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  1. Better defenses (barbed wire, wooden spike barricades, plywood boards, etc.) Helicopter/plane crashes Better fire effects (with rising smoke, multiple flame sprites, and sprites for burned objects) Building physics (buildings and structures with compromised supports will collapse, leaving rubble and a few construction supplies) Bigger vehicles (cargo vans, eighteen-wheeler trucks, buses, tractors, combine harvesters, tanker trucks, etc.) More remnants of the initial outbreak (makeshift barricades, notes from survivors, etc.) Sleeping bags and more varieties of tents 3D sprites
  2. In-game, Muldraugh and West Point have a combined estimated population of about 5000. With the addition of Rosewood, March Ridge, and Riverside, we can add, say, at least 3000 more to that number. So that's approximately 8000 people within the Exclusion Zone. Again, this is merely an estimate. Now let's do some math. There's going to be a lot of speculation and estimation here, so the results may not necessarily be accurate. But it might give us an idea of the infectiousness of the disease. We'd have to know the R-naught of the virus, which we obviously don't, so we'll estimate. We'll take the R-naught of two well known infectious diseases, measles (which is airborne) and diptheria (which is transmitted through saliva) and combine them. The R-naught of measles is 12-18 while the R-naught of diptheria is 6-7. So let's say the Knox virus has an R-naught of 10, the relative middle of those two diseases. This means that a single person can infect 10 people, and those people can infect 10 more people, and so on. Let's say that the R-naught of 10 occurs every hour over the course of three days. Thus, at 00:00 A.M. on Day 1, Patient Zero will infect 10 people. At 1:00 A.M., each of those 10 people will infect 10 more people, and so on. How many hours would it take for the number of infected to exceed the population of Knox County? Just four: 10^4 = 10,000. So in less than four hours, the virus with an R-naught of 10 will have infected everyone in Knox County (though there may be those who are immune to the airborne strain.) Then the infected start dying. How long one survives infection varies, so let's estimate that the average time from infection to death is 12 hours. That means by approximately noon of Day 1, the first death will have occurred. Then the deaths, like the infection, will multiply exponentially, exacerbated by the fact that the dead come back to life and hunt the living. Chaos and panic only lead to further death. The few who were immune to the airborne strain (let's say, roughly 2000) will be overwhelmed by the sheer number of undead. With the number of fatalities increasing exponentially by the hour, my best guess is that Knox County will be devastated by noon of Day 2. Again, this is all speculation. And I'm not good at math. So I could be COMPLETELY wrong. But I thought I'd take a shot and see if I could provide some kind of explanation.
  3. The big problem with the ambient audio: Background noise.

    Here's a list of ambient audio that should be improved: - Background screams and dogs barking (both are too loud, they should sound distant or at least a little quieter) - Gun sounds (the rifle and shotgun could use work, and it would be nice if there were different audio for firing outside or inside) - Crickets (as you said, the pool table thing) - Thunder (it definitely sounds like the thunder is being recorded inside a building, needs to be changed) - House Alarm (it sounds more like a car alarm than a house alarm, consider changing it to something more jarring) Just to name a few
  4. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.49

    Sort of unrelated but is Blindcoder ever going to update the map project to include the new areas?
  5. The big problem with the ambient audio: Background noise.

    I've noticed this as well. While I think it's impressive they recorded their own ambient effects, I do think they may need to get some better foley for the future.
  6. No, there's nothing wrong with the building itself. It's just the empty fenced-in area that bugs me.
  7. My main character that I most often play in PZ is a cop, and one of my typical strategies is to try (and usually fail) to secure the local police station for use as a safehouse/outpost. The station in West Point is too close to the center of town, the station in Riverside is small and defensible but doesn't offer much room, and the Rosewood station is far too big to effectively fortify, at least in single player. Thus I most often choose the Muldraugh station as my safe house. However I've noticed something about the station, mainly that the fenced in asphalt area to the right of the station serves absolutely no purpose. It's not a parking lot, as there are no vehicle lanes, gates, or car spawns there. The fences would make for good walls but they're short enough for zeds to climb over. The area in question is just a big slab of concrete with no apparent purpose, and I'm just curious as to why. What's the point of this area? Sorry if I'm being vague, as of this posting I am very tired and distracted.
  8. Map Project Update?

    Still no update to the map project. Odd.
  9. Ooooh that moment

    Going down fighting really isn't worth it, since it's nothing more than catharsis that won't change the fact that the world is fucked. If I were bitten and I knew I was gonna die, I'd prefer to end it quickly and painlessly. A bullet to the head, preferably. NOT drinking bleach, because I've heard that is extremely painful.
  10. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.49

    Are car wrecks still floating?
  11. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    Ohhhhh. Forgive me, I was confused
  12. Hellgate: Muldraugh

    Anyone know when Blincoder is gonna update the map?
  13. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    "Fill Grave"? So you fill it even if you dont have five corpses? Why not just fill it with dirt? I thought they said you can make single graves now
  14. Camp site area? What does that look like?
  15. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    Who is EP?