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  1. I was wondering what is the highest polygon count vehicle models can have in PZ? is 3k too much? What is the sweet spot?
  2. I have been making a Monster Energy Can in Blender, but I can never get it to position right in the hands and have it be drinked normally. I used CTRL +A and applied transforms and I scaled it to 0.10 which seems to be a good size but the model always appears behind my character hands. I have no idea why
  3. How can I increase the hp of tires? They still break really easy when driving the gage commando
  4. For digital watch in B41 it's: WristWatch_Left_DigitalBlack WristWatch_Left_DigitalRed WristWatch_Left_DigitalMilitary WristWatch_Left_DigitalGold
  5. Josko

    Xonic's Mega Mall

    Is there a gun store in the mall? If not, could you add one? Would be awesome, just like in the dead rising mall :D
  6. Really? That sucks. I always wanted to create a bigger Gunshop store inside the Mall but I guess I can forget that if they will never let us edit the vanilla map.
  7. Guns in PZ are loud as hell, I think shotguns have a sound radius of 200, so you will bring tons upon tons of zeds. Then I played Brita's Weapon Pack mod and I looked in the code, there, they have a sound radius of 30-40 for pistols and 70-80 for shotguns. And the difference was huge since I was used to the enormous sound radius from vanilla guns
  8. Amazing! Watching the videos on youtube now. Currently on the first one " Basic blender Controlls ". I'm just wondering will all this that I will learn be useful for Build41 and onwards? As I have a lot of free time now and I have wanted to learn how to create my own weapon models for Zomboid, I will give it a try ^^ Thank you so much for this, appreciating the hell out of this! :D
  9. Josko

    MP Status Update

    Yep, take your time guys, MP IWBUMS in 6 months is amazing! We all know what happend to Cyberpunk, so don't do a Cyberpunk guys Can't wait for MP update in 6 months and then luisville map addon, it's gonna be sweet!
  10. Yup. I always get bored in late game. But I think a great multiplayer experience with a few good friends along with increasing amounts of zombies coming for you on late game would make it still fun and interesting! Ofcourse a bigger map like Luisville will help alot too. I think the game would need some sense of exploration, currently the map is really small actually. But I suppose Luisville will fix that!
  11. Josko

    Mascot Mayhem

    It's teleporting zeds ala Cyberpunk 2077! ha!
  12. That would be sweet. I can imagine the sewers looking like in resident evil 2
  13. Yeah I would totally love that, but I'm sure a mod will add that at some point if the devs don't.
  14. Josko

    School Reopening

    Agreed, this is something I've wanted so bad after playing Animation Update. I hope we get that before Build 41 but maybe I shouldn't hold my breath They should make all chairs and beds 3d aswell so characters can finally sit or maybe they have a much easier solution planned
  15. Josko

    Dirty Boys

    Magic enchanted garbage bag? When you equip it, blood shall appear!
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