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  1. new blunt weapons

    pipe wrench-relatively slow but deal high damage lead pipe-can be found in garages,warehouses etc. also can be obtained by dismantling showers,baths and sinks more durable and higher damage than plank
  2. Diabetic trait

    consuming anything what contains sugar can be dangerous for character +6 points
  3. New gun

    double barrel-works like shotgun but it's semi auto gun what equals higher rate of fire,but holds only two bullets at once,would use shotgun ammo,can be also turned into one handed sawn off
  4. hand grenade

    something what should appear because non-engineer character can't craft pipe bombs so at least should be able to rarely find them or substitute
  5. Meat drying

    there is new way to preserve meat from spoil by simply drying it,but dry meat would be less nutritious than fresh ones,zombies would be capable to steal meat if rack would not be secured
  6. Night vision googles

    something what allow to see in darkness and wouldn't attract zombies unlike to flashlight,but would reduce field of view like in real life and of course would need batteries to work
  7. Rain protection

    Umbrella-carried in one hand-character become wet slower than normal Rain suit-rain coat,rain hat-works like umbrella and if suit and umbrella are used together effect of protection from wettnes will stack,and because it's waterproof rain suit could also protect wounded character from infected blood
  8. Stone furnance

    here is my idea how to use currently useless bag of cement-furnance working like campfire,but safe to use near flammable objects and placeable indoors safely,but would require to lead smoke outside by pipes,otherwise would harm character like generator turned on inside required items: 20x stone 5 units of cement 5x pipe
  9. New type of zombie

    special and superhuman zombies are confirmed as no,but human can become fat,so zombie also,that mean fat zombie is not counted in that grops
  10. head flashlight

    works like normal flashlight,but both of hand are free of course
  11. New type of zombie

    bloated/fat zombie-because he's heavier than rest of zombies he would be slower,but harder to push back and harder to knock down
  12. Commonly Suggested Suggestions

    what about anti-zombie traps?
  13. 1.Machete 2.Katana that weapons weapons are not made to smash zombies skulls,so new way to kill them would be needed-decapitation
  14. spraypaint

    painting on ground also would be useful to help in navigation and painting shapes to sign containers
  15. Bangers-works like molotov or smoke bomb-lighter is needed to ignite,we can throw them further from us to make noise and distract zombies,i know we can do that by shooting,but its safer when noise become further from us,we have higher chance to hide unnoticed Fireworks rockets-we cat put them into ground and ignite,we would have few seconds to get away before zeds income,besides you know how that would work Slingshot-item essential to distract single zeds,can hit zombie and attract him to shooter,small object can be used as ammo,for example gravel stones ,slingshot would not deal any damage to zombies