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  1. Josko

    School Reopening

    Agreed, this is something I've wanted so bad after playing Animation Update. I hope we get that before Build 41 but maybe I shouldn't hold my breath They should make all chairs and beds 3d aswell so characters can finally sit or maybe they have a much easier solution planned
  2. Josko

    Dirty Boys

    Magic enchanted garbage bag? When you equip it, blood shall appear!
  3. With Pacifist you get 25% less xp with all weapons, ranged and melee but fast learner give +30% more xp for all skills, so if one would use both pacifist and fast learner it would mean all weapon skills get 5% more xp, 25 -30 = 5
  4. Perhaps they were testing something and in my experience it's alot faster if you can spawn the stuff you need right away to test with rather than spend hours doing it " legit " lol
  5. When ORGM is back, it will have a couple different combat shotguns ^^
  6. I usually use Cheat Menu to just make me godmode or ghost mode at the brink of death, then heal myself go away a bit and turn that off Damn cheat menu, I find myself using it alot when my character has basicly died because I don't wanna start over lol
  7. Reloading skill already increases reload speed, and panic reduces reload speed
  8. Do you mean the window insta kill thing? Devs havn't done anything about that. If it wasn't intended surely they would have fixed it?
  9. Yes you are supposed to move and attack, the devs said that themselves. I suppose the reason it works so well with Wood axe is because of its range and damage. But mostly the range is a big factor for this kite tactic. And if we are talking cheesing, what about luring zombies to windows and just insta kill them with a fast one handed weapon? I made a video of that too.
  10. Yeah I enjoy being the hunter, feeling bad ass, not some weakling running 24/7, If you wanna be that go ahead, but I totally think Apocalypse should have room for skilled fighting. Otherwise I just don't find it fun, just boring and frustrating. We all play differently I guess ^^
  11. No you can move and attack with any weapon. if they disabled so you could move and attack, the weapon would become useless. I suppose that enduranceMod 3 is fine ^^
  12. I don't understand how I am anim cancelling? Do you mean when I move and hit with the weapon at the same time? Because if you stand still and swing it, you cant do anything until the animation has completed and I dont think that is intended.
  13. Yeah they could speed up the animation to turn I suppose, but I havn't had any problem with it really. With Keen hearing I dont have to look back much either, that trait has saved me many times ^^
  14. Yeah it's really satisfying to use. They could make it much rarer to balance I suppose
  15. Yup! If you move and swing the weapon is much better. Thanks to its great range, you can kite them like I showed in the video. Hit one zombie, walk away and hit another. Repeat until all zombies are dead Wood axe is my fav weapon
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