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  1. Hydrocraft Mod

    Thanks Nolan!
  2. Looking for Artists for Hydrocraft Mod!

    More of the Toy version of the Abacus. As for chopping bushes I think it needs some lua to do that. For the same reason I cannot get the menu option to chop trees like the base game axe.
  3. Hydrocraft Mod

    No not yet. Farmoid was supose to include the Irrigation mod that did this. And in turn Hydrocraft would include the update of Farmoid. But it has not been done yet.
  4. Hydrocraft Mod

    While idea is good, the implementation is much harder. The Cooler and Ice Chest int theory already do this. However they don't always work. If we could figure out a way for it to work reliably then maybe I would add it to the cellar.
  5. Hydrocraft Mod

    Hydrocraft v9.6 has been released! Which includes ... - Fixed Paper Recipes - Added More Compostable Items - Added Wedge's Hydrocraft Tweaks - Added Corn Whiskey - Added Leather Strips, Belt Buckle and Belt Making - Added 7 New Powders - Added Shells - Added Electrolyzer and Tweaked Centrifuge - Added Lepidolite - Added 4 New Pet Items - Added 5 New Clothing Items - Added Spindle and Spindle Head - Added 4 New Toys and Toy Making Textbook - Added 10 New Condiments - Added Stone Quarry! - Thanks to everyone who helped! Enjoy!
  6. Hydrocraft Mod

    Make sure you remove the broken window frame first from the hole in the wall.
  7. Hydrocraft Mod

    Well the Lures at least still work in the pond.
  8. Hydrocraft Mod

    I have not seen it personally but I have seen people report other random broken items that make no sense like broken dirt. I have no idea what this new feature is and why it will do that.
  9. Hydrocraft Mod

    The Paper Problem will be fixed next update. Apprently the base game now has a new paper called "SheetPaper2" so i am adding SheetPaper/SheetPaper2, to all my recipes that use paper.
  10. Hydrocraft Mod

    Hydrocraft v9.5 has been released! Which includes ... - Fixed Craft Bowl - Fixed Cat Food - Fixed Desktop Computer - Fixed Plugin In Solar Gen - Tweaked Tin Can Recipes - Tweaked Bee Smoker Recipe - Tweaked Recipes that made an item that it deleted such as Gather Flora or Search For Metal to no longer make an output item. - Hydrocraft Clothing can now be Washed! - Added Helicopter Transportation based on the Taxi Mod By Terminus PZ Server - Added the Chain Saw Mod By Nolan - Thanks to everyone who helped! Enjoy!
  11. How to change / tweak existing recipes

    I am trying to override the Wash Clothes recipie but it is not working. :/ What did i do wrong? recipe Wash Clothing { keep Vest/Shirt/Trousers/Skirt/Blouse/Underwear1/Underwear2/HCScavangeshroud/HCRaincoat/HCRainponcho/HCMexicanponcho/HCDownjacket/HCButtondownshirt/HCPoloshirt/HCTshirt/HCTiedyeshirt/HCHawaiianshirt/HCLifevest/HCLinenshirt/HCLinenpants/HCSilkshirt/HCSilkpants/HCWoolshirt/HCWoolpants, Soap2/HCSoap/HCCleanerall/HCCleanerfabric/HCFabricsoftener/HCHandsoap/HCShampoo, Water=3, Result:Vest, OnTest:WashClothing_TestIsValid, Time:1000.0, OnCreate:WashClothing_OnCreate, RemoveResultItem:true, Category:Weaving, Override:true, }
  12. Hydrocraft Mod

    Hydrocraft v9.4b has been released! Which includes ... -Fixed Anarchist Flagpole - Fixed Make Sandbag Barracade - More Zombie Loot - Removed Sterilizing things in the Steam Pot because they are either bugged or redundant now. - Added 20 NEW Flowers! - Thanks to everyone who helped! Enjoy!
  13. Looking for Artists for Hydrocraft Mod!

    Hmm. I guess try all of the above. And yeah a Vanilla Bowl would be good for the creamy kind. And Baking Tray for the Stick kind.
  14. Hydrocraft Mod

    Hydrocraft v9.4 has been released! Which includes ... - Can Recycle More Things - Can Dismantle More Things - Smithing Books No Longer Spawn from Random Books - Fixed Windmill and Blades - Fixed Arc Furnace - New Compost Bin Art - New Conveyor Belt Art - New Wood Table Art - Can Recycle and Make Bags - Can Craft Flour Sack and Rice Sack - Added Dried Juniper Berry and Fried Lavendar - Added Spices Cookbook - Added Driver's Licence - Added Composter and Spirulina Composter - Added Styrofoam Ball and Block - Added Space Blanket - Added Nylon Cloth and Zipper - Added Rice Flour - Added Flour Mash and Whiskey Making - Added Glass Shards and Rusty Shards - Added Roulette Table, Slot Machine and Poker Chips - Wallets and Piggy Banks can be opened for Random Money! - Thanks to everyone who helped! Enjoy!
  15. Looking for Artists for Hydrocraft Mod!

    Consolidating my Request lists and more stuff ... - Baguette - Croissant - Rolls - Bisket - Tamale - Shepherd's Pie - Crabcake - Polenta - Pierogi - Fruit Leather - Dried Plums - Peanut Brittle - Lemon Meringue Pie - Cabbage Rolls - Coleslaw - Fried Cabbage - Egg Rolls - Meatloaf - Meatballs - Ice Cream Cone - Sushi (See Chart) - Nori (Dried Seaweed) - Bottle of Japanese Mayo - Bottle of Relish - Bottle of Steak Sauce - Bottle of Maple Syrup - Bottle of Honey Mustard - Bottle of Ranch Dressing - Bottle of Italian Dressing - Bottle of Blue Cheese Dressing - Bottle of Caesar Dressing - Bottle of Thousand Island Dressing - Bottle of French Dressing - Bottle of Russian Dressing - Pasta (See Chart) - Deviled Eggs - Baseball Leather - Cork Block - Plastic Crazy Straw - Porcelain Doll - Straw Doll - Kickball - Glass Prism - Glass Marbles - Baseball Grenade - Spindle - Spindle Head - Tool and Weapons Molds (Sword, Axe, Knife, Pickaxe, Hammer, etc) - Sluice (Large Item) - Leather Ball - Stuffed Leather Ball - Blackmith's Goggles - Trapper's Jacket - Bird Feeder - Dog Pooper Scooper - Garden Gloves - Hand Cultivator - Lawn Spreaders - Leaf Rake - Log Splitter - Looper - Post Hole Digger - Push Lawn Mover - Tiller - Wood Chipper - Yard Truck - Pottery Wheel - Abacus - Shepard's Pie - Wooden Chalice - Wooden Plate - Finery Forge - Cart Axel - Tricycle - Sewing Machine