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  1. It seems reasonable to think that early 1993 KY would have the following businesses/locations in addition to those I have already seen in Vanilla: -Auto Parts Store/section of the hardware store -Plumbing Supply Store/section of the hardware store -Thrift Shop -Pawn Shop -Plant Nursery/Gardening Supply -Cattle Ranch -Liquor Store -Public Library -Towing Service and Tow Trucks Please keep in mind that I haven't explored everything and might be suggesting things that are already included. Also, I'm sure there are others that would also make sense. Happy Surviving!
  2. Building on the saw blade idea, it would be nice to see the saw icon changed from a pipe saw to the type of saw actually used to cut wood. Or, add a wood saw in addition to the pipe saw.
  3. I agree. I was thinking that a manual transmission would accomplish the task by setting the gear you stay in, but cruise control is even better.
  4. Hello, I've only been playing for about a week, but I have logged over 100 hours of game play thanks to our Shelter In Place order. During that time I have noticed that there are a few naming conventions that are mixed and make sorting items a bit annoying. I understand these are small changes, but making them would add polish: -Have all books titled either Beginner's Mechanics, Intermediate's Mechanics (etc.) or Mechanics for Intermediates, Mechanics for Advanced (etc.) -Have seed packets named "Seed Packet (Strawberries)" "Seed Packet (Carrots)", etc. for sorting purposes. -Change "Dirty Rag"/"Ripped Sheet" to "Ripped Sheet (Dirty)"/"Ripped Sheet" or OR "Rag (Dirty)"/"Rag" -Change "Dirty Bandage" to "Bandage (Dirty)" -Change "Sanitized Bandage" to "Bandage (Sanitized)" -Sugar, rice, powdered milk and some other foods are categorized as "Items" instead of "Food" -When foraging, the window that pops up currently says "Scavenge". Change that to "Forage" -Change the map names to the format: "Map of Rosewood" instead of "Rosewood Map" I'm sure there are more little continuity issues, but those are the few that strike me most often. Happy surviving! -Maleficus
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