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  1. pzfreak


    You can grow it but i don't think they will yeld anything. I mean from nov to jan it will defo not give you any food. I managed to get some cabbage in the middle of feb though. Did you check if you can have any food from it? That would be interesting to know ☺
  2. Maybe adding R.click option to inventory place where are bags could be solution for this kind of problems? Like when you come close to this corpse - in inventory windows there will be icon of zombie and shows his clothes - if we could r.click on that icon and grab it from there - it would be workaround to grab for containers behinf obstacles (like trees).
  3. pzfreak

    Missing Balcony Floor (Riverside Bar and Restaurant)

    thx guys. added to my "no go" list. you just saved me breaking leg probably XD
  4. pzfreak

    Fridge Room/Food in winter

    Hello, Will it be possible for food to freeze (or at least chill) when left outside during winter? It might be nice alternative to fridge when is -10 outside (plus most students does that during winter in real life. hang food outside in plastic bag) also (you know i really want basements lol - i can wait) - maybe it would be possible to - using shovel and concrete - "build" some hole in the ground as storage (something like hand made cooler - not to make stuff freeze but to keep it in lower temperature, expanding spoilage time) - plus this whole can be used later to build smoker to make beef jerky or smoked fish.
  5. pzfreak

    Battery weight

    Hello, I'm not sure if this has already been addressed - and maybe need to be moved to suggestions section - if so please let me know. Can you please change battery weight from 0.6 to 0.1 (at least). 1 battery for 1 flashlight that weight more than half of the kilogram - is it some sort of power core? Maybe instead of using "battery" - just change this to "batteries" (like 2 batteries) - which is most common setup for flashlights, and change it weight) (for example 1 AA battery weight around 23 grams). I know it is really low priority problem, and there might be logic behind that, but it makes me wanna cry every time i see it
  6. pzfreak

    Game "suddenly" fails to load

    I had this issue few times. what i did is: 1. Save savegame files in different location 2. uninstall Project zomboid from steam 3. remove all temp files from %temp% 4. remove all "project zomboid" leftovers 5. clean registry (using ccleaner for example) - this is like general housekeeping dunno if game saves anything in there. don't think so 6. restart machine (do not shutdown - win 10 has fast boot option, when you shut doen it actually kind of hibernate machine) 7. install PZ again and check
  7. pzfreak

    Chance of breaking legs is very low.

    If you get "lucky" and "thick skin" trait it lower the chances i think (or maybe just a "lucky"). You know that breaking legs is carpentry course in this game? i personally hate it especially with slow healer trait.
  8. Ok i might get smashed in the face for this but can you take this car and drive in different place? i had occasionaly zombies "stuck" under the car (hit by car, fall on the floor, parked on top of it) and zombie laying on he floor waiting to get up - it cannot (because of the car) so it is just laying there. when you drive off it will get up. I have seen in my game similar thing happened (with panic moodlet) and every time i checked there was some living zombie under the car that could not get out. I think it might be good idea to add to game that if zombie will stuck under the car it will become crawler and crawl out from it (as far i;m aware crawler can move under the car). Please let me know if this is case (i'm curious why something like that happen).
  9. pzfreak

    Picking up long book shelf

    Hi Guys, I noticed this quite while ago. when i try to pick up long/low book shelf, instead of giving me option it just make is twice as long and option is no longer available. i will try to send screenshot when i get home. It is an issue just with this kind of shelves. https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.568626916295918,0.29635521827142386,966.7915106117356 The one standing behind the couch. It is 2 tiles long shelf for books.
  10. pzfreak

    PZ Community New Outfit Thinktank

    Ok i have something that might be overkill but i would love to see it in game. Variety of sizes and male/female stuff. Atm we have skirts as pure female cloth (all rest can be used by both female and male). So from the bottom: In my opinion females should have Female shoes/boots and males should have male equivalent. Also size would be awesome (don't make it very complicated but add 5 different sizes of shoes/boots and if you wear too small you walk slower/too big you can trip and fall down. Pants/jeans - 3 different sizes - Small/Medium/Large Jackets - The same This will add additional hunting for correct item in game and will make clothe more "precious" (tearing down your perfect winter jacket in perfect size just because you need bandages, or had to remove our jeans you found just one in game for 2 months cause you need sheet rope - this kind of hard choices.
  11. pzfreak

    Vehicles Just Spinning Out and Not Moving

    If your friend host and you join - does he can drive or he has the same problem like you?
  12. pzfreak

    [FIXED] House with missing walls

    Can you please post cords from project zomboid map in here? i want to see this house (that would be fun going there on day trip)
  13. pzfreak

    Thunder can start fires and electrocute you

    also will add one more challange forcing people to go indoors during storms. or extinguish during storm not to get burnt. In some sadistic way i like this idea
  14. pzfreak

    Campfire option : bring corpses here

    corpses should dicompose by itself after half year laying on the ground (not pavement or street). At least flesh - leaving just clothes and bones - or maybe be eaten by animals or other zombies? That would be "nice" variations in game (by nice i mean gross but in nice way - please don't thinks i'm psycho) instead of just having lots of zombie corpses around
  15. pzfreak

    Fence Gate

    Hello, So i cannot find low fence gate (i know previously in some build there was the small gate you can build to finish your garden). It is not a big issue but will it be maybe implement at some point? (so i can finish cementery ingame )