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  1. Thanks RJ! I also have a fix for those next time I update the mod. But i am waiting to do an update until I have more stuff in the update.
  2. My mom died on April 14th 2017 at 7:49 pm PST. She was in the hospital with pneumonia since March 27th. My dad, sister and I took turns staying with her until the very end. I cannot stop crying. Also my motherboard died last week and I had to basically get a new computer. While my hard drives were fine I have to move stuff all back again to the new C drive and I am not in the best mental state to be doing computer stuff. I am sorry for not updating Hydrocraft but right now my heart hurts so much I feel like I am going to die.
  3. These are some nice buildings! I cannot wait for someone to add them to their map.
  4. No deadline since you are offering your time and effort for free. Contribute what you can and when I get back to modding I will have your art ready to go. I still have a lot of art still to add from past people. But getting volunteers is not always reliable. So having extra art for when no one is making new art is good to have.
  5. The stuff in this post still need art.
  6. Small icons are 32x32 pixels. The rest you have to look at other mod art to gauge how big they are.
  7. 8.6b - AddedNolan's bug fixes. Not updating on PZ-Mods since it takes too long. So only uploaded it to steam with Nolan's fixes. Thanks Nolan!
  8. Just FYI. Sicne the game is so laggy for me now I have not played it really. And thus I have been in no mood to mod. So for now I am not modding PZ at the moment.
  9. Hello I am from the Civ4 mod called "Caveman 2 Cosmos" our mod has been around for a long time now and we have one feature that has been hanging in limbo, "multimaps". Basically the ability to have more than one map in our game. One of our previous modders named Koshling started making it but failed to finish it. Our lead modder Thunderbrd has tried to take it on but it is beyond his skills. So we are looking to other modders from beyond Civ4. Perhaps your new eyes can help us achieve this long sought after feature in our mod. Thank in Advance! Multi-Map Overview https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/modders-documentation.441325/page-3#post-12199585 Trouble We Are Having https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/multiple-maps-and-mapscripts.460023/page-9#post-14685203
  10. Hydrocraft v8.6 has been released! Which includes ... - Armor Mod Update - Fixed Make Calcium Oxide with Anchored Kiln - Fixed Amazonite - Fixed Lamelar Armor - Reduced Weight of Egg Timer - Increased weight of Riot Shield - Added Banjo and Harp - Added Jalapeno . - Added Armadillo and Porcupine. - Thanks to everyone who helped! Enjoy!
  11. Thanks Nolan. I will try to get a fix up soon. I have been busy with saving an old project of mine.
  12. You spawn them like normal vanilla items. Except you use "Hydrocraft..HCItem". Also those vehicles above are no longer in the mod since people did not like them.
  13. wip

    I don't know. The Redboid server reported it. They would be the ones that know.
  14. Hydroraft no longer mods any of the skill books since they now are complete and have their own unique colors. Just like Hydrocraft use to have.
  15. Do you use another mod? Also go into setting and chnage the key binds. Something may be weird in there.