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  1. Make perfect sense. I started new game with new animation system quiet alot ( well i die a lot since new animation system ) and for some reason my game was still picking up "old belt" functionality. I didn't try to fully reinstall game ( clean install) -maybe this will fix it as well. Is this change make more damage apart of removing all belts from save game ( this what i noticed) ? Like make some items depended on belt not available or will crash the game?
  2. Hello, so after some digging i found out reason why some people cannot "Wear Belt" in 41.18 (including me). the reason for that is that standard belt item is still coded as normal not wearable item: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ item Belt { Weight = 0.3, Type = Normal, DisplayName = Belt, Icon = Belt, } ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Location of file with code: .Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\scripts\items.txt) However there is new item called "Belt2" which has desired functionality: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ item Belt2 { Weight = 0.3, Type = Clothing, DisplayName = Belt, Icon = Belt, BodyLocation = Belt, ClothingItem = Belt, AttachmentsProvided = SmallBeltRight;SmallBeltLeft, } ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Location: .Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\scripts\clothing\clothing_others.txt Below there is dirty trick to add this to game - but make sure you understand what you are doing as replacing source code is highly not recommended. There is a way to temporarily fix it until Devs (god bless you guys for all the hard work you have done with this game btw.) however it is a bit risky and for current saves (if you are like me and do not want to loose character) there need to be additional step. 1.st of all backup files "items.txt" "clothing_others.txt" 2. replace code in items folder copying all code from "belt2" and replace code in "Belt" - THIS WILL REMOVE ALL BELTS FROM EXISTING SAVE GAME - so if you want to do it on some save you need to add recipe to "make Belt" from something, like this: recipe Belt { Newspaper, Result:Belt, Time:80.0, Category:Survivalist, } In this case from newspaper. this code needs to be added to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\scripts\recipes.txt (backup this file first too) When you make new belt it will have all functionality of standard belts with 2 slots in hotbar. Hope it helps
  3. Farming: indoor farming - gives time boost for indoor plants and expand time for outdoor ones outdoor farming - boos to time outdoor and extend indoor 1st Aid: Heal others Heal yourself Mechanics: faster swapping parts for stnadard or heavy duty or sport cars Forging: 1. better food 2. better materials find
  4. Hi. Small thing really but sometimes confuse the hell out of me. When i have planks in backpack and want to barricade something it will first unpack plank to my inventory and than barricade., however if i have metal sheet in backpack and want to barricade something - nothing happen. I have to first unpack metal sheet "by hand" and than i cam barricade. Option to barricade with metal sheet is visible but not working when metal sheet is in backpack.
  5. yes. or give cords to Map with location. Due to fact that view does not move at the moment (fixed camera) having aditional item which shows you where you are is kind of pointless but looking at new graphics i would not be surprised if for new releases be possibility to rotate camera - then compass will be very useful item to have.
  6. Hello. Maybe subtitles for common noises be beneficial in that case?
  7. Hello, I mentioned this in other post but decided to add as new topic in case it will get overlooked. So when you hit a zombie by car (don't kill it) and run over him and par kthe car, zombie will be laying there "alive" (made me giggle to say that zombie is alive) with not action until you move car away. Moodlet will appear every time you come close to this car saying that there is zombie near by. It is not big issue but might be worth to force this zombie to become crawler to crawl out from this car?
  8. Hello, So this bug is with game since i think beginning. i noticed this a year ago - i checked again yesterday - it is stil there. In warehouse here: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.5589827780400132,0.28721902942263716,445.5963467848301 on first floor on south east corner 1 tile from wall there is floating black small bin - you can get to it by building floor around inside this warehouse. I had inner conflict to report is as i just love it and use it as "secret" in game, but since you guys tid up animations maybe it can be removed as well?
  9. pzfreak


    You can grow it but i don't think they will yeld anything. I mean from nov to jan it will defo not give you any food. I managed to get some cabbage in the middle of feb though. Did you check if you can have any food from it? That would be interesting to know ☺
  10. Maybe adding R.click option to inventory place where are bags could be solution for this kind of problems? Like when you come close to this corpse - in inventory windows there will be icon of zombie and shows his clothes - if we could r.click on that icon and grab it from there - it would be workaround to grab for containers behinf obstacles (like trees).
  11. thx guys. added to my "no go" list. you just saved me breaking leg probably XD
  12. Hello, Will it be possible for food to freeze (or at least chill) when left outside during winter? It might be nice alternative to fridge when is -10 outside (plus most students does that during winter in real life. hang food outside in plastic bag) also (you know i really want basements lol - i can wait) - maybe it would be possible to - using shovel and concrete - "build" some hole in the ground as storage (something like hand made cooler - not to make stuff freeze but to keep it in lower temperature, expanding spoilage time) - plus this whole can be used later to build smoker to make beef jerky or smoked fish.
  13. Hello, I'm not sure if this has already been addressed - and maybe need to be moved to suggestions section - if so please let me know. Can you please change battery weight from 0.6 to 0.1 (at least). 1 battery for 1 flashlight that weight more than half of the kilogram - is it some sort of power core? Maybe instead of using "battery" - just change this to "batteries" (like 2 batteries) - which is most common setup for flashlights, and change it weight) (for example 1 AA battery weight around 23 grams). I know it is really low priority problem, and there might be logic behind that, but it makes me wanna cry every time i see it
  14. I had this issue few times. what i did is: 1. Save savegame files in different location 2. uninstall Project zomboid from steam 3. remove all temp files from %temp% 4. remove all "project zomboid" leftovers 5. clean registry (using ccleaner for example) - this is like general housekeeping dunno if game saves anything in there. don't think so 6. restart machine (do not shutdown - win 10 has fast boot option, when you shut doen it actually kind of hibernate machine) 7. install PZ again and check
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