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  1. hygine and bathroom

    You're correct on that. The only way I could see it (one that I'd think would satisfy most people) would for it to be a sandbox option or an optional feature of some kind.
  2. Motorcycles

    That's what I was thinking, that maybe it'd go along with or shortly after the animations update they've been working on.
  3. Motorcycles

    With the addition of cars, I'd be excited to see motorbikes, or even just plain bicycles. Here are my ideas on the subject: Bicycle- a human powered vehicle that simply requires human endurance and occasional maintenance, though most of the time even slightly rusty bikes with serve you well, as long as the teeth on the chain don't bust. Has increased mobility over cars but decreased speed. Motorcycle- combines the speed and noise of a car and the mobility of a bicycle. The only negatives with these are noise and the amount of practice it takes to be any good with one. (which brings me to my next point) Riding skill- someone who has ridden a motorbike will tell you, it is a skill. Someone who has never rode before won't be able to just hop on a bike and run away with any speed or grace. It takes practice. Lower skill should cause lower speed and maneuverability, possibly (though as it would aggravate players would be better served as a sandbox setting) stalling out your newly acquired 'iron horse' Riding gear- these are the ideas I have on clothing added along with bikes Motorcycle helmet- offers head protection and negates head bites and scratches, but would make everything a little bit darker, making it difficult to use at night unless you had a light of some kind (headlights, flashlight, outdoor porch light, street lamp, etc.) Bicycle helmet- as above, except less protection and no drawbacks Leather jacket, legs, and boots- all offer protection against bites and scratches, as well as some armor Saddle bags- not always in bag form (the ones I've seen are thin metal crates strapped onto the bag and side) the offer storage, usually for tools or other equipment This is what I've got. If you have any other ideas or concerns, please comment below. And as always, thanks for reading.
  4. Alternative Unlocking Methods

    Lock picking in my opinion should be a trait, not a skill.
  5. Carpentry for base defense and maintenance, and blade group for maintaining my quick kill weapons.
  6. solar system(making electricity)

    I could get behind finding solar panels, but not making them. Solar panels are fairly complex, and the average joe or jane has no clue how to make one.
  7. 771) Shooting and gun maintenance skill books
  8. Wrench and lug wrench as a wepons.

    Most wrenches simply aren't big enough to give more than a bad bruise. I like the idea though. Here are my thoughts: Small wrenches- faster tool use, lower to no damage Large wrenches- slower tool use, more uses, damage Pipe wrench- possibly the biggest wrench one would ever come across
  9. Driver proffesion and skill.

    While that is true that drivers get better as they drive and thus perform better, vehicles have limitations. For example, an SS Camaro would turn and react a lot faster and better than a U-Haul cube van.
  10. Sewing

    Wasn't sure on that one, thanks.
  11. Sewing

    With the new clothes get dirty system, i would like to see them also get torn up in fights. If you get bit on the torso, a hole should be in your vest. If you climb through a window rife with broken glass, you sweaters sleeves should be torn. With this I suggest sewing. you already have thread and needles, two of the most important things required. Here are a few ideas: Sewing Ideas Chart Stitching clothes- you tear your favorite shirt on broken glass. You want to fix it, so you sew it back together with a needle and thread. Stitching yourself- in a desperate situation where you have a deep wound and no suture kit, this would come in handy, but would be lower quality. Patches- you make the mistake of climbing through yet another window with broken glass. This time a large chunk of fabric is just gone. In that case, you could use some fabric, and then you stitch it onto the shirt. Problem solved! Tools of the trade: Sewing needles- in a pinch, you could use these as suture needles. Thread- vital for all sewing endeavors Sewing machine- with electricity, you could use this to make sewing a lot faster, and rare manual versions could be found. Thimble- lower your risk of accidental, but minor, injuries. Sewing kit- kind of like a first aid kit, but for sewing supplies (a common thing among people who do a lot of sewing) Fabric- you could find rolls of it in colors just like you find paint cans of different color. Skill- sewing is a skill just like any other. Knitting- a variant, essentially more of a stress reliever than a practical art. Knitting needles Yarn That is all I have for now. If you have any ideas let me know and I'll update the chart above if it sounds good. As always, thanks for reading.
  12. Vehicle/sapling interaction

    Most saplings wouldn't harm a car, they might crack a windshield or window then would slide under the vehicle.
  13. Major Buildings Request Thread

    Rural homes. There are a lot of houses in the rural areas IRL, they are just spread out over distance, and some are dificult to find as they either have long driveways to a house at the center of the property or they are deep in amongst the dirt and backroads. In fact, many homes can be 30 minutes to an hour away from the nearest towns in some cases (usually no more than 30-45 though)
  14. Weather Channel

    The engine would have to decide the weather probably about a week in advance for this to work. Don't know how hard that would be to do. You'd need there to be a random chance of it being wrong as well.
  15. Loud Cars

    Does anyone else have the experience of every car your get being louder than the thunder sound effects they have? Just curious if i'm just finding bad cars or if it's a common problem.