coffee Filter Box to Item Distribution - Increased Baking Tray, Electric Clamp, Coffee Filter spawn rate - Fixed Honey Barrel not turning into Mead Barrel - Juices can now only be made with Fresh fruits - Reduced MRE Spawn and will give less MREs per box - Fixed Cougar Hunting - Small changes to farming code that will (hopefully) resolve rare cases of Hydrocraft crops breaking on server crash - Removed remaining HCTireiron associations Added/Changed/Removed Recipes - Bar/Drinks Overhaul - Need to read the Alcoholic Beverages Cookbook to learn recipes - Rework of Irish Coffee recipes - now uses a Glass of Whiskey instead of whole bottle and does not use whole coffee recipient anymore - Coffee Overhaul - New Large Can of Coffee item, can make Kettle of Coffee and pour into cups - Renamed "Regular" Coffee (Coffee2) to Instant Coffee - Can make Instant Coffee directly with a Cup of Water - Changed Katana sound - same sound as swords - Increased Whipped Cream Can to 50 hunger - Can now boil water in Canteens/Birch Bark cup - Adjusted weight of Cookie Bags - Making Gunpowder and base game bullets now require Gunsmithing Book - Added nutritional value to Classic Canned Soup - Added "Empty" Container for food recipes - Added Chocolate and Vanilla pudding recipes - Added Pipe recipes with Pipe molds - Added Make Metal Bar recipes - Added Bar Mold item & recipe - Added Craftable Windows & Windshields - Added Empty Ink Well & Ink Well recipes along with the recycle recipe - Added Quill item & recipe & icon - Added Recycle Aluminum (Empty Propane Tank) recipe - Added All Pallet of Ingots - Pack / Unpack recipes - Added dismantle recipe for Iron & Steel Pulleys - Added Recycle Recipes from Iron Wheel & Steel Wheel - Added Scrap Aluminum & Scrap Plastic & Scrap Rubber and respective recycle recipes - Added Dismantling for Scissor Lift, Fork Lift, Van de Graff, SteplAddeder and Copy Machine - Added Copy Machine with Generator item & recipe / Added Return Generator from Copy Machine with Generator recipe - Added Brass Sheet & Brass Scrap and its respective craft and recycle recipes - Added Rubber Belt item & recycle recipe - Added Pallets of Steel Sheet, Copper Sheet, Rubber Sheet, Tin Sheet, Iron Sheet, Metal Bars, Aluminum Pipes items and their respective recipes - Added Dismantling for Pallet Truck, Toy Wagon, Hand Dolly, Shopping Cart, Push Cart, Glove Box, Lawn Mower, Radiator, Projector, Bed Strings - Added Coffee Filter Box - Added Custom Smoking Sound (Thanks jiggawutt!) - Removed PVC pipes to steel recipe - Removed "Cut Steel Pipes" book recipes - Removed 2 old recipes in Welding Textbook (Construct Barricades) - Removed Hot Cuppa recipes and items (replaced by new Coffees) Fixed Recipes - Fixed Jar Homemade Yogurt Recipe - Fixed Empty Baking Tray Recipe (Wrong name for Baking Tray with Fruit) - Fixed Make Homemade Pancake Batter Recipe - Fixed sounds when breaking Wood/Metal items (knives etc.) - Fixed Grits and Cheesy Grits "Make bowl" recipe - Fixed Juice packet not being used when Mixing MRE drink - Fixed SmithingMag4 not returning correct magazine after reading - Fixed Typo in Boredom value of HCMREmeal and HCMREmealside Art Changes - Added 2x Chicken Coop - Added 2x Chicken Coop - Added 2x Gardening Bench - Added 2x Oil Press - Added 2x Dissection Table - Added 2x Grind Stone - Added 2x Stonewheel - Added Homemade, Chocolate Chip Cookie, White Chocolate Cookie Trays - Fixed size of Workbenches, MRE Pallets and various other textures - Fixed broken icon on Empty Evaporated Milk - Also properly named - Renamed Pies, Pumpkin Bread icons to change state properly when Cooked Tested bug reports - No issues found (build 40.43) - Problems with bullets boxes - Hydrocraft add recipes to make boxes of 9mm, .223, .308 and shotgun bullets - recipe to open the boxes are included in base game - Thanks to everyone who helped! Enjoy!
