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Found 25 results

  1. Signs and drawings that are visible on windows, such as For Lease, 24 hours, All U Can Eat or BA, KE, RY signs in Muldraugh, stay there (and can't be picked) when the window is smashed, including when the glass is removed. You can go through them if you want, too.
  2. I really like that there are totally not perishable food that are in Zomboid, as despite pretty much everything having a shelf time label IRL, some things can pretty much survive indefinitely, only slightly losing their taste and visual appeal and maybe some nutrients at most (Twinkies), and I also like that foods doesn't disappear when rotten, still having option to eat it in a pinch with all consequences, use it as a fertilizer to produce more food or as a pest-deterrent (milk), and use it to train cooking, when master chef (lol) can even add part of it to a healthy dish, even if it sometime
  3. Title says all. I will post screenshots a bit later. Here is a warehouse in Muldraugh. Same building but with different zoom level. And that happens with every building in game.
  4. May be a suggestion, but seeing it's probably an omission, I decided to post it as a bug instead. When dismantling items, a text is being shown over character head. Normally, for those things a character speech is used (can't read book yet, already know the knowledges from book or in the recent build, inability to get out of car). The current text when the character fails dismantling uses a different mechanic and is surrounded by star signs and uses a different font that is hard to read. It also seems to disappear quicker? It would be nice if those text could be replace
  5. On "Initial Infection" and "One Week Later" presets it seems zombies have better cognition (Navigate vs Basic Navigation) than in Survival, I don't know if that's intentional, but it seems like an omission as other options are properly adjusted.
  6. It seems that currently you can trigger alarms as admin when going inside the houses, even when invisible. I guess it's not intended behaviour.
  7. I know that sandbox options may get adjusted in build 40, seeing there's newly implemented "DAMAGE TO PLAYER FROM HIT BY A CAR" (something's off grammar-wise here) is set to none in all presets and there's a new solo screen where the "Initial Infection" option is mising, but in case that's been missed, I'm bringing it up. When browsing and comparing stock presets options in sandbox it seems that on the "Survival" vehicles are set to never be locked and never have alarms? The same applies to 6 months after, but it's more reasonable in that settings. The settings on initial infection
  8. So it seems there's no limit on which day of the month you can (try to) set in Multiplayer by editing options. Fortunately, it only seems to be visual issue, not affecting actual game setting .
  9. It seems that list of mods gets cuts off at one point suddenly when browsing multiplayer options. Ideally, I would love to see them all multi-line, but even if some limit is going to be kept, it would at least be nice if ellipsis (…) could be added at the end.
  10. When right clicking Metalwork menu and choosing any of the items, there's still "BlowTorch" name being used, instead of the newer Propane Torch name.
  11. Currently, you can cross the 50 weight mark on your character by various means. One example would be close to the 50 weight mark and filling gas cans, or water containers. Another example is unequipping your current item that you hold in hands and currently you can even have a furniture in one hand (speaking of which, all movables should only have option "equip in both hands", similar to corpses or generators. The only possible problem stemming from it would be overfilling floor, but I think overfilling floor is more realistic and balanced than overfilling player inventory.
  12. it seems that the shoes found on zombies are never bloody or dirty, which is odd, epsecially at the rate characters wearing them makes them dirty.
  13. Thirst values from vegetables and fruits do not currently carry to evolved recipes, particularly seen when you make a salad or a fruit salad. Currently only soups, stews and hot drinks satiate thirst, but this is from the water container, not the food in them.
  14. When you hold your mouse over the item at the bottom-right corner, its tooltip flashes consantly on ar off which is quite annoying. Example below (look at the bottom right corner, it's best to see it in-game): It happens to both me and my wife on stable 39.67.5 and weather test versions, we both run Linux.
