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  1. Because all ingots weigh 0.5. And people complained that the bullet tips were too heavy.
  2. More requests ... - Leather Ball - Stuffed Leather Ball - Blackmith's Goggles - Trapper's Jacket
  3. But I did this ... item HCGPS { Weight = 1, Type = Normal, DisplayName = GPS, icon = HCGPS, UseDelta = 0.0001 UsesBattery = TRUE } Do I need to Make it drainable?
  4. More requests ... - Spindle - Spindle Head - Tool and Weapons Molds (Sword, Axe, Knife, Pickaxe, Hammer, etc) - Sluice (Large Item)
  5. Also the craftable sink, shower, well, water tower, double water tower, IBC and IBC tower are not water sources like the Water Pump, but are water containers like a Canteen or Water Bottle. Thus they need to be filled with water.
  6. If you hold all 3 then it should disappear when you do the recipe.
  7. Hydrocraft v8.9 has been released! Which includes ... - Can make Electric Motors now. - Can dismantle junkyard stuff from the floor. - Fixed sodium hydroxide bottle - Fixed telescope and star chart. - Fixed potato four bag - Can refill welding tank at biogas collector - Can recycle empty welding gas tank - Added 10 Porcelain items. - Added Sterling Silverware - Added Plastic Utensils, Plates and Cups - Added Plastic and Metal Trays - Added Beer Glass and Ale Stein - Added Pitchfork - Added Stuffed Eggplant and Stuffed Squash - Added Boxes of Corks, Bungs, Glass Pipes and Elbow Pipes - Added Box of Garden Equipment - Added Steam Engine, Steam Boiler and Control Panel - Added Iron Furnace and Trip Hammer - Added Valve and Lever - Added Iron Pole - Added Pipe Bender, Glass Cutter, Ink Roller and Ice Saw - Added Mead and Honey Brew! - Thanks to everyone who helped! Enjoy!
  8. That will work fine! I also need a 32x32 Lever like the one you have on the Trip Hammer.
  9. Consolidating the request lists ... Food - Baguette - Croissant - Rolls - Bisket - Tamale - Shepherd's Pie - Crabcake - Polenta - Pierogi - Fruit Leather - Dried Plums - Peanut Brittle - Lemon Meringue Pie - Cabbage Rolls - Coleslaw - Fried Cabbage - Egg Rolls - Meatloaf - Meatballs - Ice Cream Cone - Sushi (See Chart) - Nori (Dried Seaweed) - Bottle of Japanese Mayo - Bottle of Relish - Bottle of Steak Sauce - Bottle of Maple Syrup - Bottle of Honey Mustard - Bottle of Ranch Dressing - Bottle of Italian Dressing - Bottle of Blue Cheese Dressing - Bottle of Caesar Dressing - Bottle of Thousand Island Dressing - Bottle of French Dressing - Bottle of Russian Dressing - Pasta (See Chart) - Deviled Eggs - Sugar Packet Kitchen - Napkin - Stack of Napkins - Empty Napkin Holder - Napkin Holder with Napkin - Styrofoam Cup - Styrofoam Plate - Plastic Straw - Plastic Crazy Straw Crops - Wheat - Yellow Mustard Toys - Porcelain Doll - Straw Doll - Kickball - Glass Prism - Glass Marbles Weapons - Baseball Grenade Chemicals - Bottle of Anti-Freeze Boxes - Box of Test Tube Brushes Other - Paper Screen (For Paper Making) - Pulp - Baseball Leather - Cork Ball - Cork Block - Styrofoam Ball - Styrofoam Block
  10. The rest look good except for this. All I need is the panel the right. Not the left beam and bicycle wheels.
  11. This is kinda pointless when you can either repair the Mini Fridge's from the Junkyard or put ice packs into the Cooler.
  12. Since its a recipe I just made it do wooden buckets. And then those can fill other containers (normally when the water container bug is not messing it up).
  13. What's wrong with the blast furnace?
  14. Can you also make a stand alone version of the electrical control panel?
  15. For the Steam Hammer and Trip Hammer can you have it hit the iron anvil instead? That way an iron anvil can be an ingredient.