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  1. Nice idea, but I agree in that some of those traits are unbalanced. Nice idea, but I think we could extend somethings similar too a Vegan trait.
  2. I found a grill in game and decided to keep it and stock up on charcoal, so that when the power ran out, I could cook as much meat as possible and it wouldn't go to waste. Here are some suggestions I have for Grills and BBQ More BBQ food- barbecue sauce, ribs, etc. NO using them inside to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning and smoke inhalation. Some alterable factors, like with stoves. Not sure as to what those would be (I don't use a grill) but it would add something too it. Other just general food things I have are here. Cold packs should stay good for a while if kept cold. Once the power is out, they should be able to be used to keep food good fro a little while. Condiments- Tartar Sauce, Relish, etc. Seafood- currently the only 'seafood' in game is fish that you catch and canned tuna. My idea was stuff like store bought stuff(shellfish, various other ocean fish, etc.) Junk food- surprisingly there aren't some common junk foods in game. Cookies are non existent, and cakes and pies are only in slices, same with pizza, which would be found whole occasionally. That's pretty much it for now. Let me know what you think, and as always, thanks for reading.
  3. Chapter III: The End Day 4 I woke to the moans of zombies outside. I grabbed my hammer and screwdriver and went out. I was quickly surrounded, and was chased away from the racetrack and down the railroad tracks. I just want to die! Why do my last day's have to be so terrible! I tried to fight, but ran out of panic. Eventually i got stuck in some building off by the tracks. I tried the door. Locked. The window. Locked I tried the last window, no hope left, and it opened! I ran inside, closed the window and ran to the bathroom. I tried to lock it, but the lock was broken. Why me? Why not the annoying Lynda? Oh wait. It did. That's what started this mess. I think. My memory has been going down the drain recently. Either way I was stuck in a bathroom. I pushed the door shut and kept pushing against the zombies trying to bust in. I started to cry, for I new this would be the end of my story. I couldn't hold it any longer, and they barged in, at which point, I accepted my fate... Well, looks like that's the last of Billy Simpson. I'm going to make another one of these at some point, don't know when though. Let me know what you think, I'll take bad comments as well as long as it's not trolling. As always, thanks for reading.
  4. That sounds pretty neat. I tried something like this but it didn't quite work out
  5. Chapter II: The Middle Day 2 I woke up cold. So cold. It was unusual given the time of year, but the fact still remained that my house was quit chilly. If only I had a jacket. But I didn't have a jacket, I was just stuck with my tank top. I opened the curtains to see if it was safe, and was greeted by a steady drizzle of rain. I checked to see if the coast was clear, and stepped outside. The only food I had left was some sandwich cheese with an expiration date of three weeks ago. I went to the mailbox, and found a newspaper, some women's fashion magazine, and Hunting: The Magazine. Looks like my mail and that of the neighbors had been switched again. This happened often, but right now, I didn't care-I had something to read. I hated reading, but when your stuck in a house with nothing to do, you get bored. Very Bored. I looked up for the mailbox after closing the lid and saw an infected across the street. Her name used to be Lynda, with a Y, and she was the most annoying of my neighbors. She had her yard all neat and tidy and had a perfect row of flowers. One night my buddies had come over drunk, and when they left they swerved all over the street and ended up driving over her pretty little flowers. She very quickly hated me, and the guys I thought where my friends where very quick to through me under the bus. They weren't my friends for very long. Seeing her walking dead corpse terrified me, so I went back inside. I hated to be cold. I hated to be scared. I also hated to be wet. I was all three at that moment. I very quickly started to decline into sadness, and that was the first day of the start of my depression. Day 3 I woke up in the middle of the night to thunder. It was raining again. I layed in my bed for hours before I got up. I checked the fridge, then ate the last slice of cheese. I needed food. Fast. I finally got the balls to go outside and loot my neighbors house. They had headed off to some cabin in the woods a week ago, its not like they where going ot need the stuff inside. I opened a window after 10 minutes of trying to get it unstuck. I climbed in, closed the window, and searched the house. I went into the bathroom and found a dead man in the floor. He was black. The only reason this was significant was that the people that lived there where white. Next to him was a note, and under his body was a shotgun with three shells. His lower jaw had a gaping hole, which corresponded with one on