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  1. Getting a big gravity falls vibe from this looks awesome lol
  2. there is already kind of a way to tell (unless things have changed) im pretty sure that if you get bit or scratched best way to tell is to eat some food and see if your health bar gets to ok or not you cant get to ok health if your infected.
  3. Go in here C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\texturepacks for the textures and use this mod To unpack them as for hydrocraft C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\108600\498441420\mods\Hydrocraft\media\textures (Not sure if the number is always the same and if your downloading manually just go to Hydrocraft\media\textures
  4. fluffe9911


    Wow never realised my pixel art got implemented into The Cautious California Map Awesome! lol (in a way i feel honored :P)
  5. I made some High Shields mostly just a retexture of Scyonis Riot Shield but I thought they looked ok so decided to post them hope they are decent lol
  6. Man your going all the way with these innovative mods lol
  7. Cant we just say its all up to opinion and let everybody use whatever weapon they want ;p;
  8. Yes but make it insanely rare and less op aka I would make it so it can destroy like 3-4 reg buildings before it breaks down lol Edit nvm just saw it was already added lol
  9. If you look threw the steam workshop you can find a ORGM Compatible silencer mod
  10. His pineapples were rolling with a mamma dog attack helicopter. Then suddenly, a wild squirrel army and a squirrel commander demanded nuts. He only waited five squirrel seconds before he politely obliged. Before they ripped his pineapples away, they exploded, causing a squirrel massacre, while screaming, causing cancer, and destroying Sauron himself which caused the Apocalypse, leading to legitimate heterophobia. In the next nightmare of Bernie, the sky felt the need to defecate furiously. All umbrellas were utterly useless. The Sun then squealed and a Rainbow covered placenta tree grew trans lesbians. Banana hammocks were banned in Texas, Kentucky and so were regular pineapples. The Governor was unhappy with recent fruit events and created stronger LSD to control Bikini Bottom. Gradually, citizens and animals became cannibalistic and ate the bourgeoisie. "The doughboy award was fraudulently given out to vegan feminist Nazi supporters" said Shelly, as a giant Cthulhu fighter jet opened fire at people and Shelly was instantly killed. Meanwhile in Neverland, dragons want to have super gentle partytimes. The strippers philanthropically distributed rabid raccoons to nuns. These raccoons couldn't spell, hex, scry, or make orgasmic noises. However, while tied up, suspended mid-air was a BDSM fantasy, "Oh No" raccoons grumbled as he Like this Quote
  11. I think the only reason people didnt like the old cars cause they didnt fit in with the art style of pz but I would think with this new art that people would be ok with it I would give it a try later lol
  12. Im also one of those number 1 fans lol
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