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  1. I received this report from one of our players on our server. "My internet connection is spotty to say the least. When the network turns off I can drop items on the ground right after it cuts out and alt + F4 my game. I log in and I still have my items and a duplicate is on the ground. I had this happen while working on water with the IBC's and while dropping a note." It seems like there is some form of a disconnect caused between the local saves and the server map save.
  2. As the setting suggests, it does not change the length of night. However, it seems to change when night actually happens. As of now on an 11 hour day, with a night length modifier of 0.5, the night time happens around noon time in game. Anyone else experienced this? Is this a known bug? We have been looking through our mods and we do not see anything that should be effecting this in anyway, or could even have the possibility of causing this. We want to utilize this so that night time is shorter but clearly its not working properly.
  3. So.... this should be a list of all the vehicle spawn ids as well as an example of the command needed. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/192Z2mYIXCOo0FZ4OGp79UHmKnQVQZhvA0Nx83ZWTrzw/edit?usp=sharing You are welcome. now try and get that song out of your head... muwahahahahahahaha Example /addvehicle "Base.Van" "FinestHops" Vans Van VanSpiffo VanSeats VanAmbulance VanRadio StepVan StepVanMail VanSpecial Luxury Cars CarLuxury Modern cars ModernCar ModernCar02 Off Road OffRoad Small Cars SmallCar02 SportsCar Small Car CarNormal SUV SUV Taxi CarTaxi CarTaxi2 Truck PickUpVanLights PickUpVanLightsFire PickUpVanLightsPolice PickUpVan PickUpTruckLights PickUpTruckLightsFire PickUpTruck PickUpVanMccoy Motorcycles Motocycle
  4. Spawn Points - Config to use standard co-ord points for easy ability to add/remove custom points. (Main Branch can not be edited. Overrides any changes too) Zombie Settings - Speed - random Ability to customize what % each type are spawned as Spawn Location Ability to spawn everywhere but customize what % spawn urban vs rural Customize Zombie loot ability to have their own loot settings not reflecting that of the world So... if we want NO loot on zombies but loot in the world or vice versa even if this simply reflects the current world method of high,medium, low type settings Infection Ability to set as bite ONLY Separate option to make everyone turn into a zombie upon any death Zombie settings Currently based on a 1, 2, 3 or 4 setup. Be better on a 0.0-1.0 setup For things like str, sight, hearing, etc Generators - Boost power radius in server config customize noise travel distance Allow for overlapping generators Currently, overlapping generators bug each other out Allow "admin generator" that makes no noise, consumes no fuel Fire Spread- ability to customize max fire spread radius Skill XP- Ability to set Skill XP cap Many times, skills like lvl 10 aim and lvl 10 sprint for example just make the game too easy Commands- Turn power/water on/off Createhorde "sprinter", etc. Having the ability to spawn specific zombie types would be amazing Melt Snow on ground / make ground snowy Admin Ability to remove "admin" tag over name World Settings- Night Darkness revolving with weather/moon So, if its raining its super dark Moon means more light so config to allow for revolving darkness settings. Customization to some extent like, every 60 days full moon and then you split the 59 days before that between the other brightness settings while night 60 is on highest brightness. Rain Customize seasons So heavy rain in spring, less rain in summer, etc automated opposed to needing to reduce rain settings manually in server settings once summer hits Whitelist- Ability to remove whitelist on death Misc Changes- Ability for game to check for duped save files ie - Person almost died, took copy of save file and pasted it to their save folder and rejoined avoiding death Also commonly used to dupe items Admin Creation- ability to /setaccesslevel to whitelist that is not online
  5. Please stop this madness. Instantly becoming exhausted after foraging once is just insane. At most, foraging after a couple times being exhausted would be fine. There is no reason why this should be a thing. I thought this whole time it was simply a bug until I heard otherwise. For the love of all that is gaming, remove the "instant exhaustion" in favor of something that makes sense and as more purely based on skill level. Simple really.... example numbers. baseEnergy 100 baseForagingCost 60 (makes it once without instant exhaustion at base level) energyLeft = currentEnergy - (foragingLevelMultiplier * baseForagingCost) Then assign an energy used reduction per level. Maybe at level 2 a reduction thats enough to get 2 shots without exhaustion but not enough energy for more. Then each level after would be a smaller energy reduction equaled out to achieve a goal of X amount of times total at a certain higher level. So say you want the max to ever be able to do is 10 times... take the energy needed for 8 times and apply reductions for skill levels 3-10 so that by skill level 10, they can accomplish the 8 times.
