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  1. character should comment some situations here's few examples locked doors: -damn it's locked -i wouldn't enter that way -i have no key smell of zombie corpses: -ewww... stinks badly here -thats really nasty sight of non-zombified corpse: -so... you gave up huh? -i'm so sorry whoever you are -i guess that you have chosen easy way huh? rare and useful items such weapons or ammo: -hell yeah -what we've got here -this will come handy -hello -no...way... suprised by zeds: -swears(rather censored if it would disturb anyone in anything)
  2. currently the only modification for baseball bat is turning it into nailed baseball bat and here's coming two new ideas from me: -barbed wire bat: ...and yeah im refering here to "lucille" infamous negan barbed wire baseball bat from The Walking Dead,it won't make any difference against zombies,but it will scratch yet living entities and would cause bleeding in result -chained bat chain wrapped around baseball bat and attached to it.slightly increased damage,weight and higher chance to knock down enemy,at cost of slightly higher stamina usage would be effective both in PvP and against zeds
  3. Ingriedients: 1x machete 1x small pipe 1x branch or sturdy stick thread,rope or cloth fragment slashing weapon with range combarable to spears,what else can i say?
  4. charater would be able to prepare jam if he or she have any fruits(including berries obtained by foraging),glass jars,glass caps and sugar,it would be good source of slow perishable food,also heat source and cooking pot with water would be neccesary would be especially nice to be able to prepare some for winter
  5. character would be able to perform hip firing(shoot without RMB holding),that would allow character to move with regular speed and shoot at the same time,but fire would be less accurate,would be practically useless with pistols and rifles,but at least in theory would be useful with shotguns(especially sawed-off ones). rather something for people who would like to play in crowd control with entire horde
  6. character would be able to find gun parts in some places,and even assemble complete one if he have proper knowledge optionally parts can be used to repair weapons by using proper parts(replacing degraded ones with parts with better condition) also he would be able to dismantle guns for parts(screwdriver required) repairing gun by that way wouldn't increase repair counter,because we only replacing parts example parts: -barrel -receiver -firing pin -spring -trigger system -bolt(for rifles) character would be also able to create wooden stock for shotgun or rifle if he have materials and tools
  7. if character would lose bigger amount of blood,then he would become physically weaker(decreased strenght,and stamina for example),the more blood he or she lost the weaker he or she will became,health bar would be also lowered,that debuff will slowly disappear with time(slightly faster when character is well fed),to negate or get rid off that debuff faster,character would be able to perform transfusion on himself by using blood bag looted somewhere or on multi our friend would be able to pump out some his blood into blood bag kit and you know rest... i know,in real life we can't forget about groups of blood but... for example:character lost lots of blood and he stopped bleeding just in time,then he going to sleep,next day(excluding wound) he just feels like nothing happened. Isn't that pretty weird?
  8. MrTrololo


    can be used as a light source and as melee weapon that can set enemy on fire ingriedients: 1x branch or sturdy stick 5x cloth fragment(that doesn't matter that they are clean or not) fuel or some sort of oil that would extend burning time
  9. it would be useful to distract zombies by making noises with them and to throw straight into their faces,eventually knock them down,deal damage,eventually kill in some cases,but most important thing for me is to lure with them to me one by one by directly hitting them,and to slowly take out bigger groups pretty safely
  10. it's probably only matter of time to implement that profession to game but i'll write something about it Tailor would be experienced in creating many things with cloth and repairing them(jackets,bags etc)lots types of clothing were added recently,so why not
  11. alternative for picking up objects such furniture and placing them in another place,instead character would be able to move objects without taking them to inventory would be especially useful in cases when we must block entrance for zeds as quickly as it possible(for example we are in room with doors and next to is fridge and suddenly group of zeds banging to doors,then character would be able to push,pull or drag fridge on front of entrance and earn some time)
  12. then i didn't found nor noticed that in game,but thanks for the info anyway
  13. character would be able to turn wood log into not bad baseball with any axe and/or machete i've seen once in real life how somebody created one
  14. MrTrololo


    additional option available during character creation,what more can i say?
  15. suit that would protect character from rain and infected blood splashes,but will slightly reduce field of view,also wouldn't be the best protection against biting and scratching the same things with raincoat,but unlikely to hazmat suit it wouldn't protect from blood splashes completely(face would be uncovered to be accurate) both of them would be easy to clean and rain can partially remove blood and dirt
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