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  1. MrTrololo


    something useful if we would want to attract zombies for further distances without wasting ammo,if equipped in any hand slot,shouts assigned to Q key would be louder and easier to hear by anything-powered by batteries of course and can be usually found on police stations and in police cars
  2. MrTrololo

    New location-junkyard

    location that definitely should appear in game,it would be at least in theory paradise for everyone who wants to weld and level up in this,would contain wrecked cars,cubes made from scrap metal(can be dismantled with crowbar)tools in poor condition,severly degraded car parts,old fridges,old baths but also materials in good shape like small and big metal sheets,tubes,pipes,metal spikes etc. trailer that acts as office,and toolshed with tools required to dismantle metal things would also appear ah... and we shouldn't forget about junk crusher that would rather be just unusable object
  3. character should be able to pull out from water certain non-fish item with fishing rod like: -branch -twigs -dirty rags -tin cans -sometimes crankbaits lost by pre-apocalyptic fishermans long ago well... lets just say,mostly trash
  4. MrTrololo


    some time passed since we have maps but currently ther are not very useful, at least for me,but compass would change this: position of character would be displayed on map(assuming character checking proper one)if compass is in eq. of course would be useless without any maps. that would be useful feature for example mark already looted places or to know how to get to certain places
  5. MrTrololo


    sometimes if we are lucky we can find medkit filled with everything we need to patch up character,so here's idea to add to game toolbox that contains following items: -claw hammer -screwdriver -box of nails -hacksaw -box of screws currently i have no other ideas what more items it should contain base capacity?lets say 15 and 15% of weight reduction if equipped cars,garages and hardware stores would be places where it can be found
  6. MrTrololo

    Car trailer

    can be attached to car if trailer is near of it and both are placed properly ,increased capacity,weight and fuel consumption,decreased top speed and acceleration,characters would be able to take seat in trailer,it can detach if you perform wrong reversing
  7. "skeleton" was used to be human in early stages of apocalypse,but he were hunted down by zeds and all what's left from him is skeleton with some flesh,muscles and internal organs,lets just say that he were consumed alive,very slow and very weak, can walk,crawl or cannot move at all,but obviously never would be able to jog,run or sprint regardless on game settings
  8. warnings about buildings and places infested by zombies written on walls and fences with paint and/or blood written by some peoples before they died here's few examples: -"they are here" -"beware of the dead" -"dead inside" that signs would appear randomly on maps in places filled with zeds,just like houses barricaded not by players
  9. MrTrololo

    New type of spear

    theorethically spear can be completely metal,impact with this would be harder because of weight,but also would be quite heavy and probably hard to handle
  10. now something on example from my real life-i worked in small company,and when everyone finished their jobs one of authorised person had to turn on alarm,and turn off next day,but of course that person have to enter inside and enter into motion sensor,but alarm never turns of instantly ,but with small delay something around 30 seconds,that allow to type proper code to turn off alarm before it triggers
  11. MrTrololo

    New type of spear

    here's new weapon that should appear in game-spear with metal tip,and that would mean more damage and much higher durability here's crafting recipe idea: -welding mask -propane torch -welding rods -1x metal tube -2x scrap metal -1x metal bar -1x branch
  12. MrTrololo

    "Soft Landing"

    character should be able to place pile of matress somewhere where need to quickly jump out(from higher floors to be accurate)then he or she can land safely,can be not bad alternative for rope sheet,optionally matresses can be throw down through windows. alternatively character would be able to craft hay bales from collecting tall grass and use them instead matresses
  13. MrTrololo

    Shotgun slugs

    second type of ammo for shotgun that should appear in game-significant(maybe even highest)ranged damage-but only one bullet per shot unlikely to standard shells
  14. MrTrololo


    Something what would be useful in multiplayer games-player would be able to teach another player by performing actions near him welding,carpentry,cooking etc. Then that player would receive some proper XP just by watching actions(would only work if teacher is more experienced than student),also teachers would be able to teach students recipes currently unknown to them,he would have to craft item near him and repeat it certain amount of times before student finally got it(slow learner and fast learner would also affect it)it would be also the only way to teach illiterates new recipes
  15. MrTrololo

    more weapons

    it's really starting to be a buttpain(at least for me),because since(probably)beginning no new weapons were added and here is few ideas: -knuckles-not deadly as much like other weapons,but better than nothing,character will punch(only one zombie simultaneously)instead only pushing when using LBM and that will deal damage,eventually kill both zombie and other player -hatchet-lkie fireaxe but one handed and less damage output -lead pipe-obtainable by dismantling water instalations like showers,toilets,sinks etc. -revolver-higher damage per shot than pistol and lower firerate and 6 rounds magazine -submachine gun-automatic weapon that consumes 9mm ammo -pickaxe-for now no more uses other than a weapon -machete-can be used like knives,except jawstabbing,can be swung -assault rifle along with 5,56mm ammo -lupara-double barrel version of saw off and shorter what equals even wider spread of buckshot -bows and crossbows(something what should be added long ago,silent ranged weapons with recollectable arrows and bolts) -police baton-light and durable,but low damage -meat cleaver-only knife that character would swing instead stabbing obviously