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  1. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Are you gonna add abandoned vehicles on the side of a road, crashes at intersections, etc?
  2. What is the official lore/timeline for PZ?

    If you listen to the radio broadcasts, you can piece together what happened. The outbreak actually begins on July 9th, but for some reason the radio and TV broadcasts incorrectly refer to the date as the 14th whenever you start a new game (this is a bug and not necessarily a discrepancy in the lore). Knox County is initially contained with emphasis on the plight of Muldraugh and West Point (Rosewood, March Ridge, and Riverside are not mentioned at all during the broadcasts). Refugees live in a makeshift camp on the northern border of the Exclusion Zone around Knox County. Riots break out in many American cities as people question and criticize the President and his administration for their handling of the crisis. It takes about a week before everything goes to shit. A horde of zombies, attracted by chaos at the refugee camp, breaks through the border and infects Louisville. Then the zombie virus mutates and starts to infect people who have not had any contact with zombies or other infected persons whatsoever. And then, by the end of the first week, new outbreaks begin popping up around the world, despite an ban on travel to and from the United States and the declaration of martial law in many American cities. By the end of the second week, TV broadcasts have ceased and radio transmissions are limited to ham radios and other makeshift communications devices from survivors. The exact state of the rest of the world is unknown, but it is presumed that the other major countries on Earth succumbed to the same fate as North America.
  3. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15

    Suggestion to the devs: there should be the ability to dig two different kinds of graves: smaller single graves, and larger mass graves. From an RP perspective, it makes no sense for a 5-corpse requirement to fill a grave if you're just trying to bury a lone fallen comrade. Also, the crosses/cairns/posts need to be closer to the grave. Right now they stand like two feet behind the grave. They should be at the very edge of the grave.
  4. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Been playing the build for a while now, I've noticed many improvements, but there are still a few minor issues. - vehicles are misplaced in the West Point Giga-Mart parking lot (they're not parked inside the lines but are instead perpendicular to them) - occasional roof bugs with the border of the roof remaining visible even when the rest has become transparent - attempting to sleep in a car results in an error - occasional slowdowns and frame drops, not as bad as it once was, mildly annoying but not gamebreaking If I see any more I'll let you know.
  5. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    I'm still getting frame drops at times. Maybe it's my computer; I play on an HP laptop, and though I'm not sure of its exact specs, I know that so far it's been able to run PZ without major lag. But with vehicles I rarely get anywhere near 30 fps, and if I'm surrounded by zombies or in an urban area, my framerate can easily drop below 10, sometimes even 5. It's not quite as frequent as it used to be, but I'm still not sure if they're optimized enough to perform well without eating up frames. Maybe there should be an option to turn off 3D models in cars, like you can do with zombies. The cars would look and act more like the cars in Nolan's driving mod: static sprites that can still drive and turn and all that. That might help with the frames issue on lower-end computers, though again I've never had any major problems with lag before, even with huge hordes of zeds.
  6. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    And I'm still getting massive lag spikes when I"m in vehicles, particularly when there's a lot of zombies around
  7. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Also why am I spawning with pasta, a screwdriver, two hiking bags, and a map of Riverside?
  8. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    I spawned in Muldraugh in SP. There were WAY too many cars around. Like, in EVERY parking lot. That doesn't seem realistic for a zombie apocalypse and certainly wasn't present in previous builds.
  9. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    This has probably already been answered but I"m too lazy to look it up: has the stuff from IWBUMS (graves, corpse illness, roofs, Riverside and country club) been added to the vehicles build?
  10. With the recent hurricane that devastated southeastern Texas and another massive storm about to hit Florida, I've noticed that many homeowners who haven't evacuated are boarding up their doors and windows using plywood boards. So I wonder: could that be used in Project Zomboid? I've brought this up before as a suggestion but now I feel it should be a general discussion. You can find plywood at pretty much any warehouse and hardware store, so it stands to reason that it could be available to use for boarding up doors and windows. Sure, it'd probably be weaker than planks or metal sheets, but it could be very useful to low level players that aren't very skilled in carpentry. In addition, I think there could be improvements to the "furniture as barricades" feature, plus the addition of "junk" that you can scavenge in order to make weak-but-easy-to-build walls and fences. Whether its stuff like tires, boxes, luggage, stacks of wood, bags of trash, wrecked vehicles, and other stuff to hastily construct a wall that you can use as a temporary line of defense. Finally, as I noted above, I think you should be able to overturn furniture and use it to fully block doors and windows. Currently you can't do that, you can only create a mini barrier around the window or door. You should be able to fully block openings to your safehouse using furniture. Thats my discussion. If the moderators deem this more of a suggestion thread, sorry that I posted in the wrong place.
  11. While I do like how your Union City map is coming along, I still wish someone would create an actual Union City map from TLS, using the maps from the TLS:UC and Dead Zone.
  12. Over the past few months, I've noticed that Project Zomboid bares an uncanny resemblance to The Last Stand: Union City. Not that there's anything wrong with that; I am not implying in any way that the developers copied or ripped off TLS:UC (besides, I think PZ has been in development before that game even came out.) For those of you who don't know what the hell I'm talking about, The Last Stand: Union City is an online flash zombie RPG that's part of the mega-popular The Last Stand series. Unlike the first two games in the series, which were similar to tower defense games, TLS:UC is a side-scroller RPG set in a zombie apocalypse. And it is utterly fantastic, in my opinion. Easily one of the best flash games ever made, and hell, maybe even one of the best zombie games ever made. It's unfortunate that the developers got greedy and turned the next game into a freemium quasi-RPG cash cow, but TLS:UC and the other Last Stand games still stand out as some of the best free online games ever made. So, what do I mean when I say that this game and Project Zomboid are very similar? Well, besides the obvious zombie apocalypse setting, both games feature character creation that involves selecting your character's pre-apocalypse occupation, which gives you bonuses to certain skills. Both games feature a randomized loot system (though Union City's loot system is only semi-randomized, with many preset loot locations throughout the game.) Both feature survival elements such as the need for food and sleep (though again, PZ's survival elements are much more extreme.) And both feature a unique art style (Project Zomboid with isometric camera and a mix of 2D/3D pixelated environments, and TLS:UC featuring a side-scrolling camera and a 2D semi-cartoonish environment). There's a lot of other similarities between the games, but I'm not asking which one is better (that would be unfair as PZ is still in development). Instead, I wanted to get your opinion on The Last Stand: Union City, if you've played it. What did you think of it? How does it compare to Project Zomboid? Do you think the games are similar or completely different? Are there any elements of Union City that you would like to see in PZ? Comment below, if you want. Again, this is not a debate over which game is better; this is just a discussion about the two games and the similarities between them.
  13. What do you guys think of Erosion as it stands?

    The game still feels too "clean" too me. There needs to be stuff like scattered garbage across the streets, makeshift barricades, collapsed buildings, vehicle wrecks, overgrown lawns, messages scrawled on walls, broken windows and busted down doors, fallen lampposts, holes in roofs, flooded basements, wildfires, crashed helicopters, mass graves, body bags, scattered tents and makeshift shelters, abandoned safe zones, scattered leaves, rotting wood walls and fences, dust everywhere, dried bloodstains, skeletal corpses, roadkill, rusted fences, water filled with bloated bodies, collapsed bridges, and much, much more.
  14. What is that?

    Some kind of react system, similar to Facebook. I don't like it.
  15. Radio's and lack of broadcasts

    More like "lore". Just a sense of what's going on in the rest of the world