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  1. Looks good, just make sure you use the computers from tilezed for all directions from now on. Will be easier later on for me
  2. Climbing over cars?

    Probably won't be added for a while, the only thing I could suggest so you don't die is download the cheatmenu mod, enable it and teleport to another area then run back home, then disable the mod again.
  3. Union City

    Made the hospital area into a military quarantine/safezone. Will be your best bet for firearms and medical supplies.
  4. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    "Select all" would work fine for now I think, I was imagining a pop up warning for delete all button e.g. "you are about to delete ALL save files, are you sure?" Yes/No. Though it is kind of a different topic, Another solution to help reduce the save file would be to make dying in survival delete your save more as a sort of "hardcore" iron man mode. It is supposed to be the hardest mode after all, I never use the same survival world if I die anyway.
  5. The One Stop TileZed Mapping Shop

    Use tile mode under fixtures - door frames, Their is double door ones there. Place them as wall 1 layer
  6. How to use Tile Mode? (BuildingEd) (SOLVED)

    Yes, if you place those as furniture layer they will be just like you placed them in the normal mode. The tiles themselves have properties so they will work in game no matter what layer you place them as. One thing to note don't rotate your building once placing tiles in tile mode or you will lose all of them when you rotate it, I have no idea why its like this but you only make the mistake once haha..
  7. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Can we have a delete all button in the load saves. I just cleared 10GB of save files from my C:/ that this game was using up. Most of them were from me testing my custom map but clicking each 1 individually is a bit of a pain....
  8. How to use Tile Mode? (BuildingEd) (SOLVED)

    When in tile mode their are different layers in the top right window. Floor, wall, furniture etc. The layers at the top will appear ABOVE the layers at the bottom. So if you want to place wall signs it will need to be a layer above wall1 or wall 2. I usually use furniture or wallfurniture to place signs etc. Here you can see i placed the icecream sign on the wall as wallfurniture3. Does this solve your problem?
  9. WorldEd, and Tilesets (May 14 2018)

    Thanks so much, the facedirection may be a minor thing really but it will help alot!
  10. Eerie Country Beta

    I see the desktop computer tiles you have on your map, where did you get these from or did you make them yourself? Would you share these as I'm currently making office buildings for my map and those would be great plus they look alot better than the ones I made.
  11. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    I saw this on the thursdoid, could someone explain this a bit better, can we use this in the world editor somehow when making the parkingstall zones to set their directions? It would be very useful if that is what it means
  12. Union City

    2000 buildings? I have to see this to believe it, do you have any screenshots? I will look at releasing my custom tiles when and if I ever finish this map. Most of the buildings in the community pack have needed fixing to make them work in another map, some were incomplete or were a bit rough, I've been through and overhauled most of them already but i still have to set the correct room definitions in alot of them though. At this stage it is just me working on it in my spare time and i have far less of that since i started this map so progress is slow and I have been burnt out lately. The current progress photo on the first page is very old and the map has alot more now, I would like to get a first version out when the animations hit, whenever that is...
  13. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    After seeing how vehicles have turned out would it be so hard now to actually put those train tracks to use and add in trains in some way. Even a train decoration would be nice, It would make the world a bit more immersive. That huge train yard and their is only a few carriages.
  14. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    1. I agree that tow trucks would be great, on a busy MP server the only way to find some cars are to repair wrecks and doing it in the middle of a road isn't ideal. Being able to tow them back to base would be great, which brings me to my next point... 2. Wrecks have very low engine quality, even if you use engine parts and repair them the quality doesnt go up and the car still fails to start / run well, it should increase when the engine is repaired, maybe not to 100 but something at least. 3. Currently step vans are useless, a normal van has the same storage but is much faster. Step vans should have a capacity if 150 - 200 to balance their slow speed
  15. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Currently playing on a multiplayer server (Not spiffo) I have returned to my base after scavenging only to find my double wooden doors are now locked and no way to unlock them. I used the same doorknobs that i have a key for but don't get an unlock option either.