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  1. york

    Loading Mods from Steamcmd not working

    Can I confirm the workshop mods directory is: steamapps/workshop/content/108600 ? There is no steamapps folder inside 'Project Zomboid Dedicated Server' folder What is the Zomboid/Workshop folder for? Also what is the Zomboid/mods folder for? The are folders everywhere, its a nightmare.
  2. york

    GLIBCXX_3.4.21 not found - Debian 8 Server

    Windows 7 is woefully out of date but that doesnt mean its not supported. I can host ARK servers, 7D2D servers, MC servers, ECO servers which all support Debian 8, but PZ requires a complete OS update, hard to see the justification of potentially messing up my existing server network just for 1 game, its a shame too looks like PZ could really do with more servers. Thanks anyways.
  3. Currently getting a GLIBCXX_3.4.21 not found error when trying to launch the server, this is on a pretty standard debian 8.2 jessie install but after searching the net and reading all the server install guides I am not having much luck, any suggestions?