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  1. pzfreak

    Indoor activities

    I would love that. Partially because i have no idea what is draining my generator ( i have base in the middle of the town). Electrical has definitely potential to get more complex bit we might jeed to wait for this. But i'm patient
  2. pzfreak

    The most reasonable suggestion ever made!

    I remember in some previous versions (don't know which one sorry guys) that your character could pass out when was too tired - which automatically allowed him to sleep everywhere. This option might be middle ground (so on one hand you can sleep everywhere when you tired enough on the other hand will not break game play). Or maybe add some long term pain (like 5 days) after sleeping on a floor or some debuff to strength/mood/fitness etc?
  3. pzfreak

    Indoor activities

    Hello, I noticed with new weather system that my character sometimes is forced to stay indoor for some time. Therefore i started to organize all my c.... stuff and i noticed few things which might be beneficial/add some more micromanagement (or simplify it) in game. so: 1. Possibility to hang map on a wall - to make like "station" in your safehouse where you can walk in and interact with map/maps - mark stuff etc. - i know there are already maps in game but many times i just forget to update them 2. Calendar on the wall (i think i already mentioned this in other post) - similar to hanging maps on a wall possibility to hang and update calendar 3. Fixing clothing - so you can fix some clothes using needle, 4. Workout - since we have new weight system, maybe we can add a book of two about fitness/strength training? and actually practice (instead of running to the wall to lvl up sprinting - really hardcore grinding) 5. Recipe book - clear book you can write your favorites recipes and make them "new Recipes" (so if you equip recipe book in secondary hand and you would like to make cabbage soup you added to it there will be option to do cabbage soup instead of re-adding all ingredients again - of course timing will sum up
  4. Hi guys, I noticed this the other day - not really big deal but might be quick fix for that. When you are in the car and you try to pick up generator from seat, while you are in the car it gives you option "equip in both hands" bit when you use it it actually doesn't do it. You have to first drop generator on tue floor and then "take it" (WORKAROUND) . It might be worth to either fix "equip in both hands" either remove this option as it might be confusing. PS. i put workaround in capitals for those who try to find just "quick fix" as i imagone it might be bit frustrating (it took me 5 min to figure out and i was bless with very quiet piece of map so i could seat in the car with no stress and test it)
  5. pzfreak


    There should be a way to transform certain tables (not those plastic tacky ones - they are useless for that) to "workbench". Workbench is a table with tools on it and sometimes a drawer to keep some small materials - as far i understand idea of it - you can use chair as "workbench" - just put something on it to help you craft. The idea to have "designed" place for crafting which will give speed boost is quite cool though. it will allow to organize more for long term survival (for those who don't play "nomad" style) but i don't think we have to specify tables - this one for crafting, this one for cooking etc. One to rule them all you know ;)
  6. pzfreak

    A Saner Loot Spawn System (SRC)

    what is wrong with hammer in the kitchen? i have one in my house. and a small hatchet. XD
  7. pzfreak

    Option to turn off weather effects while inside

    Did you try to go to small room when there was raining outside and really dark and then zoom out? it gives you really psychedelic view where the room is just hanging in space surrounded by rain. If i look at thise longer then few seconds it makes me dizzy
  8. pzfreak

    Far late game knowledge collelection/specialization

    I think i have an idea how it might be possible to inplement this in game. So one more 'special skill' bar with 1 lvl ( loke 10k exp) - to start this skill you have to find book ( put like 5 books 1 for each skill 2k pageas each) when ypu fond some book you can decide if you want to learn this skill. If so 'special skill' will change to name of that skill. You have to read this book to start exp. Idebtify which actipns in game give exp to that skill and for every action you gain .1 of that skill. It will tale massive amount of time. Now just to identify those skills - what they give. And what actions progress each skill
  9. pzfreak

    Having Kids

    Maybe when now we have kids in "this war of mine" so this tabu has some scratches on surface and the whole kids idea will be rethink? Living the dream you know
  10. Hello again, What do you think to have another piece of furniture (crafted from paper and planks), a calendar, that oyu can hang on a wall and interact with it. So when you come and click on it it will show you fields with dates that you can put some notes in (like "watering cabbage" or "scavenge mission" or "this day water will run out" etc. This calendar will not auto populate those events, but allow you to add manually those things - so you have to go there and actually type those notes. It might be beneficial to keep control over what is going on on long survival and not to go to the garden every morning to check crops for example.
  11. Hello, So first of all i love the idea of this challenge, i played it multiple times and got over two months at some point. It reminds me of some funny game where you have 20 seconds to grab some stuff and hide in the bunker. The only thing i noticed is that it is not possible for long term survival - i mean it is possible to survive long time in it by blocking stairs in 7 floor building and play carpenter (so carpentry 4 to get water). After that, when you really don't waste resources you can "survive". The only thing is that it is not fun to play anymore cause all you do is waiting for next day passed. I was thinking to "spice up" this a little bit by allowing 1 day per two weeks where world come back to first day - so zombie doesn't hunt you and their number go down. This would allow you to go out for 1 day to get some resources - or course is risky and you can get killed but also you will be able to grab some stuff you need. So the schedule would be like: 1 day normal (quiet) 14 days of doom 1 day normal 14 days of doom etc. even 1once a month (every first of the month) would be ok - length between can be extended to do not make this very easy, but also allow you to prep for this one day,get task list and would give some sort of long term goal (let me survive another months and i will go out and get this damn bucket). What you guys think about it?