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  1. The Waterdeep Story

    This is gonna be a running log of the group I'm playing in's adventures. I'm not sure how long I'm going to continue this, hopefully to the end of the campaign but I may stop earlier. We are currently playing out the Water deep campaign. Today was our first session. Before I begin, here is the group of adventurers in question. I don't fully remember all of the characters, but here's my best go. (Warning: Spoilers for the adventure, though or DM did say we missed a lot of opportunities) The Heroes Barkley Oaks: Elven Cleric Acolyte, born from an ancient tree when it was struck by lightening. Named by the feeble minded, but kind hearted cleric that found and raised him. Erandale "Eran" Lightouched: Aasimar Fighter Folk Hero, great great grandson of a famous hero, his inspiration to be a hero. Likes to swear in foreign languages. Harace: Paladin that comes and goes. Pulayden: Human Monk, the quiet type. Serina: Dragonborn Druid Hermit, a ladyswoman prone to rude jokes. Thorrin Brotter: Dwarven Fighter Outlander, orphaned and left in the woods. Befriended a pack of Dire Wolves, and thus has one as a pet. Refers to "Fang" as his brother. Session 1: The Beginning It all starts in the Yawning Portal tavern. We didn't know each other really, just strangers in the same tavern. We aren't even sitting at the same table when it happened. A fight brakes out, and Eran and Serina go to watch, while the others all get in on a competitive drinking game. The fight is resolved, people kicked out, and the pair of soon to be allies are disappointed at a boring fight. A large shaft that leads to the Underdark sits closed off in the center of the tavern. A troll with being swarmed by stirges leaps up out of it, scaring off the patrons, except for the soon to be allies and the barkeep, a war veteran. The keep got the troll down the shaft and set it aflame with lamp oil while the heroes slayed the Stirges unscathed. We are thanking for our service, and a famous bestiary writer, Volothamp Geddarm, notices us and hires us to search for a friend of his that went missing in the slums. Serina slides a gold piece over to the barkeep to keep tabs on this guy so we don't get murdered in our sleep (for being a famous guy we certainly haven't heard of him). We then head down to the Dock Quarter, headed for the tavern this friend frequents, the Skewered Dragon. On our way there Eran convinces the group to stop in at a curiosity shop in which EVERYTHING was purple ran by a gnomish stoner. A few of them gets trinkets while Serina and Pulayden intimidates the shopkeep into telling them all he knows. He has never heard of this "friend" but he does know that two men had been jumped outside his shop the night before, one a nobleman (not the friend) by men with winged serpent tattoos. Of the trinkets bought, Eran gets a mechanical canary of gnomish design, and Thorrin buys a glass eye for use in a potential secret ruse later. We stopped in at the Skewered Dragon, a dilapidated structure with broken windows and an anchor in it's roof. Thorrin hits on the dwarven waitress there, but fails to ask her out on a date, whereas Serina soon succeeds, set to go on a date with her later that night. Eran starts buddying up with some of the regulars, and finds out that the serpent tattoos are a gang symbol that had a hang out in an abandoned warehouse down in the back alleys. He then pushes his luck and gets told to scram before "something bad happens" Harace heads out on some "personal business", and Serina heads to the tavern to be with her woman. The rest of the team heads to the warehouse. The find only two ways in: through the main doors and through the windows. A rock is thrown through one of the windows, and they wait in the shadows to see if any gang members come out to investigate. Serina meets back up with them shortly before they go in, having had a one night stand with the dwarf. They leave Thorrin and Fang to guard the door while the others go in and investigate. They find a bunch of dead Winged Serpents, and start looting the bodies for daggers and possibly coin when they get jumped by four Kenkus in the upstairs. A fight ensues, and Eran is slain, then resurrected less than a minute later. One Kenku is knocked out to be interrogated later, and another escapes up the stairs... Thus is the end of Session 1: The Beginning. Let me know what you think, or any advice you might have for a group of first time players. And as always, thanks for reading.
  2. Some medical suggestions.

