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  1. RELEASED - Build 38.28

  2. RELEASED - Build 38.28

    And all good clienside sound-related "freeze screen" bug still here. Nice
  3. RELEASED - Build 38.28

    Looks like fridge's active mating
  4. [RU] [24/7] [PVE] [Easy] [No resets] Gibloe Dno

    Today server is fully wiped and restarted in no mods mode For the first week: - x10 exp rate - +10 talent points at start - weapon respawn rate - very high NO infection, NO fire spread, NO private houses PVP, 1 char per server, cheats=BAN
  5. Unable to rest

    Sleeping pills, beta blockators
  6. infection time 0

    it's admin panel
  7. infection time 0

    Seen this issue couple of times today and yesterday. Not realy a bug. Just red marks with 0 time .
  8. Ah, i see. Not an old save, active player just reloged. But this happens in cell(chunk) , that is 1/4 size of largest one on server, so definetely not "too many items nearby". Maybe mods issue. Thank you !
  9. Today one of my server's player loose ability to connect to with this error "New hope" also have this issue today There is something with a save file or game?
  10. New electricity issue (NOT generators)

    Another house , admin see that freezer not working. Doge sees that everything working and freezing
  11. New electricity issue (NOT generators)

    Actors: * Admin * Player `Doge` History: Safehouse clamed by admin Added player `Doge' to safehouse Switch ownership to `Doge` There is NO electricity on server, and NO generators nearby .......some serverside magic???........ Doge can hear refrigerator trrrrrrr sound Doge can see goods inside refrigerator "freezing" . Admin standing nearby not seeing "freezing" Doge can operate light switches with "click" sound , but no lights. Admin standing nearby can not flip switches (no "tutn on/off" on RMB) , but can hear cliks from Doge Doge can turn electric oven on and off (with sound).Admin standing nearby can not turn oven on/off (no "tutn on/off" on RMB) , but can hear cliks from Doge If admin put some uncoocked food to oven, Doge can see coocking proces slowly progress. Admin standing nearby not seeing "coocking" at all After some time doge takes fully coocked food from oven and drop it o a grown. Admin see this food as "Coocked" After Doge relogs: Admin CAN operate switch #1 AND lights turns on and off. Doge CAN operate switch , but only can turn off light. After next click lights ara still off. Admin can turn it on again Swithc #2 : no one can operate (no on/off menu for RMB) Admin CAN operate switch #3 * If lights is ON (by turning it on by admin using Swithch #1) Doge and admin can switch it off * If light is OFF , Admin can NOT turn it on (click soung, nothing happens, rmb option "turn on" after each click) , but Doge CAN turn it on and off No noice from fridge, no one can operate oven Really wish this can help solve electricyty mystery with generators etc.
  12. red box on clearing sever list

    Red box, as i know, is non-fatal errors try to restart game and ignore this if repeats Can be caused by so many things...
  13. [38.22 / SERVER] Crash Memory

    @Jacksay, in serverfile look for look for 64-bit section , change -Xms2048m and -Xmx20148m to appropriate size. Leave 2 gb of mem for system and let the Java eat the rest. In my case, 10 gb total system memory, so i use -Xms8196m and -Xmx8096m Also check /serverfiles/ProjectZomboid64.json for -Xms2048m and -Xmx20148m and change it too Some advice from developers - have at least 16 gb memory for server
  14. RELEASED: Build 38.22

    Working now
  15. RELEASED: Build 38.22

    @RobertJohnson , No you not