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  1. I like the darkness and flashlights and all, the only problem ive ever had with flashlights is they light up your whole character and the area around you. It should be more of a cone of light slightly in front of the torch, currently its like a beam of light coming from your ass xD
  2. Neutz

    Union City

    Started work on this again. If anyone wants to help out with buildings or keep up to date with progress it will be all posted in the discord server now https://discord.gg/v38XW4P Neutz
  3. Was dismantling wrecks south of Muldraugh for metal, after i done a few right clicking anywhere gives an exception with 12 red errors. Restarting the game and loading up the save its still there. Edit: Seems to be related to my empty propane torches as when am carrying more than 1 empty torch and try to right click i get the error. ERROR: General, 1572231806560> ExceptionLogger.logException> Exception thrown java.lang.RuntimeException: getDrainableUsesInt: Expected a method call but got a function call. Correct syntax: int obj:getDrainableUsesInt()
  4. Just noticed that choosing Apocalypse is actually Survivor mode again xD Noticed it in my save file when i was sure i chose Apocalypse, Made a new game and choosing Apocalypse sets the difficulty to Survivor sure enough Either that or the save files are labelled wrong Also can't pick up or dissassemble some 2 tile objects, The desks here have the same issue
  5. I am trying to make a safehouse at this building https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.26737481177820444,0.10457330082799055,164.84466236095113 However i cannot clear out the zombies in the area. I am literally watching them spawn in front of me out of thin air
  6. Neutz


    pre Pretty sure one of the devs said in discord that hair would grow now.
  7. March ridge in the vanilla map has some terraced houses. If you want a bit of variation creating separate houses can be better but it's a bit more work getting everything to line up. Looking at the ones in march ridge they are just one building and pretty sure they are mostly copy + pasted Also 1 key will work for all the "houses" if it's just one building
  8. Neutz

    Union City

    I did think about releasing it for someone to pick up but at this stage I'm just gonna keep it unreleased. If Louisville doesn't live up to expectations I may continue it or I might work on it when I get a chance and then release it as a much smaller version of what was planned, but no promises.
  9. Neutz

    Union City

    This map is now discontinued for the foreseeable future. I currently don't have the free time I did when I started it. It may have been too ambitious and I know alot of people were looking forward to it, so for that I apologize. All the buildings have been released for people to use in their custom maps and can be found in the buildings forum. Neutz
  10. Maps being worked on again so the packs been removed for now. Neutz
  11. Neutz


    As an above poster said about ragdoll physics. Is it actually possible to have ragdoll physics in the game engine? Would it work. Watching the video where the police officer with the shotgun is shooting zombies the zeds all die the same and it looks weird
  12. Neutz

    Union City

    Been finishing up bits and pieces of the map that have been half done while i was working on other areas, here is a bunch of apartments on the outskirts.
  13. Neutz


    So good to hear, I posted a long loooong way back in the suggestions about using the commandos style sniper rifle scope as an idea for aiming, I think it will fit PZ pretty well. Really excited for all the bits and pieces that have needed updating for ages finally getting overhauled, hunting, fire effects, aiming etc.
  14. Just some outfit ideas I can think of on the spot Pilot (general airline and military variations) Hospital patient (hospital gown etc) Nurse Trucker Hazmat suit soldier (I think this is in but not sure?) Hunter (camo pants and hat + high vis, found in forests) Also as another person mentioned a ghillie suit. Will it be possible to have special outfits like this give you + to sneak or are we going to far RPG with this?
  15. Original designing an area for the redboid servers safezone, Not sure if i will post it to the workshop at this stage or it will be exclusive to the server. Taking inspiration from TWD's Alexandria this is a survivor community meant for Mulitplayer servers. The houses will be mostly unfurnished to alow players to furnish the interiors how they like. I will add Solar panels at some point, hopefuly once the new power grid system is in this place will have legit solar power 24/7/ New Perimeter walls also.
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