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  1. we should be able to make push zombies over low fences and make them flip on the other side of it, would be useful in combat and would be funny as well :)
  2. character should be able to deal more damage against zombies if they aren't moving and standing still as well as much higher chance to knock them down and deal critical hit, as is much easier to hit not moving target (more accurate hits) and that would apply both for melee and ranged weapons but would work only if zombies are unaware of our presence, besides in default settings of severity of attacks from behind is high for our character, so it should somehow apply for zeds as well
  3. it would be good as well for not-deaf ones as we are currently unable to estimate from what direction currently sounds come like outside gunshots, screams or zombies especially sometimes is hard to tell where they could be,they still moan and bangs windows/doors. currently only shaking doors and TV descriptions are only visual indicators right now, rest of sounds can be still heard but hell knows where it coming from,also sounds can be quieter or louder depending how far our character is from sound source but it's still not enough
  4. currently we have three ways to take out zeds: smash their skulls mith melee (including stabbingwith short blades and spears), shooting them and burning them to ashes and here's idea for another way-decapitating them with machetes and katanas but it would work only if character wielding katana/machete and if zombie is standing/walking, not if it's knocked down in this case character would try to smash skull as usual. let's be real here it would be easier to slice through zombie neck rather than just chopping their skull, besides seeing zombie losing it's head would be definitively something worth of watching
  5. well we would just have to create clothing with thread and needle and pieces of clothing, as ex part-time tailor i can say it can take some time to create something via hand sewing but it's not very hard and impossible,long time ago i've even once created padded vest with zipper for my dachshund during winter that way :), of course sewing machine could be implemented as well. on beginning we would be able to create simple clothing such as simple cloth bags and bandanas but if we develop tailoring further we would be able to create more advanced things like padded and leather clothing and backpacks
  6. as i remember long ago devs claimed it as something they won't introduce, it is probable that they changed their mind
  7. devs already claimed that they won't introduce it to game
  8. currently tailoring is limited to repairing clothes,attaching pieces of cloth/jeans/leather to them and ripping them apart, so tailoring should be developed further by giving us options to create our own clothes and bags
  9. they are,but they also can be made with beeswax, additionaly i have one IRL
  10. technically you could punch zombies effectively with steel knuckles and even break their jaws and additionaly cover hands with for example welding gloves to protect them but considering how close you would have to come to them it would be too risky
  11. currently only way to repair broken window is to remove other undamaged window with crowbar, so here's alternate solution what would allow to replace broken glass with new one,character would first remove broken glass,then adjust and put new glass pane
  12. character would be able to build beehives, then place honeycombs with bees there, carpentry skill would be required in order to build them, proper gear would be required for our character to avoid being stung, after some time bees will produce honey that could be gathered to jars for example
  13. they would attack zombies of course, but lets not forget wolves ale carnivorous not scavengers so i dont think they would want to eat their rotten meat
  14. container that is commonly used by fishermans, would contain fishing lines and fishing tackles
  15. i also considered decreasing push effect on zombies further behind,for example zombie pushed away directly by our character would be pushed back with 100% force,zombies behind him would be pushed with 50% force and have 50% less chance to be knocked down then further zombies would be pushed with 25% strenght and with 75% less chance to be knocked down and even further would be practically unaffected also distance between zombies would also matter-the further distance between them the weaker domino effect would be
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