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  1. Life on the Inside

    Thanks for pointing it out. My goal was to try to do it in current tense, though I messed up in places. Chapter 2: Stanley Rogers Day 1: Stranded I wake up in some strangers bedroom. I had wrecked my car on my way back home to Nebraska. I came in the area to visit some family. I arrived to my mom's house to find them all dead, and strange, zombie-like creatures chasing after me. I ran into the first safe looking house and hid. I grab some food, water, and a baseball bat, along with a small collection of hammers for killing the zombies. I'm a big nerd with that stuff. I read zombie stories and I research ways to survive disasters. One of the common first things to do is grab an improvised weapon if there are zombies. Check. On my way into town I passed what looked like a prison in the distance, and decide to whole up there, as my hopes of reaching home are very slim. I'd heard a story or watched a movie somewhere where they did that. After a lot of running, I get trapped in an office building. Papers are scattered everywhere, and most of the windows are broken. Glass crunches under enarly every step. Zombies are following me. I manage to escape and run some more. I reach the guard post, the prison very close. I decide to crash here for the night- it's getting dark and I don't want to be stuck out here.
  2. Life on the Inside

    Linda Burnett: Chapter 1 Day 1: Left Behind I wake up find the kids and Owen gone. They didn't even leave a note. I know that Owen was mad at me after our fight, but I never thought he hated me that much. It hurts pretty bad. I have no idea where he took the kids, so for now I just have to stay alive, despite considering taking my own life. I just can't bring myself to do it. At least Owen left me the house keys. The first step is to organize the house. I have to know what I've got to work with. I found a hammer and a baseball bat, among a few other miscellaneous supplies and food. They should serve me well. After I have everything sorted, I work on putting up curtains. The first floor is covered, but I don't have anymore for the upstairs, so I'm going to have to have find some more. Now I cautiously leave the house to go to the neighbors across the street. I hate them. There always complaining about our dog, who we had to put down a few days ago. He had this strange bite that would never go away. They were complaining anyway. There probably dead now. Serves them right. I kill a few infected out in the street, and am surprised at how quickly I'm able to defeat them. I try to open the door. It's locked. Now I try the window. Also locked. I go to the other side of the house and the window opens. Yes! I think, congratulating myself on successfully breaking into the West household. The Wests are infected, and they climb out the window after me. I quickly kill them too. I climb in the window and loot the house, walking out the front door with a backpack of goods. I have more supplies now. This is good. I can survive this! I get ambushed on the street by a few of them, and I kill them too. I go inside my house, put up the curtains, cook some stir fry and read a book on metalworking. Owen was into that kind of thing. Maybe I can learn something form it. Day 2: News It's very windy. And cloudy for that matter. I fell asleep reading that boring book. I step out of our . . . my bedroom and set it on the book shelf in the hall, before going downstairs and eating some ice cream for breakfast. I decide to break into the other neighbors house. I broke my bat yesterday fighting the infected, so I grab my hammer and a frying pan on the just in case. I head out and kill 2 outside my house before cutting through their front yard and going in. The living room tv was on, one of the infected standing there, staring at the static. I kill it, along with two in the kitchen. I then go upstairs and kill one in a bedroom before looting the house. I found some whiskey, a marked map, and a radio, among other things. Now I have a way to hear news of what the hell's happening out there. I also have some alcohol. That might come in handy some day. Saw a news report in the living room. It was set ot some news station, and it showed riots in D.C.. It said the public wanted answers. So do I, but throwing a fit isn't going to get me or anyone else any answers I get home and store my supplies. I then unfold the map and read it. It's a map of Muldraugh. I easily find my house on the map and start reading the notes. "Gunshots!" "Too heavy. Had to leave some of it behind (with an x)" "Still a ton of stuff still at the hardware store!" All of these are near the hardware store. I am going to go there in the morning. I go out to go loot another house on my street. They the just keep climbing out of the windows. My hammer breaks, and I run back to my house. I get inside and it starts to rain, so I set up the radio and start listening in to different stations. Different stations. All the same news. Chaos. Secrets. Questions. Infection. Death. Eventually the rain gets strong enough that it blocks out the signal, and I go to sleep. Day 3: The Inevitable End Today's the day. I wake up and hear growling. I ready my frying pan and go downstairs. I open the front door and dozens poor inside. I escape the house and run continue the mission, reaching the hardware store. The infected are everywhere. I grab some "weapons" from the shelves and run out the back door. I'm retaking my home. I run back to my house and find it empty. The windows are broken. Curtains torn. Front door busted open. but empty. then they come back. I run upstairs and into the bathroom, closing the door. I open it enough to let one in then close it. I do this multiple times, and it works. The door bursts off it's hinges, and they come in. I stumble over the bodies of their fallen and open the window before jumping out. I hit the ground. My ankle gives a wet snap and suddenly I can't move my right foot. they start to fall on my, burying me in their sheer mass, eating away at my flesh as I scream for help. It never comes, and during my death I curse Owen and- The End of Linda's Story
  3. Garage Doors

