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  1. i know it and that's why i'm talking about to take high ground in order to see where our rc car goes
  2. pretty good idea, also we should be able to encounter zeds locked in cars during exploration
  3. people can lift minigun and you can check out fpsrussia on youtube, but weight is not even worst issue-minigun consumes extreme amounts of ammo in very short amount of time( 3000 bullets per minute- 50 bullets per second) so how we are suppose to find enough ammo for it during apocalyptic conditions? great power comes with great cost
  4. there is simple solution for that, allowance option to be spectator what gonna prevent unauthorized players to use it for their advantage ,dead players gonna have to request others to be their spectator, then player can accept or reject that request
  5. just an area close to water and short list of obtainable items -fishing line (not very hard to find and i can confirm it as amateur fisherman IRL,can be both find on ground and can be pulled out of water via fishing rod) -reeds as edible plant that grows near water it has edible stalks -trash and items common everywhere else
  6. we should be able to use fishing line and needle to stitch deep wounds, would be especially useful if we have them but didn't obtained thread somehow (by the way if i were forced by circumstances to stitch myself up i would prefer fishing line, besides regular threads and fabrics can stick into wounds)
  7. I see here another and pretty funny way to distract and even lure away zombies from various places, we would need RC car, car remote and batteries for both (gasoline model also can be considered) and set both on the same channel to work (A , B , C), character would be vulnelable to attacks during operating RC, so relatively safe place to operate should be considered,higher storeys and buildings roofs would be good ones as they are not only safe from zeds but also provide good view
  8. love this idea and i've even suggested it few years ago, just imagine that we would be able to travel through sewage systems to various parts of map and literally sneak under zeds noses, although we would stil encounter some of them there,but not that much as on surface,i also got idea for few features: -manhole that require to uncover in order to enter sewers and would require proper tool like crowbar, some would be already uncovered, zombies on surface can get to severs just by falling down uncover manholes but they would be unable to get out as zombies are unable to use ladders in most zombie games/movies (but first devs must implement functional ladders) -source of tainted rainwater -very high chance to get rats and mouses via mousetraps
  9. alarms in buildings in real life won't activate instantly before it happens it gives (at least in case known by me from real life) short "beep" sound warning and you would have around 30 seconds to act somehow, you gonna have to either leave area and hide before swarms arrive with additional 30 seconds OR to deactivate alarm via control panel by entering correct password, incorrect one will trigger alarm instantly, it would be located near entrance doors, zombies near buildings would have codes written on paper sheets, in addition at least some builings should contain signs that warns about alarm system
  10. considering the fact that i've created once mouse trap with small plank, spring and thick piece of steel wire i must disagree about non-craftability of it
  11. something what most of us needs in game, probably all of you seen how fire is capable to digest something it definitely shouldn't like metal fences or brick walls, so some objects and items should be partially or completely immune to fire like stuctures entirely made of metal, additionaly i remember how one of zeds with impaled crowbar on him just turned into ashes and crowbar as well, and that was pretty ridiculous additionaly certain clothes should provide partial protection against fire, both for player and zombies and i mean here anything that wear firefighter suits and leather parts of clothing (would drain HP at slower rate,where firefighters suits would provide most protection from it)
  12. MrTrololo


    character should be able to obtain clay by digging with showel/trowel and here's few recipes ideas: -various clay pots,mugs,vases etc. they could be used as decoration but also to store water and/or collect rainwater, all would require hardening py putting them into oven/campfire -clay bricks that could be used with cement mix to make very sturdy walls (it's rather matter of time before devs implements them considering fact that we have bag of cement in game) -stone furnance made with clay,stones and metal pipes that would work like antique ovens in cabins, but unlikely to them it can't be picked up,instead it will break (100% chance to break in attempt to pick up) and drop some materials
  13. oh i didn't noticed earlier so thanks :) but they should appear in rest of towns anyway
  14. can be used to help in treatment of broken bones and would be more efficient than splint, here's the idea for ingredients -Bag of Plaster Powder -few units of water -lot of bandages would require hammer to take it off and obviously won't be reusable like splint
  15. something what certainly at least some of people would want in game,walls would be made of glass, roof would be tin, would contain bench and small trash can next to it, in addition character could tace cover there from rain and/or rest if exhausted, oh and don't forget about posters, announcements, etc. attached to it
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