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  1. The list of required art is like 3 replies up : )
  2. Hi! It's been a long time since i popped in and i barely have time to make anything, but i managed to create two of the items in the food list: Item_HCHaggis.png (Haggis, done from scratch). Item_HCPeasoup.png (Pea Soup, changed soup colour in a bowl of normal soup. Let me know if you also need a canned pea soup. Sorry for only delivering so little, times have been unpredictable
  3. I had the same issues before. Icons's quality looks worse in-game, compared to our sprites. I'm glad you found a fix, but hopefully we get a better, official solution to that soon, instead of having to overlap icons Still a great discovery of yours.
  4. Question, the "sewing machine" you requested in the above list is supposed to be a 32x sprite or an isometric crafting station? or both? Also, i made the "Wooden plate" from that list. It was all i had time to complete right now, but i'll try to get back into drawing more soon: Item_HCWoodenplate
  5. It would be very nice having an easier way of adding in sprite variants, instead of having to create several different types of items (for example, the vanilla game's potato chips). Could we have something like SpriteVariant1, SpriteVariant2 etc? This would be a lifesaver for me.
  6. Thanks! How do i include the edited distributions file in a mod folder, so that it overrides the base one? I'm unsure of the folder structure.
  7. Hello, i know well how to add distributions for my mod's items, but how could i alter distributions for already existing items? I found no tutorials detailing this. Thanks
  8. Sorry for taking so long to reply, i haven't had a lot of time for editing. Couldn't make all of them, but its better than nothing, i suppose. Kuntan (If you prefer, this is called Rice Hull Charcoal in english) Bran Chaff Also, i tried making Momigalite, but the image turned out horrible. Still, if you want you can use it as a temporary until someone makes a better version: Momigalite That's all i had time to make for today. Enjoy!
  9. Ever since i posted about my problem with distributions i managed to get everything working correctly, and i'm having a blast creating everything One problem remains, though: I managed to edit distributions for my modded items, but not for the vanilla ones. The buttons are locked away. How can i achieve this? Thanks again for making this great tool
  10. So, one question about the abacus item you want: I have seen abacus as a serious math instrument and as a colourful child's toy. Which one do you want me to make? Also, would be nice if Machetes and Survival Axes could be used to chop bushes like vanilla Kitchen Knives can.
  11. Done! Item_HCPolentaraw (flour-like substance) Item_HCPolentacooked (needs water to make) Item_HCPolentafried The fried polenta tray is a very big meal, so i had the idea of making chopped cubes of it, like you can make sliced apples, salami, ham, and other foods in the vanilla game. Here it is: Item_HCPolentafriedcube Also, i had some spare time, so i made another item from your requests list: Item_HCFruitleather (let me know if you want it to be less smooth) Hope you all enjoy
  12. One question about the Polenta item you requested: Where i'm from, we almost only eat polenta as fried sticks, like this: [image] However i know there is also raw polenta, like a dust, which we buy to prepare it, and the polenta that is soft and almost like a cream. Which ones do you want? And if i make the creamy dish, do you want it prepared on the vanilla Bowl, a Baking Tray, or both?
  13. Ahh, sure. I couldn't find rosehips on HC's files, so i tought it didn't exist. Here you go: (I found that their colour almost doesn't changes when dried, so i focused on the leaves, darkened them a bit, and flipped it to give more variance.
  14. Item_HCLavenderdry Item_HCJuniperberrydry Item_HCDDriedrosehips Made dry juniper and lavender based on the normal states of these plants from your mod, and made the driedrosehips from scratch. Let me know if any adjustments are necessary Enjoy!
  15. Noted! I discovered my monitor was way too bright, the fine details on the original plastic cups were not showing up. I lowered the brightness by 1/3. Plasticcupstack Plasticcup I also discovered the individual cup was off-center, so i fixed it now. If hydromancer decides to use the old version, let me know so i can fix that one as well. Dried onion and dried garlic: Oniondried Garlicdried And let me say i really enjoy being able to contribute I always admired community members like hydromancer, Cyrrent and Purple Hat for the quality of their creations
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