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  1. Spiffo Gal

    Once that Spiffo mascot suit gets in the game I'd put it on and fight alongside her.
  2. What a coincidence, I just watched a Netflix documentary about the riots. My dad was actually in LA at the time. Well, technically he was LEAVING the city to go home to Sacramento, but he managed to get out right before the riot kicked off. In relation to PZ, I do think it's a decent frame of reference. However, given the current engine's smoke and fire effects, I doubt we'll see miles-high plumes of smoke scattered throughout Knox County, even from an isometric angle. Also this environment of looting and rioting would only make sense in Louisville and other major urban areas. When you think about it, based on the sheer number of infected within the Exclusion Zone, I doubt there would be enough time or manpower for mass looting and rioting before everyone within the Zone fled or got killed. It's one justification for why so many houses and buildings throughout the county remain unlooted. But the cities, like Louisville, would absolutely be like this, especially after the EXZED border was breached and the infection spreads to the city. All in all, quite interesting. One more thing: looking at the picture of that highway, I realize that while the highway pileups and traffic jams in PZ look cool, they don't actually make a whole lot of sense. See, most of the cars in those pileups are burnt-out wrecks and chassis, but if we're assuming that the gridlock made people abandon their cars, then shouldn't they still be working instead of wrecked? I mean, they can be damaged, sure, but it doesn't make sense how dozens of cars in a traffic jam suddenly became burnt out wrecks, barring an uncontrolled fire (which also doesn't make sense).
  3. Dashdoid

    Wish I could say I was excited, Vehicles haven't done much for me. I'm more in the mood for the implementation of better defenses, as I've pointed out in this blog post. Still, I support the devs and wish them nothing but good fortune.
  4. Sleeping Bags

    How are there no sleeping bags or other forms of portable beds in all of Knox County? The only real solution would be to find either a stationary mattress (not a craftable one, that doesn't work) or military cot, pick it up using the "pick up" function, and set it up at your preferred location. But that seems like such a hassle. Sleeping bags are a necessity for those who might have to take shelter in a location with no beds or other furniture available. I know they're available in Hydrocraft, but that's a mod. Will we see sleeping bags in the future?
  5. More Meta Events/Ambient Sounds?

    Well that's why they should become less frequent as time goes by, especially after the Exclusion Zone fails and the outbreak goes viral.
  6. Vlad the Imbiber

    Anyone got any screenshots of the new random wrecks? I'd look for myself but I'm too busy to test PZ right now.
  7. So I'm only posting this because I like the idea, I know many of these scenarios are probably too complex to mod into PZ. But I thought I'd share them anyway. Tired of zombies? Here are a few alternate game scenarios one could play with in Project Zomboid: 1) Nuclear aftermath. Inspired by things like Jericho and The Day After, this game mode puts you in the middle of a radioactive wasteland that was once Knox County. The commie pinko bastards finally decided to nuke the ol' US of A, and now you're stuck in a hellish landscape struggling to survive. Louisville is a crater and the surrounding areas are full of radiation. Thankfully there are a few hidden bunkers scattered around the farmlands and forests of Knox County, and they may prove to be your only shelter from the apocalypse outside. How long can you survive? 2) The Mist. Inspired by one of my favorite Stephen King novellas and movies, The Mist (and NOT by that piece of shit Spike series). A mysterious mist has spread across Knox County, filled with nightmarish creatures that have a hunger for human flesh. There is no escaping the Mist. All you can do is pray that the monsters don't get you and that the military can arrive before you do something incredibly stupid like...wait, I can't spoil it, King would kill me. You'll have to watch the movie. 3) The Purge. It might have been a shitty movie, but it's a pretty fun concept for a video game. For 12 hours, all crime is legal and all emergency services are unavailable. So go murder that sonofabitch that's been sleeping with your wife, or go loot that pharmacy, or burn down the local Spiffo's. Or, if you're noble of heart, you can board up your house and try to survive until 7 AM. Beware, though...the Purgers can smell cowardice. 4) Non-Zombie Pandemic. Inspired by one of my favorite movies, Contagion. Imagine all the chaos of a zombie apocalypse without the actual zombies. Sure, it sounds boring at first. People start getting sick, the virus spreads across the world, millions die, and so on. But then society starts breaking down. People become desperate. And now you find yourself just as likely to die from a bullet to the head as you are from the pandemic sweeping the globe. A vaccine is being researched, but will you last long enough until then? 5) The Long Dark. Inspired by the eponymous video game. A geomagnetic storm has wiped out electronic devices across the globe and caused dramatic climate shifts that have plunged most of the Northern Hemisphere into an unending winter. With no power, food is limited. With no heat, freezing to death is a very real possibility. The lights have gone out across the world, and now it's just you and the long dark. Feel free to comment or rip me to shreds for how stupid my ideas are.
  8. Pitch Battle

    You're implying that there's any originality left in the zombie genre. Even PZ isn't exactly fresh. The only really thing that sets it apart is the isometric style. Pretty much every other element in the game has been done before. There's nothing wrong with that, not if it's done well and not a complete ripoff. Just saying that nowadays the zombie genre doesn't leave much creative wiggle room. For the record, the last two zombie movies I saw that I thought were pretty unique were Train to Busan (Korean, for one thing, and taking place on a train) and Maggie (takes place AFTER the zombie apocalypse where the living defeated the undead, but just barely)
  9. Pitch Battle

