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  1. Brex


    Makes sense (Btw if anyone gets that Menagerie joke without googling it, you get an owo from me)
  2. Brex


    Quite a few Spiffos there, huh? Unless The Menagerie '93 is in town, I don't think there would be that many. I do like the soldier with the Spiffo head and tail, though. Also seeing a lot of jockeys, so I'm guessing you'll be involving the Derby at some point. If there are no novelty horse masks I will be disappoint.
  3. 935. More variety of defenses. We should be using concertina wire, wooden spikes, plywood sheets, junk walls, makeshift barricades. We should be able to knock over a wardrobe and shove it up against a door. I know we sort of have a system like that in place but it's not implemented well. The vanilla defenses (like log walls) are bland. We should also be able to barricade low fences to prevent zombies from climbing over. 936. If a player has low construction skill when boarding up windows, the planks should be nailed in a haphazard and messy style instead of the neat, one-on-top-of-the-other style that's currently in place. 937. Big trucks, like tankers and eighteen wheelers. Even if you can't implement their cargo, they should still be in the game. 938. Better smoke and fire effects. If possible, fire should have more varied sprites and smoke should rise up in the air and flow with the wind. Fire currently looks dull and boring. 939. Car fires. Cars should be able to catch fire and burn depending on their integrity. 940. Zombies should be able to be dismembered (such as decapitations with an axe or blowing off limbs with a shotgun). 941. Building physics. Buildings that burn down or are otherwise destroyed should be able to collapse and lose walls, floors, and roofs. For example, if you knock out the walls of a house with a sledgehammer, the house should collapse on top of you. 942. More variety of tents and sleeping bags. You've seen them in Hydrocraft, but really they should be a vanilla item since they're such vital survival items. 943. House fires should be able to spread from house to house depending on weather, the surrounding area, etc. It should be feasible to burn down the entire neighborhood with a single fire that's left unchecked. 944. Occupation-specific spawn items. Depending on your occupation, you should spawn with at least one or two corresponding items. For example, if you play as a construction worker, you should start with a hammer. If you play as a cop, you should start with a pistol and maybe a key to the police station. 945. Lockpicks. No more having to bust down a door or break a window if you've got the tools and the skill. If I think of more I'll add them.
  4. Brex

    Mist Me

    I'd love to do that, both in game and IRL. And I'm a guy.
  5. Brex

    Pea Super

    I'd still like to see a wider variety of defenses implemented, such as plywood boards for windows and makeshift barricades using furniture or junk. That being said, I love the work you guys are doing and look forward to seeing more improvements made in the future.
  6. Brex

    More 90's styled environment.

    I think the problem is that most of those suggestions are copyrighted, and including them in a commercial product might not go over well. There is a subtle reference to Bill Clinton being the President, and most of the technology is period appropriate. I don't think the devs should go overboard with the 90s imagery to make the setting feel more realistic.
  7. Brex

    Crashed Cars Mod

    Honestly I like these more than the vanilla wreck models. The current models all look like they've been firebombed (and the devs haven't really explained why). This looks far more realistic. I hope you'll add it to the Steam Workshop.
  8. Brex

    Movie Mode

    I've always wanted to do a PZ machinima (at least, when the game's more developed and things such as animations come out). I figure it wouldn't be too difficult, given the text-based dialogue and isometric camera angle. But the game currently doesn't allow for much creativity when it comes to visual storytelling. I could use multiplayer but that would take a lot of time and effort, plus I have no friends who play PZ (or friends in general :P). So I think it would be cool to add a machinima mode, kinda like creative mode where you can direct and program certain events to happen, certain characters to do certain actions, etc. Just something I thought would be neat.
  9. Brex


    Two things I've noticed: 1) The sounds of doors opening and closing is strangely quiet 2) When editing maps, the blue symbols are green That's all I've noticed so far
  10. Brex

    Too Hot For TV

    Are any of these new additions going to impact performance? I haven't played in a while, and I play on an HP laptop that has been able to play zomboid decently in the past. I'm just worried that all these new additions (including the mythical anims build) might make zomboid unplayable for me
  11. Brex

    Zombies in the Mist

  12. Brex


    Me when animations finally come out: (only joking, don't get your knickers in a twist)
  13. Brex

    Hydrocraft Mod

    I like the addition of new defenses. Would you consider adding stuff like junk walls and barricades, or plywood boards to cover windows? They'd look like the metal sheets except made of plywood, and they'd be easier to obtain than wooden planks but are weaker.
  14. How are sleeping bags and more variety of tents not in PZ? Seems like a logical addition, if you ask me.
  15. Brex

    Death Cab for Zombie

    Seconded. Reminds me of a Walking Dead fanfic I once wrote where a Chik-fil-a employee is stuck in his cow suit as the apocalypse hits and then he goes along killing zombies as a giant cow