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  1. pzfreak

    Weight system

    No need to bother devs. They do great job and i track this game since beginning ( well since cost 4.99 on steam) which is few years now i think, and keep comming back to it ever few months to see what is new. I believe sooner or later we will fogure out how it works.
  2. pzfreak

    Indoor activities

    I would love that. Partially because i have no idea what is draining my generator ( i have base in the middle of the town). Electrical has definitely potential to get more complex bit we might jeed to wait for this. But i'm patient
  3. pzfreak

    The most reasonable suggestion ever made!

    I remember in some previous versions (don't know which one sorry guys) that your character could pass out when was too tired - which automatically allowed him to sleep everywhere. This option might be middle ground (so on one hand you can sleep everywhere when you tired enough on the other hand will not break game play). Or maybe add some long term pain (like 5 days) after sleeping on a floor or some debuff to strength/mood/fitness etc?
  4. pzfreak

    Indoor activities

    Hello, I noticed with new weather system that my character sometimes is forced to stay indoor for some time. Therefore i started to organize all my c.... stuff and i noticed few things which might be beneficial/add some more micromanagement (or simplify it) in game. so: 1. Possibility to hang map on a wall - to make like "station" in your safehouse where you can walk in and interact with map/maps - mark stuff etc. - i know there are already maps in game but many times i just forget to update them 2. Calendar on the wall (i think i already mentioned this in other post) - similar to hanging maps on a wall possibility to hang and update calendar 3. Fixing clothing - so you can fix some clothes using needle, 4. Workout - since we have new weight system, maybe we can add a book of two about fitness/strength training? and actually practice (instead of running to the wall to lvl up sprinting - really hardcore grinding) 5. Recipe book - clear book you can write your favorites recipes and make them "new Recipes" (so if you equip recipe book in secondary hand and you would like to make cabbage soup you added to it there will be option to do cabbage soup instead of re-adding all ingredients again - of course timing will sum up
  5. ok i have some theory about this food system - please correct me if i'm wrong) (all calculations are approximate presentation of an idea not actual values) So i started to think that your stomach in game is (lets say) 100 points - it is like an container. every hour you get 1 point out of it - every point has also 2nd value "calories". So we eat (in that order): - cabbage (15 point) - every point has 10 calories - chips (15 point) - every point has 100 calories - steak (20 point) - every point has 50 calories So our stomach get - 15 point plus 15 plus 20 -and it start to digest it. first 15 hours is cabbage so it is arrow down cause 10 calories is not enough 2nd 15 hours is two arrows up cause 100 calories is way too much (and it looks like 1kg of fat is about 1000 calories - don't quote me on that) 3rd 20 hours is one arrow up cause is bit too much No my questions are: 0.1 - is this make sense at all? lol 1. Is this how mechanic works? 2. if so how many calories is 1kg of fat in game? 3. how many calories is "standard" for character - so he will not gain or loos any fat
  6. hahahah. in general the answer is - yes they are. If you eat less calories then you need during the day you loose fat (1kg of FAT is around 10 000 calories). In general (and it is different to many people because of different eating habits etc) you need around 2k calories a day - if you eat less (not much less, like 1700) you will lose fat - it just take time. Be careful though because if you eat much less then 2k your metabolism will slow down - you don't want that. You don't have to keep control every single day - more like weekly. In game it happens incredibly fast - i think it is to get and idea how it would be and fit "quick dying character" trend - in my humble opinion it might need to be slow down a bit so it will have less impact from day to day but very important overall.
  7. Hi guys, I noticed this the other day - not really big deal but might be quick fix for that. When you are in the car and you try to pick up generator from seat, while you are in the car it gives you option "equip in both hands" bit when you use it it actually doesn't do it. You have to first drop generator on tue floor and then "take it" (WORKAROUND) . It might be worth to either fix "equip in both hands" either remove this option as it might be confusing. PS. i put workaround in capitals for those who try to find just "quick fix" as i imagone it might be bit frustrating (it took me 5 min to figure out and i was bless with very quiet piece of map so i could seat in the car with no stress and test it)
  8. pzfreak

    Weight system

    Eat vegs and keep yourself on peckish and you will be losing weight. Try to avoid food bonus - i tested and eating jist cabbage ( well 10 a day - broken leg) you gain fat as well. Really fast. But before that i managed to went down from 90 to 75 within two weeks. I was just hungry all the time
  9. pzfreak

    Cooking is difficult

    If you put 3 of the same ingridients salad/stew/whatever will still be eadiable - will just not give bonus to unhappines. 3 is max - after that ypu got negative points. Spieces helps ( salt and pepper) but are hard to find. Using stale ingriedients is better then fresh ( to save food and get at least no negative effect from food) - ypu have 2 salads ( veg -with or without meat and fruit) be carefull thpugh it is possible to add watermelon to veg salad and ruin it ( lots if debuff) -i think of this like easter egg. Cooking recipies in pz are "evolving recipies" - they are flexible of what ingrieidients ( actually there are few different for salad/fruit salad/soup/stew etc) but there are similar. Ypu don't have to cook soup or stew if it has not meat or diary in it ( it says uncooked and cooking gives bonus but you can still eat uncooked veg stew if you have lack of fire). To lvl up coking : fry rotten meat, try to add as many actions with food as possible ( slice bread watermelon. Make rashes from stripped bacon etc) and books On lvl 7 you can make some food from rotten infridients - low quality but still.
  10. This new weight system takes time. Just keep eatong veg and fruits for few weeks and it will go down. Try to be peckosh all the time ( eat half or 1/4) i went down from 90 to 80 in about two weeks. Avoid ready food and don't get bouns from food and you will be fine. Ah and don't break leg - you will need healing boost. I gor +15 and it is not fixed yer lol
  11. pzfreak

    Making a map, ideas welcomed!

    Hi. I would love to see flat area with a lot of high buildings and narrow staircases. And no sledgehammer on a map. That would be really hard location. I can already imagine all those funky bridges on various floors with ropes everywhere. Like monkey camp XD
  12. pzfreak

    hey guys haven't been here in a while Refresh me!

    Dunno if this had been changed after this update but new things i noticed: - you cannot place ant object on top of stairs as well as built tiles over it to block it - you can kill zombies with melee through barbed wire ( high one) - awesome btw - fire doesn't spread two tiles up ( sp from ground floor to 2nd floor
  13. pzfreak


    There should be a way to transform certain tables (not those plastic tacky ones - they are useless for that) to "workbench". Workbench is a table with tools on it and sometimes a drawer to keep some small materials - as far i understand idea of it - you can use chair as "workbench" - just put something on it to help you craft. The idea to have "designed" place for crafting which will give speed boost is quite cool though. it will allow to organize more for long term survival (for those who don't play "nomad" style) but i don't think we have to specify tables - this one for crafting, this one for cooking etc. One to rule them all you know ;)
  14. pzfreak

    A Saner Loot Spawn System (SRC)

    what is wrong with hammer in the kitchen? i have one in my house. and a small hatchet. XD
  15. pzfreak

    Option to turn off weather effects while inside

    Did you try to go to small room when there was raining outside and really dark and then zoom out? it gives you really psychedelic view where the room is just hanging in space surrounded by rain. If i look at thise longer then few seconds it makes me dizzy