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  1. versatile thing that can be useful both during hot and cold weather, additionally can protect protect against wind would spawn mainly in first aid kits
  2. option to mix colors and receive that ones that we need examples: 1 unit of red+1 unit of blue= 2 units of purple 1 unit of blue +1 unit of yellow= 2 units uf green 1 unit of black+1 unit of white= 2 units of gray 2 unit of black+1 unit of white= 3 units of dark gray 1 unit of black+2 unit of white= 3 units of light gray of course character would need something to mix them in-empty can or bucket and spoon or stick/branch for example if character have red,green,blue,black and white paint then he or she would be able to create any color,if only have
  3. character would be able to use welding equipment,skills and materials to install some modifications on cars -iron bars on windows- important thing in case of zombie apocalypse in my opinion,that would protect windows and character(if windows were broken) from zeds attacks until it breaks,it wont protect from bullets of course(i'm not sure that character in car can take damage from guns,so you can check it out if you are mythbusters :)) -reinforced bumper-thing designed for "vechicular manslaughter",protects regular bumper and headlights from damage and can take damage until it breaks
  4. wood shavings-side product of woodcutting(chopping down trees and carpentry),that can be used as good tinder (i tested it many times in real life) hay-character should be able to keep grass in his inventory after pulling it out of ground,after some time it will become dry and turn into hay that will burn perfectly both wood shavings and dry grass would become renewable tinder what would be especially useful if character is far from cities,or just in cases when we dont want to dispose magazines,newspapers etc.
  5. i suggested it long ago,both regular and rope variant,i think its only matter of time before indiestone will implement them
  6. very durable doors that would take more punishment before going down they would appear in three variants -full metal doors that nothing can see through them -metal doors with window secured with iron bars,additionally character would be able to stab and shoot through them -jail cell doors-i think everybody seen them in game all variants would be craftable by character,only if he or she have proper skills,tools and materials
  7. character should be able do use screws and screwdriver for attaching planks to windows and doors that would have course would take more time and effort but would be practically noiseless in return
  8. bedroll would be good one for this
  9. combat shotgun would be semi-automatic,what would mean higher rate of fire than standard shotgun although that one cannot be turned into sawn-off,and would be pretty hard to find(military bases police stations and their vechicles would sometimes contain them) clip size 7+1 i'm basing that idea on real life SPAS-12 shotgun
  10. if i'm not wrong i already suggested somewhere aluminium bat,it would be nice to see that variant in game
  11. varmint and hunting rifle should be able to penetrate more than one zombie at once (maybe around from 2 to 3)allowing to perform more than one kill at once,they should be enough powerful to pierce them
  12. i totally agree with this,they should be able to break their legs,and eventually die from fall damage caused by smashing head on ground (harder ground like asphalt or concrete would mean higher damage,what would make difference if they would fall from lower floors)
  13. not bad idea,but it should also depend from worn footwear(or lack of it)
  14. probably sounds like any RPG thing but it's not on my mind. i know that low temperature can already slow down zeds but that should depend from how their state of putrification; old,slower,weaker,dehydrated and more decayed zeds would be less affected by freezing but fire would take them out faster fresh,faster,stronger,and not dehydrated would be more affected by low temperature but in return fire would take them down slower additionaly during below zero temperatures(celcius degrees) zombies(at least some of them)should be able to completely freeze and be unable do do anyth
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