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  1. I suspect this is a bug with Hydrocraft (or possibly one of the other mods) unless someone can confirm it happening on a non-modded server.
  2. Walls not fading correctly when walking behind them?

    We're aware of the issue and working on resolving them on a case-by-case basis. It's part of the new view rendering changes introduced then. If you feel like helping out, you can take screenshots of places where it's happening and put it in the bug tracker (if they aren't already there). Thanks!
  3. Need help,..

    For the shouting... I'm not sure, but I'd guess you're probably using out of date mods. For the admin thing... I assume you're the admin of the server you're on?
  4. The secong floor blocks the vision

    ChatNoir if those places haven't been reported prior, it'd help us out if you could report them separately under the stable branch. We're also aware of a few isolated spots that need to be fixed as a result of the changes to the rendering, but those should be much less common than what's mentioned here. Thanks for checking in!
  5. PZ Cycle 2018

    None of those you named have anything even remotely comparable to the depth of PZ. Not saying they aren't great games- they are- but the systems involved are vastly dissimilar. I played HLD for a long time and it's a magnificent game, but it has *very* few systems and the world is quite small compared to PZ. It doesn't run massive amounts of AI, the map doesn't stream, it's not multiplayer. While your criticisms about the game taking a long time are valid, your comparison arguments alongside it aren't. It stems from an ignorance of what makes software- and games specifically- challenging or complex. And that's not your fault. We don't expect you to know what goes into developing a game and clearly most players don't. That's not a problem, I also have very little idea how nuclear engineering or waste management works. Your posts make it clear you have no idea how to compare complexity of games or dev time. And again- that's okay. That's not a flaw on your part, that's just you not knowing how a highly complex industry works. tl;dr I understand your issues with the game, but your post is inflammatory and doesn't add anything useful to this conversation that's not been said before. If you had any kind of constructive feedback aimed at the dev team I wouldn't mind so much, but you've simply aimed this at starting fires in the community and aren't even intending to address the devs. Feedback noted, but I'm closing this thread. Minecraft as made by Notch was an amazing game engine that did most of the work for him. If you look at what he actually implemented, the game engine is amazing (though that took as many years as PZ has been around to come anywhere close to completion) but other than that not much was going on. Redstone, villages, none of that happened until he hired a team to work on the game. Not going to downplay Minecraft, but the comparison is silly.
  6. The secong floor blocks the vision

    Hey guys, we're aware of this issue but as you'd expect our dev team has been with their families for the holidays. Please keep in mind that you're playing on a heavily buggy testing build, which is what you agree to opting into the vehicles build. This is not the main build of the game and as such errors like this are not going to call our devs from their time with friends and families to fix. I realize it's inconvenient, but again- you're running your server on a the most buggy testing version of the game there is. Sometimes major problems arise, which is part and parcel of playing on this branch. We're aware of the issue. It will get fixed. This is the price for playing with features we're still working on; it's your decision, you can play the stable branch and have perfectly stable gameplay, or play on the in-progress testing branches and sometimes deal with critical bugs. We appreciate you reporting it, but please be patient and don't expect the devs to stop their holidays to come fix the testing branch. It's being worked on now that the holidays are past. Cheers.
  7. PZ crashs with full screen mode

    Hey ProAxel, so sorry for the late reply, I've been out of town all week for the holidays and hate I didn't get a chance to answer earlier ): You can go to C:/Users/YourUserName/Zomboid and delete that whole zomboid folder, which will toss all the game data (it'll be built back on restart). You'll lose your saves but it'll fix the screen resolution. If you want to keep your save files and still fix the issue I can guide you through but it takes a bit longer, so just let me know. What happened is the screen resolution you set for fullscreen wasn't a size your computer was capable of, and that makes it crash. Hopefully in the future we'll be able to manage this better and have it reset on its own or something. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for playing PZ!
  8. Current Vehicles Build Issues

    I know you probably don't want to hear this, but I would *highly* recommend testing without any mods installed at all. Testing with mods installed (even if they're not necessarily enabled) can cause issues for the game, especially in testing branches where the mods aren't up to date. If it's crashing, run the game until it crashes and then go to C:/Users/YourUserName/Zomboid and get us the console.txt (before relaunching the game again or it'll make a new one). You can paste it here, or probably better put it on pastebin and put the link to it in this thread. We'll have a look at what's going on. Thanks for the ongoing help!
  9. Getting vehicles in Project Zomboid GOG version

    Currently we aren't able to have multiple branches of the game on GOG. We're working with them to have this option in the future. Sorry about that, it's a limitation of the platform at the moment.
  10. problems with 4k

    DPI scaling is a tricky issue, but one we're aware we'll need in the future to support UHD players fully. Right now we don't have an option, but we plan to in the future. Sorry again about the inconvenience!
  11. Wont start

    Hey, sorry for the late response- been out for Christmas and such. This should be solveable by updating your graphics drivers on your computer. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  12. Wont start

    Can you get the console.txt out of C:/Users/YourUserName/Zomboid and paste it on pastebin? I'll have a look and see if we can figure out what's up.
  13. [PVP/PVE][24/7] Redboid Reforged

    I think they're on the server list and not whitelisted, so you just find them on the list and join.
  14. Another Aiming Suggestion

    Raycasting. That is all.
  15. General Creativity

    Edit: Forgot to mention, any constructive criticism welcome. As promised, some terrible poetry. The first is just a freeform poem, no rhyme scheme or rhythm. The shape of the poem and how it sounds are what I focused on. Bonus points if you can guess the subject material; it may not be super obvious from the first reading. Hint is the title. And secondly, we have a proper poem with a rhyme scheme (and even an alliteration scheme). This one is somewhat autobiographical.