the back of his head. I am left with no other choice. I'm trapped in this god forsaken town, in this empty house that isn't even mine with only a few shells left. I hope whoever finds me gets good use of the shotgun. It's brand new. I got it with hopes off defeating the evil that inhabits those lost souls that just wander and moan. But I quickly discovered that the bullets only attract them. More than I could handle. I've already lost my wife and infant son. What else is there for me really? I've decided a bullet will make a nice last meal. Thomas Doyle The date on it is a week old. I was not home that day, I was still trying to get back to my house, so it made sense I didn't hear this man shoot himself. It took me almost 2 minutes just to get those three shells in the gun. I'd never used a gun before, the only experience I had where from my games. I then raided the cupboards and found some lone, forgotten cans and some vegetables in the fridge. I then stepped outside. I saw their mailbox, and knowing I needed some more stuff to read, I walked over, and grabbed the mail, which comprised of a single issue of some engineering magazine that was supposed to come in my mail. Then the zombie that I didn't notice on the ground clawed at me, and I shot it in the face. Then the others heard and came "Get back! Stay back! Just go away!" I wailed. I then shot one in the neck, blood spraying out on the street. I puked out what little food I had onto that same street. Finally, I topped it off by trying to shoot another but only succeeding in shooting the street. Poor street. I then was chased in to my house. They where everywhere. I broke the window with the butt of my newly acquired and ammo-less shotgun and exited my bedroom. One was one the other side and lunged for me. I fell over on my back and kicked it before sprinting away. I ran down the bank of the Ohio river and eventually left them behind. I found a dock and sat on the end of it, crying. I looked at the magazine I almost died and lost the safety of my home getting and tossed it in the river angrily. I then walked down the bank, trying to find the highway. I rounded a corner and found some zombies. I started crying again, thinking I was done for. One of them was faster than the others and came at me. It tackled me and we both went down in the mud, my balding head touching the water. Yep, I was 27 and losing my hair. I grabbed my gun and smacked him in the face. Today wasn't the day I wasn't going to die. I got up and beat it's face in with the gun, then ran past the others, confident in my ability to outrun them. I was slow, but they where slower. I then ran the whole way to the bridge. I climbed over the rails of the walkway and sat precariously on the edge of the red metal beam. I ate the veggies and a whole can of peas. I then walked the rest of the way to the raceway. I heard that they had planes there to evacuate people out of the state, which was plausible as the place used to be an airport. I got there and found it crowded with zombies, but no planes. That was one dream down the pipes. I went into a garage and found a screwdriver and a hammer. Now I had weapons. It was getting dark, and I was getting tired, so I went in to the office for the place and slept in the rolly chair.
  6. This will be the start of a group of short stories I'll be writing based off what character I'm currently using in PZ. I'll try to stay as true to the play through as possible, but some things will probably change. Enjoy. Chapter I: The Beginning Day 1 I hate myself. I always have. I've always hated myself for being such a lowlife loser. For draining my parents of their money until their divorce and mother's eventual death. For managing to lose my lousy job at Spiffos that I've had since I was 17 and my father made me get a job to earn money for my games. I've had that job for 10 years off and on, and each time after quitting I'd come back to my boss a month or two later begging for another second chance, despite the fact that every time I quit I said I'd never come back. By the time the weird news stories began that I watched on my neighbors TV through my kitchen window, it was too late to get a job and earn enough money to stock up on food. I didn't even have my games to sell this time, seeing as I sold them about a six months ago to pay for a loan that I never payed off. Good thing the IRS tax season never came. I was just stuck in my lousy house that I rented for more than I could afford, with a few bananas and a book my dad got me three years ago for my birthday called, Trapping for Beginners. I don't even know why he got that for me, I just know he did. I spent the whole day reading that god awful book and eating my precious supply of bananas. Turns out trapping is extremely boring to read about. I tried to go asleep after the sun set, but I kept hearing moans outside my window. I went to the grimy bathroom and looked out the window over to my other neighbors house. The window was broken, and there where infected people everywhere. I closed the curtains to all my windows, turned off all my lights, and locked my front door before going to sleep.
