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  1. So right now when the power goes out, the only source of light inside of your house is either a flashlight/candle you need to equip or you build one of those Lamp on a Pillar that needs 5 Carpentry to build, so unless you have 5 Cap you are out of light sources that you can turn on and off and light up a specific place in your base. So why not take a candle, a can of tuna and just place the candle inside the can and place the can with the candle somewhere in the floor? You will have both hands free to do whatever you want, you have a source of light that you dont need to know how t
  2. I do not use the PZ map for the same reason as yours, i actually like getting lost in the map and that is why i love Kingsmoth and Riverside since i have never explored those maps before. As for getting lucky, to be honest i just found a barricaded house, took the hammer i had, took out the single barricade on a window and open it, let the zombies come out, lure them to the woods (there were around 6 of them inside), clear the area of stragglers with my hand axe and boom, i had a base on day 2 of nomading it up by exploring, reinforced the house with TVs around and tables, did a quick suicide
  3. I know that Apocalypse (i am seriously going to miss the Survival name, its just perfect) is very damn hard right now in B41, but you can manage just fine, right now i am living on the edge of Riverwood for around 14 days with around 210 zombie kills, i just kill when i have the upper hand, never underestimate more than 2 zombies, sneak about everywhere, never use vehicles unless you are going for a long haul (warehouses outside town, another town) and barricade the base windows with furniture on the sides so they cant get in at night, use guns to clear a sector you want to loot using sound as
  4. So the first days things were going normal, no crashes no freezes in a 2 hour session. Later i had to stop playing, so i had to quit the challenge and close the game. A few hours later i came back, loaded the game from "Continue" and kept playing normally, again had to go after 1 hour session, closed the game normally from quit game and left. After that each time i go to sleep, the game hangs up and never really stops responding, just hangs up, i have to alt-tab and close the console, then the loading of "This is how you died" goes super fast like if i was fast forwardi
  5. Funny that by the end of 2018 my predictions were around start of May for the animations build, now i dont even have a estimation anymore, its really a mystery.
  6. Are we going to be able to pick up the broken glass and place it somewhere else? It would make a nice way to know if someone is going around your base with them crunching that glass.
  7. Blasted_Taco

    Zed Snacking

    Not only that, but we have slavic zombies doing squats to eat a corpse, since i saw that animation in the one of the very old animations videos, it felt odd that a zombie would squat to eat a corpse.
  8. Blasted_Taco

    Zed Snacking

    Fuck the NPCs, give me a game mode where there is only skeletons and you can only damage them with blunt weapons and they seek to take your calcium. I just imagine a modern Necromancer came to Kentucky to fuck shit up. No, seriously, give us the option to have only skeletons, i need dis.
  9. Yup, from the looks of the last blog post, the animations are going to take longer than 1 or 2 months it seems, so probably a IWBUMS around end of May at the earliest.
  10. Blasted_Taco


    I agree with this, something about the new animations + clothing + winter snow falling and blowing tree just makes everything come together so much better.
  11. Blasted_Taco


    I just want IWBUMS to be finished already so the team goes full ham on Build 41, each week makes me lose hope for a Build 41 before 2018 ends. Still, everything else like the water and shader look really great.
  12. Blasted_Taco

    Men with Ven

    Fuck yes, this is what i wanted to read for a long ass time now.
  13. Blasted_Taco


    How dare you. Yeah i was thinking the same thing about the wheel, only bad stuff can happens if you put a metal sheet so close to the wheel and if you fuck around with your bumper. But at this point i dont think they will take the realistic approach of making those upgrades fuck over the player like the chainsaw will (pls gib animations before the vehicles, pls)
  14. Blasted_Taco


    Needless to say, i was too disappointed with the whole Build 40 going without animations. And i get it, i get that everyone in the team have different stuff going on and one thing does not delay the other, but my question is, what happen to the progress of the animations? Because i cant even remember what summer i stopped playing the game because the animations were coming, then the animations went into the backburner because of the vehicles, but in every Mondoid and then Thursdoid there was always "Progress continues on the animations!", "AnimZed progress!" , "Hooking more st
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