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  1. I've been really enjoying the new build so far, massive kudos to all the devs! Only a couple issues I had in my playtime so far: The pharmacy in Riverside seems to have items you'd find in a gas station/convenience store, and no medical items. Also the big 2-story bar in Riverside has an outdoor deck on its 2nd level, which is missing its floor. this structure:
  2. Has anyone been able to find a working vehicle? I created a new character to test out the new vehicle build, but couldn't find an cars that would start.
  3. I noticed that there is a lot of cloned vehicles around the map, any chances of the server getting a reset soon? Eager to try out this new vehicle build!
  4. I was driving around the country club in a green Ranger bulldriver, when I found a vehicle that appeared to be an exact copy of mine. It's condition and trunk contents were completely identical to that of my own Ranger bulldriver. I continued driving along and found more green Ranger bulldrivers that also seemed to be exact clones of the vehicle I was driving. It's almost as if my vehicle was leaving behind copies of itself in its wake.
  5. Yeah, I play on the SpiffoSpace server and the keys tend to disappear upon removing them from a vehicle's ignition (key never appears up in my inventory). Glad to hear there's a fix in the works!
  6. I'm still experiencing vanishing vehicle keys this build.
  7. I'm experiencing a lot more lag playing today on the server than I did yesterday, also periods where everything freezes every 20-30 seconds. I also had a strange encounter with a green van that had been left on for who knows how long, attracting hundreds if not thousands of zombies. A lot of the zombies were surrounding the vehicle and banging against, or idly standing there in the horde. Then I noticed hundreds of zombies pouring out from inside the van, as if they were stuck inside of it. I don't know if a van of that size could fit so many zombies.
  8. Just popped on the server for a bit, wasn't able to find any vehicles in Muldraugh. I tried restarting as a new character but still couldn't find any.
  9. Yeah, but you must realize that no one swing's a bat 2-5mph if they're expecting to do any damage. I believe most pro baseball players swing their bats around 70-80mph, so us survivors are probably swinging at speeds less than that. That being said, I do think a lot of the weapons could use some minor adjustments and a sandbox feature would be a cool way to allow players to mess with that.
  10. Yeah you can swap out batteries for fresh ones, which can be found in other cars and in mechanic shops pretty commonly. I don't believe there is a way to charge them yet. Hopefully they will be able to work out whatever was causing the server to crash, even with the various minor flaws 'twas a lot of fun playing with vehicles. Hyped for the next patch!
  11. Keys will sometimes disappear for vehicles too, I've experienced this at least 5 times now. It usually happens after I try and take them out of a vehicle's ignition, instead of appearing in my inventory they are vanished. Also if I try to give another player my keys, they often don't show up on the visible on the ground for the other player to take.
  12. In the denser urban areas with large zombie population (downtown West Point, March Ridge, the north mall), stuttering occurs for me frequently while driving. Sometimes while I'm driving and it freezes for half a second, I'll take damage as if the server detected me crashing into something during the stutter. It also appears that the vehicle takes damage too, despite not visibly ramming into anything.
  13. Really awesome job with the vehicles, playing on the server and jamming down the highways past zombies is very stable now. The rate at which time passes is pretty fast on the server though, I kept having to eat something every minute even without hearty appetite. Also one small thing I've noticed pertaining to the vehicle horn, if the driver of a vehicle presses 'h' key while typing in global or local chat, it will cause the vehicle's horn to sound off until the driver presses 'h' again.
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