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  1. Shamanu

    Unable to pick up generator from car seat

    Never got this issue. It's fine to pick generator from car seat, car trunk or anything else. Maybe some mods gives you this issue?
  2. Shamanu

    Frozen Hot Food

    Yes it is. You also can do the experiment in real life: take a piece of frozen meat and put it to the oven. After some time it'll be hot on the outer layer and still frozen inside. Don't see and issue or bug here. Just press the arrow on the left of item 's icon and see how fast it loses a frozen state.
  3. Shamanu

    Frozen Hot Food

    And what? Food takes some time to lose "Frozen" state. Same to real world. When you put something to oven it does NOT instantly become boiled.
  4. Shamanu

    metalworking bug

    For some weird reason I've also had a glitch with metalworking. All white, skill is enough, but I can't do the thing I want to do. My suggestion was for some reason game counts skill improper way, so you need to have at least one level higher than needed. 7/7 NOT works, 8/7 - do the trick. Once again - that's only a guess.
  5. Values "Just for fun" are not so fun, actually. And useless values are useless. I hope you do understand what I say. So, I guess, if you suggest some of this, maybe you can also offer a suggestion on the use of those values?
  6. 970. Water cooler should be refillable after it's drained. 971. Not only car's doors should be repairable, but trunk and engine doors also. I guess double rear doors of vans should be added to the repairable list also. In general - all the body pannels should. Car heater can be made to be fixeable with electronic parts. Glove box also should be repairable just like the trunk is. 972. Make an entirely dismantled car (only a body remained) dismantleable with a torch (like the car wreck) 973. I guess we can fix a previosly broken car locks and make a key for the "stolen" car, reverting it from "start with wires" state. That's actually pretty simple task with an old cars (not based on electronics) when you have tools and enough time.
  7. Shamanu

    40.43 (Steam) Dismantle car wreck

    Plays on my own hosted server. Only Hydrocraft installed. Can try to disable it at all. btw... Any other works with a welding torch works fine. Barricade/walls/decompose stuff. Issue is only with a car wrecks.
  8. When trying to dismantle a car wreck (20 uses of welding torch required), it works, BUT: Uses of welding torch decreases Green line is NOT decreases (remains full no matter how empty the torch is) After that I can almost endlessly siphon one half-used torch and one full torch between eachother and get almost infinite refill between just two torches. Even more: time to time I can get another (third) empty torch thanks for the glitch with a fill line.
  9. Didn't knew admin can force a mod to load. And I uses a "Server" option from game menu.
  10. Shamanu

    A few Bugs [IWBUMS 40.38]

    Thing is... This in not a case. Like it was said before - Zs were killed in a melee fight. Personally I stabbed those with a knife.
  11. Well, I have Hydrocraft installed. But it don't work since it's only SP. You think it can affect server-side?
  12. Shamanu

    A few Bugs [IWBUMS 40.38]

    Also got this issue on 40.43 (Steam) version. Yet it wasn't a crawling zombie, but a plain walking one. I can see it, I can attack it, but I can't hit it with a car (tried to just flatten it down maybe). Z freezed in state "flip back after hit". Can't really say now, but I think animation "Step back" was played.
  13. Nope. It does not. I've tried multiple times. First it shown me all zero, AND (!!!!) when I've just added one trait to the player, his params were instantly zeroed. but trait added. Then I've removed an added trait and "restored" previous values he had... Well, at least that what we could recall. After this all the params started to appear the way I've set them up. No matter how many times I've opened this panel again. And, like I said before, I'm pretty sure the player got at least a couple of levels, yet from my side it was all as I set it up and no exp. player received... So, my conclusion: admin panel DOES NOT updates to current values of the affected player.
  14. Shamanu

    40.43 (Steam) Some errors in logs

    It looks like something wasn't loaded and something (during a gameplay) may be invisible (but still have an influence on a gameplay). Anyways, if it's normal, all fine.
  15. Private server running on my own PC. No server-side mods. When I've tried to help one of the players to get rid of one trait with admin menu, player got all the stats zeroed. All the progress, all the traits, all multipliers... Everything. But when I've manually set his parameters back to how is was (or should be as I think), admin menu remembered those stats. Yet those stats not changes with time (and I'm pretty sure the player already got couple of levels in building). Any ideas how server admin can force to read those stats? Or is it impossible at the moment?