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  1. For right now I'm just working on the easier monsters that'll end up in easier adventures for lower level characters.
  2. i completly forgot about this. I started it up and found some issues, so what I did was instead of what I normally do (make a set of linear adventures) I made I guess what you'd call an adventure web, in which different adventures lead usually to 2 or more other adventures, with the next one being determined on actions in the current adventure. I'm trying to make as many of them as possible before putting them in the web. I've got a basic web with major adventures up but I'm trying to make one for most monsters. With a total collection of over 1000 different monsters from multiple source books it'll b e near impossible, so what I'm doing for each is listing the monster, CR, adventure title (all of mine have them so I can sort them easily) and a basic one sentence description so I can actually make the adventures as needed and still remember all my ideas. if anyone wants it I can give some examples to show you what I mean. As always, thanks for reading.
  3. hardcore reloading

    I've always just used normal. I like to collect lots of guns and only use the best one I've found, using the others for parts and magazines, that way I can load a ton of mags and just carry them with me for quick reloading on the go.
  4. Sorry I didn't reply sooner. My original plan was too write every few days another entry. I'll try to attempt my original plan from know on. please comment or like to let me know that people are interested. If not, I won't leave the story hanging, but I'll quickly bring it to an end. Thanks and always, thanks for reading. Day 22 Jane I really hate this place. My orbital home, I mean. I inherited it from my father, along with his stash of survival supplies. There's probably enough flavor and nutrient packs to last me centuries. Not that I'll last that long. My father was always paranoid. First it was clone warfare, then it was economic collapse. The most recent fear was of a mass pandemic. Guess he was right about that one. Xanaia "Hey look, it's one of them." Someone says from inside in alley. "Yeah, one of those alien losers, what do they call themselves? The Fillet?" another says laughing at his dumb joke. My species real name is the Fleh. We were in the early stages of scientific advancement when those nasty Humans showed up. They kicked us off our home world, and made us their slaves. I just ignored the alley drunks and kept walking.
  5. Worst part-slower development. best part- everything else. The game itself is one of the best I've seen ever, and is pretty original (not in the zombies or setting obviously but in the depth.) On a side note, I was sifting through youtube vids and found a game called Dead Matter. It looked kinda cool, until I watched the trailer. It's been a while since I've seen it and I can't seem to find it so bear with me if I get a few things wrong. A. The use a real life area (like project zomboid) B. The allow you to make your own base and move furniture as well as barricade in pretty much anyway you want (like project zomboid) C. The premise is to see how long you could survive, and if your plans would work out. (like project zomboid) D. It is populated by a large number of zombies, with the amount and where being affected by your actions and meta events as well as migration mechanics (like project zomboid) On top of all of that, it was developed not by an indie group but by a larger company, it has multiplayer (like project zomboid) and is in first person 3d. And that's why I'm not going to play Dead Matter p.s. if it's any consolation, the zombies look like crap, stumbling around the screen like crackhead on the hunt
  6. In general numbers lower than ten usually (should be?) spelled out, so instead of '2' write 'two'. Everything else I saw someone else covered.
  7. Day 10 Curtis "Okay, I have just one question, please just cut the crap- how did I end up being captain of the U.F.S. Cassiopeia?" I ask Franklin. "I don't know. I'm just the messenger so to speak. If you really want to know, you gotta look in the manual." "You're kidding? There's a d*** manual?" "Yup. Official Regulations and Code of Conduct Manual, it's sitting right on your desk." "I get that the Captain died in the Roach attack, but I still don't get how I'm in charge." "I told you, look in the manual. I read the manual earlier and found that if the second of command is killed and a new one isn't choose before the death of the captain, the first person they go to is the closest living relative. As it also turns out, I am- was -his nephew. I don't want to be captain of a ship! I was content being in the I.T. department (If you're wondering why I have a gun, my grandpa always said one should be able to defend themselves). I have a feeling this is gonna suck.
  8. I was sitting there in this house with a tv and 3 radios on and realized how cool it would be if at some point the television and radio broadcasts had real voices behind them, with options for having them in different languages. This would also help add immersion, as I can't tell you how many times my deaf character was sitting there listening to the radio. Maybe subtitles for tvs. As always, thanks for reading.
  9. I'd rather it be a sandbox option
  10. A
  11. Good stuff. A bit heavy on the description in places, but I like it.
  12. 1. I'm always very cautious from the beginning, and usually my sneaking is high enough to make virtually no noise. In case I have to deal with a large horde of zombies I always have a few bases in case one gets compromised. 2. I don't think so with the stove, but if you have a grill and charcoal it'll serve the same purpose. 3. Don't have much experience in this, just a lot of setting mouse traps, baiting them with chips and getting squat.
  13. I do the same thing, but just because I rip so many shirts for impromptu bandages!
  14. It's a real shame. Prayers for the family and friends. Rest In Peace George A. Romero
  15. if not that, A or B