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  1. Alternative Unlocking Methods

    I think firearm/bombs solution should be implemented and unarmed melee should deal some damage to the door, so if you don't mind getting totally exhausted, that's your way. Something along 1dmg per kick with 0.05 endurance loss. So you can take out 2 doors before they take you out. I'm opposed to lockpicking as a trait/skill: too narrow usage. Using fire is more like burning the house, but maybe using propane torch may be an option? And usually you get into a house by... forcing open or breaking the nearest window. Or you can bring your friend the Sledgehammer for a piece of action next time you're in the neighborhood. Just saying. As long as breaking doors in your safehouse concern goes, ugh... but why? The doors that matter are the external ones, and you usually barricade them all the way anyway, so just build a log wall instead of the door and you're fine.
  2. Food Expiration Date

    I know that's a necroposting of sorts, but I have tweaked the mod a bit to my liking, and now it has a switch (in the lua file though) that allows to bypass the check for enabled trait so you can make use of it without starting a new game. Just set the variable this way in ExpirationFood\media\lua\client\tooltip.lua: -- settings block (changable) -- local need_trait = false; local display_seconds = true; I have also changed format of the output and made it more visually nice (at least I think so) with regard to margins and automatic sizes. Another change is that the bar now actually displays fractions instead of set levels, and coloring and detection with a trait now takes 'getDaysFresh' in consideration too. Without a trait you get just the general idea like it was previously. Oh, and I have removed additional information about food being 'rotten': you see that in red in the tip header already. I have nowhere to upload this and I don't even know how to do it, but if anyone is interested in trying it, I attach it to the post. I think it's pretty much stable, though some deeper rework than mine might be needed. It already feels like I have rewritten it more or less... I hope abreu20011 won't be mad at me, I have kept the original author in the source just in case. If changing others' mods violates TOS or anything else, I will remove my version.
  3. Food age

    Thank you!
  4. Food age

    I've been going through my fridge and thought: well how nice to have that EXP date on every product nowadays, and then... So, is there a way to find out in-game for how long that particular salad I've made will live? How old is this jar of broccoli? While I can maintain somewhat accurate clock in my head for short lived foods, I'd really want to know actual days for more long dishes and jars. Is there any mod to find out at least the date and time of item's 'creation'? Or maybe any mod has this option (then I may have some guideline on how to bring this out and make a small mod myself)? I also think that this idea is not that bad as I would definitely keep an eye on food freshness IRL (and actually even use stickers in my fridge, no jokes), so maybe that can go to suggestions backlog?
  5. infection time 0

    What's the mod name? I'm just curious, never seen anything like this (and may want to get it myself). Also is 0 time the starting value? Like `it's just happened to me`? Was the character hypochondriac? Or did it drop all the way to 0 and stayed there? This seems like an infection without a wound right now.
  6. I play with the same setting, and though I can confirm this, this should not be a bug: water is properly shut down, but the pipes contain some amount left (2/3 of Cooking Pot for a typical sink). This should represent the actual life behavior: water does not disappear from the pipes, only pumps are dead so you can use what's left. After you deplete the amount in each given sink, it will not run. But the toilet nearby will have another 2/3 pots of water and so on.
  7. Spices increase boredom in foods

    I give up. Cannot reproduce this at all in newer versions, have started several new games in 38.22. Please disregard and close this as not an issue.
  8. Spices increase boredom in foods

    In 38.21 I cannot yet reproduce this. Used stale cabbage for salad with 0 cooking — works as intended with spices. This is probably either fixed or was a rare glitch in early 38.x builds. I will keep trying but please lower priority for now.
  9. Unbarricading bypasses weight limit of 50

    S2R: Get close to a weight limit (50 usually); Unbarricade window/door as usual. Expected result: Action is not performed with a message, OR Action is performed with plank falling to the ground. Actual result: Action is performed with plank stored in player inventory. I was able to hoard 18 planks above everything else I carried, totaling 92+ weight points. Then I run our of windows to unbarricade.
  10. Claiming a self built base as a safehouse

    AFAIK, you cannot claim something that is not set up as a residential lot. Some people worked this around by extending the base to a nearest house and using the house to 'claim' it, you could try this approach. I don't know whether you can claim non-residential lots currently (like malls, shops, warehouses). Some time ago I was able to claim them, but I think that was a bug. But you definitely can't claim a non-lot.
  11. To developers.

    Well thanks for the lecture, but I think I'm fine. Xenophobia is not, though. Regards, your average 'since-2001-on-the-Internet' guy, Rez
  12. Based on Nick's nick and the only other comment he left yesterday, I am sure he meant this Marijuana mod by maska_zgz.
  13. To developers.

    So, as moderators did not remove your comment: what was that? Xenophobia? You have anything against Russians? Well I am Russian, you can speak to my face now. But I think you are just being biased and definitely not attentive enough to read the post. If you've read it, you'd notice OP talks about Turkish community, not Russian one. You'd be surprised how the Linux family is currently more popular than Windows XP and Windows 8. And yes, I'm talking desktops here, servers are 95% *nix-based. Usage share of operating systems (Wikipedia) We actually should praise TIS team for making Zomboid playable on Linux, and I have played it on Linux too.
  14. Spices increase boredom in foods

    OK, here's the addition: this happens when a not-fresh (stale) meat is used as a first ingredient. In case of a fresh ingredient salt and pepper work as intended, giving bonus to unhappiness and boredom. This one is kinda hard to reproduce.
  15. I am sorry to create a new thread, but I can't find where I can report a bug concerning a map ( There was a link to the forum pointing to another tracker with project number 4, which is either hidden or removed now. Please move the report where you see fit. Current map issue: can't save POI locally. Actually, they are saved, but cannot be loaded. The behavior is the same for Chrome 61 and Firefox 50. S2R: Load map in browser Add POI or several Close browser/tab Open map in browser again Expected result: Map is displayed Your POIs are in place Actual result: Black screen is displayed instead of a map POIs are not visible You cannot view map unless you flush your POI This was broken some time ago as previously map worked fine. The issue is probably due to localstorage format changing when saving/loading. Example of localstorage data below. 1. No POIs: { "__jstorage_meta": { "CRC32": { "privateOverlays": "2.3023080129" }, "TTL": { } }, "privateOverlays": [] } 2. Added 2 POIs at once: { "__jstorage_meta": { "CRC32": { "privateOverlays": "2.2199287912" }, "TTL": { } }, "privateOverlays": [{ "px": null, "py": null, "location": { "x": 0.44510301636217686, "y": 0.15747158661081534 }, "className": "highlight private", "text": "Muldraugh: CLEAN<br />", "id": "overlay-private-9587064", "scales": false, "placement": 0 }, { "px": 465795, "py": 160899, "location": null, "className": "highlight private", "text": "Muldraugh: CLEAN<br />", "id": "overlay-private-3037732", "scales": false, "placement": 0 }] } 3. Reload the page and get a black screen until you remove the first POI with 'location' set. The second one works fine. I have found a workaround, though: Load the map Add only 1 POI Refresh the page Add another POI Refresh the page ...and so on, add 1 POI at a time to avoid conversion from 'px, py' format to 'location' format.