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  1. Pretty late reply, but I've spoken with the Devs and they said they were going to keep this thread open, then when the time comes for controller fixing to start, they're going to either continue this thread or make a new one. Trust me, I get you. But they need to make sure everyone can play the game first. The only thing so far that's "broken" per-se as of the current build 41.29, is sprinting, you're supposed to be able to sprint by double pressing the right trigger, but it doesn't work. You just have run. but yeah, they'll announce when it's controller time so stay frosty my friend.
  2. Stas from General Arcade made a controller build that had a more in-depth controller scheme, and that will be added with the optimizations during or after the new animations build 41.
  3. PapayaKing

    69 Zeds

    A scene with people rocking out in a garage band, or someone making dinner for the family, a cookout in the backyard, a campout, a couple "parking" under the stars, a job interview, a drug raid on a house, so many possibilities.
  4. I'm sure everyone wants it to be out, but polish is much much better than a rush for content. I thought animations were going to be out fairly soon after the vehicles were out, but here we are a year later. But like I said, I'd rather wait for better content than get stale content early, y'know.
  5. You broke the rules
  6. Well one of you has to be admin. Try making yourself admin, or having your friend do it, and healing the wound that way. Try healing the wound with the other person doing the healing, but your best bet would be the admin god powers as this is sort of a situation that applies.
  7. Don't make fun of my house-building you miscreant young'n! Kids these days can't appreciate good architecture when they see it...
  8. I remember reading a post about this on steam though, and if I remember correctly, the people that were complaining about the vehicles build were less than 1% of the playerbase and had very sub-optimal hardware to play on. Idk who posted it it, but tbh, if having post-processing on a game stops you from playing the game, you might need a new hobby or slightly better machine. It seems unfair to me when people report issues and demand compatibility and "optimization" when the problem would be fixed for them if they would buy a decent 150-200 dollar laptop or desktop. Not saying the people who re
  9. Head on over here https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/25199-improved-controllers-build-ongoing-player-reports/ and see if the issue persists in the controller test build. I would test it but I don't have two controllers. This build was heavily worked on for a brief period, also, test a combination of controllers and maybe keybaord/controller to see if it happens in those environments as well.
  10. It seems as though you forget that there are many more ways people die in this series alone, and I also said in the quote above, i mentioned how in movies (including shows) it is cheesy. But not only did you link one scene where the death was horribly acted out, you listed one that wasn't even a death where the person dies by their neck. Dale dies by having his abdomen opened up by a zombie. A very mortal wound. I don't know what you're getting at compadre, again. If you don't like it that's perfectly fine, but you can't really label the action overall as cheesy in general, as when it happens
  11. PapayaKing

    Night Drivin’

    ??? which part of paint it black?
  12. Blacksmithing isn't like what you see in games like Skyrim, or 7 Days to Die, or similar titles. The craft requires very specific tools, things that, I'm sure, would be hard to implement in the game such as power hammers. You would have to get flux, you would need propane or charcoal for the furnace, you would need vats of oil, many different hammers, etc. They would have to put as much time and effort into making a blacksmith profession and it's facets as they did into the vehicles build to make sure that it comes out right, all for what? so you can wield a crudely-made shoddy sword or knife?
  13. PapayaKing

    Night Drivin’

    I've compiled the issues so whenever you or whoever has the time, they can check it out.
  14. As requested, here are a list of the concerns, but as context, let me explain why I'm so adamant about this: I play this game with controller as my main apparatus because 1) my setup makes it very tedious and often times a little painful to play with keyboard and mouse because of back issues, so leaning back or laying down on my side or stomach has become my preferred way of playing games, and 2) even if I didn't have back issues, I would still play with controller because I find that for me, most 3rd person or isometric games feel better with a wider range of motion that a controller offers,
  15. PapayaKing

    Night Drivin’

    I figured it wouldn't be thrown in, so it's good to hear it'll get some polish. I'll be sure to go in the thread and highlight the issues that have been the most prevalent, and the ones that I have found.
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