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  1. Hydrocraft Mod

    There should be some corn still on custom maps like New Denver.
  2. Looking for Artists for Hydrocraft Mod!

  3. Hydrocraft Mod

    Hydrocraft v9.8b has been released! Which includes ... - Fixed Anchored Stone Quarry - Fixed Brown Rice - Fixed Sake Fermenting - Fixed Shucking Corn - Can Craft Wooden Paddle - Can Craft Garden Hose - Can Anchor Steam Hammer - Labrador can now be a Pack Dog - More New Dog and Horse Art - Added Peach Schapps - Added Belladonna - Can Travel by Raft on the River (Uses Teleporting like the Helicopter)! - Thanks to everyone who helped! Enjoy!
  4. Hydrocraft Mod

    You have to be careful when adding "CanBeDoneFromFloor:true," for objects that are "drainable". If you drain them while on the ground they will no disappear and thus you are left with a useless husk of an item. This is why I make people pick up large drainable items.
  5. Hydrocraft Mod

    You need catnip too now.
  6. Hydrocraft Mod

    Hydrocraft v9.8 has been released! Which includes ... - Fixed Horse, Pack Dogs and Robot Arm Sizes. - Can Recycle Sacks - Can Shuck Corn - Fixed Phenylactic Acid Labeling Recipe - Fixed Wooden Bucket with Rubber - Fixed Makeshift Shower - Tweaked Herbal Medicine - Can Dry Alfalfa into Straw - Fixed Potted Apricot - Fixed Meth Barrels - Added Tried Camellia and Tea - Added Corn Cob and Husk - Added 6 New Herbs - Added 7 New Toys - Added Can of Peanuts, Bottle of Orange Juice and Bottle of Cranberry Juice - Added 10 types of Beer Cans - Added Grenade Launcher (High Explosive, Fire and Smoke) - Added Lumber Axe and Sawblade Axe - Added Glass and Acrylic Bongs - Added the Irrigation Mod! - Thanks to everyone who helped! Enjoy!
  7. Looking for Artists for Hydrocraft Mod!

    Those look great! I am also looking for a Wooden Thresher with a Crank (Example Image)
  8. Hydrocraft Mod

    Ah yeah that's because they made a new drainable version of soap called "Soap2" so I will add that as possible soap.
  9. Hydrocraft Mod

    @Logiwonk 1. Thanks for the feedback! Glad you like the mod. 2. Getting Blunt 2 is not hard especially if you "punch a tree". But I understand if you use all slashing weapons first and then realize you need blunt, it can be frustrating. However using blade weaponry to fight is way easier than using blunt. So some trade off there. 3. The burn chance is based on the equipment. Where things like Blacksmith Apron and Welding Mask are worst, Fire Fighter Jacket and Helmet are medium and Firesuit is the best. However if you do get burned it can be a nice way to improve your first aid skill without risking zombie infection. 4. Yeah at the moment as complex as the mod is the metallurgy is VERY over simplified. For instance we only have steel and iron vs say cast iron and wrought iron. However I may change it eventually. As for the temperatures this was a very hard thing to balance since in real life temperatures are less than ideal for setting up the metals in tiers of usefulness. I am not saying I will not change it to reflect the real life temperatures but I also have to account for game balance and progression. 5. Sounds interesting. There are car parts already in the mod. If you have specific ideas please let me know.
  10. Looking for Artists for Hydrocraft Mod!

    Requests for more plants ... - Soap Grass - Mandrake Root - Belladonna - Catnip - Chicory - Wolfsbane - Kvann
  11. Looking for Artists for Hydrocraft Mod!

    Did you have stats in mind for this?
  12. Hydrocraft Mod

    @Jonno Zomboid Yes you need all 3 (Flower, Fungi and Tree) Fieldguides in order to "Gather Flora".
  13. Hydrocraft Mod

    Hydrocraft v9.7 has been released! Which includes ... - Can Wash Leather and Animal Skin Clothing now - Fixed dried Garlic and Onion Art - Fixed Chainsaw Bugs - Fixed Mussel Shell - Removed Zinc and Chromite Veins - Fixed Feed Cat - Fixed Irish Coffee and Black Coffee - Fixed Rice Flour - Fixed Feathers - Fixed Christmas Ham - Fixed Dried Fruit - Fixed Carrot & Beet - Fixed Boxes of Plastic Untizels - New Art for Some Dogs - New Ways of Making Poison - Fixed Tin Rod - Fixed Horse Saddle Recipe - Fixed Beta Blocker Recipe - Fixed Grape and Watermelon Yogurt - Fixed Cream Cheese - Can Make Glue from Bluebells - Added Paramedic Armor - Added Potassium Permagrade - Added Cigarette Butt - Added Fiberglass - Added Tank of Refrigerant and Cooling Rack - Added Fruit Leather - Added Dried Anemone and Daisy - Added Anemone and Daisy Tea - Added Fish Oil - Added Clay and Bronze/Brass Oil Lamps - Added Chaff, Bran, Kurtan, Momigalite and Thresher - Added Brown Rice - Added Sparrows Changes to Farm Animals! - Thanks to everyone who helped! Enjoy!
  14. Looking for Artists for Hydrocraft Mod!

    Yeah Goldies are suppose to have Packs too but I never updated the chart.
  15. Looking for Artists for Hydrocraft Mod!

    The dogs are looking great! I also will need the armored and injured versions of the War Dogs. As you can see by the chart the Pitbull, Doberman, Rottweiler, Boxer and German Shepherd all need armored and injured versions of them. Note the armor is made of leather.