    While I'm impressed and grateful for the progress being made on vehicles, I have been wondering if any of the following features are going to be added: Crash injuries Car fires Improvised car bombs Box trucks and eighteen-wheelers Tanks and military vehicles Motorcycles Bicycles The ability to smash a car window to unlock it The ability to hotwire a car Vehicle deformation Actual vehicle barricades This: Ability to open garage doors to store vehicles Car alarms Construction vehicles Armored cars Vehicle-mounted guns Any of that possible in the future?
  10. Probably explains why Kain-in-the-Ass has been employed there for six years
  11. So recently I had the misfortune of stumbling across the work of Erik Kain, a longtime contributor of Forbes. And by God, is this guy a real piece of work. Endless contrarian, oozing with pretentiousness, with a facade of neutrality when really he's just trying to score cheap hits against popular media. Take his reviews for The Walking Dead, for example. Actually, don't, because they aren't even reviews. They're hyperbolic diatribes filled with strawman arguments, nitpicking, and the journalistic integrity of an Infowars comment section. It's one thing to hate TWD, especially in its later seasons. But this guy is clearly just a contrarian who hates popular things because they're "cool". But that's not even the worst part. The worst part is his gaming "journalism". It's an insult to even call it journalism, really. This guy makes James O'Keefe look like Woodward and Bernstein. Not only are his articles full of lies, misinformation, and bias under the guise of neutrality, but he was one of the foremost voices in the Gamergate controversy who cozied up to "gators" and actively encouraged harassment of his critics. And yet somehow many people call him "one of the best names in video game journalism." That is absurd. He is not even a journalist. He is a talentless, spineless hack, and I urge anyone, ANYONE, who is a fan of gaming to avoid him like the plague. He's basically the Armond White of video game and television journalism. If you want a voice of reason in video games, try someone like Dan Hardcastle. Yeah, he's not perfect or completely unbiased, but he's a lot more intelligent (and likable) than Erik "My-Parents-Didn't-Love-Me-Enough" Kain. /rant
  12. Alternative Unlocking Methods

    As awesome as that would be, I doubt that will ever be implemented. Not for lack of interest but due to the limitations of the game engine.
  13. Alternative Unlocking Methods

    My safehouse is the police station. Doors to the armory and jail cell were locked
  14. One of the most irritating things about PZ is how you go about opening locked doors. Currently there are only three ways to get through a locked door: find the key, break it down, or disassemble it. Sometimes if you're lucky the key will spawn on a nearby zombie, but oftentimes you're sh*t outta luck. Breaking down doors takes a toll on your weapon health and is time-consuming, plus it leads to insecure rooms (especially if you're trying to open a locked door in your safehouse). Disassembling the door is also time-consuming, requires specific tools, and can't be done on every type of door. With that in mind, I have a few suggestions on alternative methods to opening locked doors: 1. Kick that f*cker down. Or use your shoulder. Depending on your Strength and Fitness you should be able to kick open a locked door without injuring yourself. Of course this means the lock will be probably be busted, but at least you'll still have a door intact. 2. Lockpicks. The most obvious solution, and could even be a brand new skill. Probably wouldn't work on all doors but if you've got a screwdriver and a paperclip, I'd say go for it. 3. Breaching charges. Again, if you're not interested in being able to lock the door when you're done, this one's for you. Though it'll probably attract a LOT of attention. 4. Shotgun. Blow off the lock with your trusty boomstick. Again, will destroy the lock and probably attract a f*ck-ton of zombies. 5. Fire. Thermite, acetylene torches, any sort of flame you can get your hands on to melt or cut through the lock. Warning: chance to set fire to the surrounding area. All of these seem like more reasonable alternatives to breaking the door down or disassembling them. What do you guys think?
  15. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Finally got to try out the newest vehicles build. I drove all the way from West Point to the country club. Here are some notes I made. THE GOOD Improvements to fuel consumption are a huge plus. I managed to get from West Point to the country club with just two cans of gas in the tank. A very welcome addition. FPS while driving has been improved, but only when zoomed in and in non-populated areas (more on that below) The newer sound effects for radios and TVs are great, and the volume of those effects has been reduced to a reasonable level. Hotkeys for car options and the radial menu are both great improvements. The new car models look good. I like how hitting zombies doesn't make your car come to a halt anymore. THE BAD You still can't sleep inside your car (results in a red error) FPS while driving still drops when in urban areas, when surrounded by zombies, or when fully zoomed out. Some of the damage effects on vehicles aren't great. One such effect seems to be trying to emulate the presence of dust or rust covering the vehicle but looks as though someone used the car as a canvas for a Jackson Pollock painting with a bucket of orange paint. It needs to be improved. Vehicle wrecks and pileups are still disabled. For some reason, house alarms seem to have vanished completely. Special vehicle distribution seems to be limited. Police cars don't seem to spawn at police stations, etc. There are a few environmental textures in Riverside that need to be fixed. THE UGLY The horn is f**king awful. Not only does it sound tinny and generic as hell, but it also cuts out and hurts my ears when I play with headphones. I only tested the horn on one car so I don't know if it's the same all around, but it's still pretty bad. When I was exploring the country club, somehow I fell through (yes, through) the outdoor balcony overlooking the pool and ended up on the ground floor outside the gymnasium with a fractured foot. I think somebody forgot to code in a solid surface there. There's probably other things that I wanted to make note of, but can't think of them at the moment.