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  1. I think it'd be cool to be able to place stuff on tables. Like guns, etc.
  2. YES. I've always hated how blood splatter floats (or appears at all) on fences. Same with certain signs on broken windows
  3. Brex

    69 Zeds

    In terms of zed scenes, I would think of stuff like police roadblocks or dead firemen and fire trucks surrounding a burnt-out house. But here's a good one: A group of dead Spiffo's employees, with at least one wearing the Spiffo suit, their bodies circled around a lone Spiffo plush doll, surrounded by candles and bloodstains. It's the aftermath of a cult that formed in the zombie apocalypse, worshiping Spiffo.
  4. Brex

    The Sound of Mucus

    Whoever you got to record that female scream, she deserves a raise. That was bloodcurdling.
  5. I just wish the game had basements so you wouldn't have to put all those buildings on big hills, it looks so unnatural
  6. Brex


    To me, it makes no sense how you are somehow able to just pour a bunch of dirt on a concrete roof and suddenly bam, you've got yourself some crops. I think a more logical step would be implementing planter boxes, like raised garden beds so you can grow crops on roofs or on concrete/non-soil surfaces. Plots, planters, boxes...anything like that would be more immersive and make more sense.
  7. I think there's a mod for that
  8. More defenses too. Concertina wire, junk walls, wooden spikes, makeshift barricades...the vanilla defenses are just bland.
  9. Brex

    Zed Inn

    This is quite nice, I'm looking forward to it. Any chance we'll get to see more options for defenses? Concertina wire on fences, junk walls, real furniture barricades, spikes, etc?
  10. Brex

    Red Hand Gang

    The question now is, will they remain unbreakable? Because having indestructible garage doors can make for a pretty OP safehouse
  11. Brex


    Great work guys, but I have a question: will you be making new animations/sprites for broken doors? It seems kinda weird how they just turn into planks and door knobs with no residual damage or anything. Maybe they should be splintered or torn down or something. Also, any plans to add additional/more varied defenses such as plywood boards for windows, concertina wire, overturned furniture, spikes, etc.?
  12. Brex


    YES! New fire effects! I hope smoke comes with it
  13. 1. Gimp suit - for when the zombie apocalypse doesn't make you horny enough 2. Gas mask - wouldn't be a viral outbreak without some HAZMAT style facewear. 3. Period appropriate clothes - it's 1993. I wanna see some Pearl Jam T-shirts and Doc Martens. 4. Poncho - because you've got the crossbow, the motorcycle, and the fangirls. Now all you need is a piece of fashionable Navajo outerwear. Or maybe it's just raining. 5. Horse mask - sure, it predates the meme by ten years, but this is Kentucky we're talking about. 6. Sportswear - Go Wildcats! Or Cardinals! Or whatever. 7. Duster - what apocalypse would be complete without a badass longcoat? 8. Overalls - for the redneck inside all of us. 9. Jean jacket - what if we made pants for our chest and arms? 10. Zombie skin suit - you know why.
  14. Brex


    Makes sense (Btw if anyone gets that Menagerie joke without googling it, you get an owo from me)
  15. Brex


    Quite a few Spiffos there, huh? Unless The Menagerie '93 is in town, I don't think there would be that many. I do like the soldier with the Spiffo head and tail, though. Also seeing a lot of jockeys, so I'm guessing you'll be involving the Derby at some point. If there are no novelty horse masks I will be disappoint.
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