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  1. Shamanu

    40.31 (Truckbed vehicle repairment)

    Same for a gas tanks as I've just found. Can't put a certain numbers since some tanks are installed on cars (and their volume rounded up) and some are dismantled from. So, what I have now for the "Standart small gas tank": 75% - 37.05 76% - 37.44 82% - 31 83% - 32 88% - 34 100% - 39 Just like the trunk volume, the gas tank volume seem like have a huge volume drop-down at about 80%
  2. Shamanu

    [40.31] (Steam) Crash on running

    More strange things after reload: One of my car (I've used in last loot session) just've disappeared. It's not home, neither anywhere on the route (I've checked up all the way there and back). I don't have any regrets about car... But the pretty rare loot, loaded in it - that's a loss. And I just can't imagine where my car gone to. The only idea is: game crashed on save so the save in fact partially new and partially older.
  3. Solo mode. Not even sure what happened. I've just runned. Game stuck and console rapidly started to fill with repeated error message. In just a dozen of seconds log file grown to 30Mb+ Repeated message: nov 07, 2018 1:15:35 AM zombie.GameWindow run SEVERE: null java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Comparison method violates its general contract! at java.util.TimSort.mergeLo( at java.util.TimSort.mergeAt( at java.util.TimSort.mergeCollapse( at java.util.TimSort.sort( at java.util.Arrays.sort( at java.util.ArrayList.sort( at java.util.Collections.sort( at zombie.iso.IsoObjectPicker.ContextPick( at zombie.ui.UIManager.update( at zombie.GameWindow.logic( at at zombie.GameWindow.maina( at zombie.gameStates.MainScreenState.main(
  4. Multiplayer mode. Local server. When me and my friends drives along the map in two different cars, time to time server don't answer him properly and loading next square is endless for him. Only black area ahead and the car don't run there. Only restarting a server helps. When he reconnect to server (if it wasn't restarted when the issue appears) situation is just the same: road goes to black area and the area not loads. Hapenned about 3-4 times for just a couple of hours of playing.
  5. Shamanu

    [39.67.5] (Steam) Cooking glitch.

    Nope. That's not the case. I've specially checked up. Back up my save, does a test - all "Rotten" in result. Restores a backup, does the same, but manually takes ingredients from the fridge - all fine. Not a single piece is "Rotten" and the meal made successfully. Upd: also checked up the issue. Found out item not goes "Rotten" but goes one state down. "Fresh" goes stale, stale goes "Rotten"
  6. Multiplayer mode. Private server. When you cook something you can stand nearby the container with ingredients and character will take what it said automaticly from the fridge (for example). I've found a strange glitch: when I starts to make a salad, first ingredient comes from the fridge fine. All the ingredients do. Yet, if there IS already one instance of the ingredient in the salad (for example you tries to put 2nd instance of tomatoes to what you cook), the ingredient took automaticly will appear as "spoiled". Yet, you can manually take second instance of tomato from the fridge to your inventory. THEN it'll be added to your cook fine. Summary: when you tries to put into your dish an ingredient it already present in it, it'll be taken from the fridge in a spoiled state. If you take it out manually, it'll go normal.
  7. Seem like it is. Usually it's: I kill zombie, drop the loot from their inventory, clears the containers and tries to pick 'em up. Once in a 20-25 attempts I gets this exception. And as long as it's a known and reported bug - sorrry. Didn't meant to be annoying repeat.
  8. There. Crashed once again.
  9. Local server. Never saw in single-player mode: First screen. It can be seen I have a Ranger's pickup (and yes, I've got a RANGER one). Spent some time doing stuff, then just've runned one block away and got myself another car. Second screen: when I've returned back, car magically transformed to Fossoil's pickup. And I've seen at least three cars doing this. You see it - it's Ranger's. You goes away, returns and it's Fossoil. Some time later it goes back to Ranger. The car is the same. All the stuff is in the trunk, all the parts have the same state as before. Just another skin. I think this is totally wrong and shouldn't happen.
  10. Shamanu

    [39.67.5] (Steam) Disappearing cooking pots

    No mods at all. Vanilla game only.
  11. Local server runs on my pc. I gets 3 cooking pots, fill them with water, puts in an oven and start to sterilize rags until the water in one of the pots is totally used. Then turns the oven off and tries to take the pot. It appeares in my inventory but instantly disappears. Save and quit. Restart the server. Pot is in the oven again and filled with same amount of water it had before I've started sterilization (all the rags are sterilized and in my inventory). I can take it out with no glitches. Console shows nothing abnormal (no error messages or anything else).
  12. On my local server I starts for playing with friends time to time happends "Null pointer exception" when I picks up a container. Most often it happends when it's a white plastic bagm but seem like any container can cause this error. Never happened in a single player mode.