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  1. PapayaKing

    Improved Controllers Build: Ongoing Player Reports

    did you copypasta both the name and the password into the text bars or type them out yourself? I'll try it on another account I have. EDIT: I mean copy the password. I forgot how the beta window works until I used it.
  2. PapayaKing

    Improved Controllers Build: Ongoing Player Reports

    For anyone who sees this, I check this thread daily for activity, so don't be afraid to post. The issues still persist that I have posted about, as well. I'm sure any and all concerns or cries for help are appreciated .
  3. PapayaKing

    Build 40.43 Released!

    well pitter-patter, bud. Let's see it. I'm interested, at least.
  4. PapayaKing

    Greyed Out Borders in Multiplayer (IWBUMS) While Driving

    Not speaking for the other people (although I'm happy that many other people are commenting about the issue), I have a pretty beefy setup so maybe it's my girlfriend's PC, because that shit need work feel me. It's an all-in-one.
  5. PapayaKing

    Improved Controllers Build: Ongoing Player Reports

    The radial menus are so nice though i can see it though.
  6. PapayaKing

    Improved Controllers Build: Ongoing Player Reports

    Last week, RobertJohnson said this "fixed: Remove "Vehicle Sub Menu" from Car tab (unless there is the need for this - I do not know what this does)" but it had a function. When holding up on the D-pad, it brings up a radial menu with a list of actions you can do to the car without using X to bring up the context menu. I will post pictures. I think this should be re-integrated.
  7. PapayaKing

    Improved Controllers Build: Ongoing Player Reports

    Hello. The window showing the materials needed to build or repair something in the context menu (like the carpentry menu) are still missing. That could be one. Two would be the customizability of the face buttons and the addition of more actions to assign to them. Three would be the re-integration of the quick-move button, but have it function only to transfer items between inventories instead of throwing your items on the ground.
  8. Was wondering if anyone else was having the same issue as I am above. My gameplay is kind of halted at the moment because It's way too annoying to switch between KB/M and gamepad just to see the requirements of a building piece or item of furniture.
  9. If you have Windows, you can already use one! How cool is that!
  10. Really liking the new device options menu, thank you. When you go to select an item to build or disassemble in the context menu, the window with the requirements is missing.
  11. X used to the button to quick move items from a container to your inventory, but unintuitively would be the button to move things to the floor. B used to be the button to show an item's info, but that is now X, removing the function of a button. I agree with you that there needs to be a dedicated quick-move button.
  12. I see the logic behind this post, but as I've posted along with some others, it is still confusing. Not to mention the fact that you HAVE to have the inventory open at all times while doing certain actions like reading and eating. It makes sense to have it as B, because that's how you back out of menus, but we people are very accustomed to having a dedicated inventory button. I know that you posted in the topic on the last page about fixing the controller not being able to reconnect once it was disconnected, but on the topic of inventory management, the controls have gotten worse, I feel. You can read my posts, but very rarely do I go "OOO look, a container" and immediately want to loot all of it. I know what I need, and I sometimes don't have the time to press A three times for each item. You've added a button to transfer all, but that action was available to us via the context menu already. I implore you to consider changing Y to a quick move button like X was before. Also, I switch between versions to play with my girlfriend, and it is really hard sometimes because all the buttons do different things for the different versions. The best possible solution is to make the controls more customizable. I understand you're trying to iron out bugs, and in the long run, make a controller scheme that is appropriate for everyone, but not everyone will like the default controls, and I'm sure that I speak for many people when I say that for the people that played with a controller before they saw this "FREE CODES FOR PARTICIPANTS" thread, they were used to the controls. The buttons for backing out of the inventory didn't need to be changed because it made sense. However, what does need to be improved upon, and what I know is very difficult in determining, is "how many actions can we choose to map, and how many buttons can we map them to?". If you address this issue and continue working out the bugs, then the whole controller test beta will go very smoothly. Again, thank you very much for all the work you've done in helping us. We all appreciate it. We know you're busy and can't monitor these threads as much, for instance, like I do, but what you've done so far is very good. We know you're human and that it can be hard to know what other people want, but trust me. A more customizable controller scheme is the way to go. Constraint on us will inevitably put a constraint on you in terms of solutions to our problems. Thank you and have a good day.
  13. True, but realistically, I think most people play it with KB/M, so it's hard to test out everything. I do agree though. I have a number of posts on the previous page of this thread, talking about my issues and opinions. I suggest you look at them.
  14. I'm in the current IWBUMS beta, and I play with my girlfriend from time-to-time, however, when one or the other of us are driving a vehicle, we experience these greyed out borders eventually, probably signifying some sort of de-synchronization, that prevent us from going in that direction. It doesn't happen when we're on foot either, just in a vehicle, I'm curious as to what this is, because my connection is more than capable and stable enough to handle a server with two people, and her connection is stable enough to be on a server, however she lives in south-central Texas and I live in Southern California. I have 8GB of allocated RAM, and I was thinking of setting it to 16 because I have 24 available. Anyone else have this issue, or is there anyone who can offer an explanation? It's obviously a feature, but I would appreciate what is going on when this happens. Visually, it looks literally just like greyed out tiles that flicker sometimes that take around 5-10 seconds to load, allowing me to continue in that direction.
  15. No that is intended I think. Before, you had to use the mouse. You still have to use the mouse for unlocking the trunk of a car, but I digress. Glad the issue got resolved