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  1. Airborne transmission

  2. towing?

    No tow ropes. There is a reason that they have chains. Most, if not all rope does not have the tensile strength to pull a car or truck.
  3. Broken Clothes

    Do you mean like torn clothes, or just clothes that don't work for temperature?
  4. Would make an interesting sandbox setting. I personally am fine with the current set up
  5. Need Light to Read

    Wow, I forgot all about this thread.
  6. Community Vehicle Suggestions

    Motorcycles, bicycles, and... Dale's RV
  7. RVs

    Travel trailers too. Trailers in general actually would be nice, as you'd have a mobile platform on with to place things
  8. Using zombie guts to disguise ourselves.

    Might be a nice sandbox setting
  9. A new start...

    On the confirmed "no" list was starting BEFORE zombies, which I admit had me a little bummed, as I'd always wanted to be able to rob my neighbors in the night and max out the credit cards in preparation of the impending doom that is the apocalypse. Here is an idea that I personally find within the okay range. You start up a new game in the mode "The Beginning". It starts out with a few dozen zombies scattered around the map, and a crap load of npcs (this idea would apply to a way later build). The npcs live in houses, go to work (essentially just sit around at a store) and do various simple things, all the while the zombies are infecting npcs. "But wouldn't the hoard of npcs arm themselves with pitchforks and torches?" You say. What I suggest is a "Reality meter". Different levels would be for different npcs, but essentially they wouldn't believe in zombies until either A) a certain amount of time has passed or B) they have had a close call with a zombie. This would lead to the innocent townsfolk not knowing what hit them until too late. This is just a skeleton of an idea, but this is what I have. Let me know what you think, and as always, thanks for reading.
  10. frustating death and suggestions in fights

    Like the scope and laser idea. I personally would like for certain scopes to actually increase your viewing range, or binoculars that could do that.
  11. Won't load (round 2)

    A while back I posted this issue, and it was never solved. Just yesterday i played zomboid and it was fixed. Today I went to load yesterdays save file. It started the loading screen normally. The loading icon at the bottom disappeared though after just a few seconds. A few seconds after that the music skipped around a bit. Now I'm stuck on a solid black screen, with no way to leave except to close out of the window itself.
  12. Weapon Wear and Tear

    Yeah, my estimate was way off But, A for effort... right? Also, baseball bats in reality wouldn't be great, but to be honest, not much portrayed in video games, movies, and books would be. Bats where just the first thing I thought of.
  13. Weapon Wear and Tear

    It was thinking about how many baseball bats I've went through in game before when I realized that the weapon break system is flawed. Take the baseball bat for example. IRL, a wooden ball bat would take more damage from actually playing pro baseball than from hitting a dead body over the head. 90-100 mph fastball vs 2-5 mph swing. I've gone through a full health baseball bat in 2 weeks ingame. In reality it would last you a lot longer. This is just one example of how it's flawed. At the very least I'm asking for a sandbox feature, at best an extension to how long it takes for stuff to break. A pencil breaking in two hits makes sense, a slightly beat up kitchen knife...?
  14. Adrenaline junkie and depression

    Interesting idea, but it also opens up a multitude of other things to consider, such as: Altered trait cost Other combination traits that are good and bad. What would these 'combination traits' be considered? would they cost points, add points, do either or, or something different entirely? Retooling most of the preexisting traits to fit into this new system of potential combination traits. Neat idea, just needs a little more brainstorming.
  15. More details on maps.

    Interesting Idea. My main thing with maps was wanting businesses named on them, as local maps such as that usually have the names of all of the local businesses on them next to the location of the business. To many times I've looked for a hardware store only to find a warehouse.