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  1. Blasted_Taco

    Project Zomboid's biggest problem

    As far as i am concern, those are mutually exclusive, NPCs are probably going to be the end game itself, you have a base with crops, your farm and some survivors and overall feel pretty good about things, NPCs can come and raid you or you can have in-group drama or one of your NPCs plotting against you, all of this could leave you at the edge of your seat because you know shit could hit the fan any moment even if you stand around doing nothing. Like i said, NPCs are your legacy, if everything they said is true about NPCs, then you could in theory die and leave your NPC community as a legacy (since after you died you can load up your world and enter it as a new character) and see what happens to your community and how they adapt. Also i do remember reading waaaay back then in the pre-alpha page that you could influence the outside world somehow but you would still be trapped inside the city, it would be interesting to see what the take is on that.
  2. Blasted_Taco

    What happened to the story and the NPC survivors?

    You sure know how to sell your ideas man, that is why i love ya when you post in these type of threads.
  3. Blasted_Taco

    What happened to the story and the NPC survivors?

    I mean i love that we are going to get hunting but this just screams to me that NPCs are going to be in 2020 by now, man i thought we were going to get NPCs after the animations. That aside, i can live if the dude who made the Super Survivors mod updates it when the animations drop.
  4. Blasted_Taco

    Animations will one day be released hype thread.

    Yup, from the looks of the last blog post, the animations are going to take longer than 1 or 2 months it seems, so probably a IWBUMS around end of May at the earliest.
  5. Blasted_Taco


    I agree with this, something about the new animations + clothing + winter snow falling and blowing tree just makes everything come together so much better.
  6. Blasted_Taco

    automatic water drinking

    I am all in for toggle options and what not, but i don't see any benefit at all to make the player have to click constantly to drink water, it just becomes micro-management for the sake of it
  7. Blasted_Taco


    I just want IWBUMS to be finished already so the team goes full ham on Build 41, each week makes me lose hope for a Build 41 before 2018 ends. Still, everything else like the water and shader look really great.
  8. Blasted_Taco

    Animations will one day be released hype thread.

    *Raise Dead* Lets not lose hope for a 2018 animation update
  9. Blasted_Taco

    Men with Ven

    Fuck yes, this is what i wanted to read for a long ass time now.
  10. Blasted_Taco


    How dare you. Yeah i was thinking the same thing about the wheel, only bad stuff can happens if you put a metal sheet so close to the wheel and if you fuck around with your bumper. But at this point i dont think they will take the realistic approach of making those upgrades fuck over the player like the chainsaw will (pls gib animations before the vehicles, pls)
  11. Blasted_Taco

    Re-balancing of zombie threats

    I agree to a cretin extent. What makes me disagree is the fact that new players (around 10 hours) still struggle with zombies and dont know how to handle them until way later when you realize that divide and conquer tactic works wonders on zombies. What i would do in my opinion is have something like the Restless zombies mod where at night they just keep wandering around but to change it up if one spots you and gets agitated it could attract the whole group the zombie is linked to.
  12. Blasted_Taco


    Needless to say, i was too disappointed with the whole Build 40 going without animations. And i get it, i get that everyone in the team have different stuff going on and one thing does not delay the other, but my question is, what happen to the progress of the animations? Because i cant even remember what summer i stopped playing the game because the animations were coming, then the animations went into the backburner because of the vehicles, but in every Mondoid and then Thursdoid there was always "Progress continues on the animations!", "AnimZed progress!" , "Hooking more states animations to the remaining game systems!" and so on and on and on for this year and the the whole of last year, but from the sounds of the last devblogs, the animations update seems to be aiming for a December release or something estimating on how long each IWBUMS is. This also makes me wonder, how big is the update going to be now, is still going to be missing the sneak section? (there was a blogpost saying that the initial animation update would be incomplete and lack some features, like sneaking and taking cover) or is it going to be the full package? And the worry from the Build 40 i think comes from how IWBUMS works, so lets say that mid IWBUMS Build 40, there a breakthrough so big that allows the animations to be "stable" enough for testing, would the IWBUMS Build 40 merge with a animations build? Or we would need to wait for the IWBUMS to end and then stabilize for 3~4 weeks (like Build 39 with the current ironing out of bugs in the stable branch) to get the animation build or have a total different branch to test out the animations, like the vehicle branch? I think that is the question that makes people go "aww fuck, build 40 is going to delay the animations *again*"
  13. Blasted_Taco

    Build 39: Vehicles released!

    Wow i didnt know you could do a drive by, i can see that scenario happening in MP. Finally a milestone less! Animations here we come?! Please? Someone? Please i beg you i need them
  14. Blasted_Taco

    Death Cab for Zombie

    Probably a Dead Rising Psychopath
  15. Blasted_Taco

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Animations update i hope, otherwise you could see your buddy running around in MP and suddenly he just stops in the middle of the road sleeping while standing still.