  15. I like to move my inventory and loot screens to the bottom left corner. They sit there nicely during the gameplay, but after I restart they are hidden (even if I have them pinned) and the loot window which I keep at the bottom-left corner is moved. See the screenshot for comparison. It's more extreme the smaller the window is, becuase the loot window overlaps more of the inventory window and quiting to menu and then logging back in causes the error to repeat. My wife experiences the same issue and we both are running the game on Linux. It also happens in 39.67.5 stable/iwbums. ^ Right aft
  16. So it seems that in the current weather test (40.3) you can make a multiplayer server, but the zombies are unkillable and unpushable with anything other than car. I tried it on my my wife's computer on different worlds and different settings, we both run Linux. I tried jawstab, shotgun and regular weapons (sledgehammer and frying pan) and nothing hits them. It works fine in stable/iwbums 39.67.5.
  17. Vehicle horns doesn't work in single or multiplayer on 40.3 (current weather test build) via the keybinding or radial menu (there is no sound and I think no progress bar, I think zombies don't hear it eaither). Sirens seems to work fine. It works in stable 39.67.5 just fine.
  18. I have reported the issue some time ago, back when nutrition was being tested, but there are a few items currently in game that are not present in any of the lua files nor are not obtained from any recipe, meaning they can't be obtained in game with any regular means – these are: From items.txt: Dough (Dough) not to be confused with BreadDough (currently called simply "Bread" in game) which uses Dough icon and they have the same nutrition value filled by @RobertJohnson back then. It's a remnant of the food recipes before evolved recipes arrived, so probably could be marked as OBS
  19. Not counting the Grill Cheesed cheese I mentioned in my other bug report, evolved items that inherit the value and edible items that satiate no hunger, there are 7 items that contribute to hunger, but give no nutrition according to what's in files – I reported the issue back when nutrition was in testing. These items are: From items.txt: Salt (Salt) Pepper (Pepper) Both are used as spice, but can also be eaten alone which results in unhappy but satiated character, but without any nutritional values or calories. I assume adding spices correctly adds nutrition val
  20. While looking over the new-ish Distribution.lua files, I noticed that you got rid of the Base. notation for whatever reason. However, it seems that one location still uses the old notation: barkitchen = { shelves ={ rolls = 3, items = { "Base.WhiskeyFull", 3, "Base.WhiskeyFull", 3, "Base.WhiskeyFull", 3, "Base.Wine2", 3, "Base.Wine2", 3, "Base.Wine", 3, "Base.Wine", 3, "Base.Cigarettes", 3, "Base.Cigarettes",
  21. I don't know what exactly "Bullets4" is, I assume it's all kind of bullets that can spawn? I saw those changes being done in one of the versions prior to 39.67.5 in Distributions.lua for inventorymale, but inventoryfemale still have only Bullets9mm so I assume it's not intentional?
  22. Currently potatoes doesn't require to be cooked and eating them raw does no harm. In reality, they are slightly poisonous until cooked. Sweet potato is slightly better in this aspects, but so can you get away with eating raw eggs or even meat which all have DangerousUncooked flag set.
  23. It seems that some tiles got scrambled/rotated in between the builds. These tiles were looking correct the last time I played a year ago, but some map addition probably caused them to appear scrambled, which might be related to this bug where according to a post from @EasyPickins generating cells again helped or this bug which remained unfixed in 39.67.5 (I have yet to verify it on 39.68). I was certain I found another similar location with scrambled tiles around Muldraugh, but since I can't find it now in my screenshots, let me post about the one I know about: North from Muldraugh
  24. I really like the addition of the Hot Beverage evolved recipe, as now you don't need sugar to make a tea or coffee and you can also mix it with milk, honey and even more possibilities for future additions/mods. You can also add poison or rename it as any other recipe, which is a nice addition as well. However, what I currently don't know is the purpose of the older Hot Cuppa and the relatively newly added Cold Cuppa recipes, at least that couldn't be replicated with the evolved recipe? Generally the old recipes got removed by the time evolved recipes replaced them (boring soups etc
  25. It seems that the carpentry (sawing) sound cue plays instead of the welding one (the one that's used for barricading with metal sheet for example) when dismantling metal items. It's similar to the cutting sound cue playing while preparing hot drink I mentioned in this bug report: https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/24212-issues-with-hot-drink-recipes/
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