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  1. New version released: 1.3.1 Fixed "Status" word in polish. Thanks, one more time, to great Svarog. Thanks! Fixed poster with correct traductionsFixed color when food is completly ok
  2. New version released: 1.3.0 Removed "View Expiration Date" from context menuRemoved show information betwen Say commands in playerValue adapted StatesAdded rotten information into the tooltip of each foodThe trait "Eye to Food" shows also a progress bar in the Tooltip that tells time left to expireAccording to the state of the food, the color varies in range colors to notify more clearly
  3. New version released: 1.2.2 Added German translation. Thanks to blindcoder!! Added support to TinyAVC (link here)
  4. Amazing mod blindcode! One small thing, I imagine that is because the "Early Access" string in the version code, but the mod tells that you need update the PZomboid when the latest version is now installed
  5. New version released: 1.2.1 Now once the food is Completely Rotten, checking the expiration date returns "Rotten"
  6. I check this problem with some options, and the next update I'll fix it
  7. Hahahaha, nice error. It's the same problem that I have to tell the expiration food of any Canned Food in my mod
  8. New version released: 1.2.0 Improved the new texts added in v1.1.0 version in english and polish. One more time, thanks to great Svarog! Only food items should shows the expiration date option now
  9. Svarog, I'm sorry for that... The last version, the v1.1.0, should be the v1.1.1. When I uploaded it, It's true that any type item can tell his expiration date, but, I uploaded a correct version with de same number build because only 1-2 minuts goes since I upload the bad version and I was aware of the error. If you download the last version again, this problem is solved. I don't repeat upload versions without notify correctly, Internet is very fast. Much more than I thought. Anyway, I'll upgrade the new translations that you sent me and go over the code again. But like I said, the problem of view expiration of shoes, should not will occur more. If the problem persist, please, report the problem again. Thanks for your help and contributios
  10. Thanks a lot PZ-NOOB! I'm happy to see that my little creation is usefull for survivors
  11. New version released: 1.10 Added Polish location and improved the english version. Thanks to Svarog! Improved codeSupport to many items at same timeNow can click in a container item or item itself
  12. Also, if you want know when a item is wear or undress, use a event OnClothingUpdated(player). With the player, you can take de primary, secondary or clothing items with his gets. For example: UpdateCloth = function(player) local shoes = player:getClothingItem_Feet(); -- do something with shoes end Events.OnClothingUpdated.Add(UpdateCloth); Javadoc IsoPlayer gets: http://theindiestone.com/zomboidjavadocs/zombie/characters/IsoGameCharacter.html#getClothingItem_Feet()
  13. Hahahaha, thanks, I pointed it! Yes, the amount of days increases more slowly if is in a fridge (this occurs in internal code of PZ), so, when the player says the status and time of food, the time is balanced. Here is the assign sentences to calculate the time to rotten: ...DaysTotallyRotten = _item:getScriptItem():getDaysTotallyRotten();age = _item:getAge(); --increases more slowly if is into a fridgetimeToRotten = DaysTotallyRotten - age;...I don't know if is more accuracy apply a percentage instead a life days and total days before rotten in the extra information when have the trait!
  14. Food Expiration Date Welcome to Food Expiration Date forum thread. When I play with my girlfriend, we always have thousand of problems to administrate the food before they rotten, so I decide create a mod that help us in this scenario. I think not exists a mod with expiration date in food so I hope this mod will be useful for the community too. With this mod, the players in a single game now can knows the status about any food gets. Also, the mod include a trait called "Eye to food" that increases the information about status rotten food, including the hours. I hope this helps in your days into the hell and safe your body one day more. The mod is located to english, spanish, polish and german. Feel free to amplify and post the result. I'll add the new locations posted to the mod. Special Thanks to Svarog and Blindcoder with his translations! The located files are in .../media/lua/shared/ (Remember rename folders and beginning of the file) Any suggestion or report bugs, please use this tread. How to Use: Only that you need is move the mouse over the food and the new option in the Tooltip tells the status of a food and time left to expire if you have the new trait "Eye to Food" Current Download (v1.3.1) PZ Early Access v31.13 CLICK HERE Screenshots: Update History: Credit Credit Where Credit Is Due Please, don't download the attached files: it's a deprecated version. Use the link at first of post. ExpirationFood_v1.0.0.zip
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