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  1. So i been giving the game another spin because i just get that itch every once in a while and i forgot how much chaos the first day in the game can be with you hoarding everything you can, taking a safehouse and overall just making it work the first weeks or so. So i never get a chance to sit down and watch the news to see how everything unfolds about the apocalypse going on outside the game since the first week is busy work to keep everything running smoothly, then i remembered that Turbo was working on VCR to record the TV and something to make audio cassettes, however that feature hasnt been mentioned in a long, long, loooong time it seems. Seems like the last mention of this was around 2016-2017, especially here: Where almost every feature they talked about it (World Zed for radio, the nutrition system, the better UI to find radio stations, gaining XP from watching TV) all of that did make it into the game, however the VHS, the cassettes and the whole insanity thing never made it for like 3 years now, whatever happen to that stuff? Since it seems like it was ready to go out and the World Zed thing was a long term feature that it seems it was released recently. I really would love to have the VCR/VHS to record stuff to see later on after everything went to crap when there is downtime to read books or use cassettes tapes in cars to listen to old broadcast while driving.
  2. Re-balancing of zombie threats

    I agree to a cretin extent. What makes me disagree is the fact that new players (around 10 hours) still struggle with zombies and dont know how to handle them until way later when you realize that divide and conquer tactic works wonders on zombies. What i would do in my opinion is have something like the Restless zombies mod where at night they just keep wandering around but to change it up if one spots you and gets agitated it could attract the whole group the zombie is linked to.
  3. Zedlights

    Needless to say, i was too disappointed with the whole Build 40 going without animations. And i get it, i get that everyone in the team have different stuff going on and one thing does not delay the other, but my question is, what happen to the progress of the animations? Because i cant even remember what summer i stopped playing the game because the animations were coming, then the animations went into the backburner because of the vehicles, but in every Mondoid and then Thursdoid there was always "Progress continues on the animations!", "AnimZed progress!" , "Hooking more states animations to the remaining game systems!" and so on and on and on for this year and the the whole of last year, but from the sounds of the last devblogs, the animations update seems to be aiming for a December release or something estimating on how long each IWBUMS is. This also makes me wonder, how big is the update going to be now, is still going to be missing the sneak section? (there was a blogpost saying that the initial animation update would be incomplete and lack some features, like sneaking and taking cover) or is it going to be the full package? And the worry from the Build 40 i think comes from how IWBUMS works, so lets say that mid IWBUMS Build 40, there a breakthrough so big that allows the animations to be "stable" enough for testing, would the IWBUMS Build 40 merge with a animations build? Or we would need to wait for the IWBUMS to end and then stabilize for 3~4 weeks (like Build 39 with the current ironing out of bugs in the stable branch) to get the animation build or have a total different branch to test out the animations, like the vehicle branch? I think that is the question that makes people go "aww fuck, build 40 is going to delay the animations *again*"
  4. Build 39: Vehicles released!

    Wow i didnt know you could do a drive by, i can see that scenario happening in MP. Finally a milestone less! Animations here we come?! Please? Someone? Please i beg you i need them
  5. Death Cab for Zombie

    Probably a Dead Rising Psychopath
  6. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Animations update i hope, otherwise you could see your buddy running around in MP and suddenly he just stops in the middle of the road sleeping while standing still.
  7. Blindcoder's PZ map updated for Build 39 / Vehicles

    I am amazed at how huge the map is and now is filled with farms and extra houses off the road, i didnt even knew there was a small town in the middle of all the farm fields, its crazy. I dont even know how people will be able to find each other in MP with how big the map is now.
  8. Monkey Bizness

    Exactly my thoughts, also holy shit it has been 2 years since this video By now this is just a blur for me, i cant even remember when the animations went silent and the vehicles started to pop up in mondoids, i swear to god it was one summer where i said "i will just wait till the animations drop so i can play again in Redboid (or whatever reddit server it was, but it was the first version of the server)"
  9. Monkey Bizness

    I dont want to sound negative or anything, but i swear i been reading the same thing about animations like since October 2017. I always seen the "tying up the animation to a state", "blending animations", "trigger conditions" and "making AnimZed more user friendly", so i am just left wondering how polished or how many animations that update is going have and how long is the wait going to be between the stable vehicle build and the first experimental animation build. Like i know they are going to deliver on them, but it seems like there is never a clear progress if they are still tying up animations to the code. Still nice to see the team getting bigger and the vehicle build almost ready to go.
  10. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Wait, whatever happen to VHSs you could use to watch stuff like that? I swear that was some years ago when they introduced TVs that they would introduce something like VHS.
  11. Dying for a scratch & Health system suggestions

    All of this occurred on the same day? Because if so, that is really fucked i think, since scratches does like minor damage after you bandage it, if it was in the course of 2 days i would say zombie infection. But i do agree, the medical system is kinda flawed, it feels weird that i survived a shotgun blast to the torso by mere luck of bandaging myself on time and eating ice cream and soup for some days. Also if i recall correctly, didnt the pain moddle made you lose health faster?
  12. Blends n’ Shades

    Came to say the same, i seriously wonder how big the animation update is going to be if its going to include all the weapons shown and plus a bit more.
  13. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Definitely what i was thinking the other day, there is no way to push cars other than crashing into them very very slowly to clear some roads or when you need to push it a bit to get a clearing. I am guessing that it will need a animation of sorts, it will involve the handbrake and leaving the car in neutral and consuming a lot of energy?
  14. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Yeah i meant like that, but in MP how does it work? Do people really just siphon all they can and after that everything is gone? That is why i asked that maybe a respawn system of sorts could be useful for MP.
  15. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Good point, it would make a nice option to have that in Sandbox. Survival should be a finite amount of gas and in multiplayer it should be a finite amount that you can tweak how long it takes to respawn some of it, because unless stationed cars can somehow refill a bit of gas after X amount of time has passed to be siphoned, i can see already Mad Max scenarios of people killing for gas and then going back to walking a lot.