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  1. Getting backup save to show up after reinstalling the game?

    This is what mine looks like... You can see that it varies on if I use the DNS or IP but each name is segmented. IP: Port: 16261 Username: FinestHops This is part of what tells the game that its the proper folder to look at for the save file. Inside that are all the local map files, serverid.dat and all that to actually tell the game your server credentials and all that. The files inside are just as important as the folder and the folder being in the proper location.
  2. Getting backup save to show up after reinstalling the game?

    I assume you copied the entire folder that shows things like.... for mp... ip_port_username or for SP it has a name like... sandbox, The First Week, etc. Inside those will be additional folders to separate the different save games. Thats very important. Those folders are essential. I would hope you copied that. Did you copy that? Then again, I have uninstalled and reinstalled my game many times and it doesnt delete those so unless you did manually, upon reinstalling, they should be showing up.
  3. Patch Regular Branch someday ?

    Name Current Players 30-Day Avg. 30-Day Gain 30-Day % Gain 462 602.1 -58.0 -8.79% I mean.... they gotta do something.
  4. Patch Regular Branch someday ?

    For sure though, the main branch needs some updates. There are still bugs. However, I think their ultimate goal is to fully concentrate on the vehicle branch so that it can become the main branch as soon as possible. Once this happens, it opens the door for them to start working on the always requested animations and NPCs. Not sure which of those will come first though. Kinda the chicken and the egg sort of scenario. What I would really like to see happening though is for them to sit there, really get the input of modders and modded server communities, listen to the issues posed by certain mods and with with the community to better facilitate a community that seems like its in the majority. I dont mean go out of the way to fix mods but take morebuild for example. Maybe make a community post as to what changes were made that caused it or something. I dunno. As I see it, mods are keeping the game alive.
  5. Dark forum skin?

    On the skin note, I would also love it if I could choose a darker skin as well. Just saying, its less harsh on the eyes.
  6. Patch Regular Branch someday ?

    You dont want that. Our server had to ditch the vehicle branch due to some rather damaging bugs we encountered using simple mods like morebuild. At least, not until they fix things like that.
  7. Question about callories

    I could be wrong but I believe that the calories are dictated by what is inside the food. The more ingredients, the more calories.
  8. Late game security

    Traps are really lacking. I want Punji Stick traps
  9. For in development chat system

    So, I got to thinking of some things that would be awesome in regards to the chat system that I know that is being worked on. So here is my list of features I know I would really like to see. Name colors able to be assaigned by admin. - Preferably, this would work on a system much like how minecraft does it where it does it by groups. For example, default, admin, custom group 1, custom group 2 Font Colors able to be assigned by admins - much like name colors, only for the text itself. Ideally, it would be best if these colors could be assigned via a command and by a config file in a server Looks good and adds flavor to the game Allows admins to even assign their own name colors unique to everyone as well as chat color to be seen easier in a wall of text Chat types - whisper (pm), whisper very short distance, talk (normal distance), shout (longer distance, global Chat Windows - defined much like how in WoW you can define what you want to see in the chat window with tabs. ie - Tab 1 - whisper, talk and shout only, Tab 2 all chat types Chat type memory - with the addition of chat types by distance, the ability like many MMOs to do /s (say) /shout, /g, etc and have an indicator right before the text box to say what "channel" they are speaking in that remains as such until changed. Customizable chat box background opacity Admin - When an admin types in chat, it says "Admin" before the name Quick and dirty example of my thoughts....
  10. Late game security

    The problem I have with cameras from a MP standpoint, this would ad up and put more and more resources being required for a server. This means too that it would essentially need to keep those cells loaded, even if no one was there. So that could cause some issues too.
  11. Veterinary Clinic / Animal Hospital

    In the very least, I think most places have some sort of vet clinic in them for all sorts of pets.
  12. Late game security

    This would be awesome in MP. The alarms part but I dunno about the cameras.
  13. If in single player, install Necro Forge. You can use this to heal the guy I believe. Then if you have self control, you can just leave it there in case of any further glitch type accidents. You can also go into the sandbox settings and turn the injury damage down too if you wanted. Cheat menu is also another alternative that could help. Both can be found on the steam workshop.
  14. Veterinary Clinic / Animal Hospital

    I lived in kentucky for about 7 years or so. I also made some local friends who either worked on or owned Horse ranches. One thing I learned is that many vets for the horses would actually travel to the ranch as its apparently much easier than dealing with transporting a horse to somewhere else. However, in general a vet clinic would make sense to be on the map.
  15. Lore-Related Questions

    1) That would be a good question but I like the fact that the president is not mentioned by name. But thats me. Allows the belief of alternate world and events leading to it. 2) I would think that if they included that, it would be a scenario. Much like the others, for example the mall where certain events are hard coded in to happen at certain times. 3) Military choppers are allowed with permission or orders over no fly zones. No fly zones are for civilian pilots. 4) Even without digital photography, its still VERY possible that a photo was taken on scene and smuggled out and to the press without the military stepping in. This has happened a number of times in the history of the US. Maybe not with zombies but pictures of secret places. Its like for example, many of the photos that leaked out during the Vietnam war. 5) I wouldnt have a definitive answer but they have mentioned before that the map is not finished so I like to think we will. Some interesting links to lore based questions, answers and posts. It seems like much of the lore is shrouded in misinformation and rumors too. So that picture for example may not have even actually been true.