    I was playing in the new Riverside map, and discovered a few things that I wish could be altered about garage doors. First, there should be a way to get into them, such as prying your way in with a crowbar of just lifting the handle if not locked second, the garage doors here can be walked through as if nothing was there.
  4. Group campaign creation

    For right now I'm just working on the easier monsters that'll end up in easier adventures for lower level characters.
  5. Group campaign creation

    i completly forgot about this. I started it up and found some issues, so what I did was instead of what I normally do (make a set of linear adventures) I made I guess what you'd call an adventure web, in which different adventures lead usually to 2 or more other adventures, with the next one being determined on actions in the current adventure. I'm trying to make as many of them as possible before putting them in the web. I've got a basic web with major adventures up but I'm trying to make one for most monsters. With a total collection of over 1000 different monsters from multiple source books it'll b e near impossible, so what I'm doing for each is listing the monster, CR, adventure title (all of mine have them so I can sort them easily) and a basic one sentence description so I can actually make the adventures as needed and still remember all my ideas. if anyone wants it I can give some examples to show you what I mean. As always, thanks for reading.
  6. Realistic Hardcore Reloading

    I've always just used normal. I like to collect lots of guns and only use the best one I've found, using the others for parts and magazines, that way I can load a ton of mags and just carry them with me for quick reloading on the go.
  7. Noise

    I was sitting there in this house with a tv and 3 radios on and realized how cool it would be if at some point the television and radio broadcasts had real voices behind them, with options for having them in different languages. This would also help add immersion, as I can't tell you how many times my deaf character was sitting there listening to the radio. Maybe subtitles for tvs. As always, thanks for reading.
  8. It was so BLACK AND WHITE

    I'd rather it be a sandbox option
  9. Days Gone By (CYOA)

  10. Days Gone By (CYOA)

    if not that, A or B
  11. Days Gone By (CYOA)

    D= Quietly sneak ( or run if need be ) out. That's what I'd do
  12. Fighting the Dark (Lighting)

    Sounds good. I know i posted this in a different topic it kinda goes with this so I'll say it again. When the power goes out, everything should go out. Lamposts and lamps don't follow this rule, and it just kinda bugs me.
  13. Clothing

    My idea was that it would reduce glare and stuff from the sun, just wasn't sure how that would effect the game. That just happened to be the first thing I thought of.
  14. When the power goes out

    Most of the time when the power goes out, my character has no need to leave their safe haven, and as such, I notice very little about the outside world. My current character went out scavenging late one night and found that lamp posts, outdoor lamps, and lamps stay on after the power goes out until you remove the light bulb. That just kinda killed the realism for me. I would like it if when the power goes out, all the power goes out unless something is hooked up to a generator
  15. Clothing

    Here are my following ideas for various type of clothing and their benefit Temperature Ratings none light moderate- chilly heavy- cold extreme- freezing Armor Ratings none light- protects from fists, bites moderate- protects from blunt and bladed weapons heavy- protects from bullets. Concealment Ratings none light- blends in moderate- conceals identity heavy- chance not to be seen when blending in Head Army Helmet- Heavy head armor Bike Helmet- Moderate head armor Baseball Cap- blocks sun glare, improves aim Motorcycle Helmet- Moderate head and face armor/ concealment Wool Cap- Light temperature Eyes Glasses- counteracts Nearsighted trait Goggles- Light eye armor Sunglasses- blocks sun glare, improves aim Face Bandana- Light temperature Gas Mask- Moderate concealment, protection from airborne contaniments Ski Mask- Heavy temperature, Moderate concealment Surgical Mask- Protection from airborne illness Welding Mask- Moderate face armor Torso Button-Up shirt- Moderate temperature Hoodie- Heavy temperature Jacket- Moderate temperature Kevlar Vest- Heavy torso armor Leather Jacket- Light torso armor Life Jacket- prevents drowning Long Sleeves- Moderate temperature T-Shirt- Light temperature Tank Top- Light temperature Legs Cargo Pants- Moderate temperature, pockets for use as containers Cargo Shorts- Light temperature like cargo pants, but less pockets Gym Shorts- Light temperature, slightly faster running speed Jeans- Moderate temperature Skirt- Light temperature Sweatpants- Heavy temperature Feet Boots- Light foot armor, slight increase to stomp damage Flip Flops- slightly faster to put on Mud Boots- counter acts slower speeds from getting wet Sneakers- slightly faster running speed Snow Boots- Moderate temperature Snow Shoes- lets you walk on deep snow Outfits (the only difference is that these take up 2 or more clothing slots) Bio-Hazard Suit- Light armor, protection from illness Camouflage- Light concealment in forest Dress- better interaction with male npcs if female Gilly Suit- Heavy concealment in forest I'm sure there are some things I'm missing. I left out career based clothing and homemade clothing on purpose. Some types of clothing overlap (jacket over a t-shirt for example) Let me know what you think and any ideas you have, and as always, thanks for reading.