    Couln't find it but somewhere in the Forum archives there is a long (I think multiple pages) conversation about this very thing in the suggestions section me and a few others worked on for a while two or three years ago. Ended up with a long list of injuries and I think maybe even medical supplies.
  3. Locked containers

    Speaking of crowbars, you should be able to use them to open locked doors and windows too.
  4. Legible Street Names for Advanced Naviation

    It would be pretty neat if they did the actual street names given that the map is partially based off of real world, but for the fake towns or even just in general I think numbered streets would cut it.
  5. Color Coding Food

    I thought at first you meant the color of the text/font, not the picture. I personally would go for font as it would A be less work to add and B would get the point across fairly easy.
  6. It's only the skin that gets this, and only under circumstances, and only in marginal amounts. Green potatoes have a toxin called solanine, which could nausea, diarrhea, and some mental issues. All potatoes have this, but when they are exposed to sunlight and warmth for a long period of time, they get more solanine and chlorophyll. The chlorophyll isn't harmful, it actually help serves as a warning sign that your potato is bad new bears. This seems like a ton of work to implement, so I don't see it getting added any time soon. Also... PZ has potatoes?
  7. hygine and bathroom

    You're correct on that. The only way I could see it (one that I'd think would satisfy most people) would for it to be a sandbox option or an optional feature of some kind.
  8. Motorcycles

    That's what I was thinking, that maybe it'd go along with or shortly after the animations update they've been working on.
  9. Motorcycles

    With the addition of cars, I'd be excited to see motorbikes, or even just plain bicycles. Here are my ideas on the subject: Bicycle- a human powered vehicle that simply requires human endurance and occasional maintenance, though most of the time even slightly rusty bikes with serve you well, as long as the teeth on the chain don't bust. Has increased mobility over cars but decreased speed. Motorcycle- combines the speed and noise of a car and the mobility of a bicycle. The only negatives with these are noise and the amount of practice it takes to be any good with one. (which brings me to my next point) Riding skill- someone who has ridden a motorbike will tell you, it is a skill. Someone who has never rode before won't be able to just hop on a bike and run away with any speed or grace. It takes practice. Lower skill should cause lower speed and maneuverability, possibly (though as it would aggravate players would be better served as a sandbox setting) stalling out your newly acquired 'iron horse' Riding gear- these are the ideas I have on clothing added along with bikes Motorcycle helmet- offers head protection and negates head bites and scratches, but would make everything a little bit darker, making it difficult to use at night unless you had a light of some kind (headlights, flashlight, outdoor porch light, street lamp, etc.) Bicycle helmet- as above, except less protection and no drawbacks Leather jacket, legs, and boots- all offer protection against bites and scratches, as well as some armor Saddle bags- not always in bag form (the ones I've seen are thin metal crates strapped onto the bag and side) the offer storage, usually for tools or other equipment This is what I've got. If you have any other ideas or concerns, please comment below. And as always, thanks for reading.
  10. Alternative Unlocking Methods

    Lock picking in my opinion should be a trait, not a skill.
  11. solar system(making electricity)

    I could get behind finding solar panels, but not making them. Solar panels are fairly complex, and the average joe or jane has no clue how to make one.
  12. 771) Shooting and gun maintenance skill books
  13. Wrench and lug wrench as a wepons.

    Most wrenches simply aren't big enough to give more than a bad bruise. I like the idea though. Here are my thoughts: Small wrenches- faster tool use, lower to no damage Large wrenches- slower tool use, more uses, damage Pipe wrench- possibly the biggest wrench one would ever come across
  14. Driver proffesion and skill.

    While that is true that drivers get better as they drive and thus perform better, vehicles have limitations. For example, an SS Camaro would turn and react a lot faster and better than a U-Haul cube van.
  15. Sewing

    Wasn't sure on that one, thanks.