  4. Hydrocraft v11.0 has been released! Which includes ... Fixed Issues Farming system revamp - crops do not stay in "Plowed Land" stage anymore (NEED to REPLANT all crops after update) ISCompassMenu errors when right-clicking a stack of items Attaching duct tape pouches and attaching/removing bags from dogs does not destroy content anymore (Thanks to tommysticks) Added Jello Mix to Kitchen Counters and Supermarket Shelves Distributions Added some missing translations for Trellis Farming Recycling bags does not destroy content anymore Added/Changed Recipes Can now recycle 5 Unusable Metal into 1 Aluminum Ingot Can now empty all Wooden Bucket when there is something in it Integrated base game Metal Sheets into HC and removed duplicate sheets - renamed all to Aluminum Sheets (Old Hydrocraft PVC Pipes will be lost and Base Game Plastic Pipes will be Integrated base game Plastic Pipes to replace PVC Pipes and removed original HC PVC Pipe, still called PVC Pipe Can make Hydrocraft Pasta in Cooking Pots Reduced Dark Chocolate to 20 hunger Revamped MREs, also increased spawn locations and quantity (still rare) Removed Cut Steel Pipe Recipe as Pipes now properly handled by Hydrocraft (was giving Plastic Pipe) Fixed Recipes SheetPaper to SheetPaper2 Recipe Cat Food Open Recipe TeaBag to TeaBag2 Recipe Dried Cougar Hide Recipe Typo Plastic Knife Recipe Typo Soap to Soap2 Recipe Typo Cat Male Recipe Eating Potato Pancakes will now return the Cooking Pot Fixed missing capital letter in Meat Cleaver and Energy Bar Fixed Can of Whipped Cream - can now be refrigerated and does not rot at the beginning of the game Fixed CanBeDoneFromFloor from various Recycle Recipes Fixed Could not open Canned Cheese Sauce Fixed Spirulina Powder Recipe - can now obtain powder by grinding it into a Mortar & Pestle (powder has no purpose at the moment) Typos in Canned Food (Cannned) Tomato sauce recipe now returns cooking pot Fixed Mixed Candy throwing stack trace errors Fixed Food Duplicating/Disappearing Fixed Mashed Potatoes Recipes Cookies Recipes Pizza Recipes Jello Recipes Bread Recipes Lasagna Recipe Pastries Recipes Soup Recipes Dried Fruits Recipes Jam Recipes Jarred Fruits Recipes Mexican Food Recipes Pies Recipes Fixed Art Fixed Mussel/Mussel Shell Fixed Open Canned Cat Food Used placeholders for Powered Electric Multi Tool and Dead Fixed Wheat Seeds Packet Fixed Ready Potted Peanut Plant Reduced Cigarette Butt size Tested bug reports - No issues found (build 40.43) Fishing with custom insects and food seems not to work properly and gives errors. (Tested Vanilla and HC Items) (Tested MP) Sleeping in a tent, sleeping bag and car working (Tested MP) Timer on animals does not seem to work (Player has to be in the cell for the timer to work) - also deactivated debug information in TimeTracker so you will NOT see the timer state changes in the console anymore. Found rogue character in file which "might" resolve some issues. - Thanks to everyone who helped! Enjoy!
  5. To all the Artist who have posted for HC we need your help! Please contact em so you can get access to the Hydrocraft discord. We would love your help.
  6. Slowly more of the old team as well as server Admins like Beard (Redboid) and Paul (Dead Pixels) have been helping out too. If you have helped in the past would really like to get you on the Discord for discussions. And if you are new and want to help let me know too.
  7. Thanks to DemolitionDerby ´╗┐we got everything uploaded and the bug fixing can begin. We also made a contributor Discord to discuss stuff so if you have contributed to the mod in the past please contact me so i can send you a discord invite.
  8. The GitHub has been made. I still need to upload all the image files since you can only upload 100 files at a time and there are like 50,000 image files. Hydrocraft GitHub https://github.com/Hydromancerx/Hydrocraft For those modders who wish to help plz contact me so i can add you to the permissions for editing EDIT: The current contributors are ... - AiweLelia - Beard - DeadlyStr1ke - DemolitionDerby - Hydromancerx - IanSchot - Yossitaru
  9. @Tradus I may continue to contribute to it but at a much lesser amount. In otherwords if this is to keep going it cannot just be only me.
  10. I have been thinking about this for a long time. And since after months of not being motivated to work on the mod and I don't want it to die with me I am thinking about putting it up on GitHub and allow some dedicated modders to take over for me. One who have already contributed as well as other who have put out patches on their own. This mod is huge now and needs all the help its can get. Note by doing this I want the moders to follow the ideal of "more is more" and be additive to the mod rather than culling stuff they don't like. Removing things should be last resort and only if its causing major problems. I also feel that if i gave it be a group rather than one person that it will less likley be abused since the others can fix anything too extreme. Think Wikipedia. If you are one of these modders who wish to help please let me know. Especially if you have experience with GitHub.
  11. To the people reporting the Farming problems are you up to date? And do you use any other mods such as the Farmoid mod? I am thinking of just removing Farmoid mod from HC all together too.
  12. I have no problem with people posting it for non-steam users.
  13. Make sure its a new game and Hydrocraft updated. Cause in my test the HC clothing seem to work fine with the new insulation system. They show show the little insulation bar on them.
  14. Well let me know if any other major stuff is broken. This is mainly to fix the 2 main bugs (broken planting crops and clothes without insulation). I would like to get another update out soon with actual new content instead of just fixes and patches.
  15. Hydrocraft v10.5b has been released! Which includes ... - Updated Clothing for build 40 - Fixed Cooking Beetle Grub - Fixed Crop Planting Bug - Thanks to everyone who helped! Enjoy!
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