  6. Its that time again for a new lore to be starting up. The start of the lore is Friday, March 2nd, 2018 at 7pm EST. It is not too late to jump on over to the forums and submit a character application HERE If you do though, please be sure to read the lore posting bellow or on the forums HERE as well as the server and community rules HERE Mods - You will find out in game Zombie and world settings - you will find out in game 1. The Lore It all started without a single voice on the television warning us, a silent whisper through the streets of Fairhaven. Our only warnings were hidden within the depths of the web, even then, the information was bare, mere mentions of a super-virus with no list of symptoms accompanying it. How could we have prepared? We couldn’t have. Within weeks, the super-virus finally tore through the veil shrouding it. It made national news, and Fairhaven was placed under quarantine by the U.S Government. We watched as parking lots were converted into refugee camps, shopping centers became quarantine centers, and our neighbors houses became burnt out shells of their former selves. Nobody told us anything, just that we couldn’t leave. We held on by a thread, biting the bullet where we could until people started vanishing from the camps, starting with the elderly, ending with children. Nobody had any real clue what was going on, families made scenes, tried to incite violence, until they vanished too. People were too afraid to act past the formation of C.E.I.T.A. We kept on eating our pills, taking our shots and watching the news for more information. All of this in the span of three days … three days, a major populace was nearly wiped to nothing, sections of the city barred off … only in three days. By day four? All we could hear were gunshots in the distance, the news telling us the quarantine had been expanded to Peoria and Bloomington, cutting us off from South Illinois. It wasn’t long until many of us were loaded up in buses and hauled off towards the military evacuation point outside the city … but not all of us, some of us were left behind to make our own way there. We gathered up in our cars and rode off, some towards the border, and some towards the evac point, right up until we reached the backed up highway with cars miles down. 2. The Towns Over The River (Fairhaven) (City) Valley Station (Kings Mill) Muldraugh (Twinsburg) West Point (Hartsdale) Rosewood (Union Center) Ohio Map + Dixie (White Horse Creek)
  7. I could see the appeal to this. However, on the same note, if something like this were added, I would like the see the ability for server owners to turn this feature off to hide their settings. For RP servers for example where settings change a lot, it hinders things releasing info like that. Better they find out the hard way.
  8. Currently we have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 12, real-time That creates a huge gap. We would love to see more times filled in for options. So like, 6-11 and 13-23 From a server standpoint, this would be ideal. One thing we want is an odd number time frame that offsets the day/nights IRL as time goes on. 5 will accomplish this, BUT its also a rather short time frame. I know we really want an 11 or 13 hour day above all else.
  9. Dedicated server is usually the way to go all around imo.
  10. This is what mine looks like... You can see that it varies on if I use the DNS or IP but each name is segmented. IP: Port: 16261 Username: FinestHops This is part of what tells the game that its the proper folder to look at for the save file. Inside that are all the local map files, serverid.dat and all that to actually tell the game your server credentials and all that. The files inside are just as important as the folder and the folder being in the proper location.
  11. I assume you copied the entire folder that shows things like.... for mp... ip_port_username or for SP it has a name like... sandbox, The First Week, etc. Inside those will be additional folders to separate the different save games. Thats very important. Those folders are essential. I would hope you copied that. Did you copy that? Then again, I have uninstalled and reinstalled my game many times and it doesnt delete those so unless you did manually, upon reinstalling, they should be showing up.
  12. Traps are really lacking. I want Punji Stick traps
  13. So, I got to thinking of some things that would be awesome in regards to the chat system that I know that is being worked on. So here is my list of features I know I would really like to see. Name colors able to be assaigned by admin. - Preferably, this would work on a system much like how minecraft does it where it does it by groups. For example, default, admin, custom group 1, custom group 2 Font Colors able to be assigned by admins - much like name colors, only for the text itself. Ideally, it would be best if these colors could be assigned via a command and by a config file in a server Looks good and adds flavor to the game Allows admins to even assign their own name colors unique to everyone as well as chat color to be seen easier in a wall of text Chat types - whisper (pm), whisper very short distance, talk (normal distance), shout (longer distance, global Chat Windows - defined much like how in WoW you can define what you want to see in the chat window with tabs. ie - Tab 1 - whisper, talk and shout only, Tab 2 all chat types Chat type memory - with the addition of chat types by distance, the ability like many MMOs to do /s (say) /shout, /g, etc and have an indicator right before the text box to say what "channel" they are speaking in that remains as such until changed. Customizable chat box background opacity Admin - When an admin types in chat, it says "Admin" before the name Quick and dirty example of my thoughts....
  14. The problem I have with cameras from a MP standpoint, this would ad up and put more and more resources being required for a server. This means too that it would essentially need to keep those cells loaded, even if no one was there. So that could cause some issues too.
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