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  1. My idea was that it would reduce glare and stuff from the sun, just wasn't sure how that would effect the game. That just happened to be the first thing I thought of.
  2. Most of the time when the power goes out, my character has no need to leave their safe haven, and as such, I notice very little about the outside world. My current character went out scavenging late one night and found that lamp posts, outdoor lamps, and lamps stay on after the power goes out until you remove the light bulb. That just kinda killed the realism for me. I would like it if when the power goes out, all the power goes out unless something is hooked up to a generator
  3. Sounds like itd make late game survival harder. Sounds good to me! I can't tell you how many characters I just deleted because it got boring.
  4. Here are my following ideas for various type of clothing and their benefit Temperature Ratings none light moderate- chilly heavy- cold extreme- freezing Armor Ratings none light- protects from fists, bites moderate- protects from blunt and bladed weapons heavy- protects from bullets. Concealment Ratings none light- blends in moderate- conceals identity heavy- chance not to be seen when blending in Head Army Helmet- Heavy head armor Bike Helmet- Moderate head armor Baseball Cap- blocks sun glare, improves aim Motorcycle Helmet- Moderate head and face armor/ concealment Wool Cap- Light temperature Eyes Glasses- counteracts Nearsighted trait Goggles- Light eye armor Sunglasses- blocks sun glare, improves aim Face Bandana- Light temperature Gas Mask- Moderate concealment, protection from airborne contaniments Ski Mask- Heavy temperature, Moderate concealment Surgical Mask- Protection from airborne illness Welding Mask- Moderate face armor Torso Button-Up shirt- Moderate temperature Hoodie- Heavy temperature Jacket- Moderate temperature Kevlar Vest- Heavy torso armor Leather Jacket- Light torso armor Life Jacket- prevents drowning Long Sleeves- Moderate temperature T-Shirt- Light temperature Tank Top- Light temperature Legs Cargo Pants- Moderate temperature, pockets for use as containers Cargo Shorts- Light temperature like cargo pants, but less pockets Gym Shorts- Light temperature, slightly faster running speed Jeans- Moderate temperature Skirt- Light temperature Sweatpants- Heavy temperature Feet Boots- Light foot armor, slight increase to stomp damage Flip Flops- slightly faster to put on Mud Boots- counter acts slower speeds from getting wet Sneakers- slightly faster running speed Snow Boots- Moderate temperature Snow Shoes- lets you walk on deep snow Outfits (the only difference is that these take up 2 or more clothing slots) Bio-Hazard Suit- Light armor, protection from illness Camouflage- Light concealment in forest Dress- better interaction with male npcs if female Gilly Suit- Heavy concealment in forest I'm sure there are some things I'm missing. I left out career based clothing and homemade clothing on purpose. Some types of clothing overlap (jacket over a t-shirt for example) Let me know what you think and any ideas you have, and as always, thanks for reading.
  5. thx
  6. I know I probably sound like a noob, but i've been playing for a while and still haven't figured out how to clean up blood. For most this wouldn't be an issue, but i lead so many zombies into my house to kill that i don't know what color my walls are
  7. Would be a nice mod though.
  8. If they add these, they need to leave realism behind and make every racoon look like spiffo, that or make a rare few look like spiffo so that you can worship them as gods.
  9. I like that idea, but here is what I have to add. In single player with no npcs that's not that big a deal. But with more people there comes a problem. In the book One Second After (it's really well written, anyone reading this should read the book) an EMPs go off over most of the country, and the book follows a town near the east coast. Near the beginning there is plenty of critters wandering around to hunt, but very quickly the supply of animals runs dry due to over hunting. Should npcs become a thing, I suggest that there becomes a peak day for animals, like zombies, and then it declines from the player and npcs hunting all the animals to near extinction. It would actually be worse than the book if the zombies eat animals too, giving the cute little mammals an even lower chance of surviving. As always, thanks for reading.
  10. I like the preset NPCs, but only as a sandbox option, where you could choose which ones to use and which ones not to use if you so chose to use preset groups. I agree with HungerJohn in that things should be different every time. Here are some groups that would be cool presets. Most of them are based off of some from the book I'm writing that may or may not ever get published. Either way, here goes. 1. FEMA- there is a point in the beggining where the main characters end up at a FEMA shelter and get to see how everything there falls apart. having a refugee center of some kind would be nice. 2. This is actually two different groups that are opposite sides of the same coin. One is a group that has walled of a section of their town and tries to emulate puritan beliefs, while the other lives in a nearby town and they are a group of Satanists, and the survivors in the areas in between are plagued with the war these two groups are in, having to deal with trouble from both sides. 3. Scavengers- at one point when the main character's group is moving to another base, o few of his people that stayed behind for a few days got attacked by a group of rag-tag of survivors that had made all of their stuff with scraps of other things, like a shield that used to be a stop sign, for example. 4. Cannibals- this is pretty self explanatory. In my book however, it's a little more complex. They live in a cave near a large town, and they lure people in by giving them shelter (at the point the main characters meet them, it's in the middle of a particularly harsh winter) then trap them inside and eat them. those are just a few of the encounters my characters have faced, and with all of them there is a lot more going on then just what I put, but I figured that this would suffice.
  11. I personally like trying to be as real as possible in this game. Essentially I try not to do anything that my character wouldn't do. If he wouldn't go outside in the dark because he is a coward, (I randomize traits) then I won't go outside in the dark unless absolutley nessacary. Same with this senario. Assuming my character isn't a pure coward, I'd amputate a limb to gain a few extra days of survival. The whole point of the game is to survive until something goes wrong. The game is about making mistakes in an attempt to survive. They let you turn on generators inside, and let you jump out of third story windows and drink bleach! This game is the ultimate death pit, and any chance of my character surviving longer, I'd take.
  12. Cool find. Can't wait to see it out of testing, as I personally don't partake in IBWUMs or other tests of that sort.
  13. Just got around to actually watching Episode one this morning, and I gotta say, that was freaking amazing. Really liked the staying in character approach. I mostly just watch zomboid videos on YouTube, and this is the best series so far. The end of the first episode was a bit suspenseful, which I like, and I'm part way through episode 2. All I gotta say is keep up the good work
  14. My idea for that was the possibility of having to build it in stages. Here is the basics of what that would look like in this case. 1. Dig the hole 2. Add the stones 3. At the roof/cover 4. Add the bucket and the rope That's pretty much it. At some point you'd have to wait for the water to come, but other than that, those four steps would cover it. And the beauty behind it is that you can do step 1 and 2 on the same day, then not mess with it for a while, then finish it later. The construction mechanics wouldn't have to be altered, and it would all be good!
  15. I kind of like this idea, but with the way construction and such is currently implemented, I don't think it would be possible. What I mean is that digging the well alone could take hours. And currently if your building something and you move, it fails. There is no working on it part way, it's either spend all your time in that spot motionless, or move and loose all progress. That's not that big a deal for something short like nailing a board to a window, but somethings hours long would have all kinds of complications. What if you get attacked by zombies, or if you have to change a bandage, or any number of things. Like I said, I like the idea, but it would require some changes to work.