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  1. Hydrocraft Mod

    Actually my view is that since you are doing it by hand it is a lesser quality than the industrial factory made axes from before the apocalypse. Which is my most weapons are a lower durability.
  2. Hydrocraft Mod

    I personally prefer the Machete. What about PVP melee where the characters are wearing armor? On a side note it would be cool if we could get zeds to actually equip armor to make them harder to kill.
  3. Hydrocraft Mod

    You may want the advanced trading post by Nolan.
  4. Hydrocraft Mod

    Dirt Bag is drainable so it gives 4 units per bag. So that is correct.
  5. Hydrocraft Mod

    I think I will just change the name to "Herbal Liqueur" and possibly make it craftable later on.
  6. Looking for Artists for Hydrocraft Mod!

    @Cyrrent Could yo make the middle one with a door? The opaque glass and door will allow players to place anything inside without having to draw it for every type of plant.
  7. Looking for Artists for Hydrocraft Mod!

    Here is stuff from the other pages. I have more not posted and will get you a list of them soon. - Bone Chest - Sundial - Cistern - Hand Cultivator - Lawn Spreaders - Leaf Rake - Log Splitter - Looper - Post Hole Digger - Push Lawn Mover - Tiller - Wood Chipper - Yard Truck - Greenhouse - Cider Press - Wooden Chalice - Wooden Plate - Finery Forge - Pottery Wheel - Tricycle - Sewing Machine - Tool and Weapons Molds (Sword, Axe, Knife, Pickaxe, Hammer, etc) - Sluice (Large Item) - Glass Prism - Pasta (See Chart) - Sushi (See Chart) - Rolls (Bread) - Straw Rice Bag - Bowl of Brown Rice - Rice Ball (White and Brown) - Rice with Egg (White and Brown) - Rice with Meat (White and Brown) - Curry Rice (White and Brown) - Bento Box (White and Brown) - Dried Rice Cake - Starch Syrup - Indigo - Rose Madder Root - Weld Herb - Larkspur - Wild Carrot Root - Crabapple
  8. Hydrocraft Mod

    Purple Hat made me new anvils for next update. The big issue is that the anvil is ued in other items like the trip hammer and steam hammer. So it would be nice if they all matched each other. If you want to help with art please go to the Hydrocraft art thread. Yes please do! It has been while since anyone has made one. Most of them are outdated.
  9. Hydrocraft Mod

    Yes. In the iem files it has this ... ResizeWorldIcon = 1.0, 1.0 is the default size. 2.0 makes it twice as big and 0.5 makes it half the size. So adjust to however big you want it to be.
  10. Hydrocraft Mod

    Yeah if you use steam, un-subscribing and then re-subscribing may help your herbalist table issue.
  11. Hydrocraft Mod

    @PPanda0421 Make sure you test with new potted plants. Nothing from before the last update. This si so we can make sure there is no errors from before.
  12. Rotten food icons

    You just name the icon "Rotten" so like Item_AppleRotten.png
  13. Hydrocraft Mod

    I talked to Leliana (the creator of this advanced potted plants system) and it is a server time bug. Small plants are suppose to only be 2 days. "Timed items sometime loop or freeze after server time changes." she says. EDIT: Is this happening for only one type of plant or all potted plants?
  14. Hydrocraft Mod

    I am saying that anything in IWBUMS is not set in stone. TIS could change anything in it before it goes on the public branch. Which is why I don't have Hydrocraft use that branch and use the public branch instead. Since it is more stable.
  15. Hydrocraft Mod

    The recipe is not found in the Steelworking Textook. It is found in on of the "Metalworking Monthly" Magazines.