  7. Using the holsters idea, you could also add in sheaths for knives and machetes.
  8. So essentially like Michones pets or something similar right? Once upon a time, I had a list of ideas for said zombie slaves, a.k.a., Zlaves. here is what I had 1.) Carriers- you keep them on a leash and use them to carry your stuff by tying bags to them. 2.) Guards- you tied them to a fence or a stake. a.)You could even plant thorn bushes or poison ivy near there feet so that over time they would be covered in thorns or poison ivy. 3.) Fighters- You could do a variety of things to make zombies deadlier (replacing fingers or hands with blades, covering them in spikes, putting them in armor, etc.) one really cool idea I had for these actually came from a dream in which an enemy group jammed razor blades in between zombie teeth and then super glued them in. 4.) Pullers- used to pull things. a.) You could attach them to a wagon and essentially use a carrot on a stick to move them forward- only instead of a carrot, a cage with a small animal is used b.) Essentially like 4a, but use more than one to turn large cranks to make power or to grind flour, like a windmill. There are many other possibilities and some of the things I put up are probably unrealistic, but this is what I have.
  9. This sounds pretty good. I always just either barricade the room that has the broken window or surround the window with stuff until i fix it. A tactic i often use if I want to barricade but don't have the wood is at all the windows. leave the closest block clear, with the ones just ouitside of it filling with furniture so the furnitrue can't be hopped over.
  10. I always thought that'd be cool. You should also be able to find the alarms and try to take them, with a high chance of breaking without electrical skill, like with other things. I'd be the guy though that even if I don't have one, I'd just grab a sign here or there and the next thing you know I have 30 in my front yard
  11. Yeah, you have a point! Another one I like is weak, as it relates to me a ton IRL.
  12. Thanks both of you for the advice. To answer IndigoRebels question, this campaign isn't an apocalyptic one. My old one was. I'm currently working on something a little closer to standard D&D campaign settings. I just started the setting, so the few town's I have is all I've made so far. I plan on making many more. There will be a lot of ruins from the old kingdoms though, the ones that where around before the one world kingdom came about. I already have the basics going for tons more going. As always, thanks for reading and the help. Sorry, accidentally didn't hit the 'post' button. this was supposed to be posted on Easter, but ah well. Thanks IndigoRebel for telling me to make planned cool events happen fast. I've been trying to do that, my current adventures are leading up to it, each one I try to add relevant information for the next upcoming big adventure. My plan is each time the PCs level up for something major to happen in the campaign world, weather it be the assassination of the king or getting banished to some hostile plane of existence.
  13. I know this is a weird question, but what is your favorite trait/ I asked because I recently discovered a negative trait that I absolutely love: deaf. I've always personally liked eerie silence, and with the deaf trait, it's like that all the time. You can't pick a favorite trait because it either gives you a lot of points to use or isn't that negative of a trait, there has to be good reason. As always, thanks for reading
  14. I don't want to rush the vehicle update or nag or anything, I just have an idea or two. My main reason for making this post is because I'm currently righting a zombie story, as those that read DTSSD-Ryan know (link will be provided below). Currently in the draft I'm writing, the main characters are going into winter, and currently just live in some tents in a baseball field. They need shelter fast, as to avoid the freezing cold. I will soon add in a travel trailer they find and decide to live in for a while.As I was thinking about how I would add this in my story, I thought of how cool it would be to live in a travel trailer. You'd need to have a truck to pull it, but with some gas you could move your home anywhere your vehicle could go.Having said that, my suggestion is the addition of travel trailers and RVs in the vehicle update, or an update later to come. Below is a link to the short story I mentioned earlier. It has the same characters as the one I'm currently writing, but the one below is from Ryan's perspective, and the one that's a WIP is from his best friend Stan's POV. As always, thanks for reading.
  15. Thanks for the comments, they make a lot of sense. On the part about tools for moving couches, you've lsot me. I never understood why you need a hammer just to move a cabinet or a bookshelf.