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  1. As you can see, in all cases except one, the username is saved. But when you exit the game, the display name is used instead of the username. This creates difficulties in the automatic analysis of logs. And with manual analysis too.
  2. I write a mod that fix it https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1844524972
  3. yes, this is a piece of the same cake.
  4. If the server has a low speed Internet connection, then, when trying to enter the server, the message "Failed to downlod map from server." is displayed. And there is no opportunity to go to the main menu. You can only go to the desktop.
  5. When generator was taken frome the ground, log record does not occur. It occurs when the generator is installed, when it is destroyed by a sledgehammer, or when the generator is moved into a container. But the action of taking the generator from the ground goes unnoticed. If you install the generator on the ground, then an entry appears in the log If you break the generator with a sledgehammer, then an entry appears in the log If you put the generator in a container and pick it up back, the following entries will appear in the log But nothing will be written to the log if you take the generator from the ground.
  6. https://map.projectzomboid.com/#5348x6037
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