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  1. It's much better now! Although I noticed that sometimes when you try hit 2 zombies with a weapon that can hit 2 zombies like axe or pickaxe, it only hits 1 zombie, this happends quite often. But hitting 2 zombies when they are down works all the time.
  2. To be honest, the most fun I've had in zomboid is when I've been able to kill many zombies easily, feeling powerful and not some weakling that can't do anything, if something is too hard it gets boring quickly and just becomes frustrating. But I guess it's all about taste and opinion, some love it, some hate it. We all play differently
  3. Indeed, hope devs make Desentizied available for all, I mean you don't have to be a Veteran do be desentizied, a police officer could be that, or a unemployed, it depends on their past what happend to them. Maybe a character who is unemployed or a police officer or a fire man fought in a war previously and thus is desentizied ( Choosing the desentizied trait ) So yeah it makes sense having it available for everyone!
  4. Yeah guns are complete garbage right now. Even the trusty shotgun is worthless. I shot twice pointblank and the zombie still lives. Then firearm skills starts so low that you miss almost everyshot while almost every zombie in the whole game hears you and you suddenly have a massive horde. Not to mention the very low ammunition the game has too. Police officer and Veteran profession should start with higher Firearm skills, and Hunter trait should give +2 to firearms. Say Police officer +4 to firearms but costs 0 points Veteran +6 to firearms but dosn't have desitizied trait instead desitizied is available to everyone and costs 10 points This way Desentizied won't be locked to only Veteran, because I find myself playing only Veteran just for the trait and I think that is bad. Thick skin and Handy was previously exclusive to Contruction worker, but is now available to everyone and that is a very good change, same should be applied to Desentizied trait.
  5. Yes it did, but I just went through the door, didn't think there would be that many zombies inside and near the door too.
  6. Lol went into a gas station in west point, right when I entered the door there was about 4 zombies there right next to the door, I did not see them inside so the moment I went in, that instant death animation thing played and I died... Argh. It's insane. Problem is, I couldnt do anything, once they had grabbed me which they did instantly the moment I went through the door, it was game over. Maybe this is something can be balanced? Seems a little too unfair really.
  7. I would suggest a compromise for Apocalypse combat, make it so if a character has 10 Strenght, he will be able to hit 2 zombies with most weapons and push 2 zombies.
  8. Lemmy is patching this in an hour or so, so we should get build 40 level of zombies let's see how it goes after that.
  9. Thanks lemmy! You are the best <3 And yes I was playing on latest patch, always. Cheers!
  10. Man I can't play Zomboid anymore. I have been dying for hours over and over, It is just too hard. Apocalypse shit combat can't do anything and die. Survivial too many zombies and can't do anything either. In both modes it's just run forest run. Not fun at all. I guess I will have to stick to Sandbox, I suppose Apocalypse and Survivor isn't for me then.
  11. Survivor (Brawler) Is still ridicilous. Still Insane amount of zombies, I find it much harder than Apocalypse (Survivor). I feel that the sheer amount of extra zombies makes the better combat non-existent. Where ever I go, there is a huge horde of zombies, not even with the Katana am I gonna be able to dispatch them. Zombie population should only be slightly more than Apocalypse (Survivor) in my opinion. Because I just find myself constantly running because there is too much zombies
  12. Sorry! I just thought since you were here I would ask about that quickly
  13. Oh! Ah ha! Now I see it. Well that has never happend to me, if I have my mouse cursor behind my character's head, he would look behind right away Also is that mouse cursor some placeholder because it would look way better if it was some human hands rather than white pointy hands, also while aiming it would be nice if the mouse cursor would disappear (Could be an option, I just find the mouse cursor in the way when I'm meeleing and such)
  14. After looking at both videos Im still not sure exactly what the issue is, the combat in first video looks great and I can't recall any issues with combat really
  15. Nice update! What about crafted spears? they start with almost no durability which is weird...
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