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  1. ZombieHunter

    [Answered] Where are the Object Image files for the Core game?

    For anyone who needs the Answer: First you need to download https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/3511-pz-unpacker/ Then go to Zomboid\media\texturepacks Unpack UI.pak and UI2.pak Images should be a 32 x 32 png image with transparent background for icons.
  2. ZombieHunter

    Advanced Zedonometry

    I love reading these technical posts, I know a few indie devs that do it. Factorio guys do it often and Starbound Devs used to do it in Early Access So if you want to do more, no issue from me.
  3. ZombieHunter

    CLH - Russian Retexture | КЛХ - Русские Ретекстуры

    Even though I have no idea what is written, the art it sellf looks great! Nice job guys.
  4. ZombieHunter

    Flashlight isn't working properly \ Dark is way to dark

    That's great. Anyway I love the game either way. Keep up the great work.
  5. Hi, I am trying to make my first mod, but I want to use some of the core images and have no idea where they are. ( For example the Backpack Icon, Rope Icon, etc ) I check Zomboid \ Media but can't seem to find it. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
  6. ZombieHunter

    Upcoming Combat Changes is a bad Idea

    While in Theory that may sound true ( zombies being deaf or distracted ) in practice it is not what i am seeing. Me and my friend have been trying all the new updates religiously cause we love the game and play on Survival mode. ( All detection settings set to normal ) If we walk within 15 - 20 tiles of a zombie even if they are turned around and not seeing us they immediately turn around and start shambling \ running toward us. We had a case day before yesterday. We were in a room with all the windows with curtains and simply standing in a corner doing nothing. Roughly staying in this room for 5 hours ( started at 22:00 )a horde came to our door at 2:30 am. This was like 15 - 20 zombies. For no apparent reason, just beelined at our door. It was by sheer luck we survived. If there was a "Tolerance" system it isn't working as it should. There is a difference between difficulty and frustrating and players do need some sort of reasonable awareness \ counter to be able to deal with these situations especially since one bite is death. There still is a lot of extremely bizarre behavior by zombies. For example, to test it I built a log wall just a single piece of log wall next to my house. The helicopter came and for no reason, the Zombies kept attacking that log wall like it was their mortal enemy. This log wall was in the middle of the street not connected to anything - I just wanted to see what would happen. To make things worse, I ran outside starting using my scream button ( Q - used in the tutorial ) They refused to chase me, they just kept attacking that log wall as if their lives depended on it )
  7. ZombieHunter

    Flashlight isn't working properly \ Dark is way to dark

    I reduced Darkness to 0.5 actually for the screenshot. If the shaders are being designed around them, shouldn't the option to disable shaders temporarily disabled \ permanently be removed in that case??
  8. ZombieHunter

    Flashlight isn't working properly \ Dark is way to dark

    I feel like that severity cap needs a second look, or should be configurable server side.
  9. Thank you for taking the time to write up the tutorial, was immensely helpful.
  10. ZombieHunter

    AI driven map making

    The system exists and used by major companies like Apple Maps and Google Maps already. That is how they are able to have accurate maps on roadways for quite a while now .
  11. This is me at 23:00 at night - with a flashlight on. It may look like a block bear on a new moon, but you can see that tiny bit of bookshelf. The darkness needs to be toned down 9000% - it used to be fine before the whole weather. Now its like the sun blew up and light no longer exists.
  12. ZombieHunter

    Sound Markers Pings

    One thing that will help players both those hard of hearing and those not would be "sound pings" of loud noises. Such as when a zombie knocks on a door or barricade a "ping" appears that refreshes every 3s. These pings can also be played when a zombie "moans" when not in direct sight line. So you know something is coming from behind you. Zombies aren't ninjas, they don't try to sneak up on people they are incapable of advanced thought. So this would help especially with survival in the new combat system.
  13. I feel when the power gets out indoors become way to pitch black. Coming from a person who lived in a house for 20+ years I know for a fact that it is not pitch black in the morning, none of the lights in my house are on until late at night. To prevent overly complex lighting algorithm and since indoor lighting is separate. I think the light should have a "minimum" light level during daylight hours and clear weather.
  14. ZombieHunter

    Silencer / Suppressor Mod

    Thanks, I will post all the information you provided to steam to help others!
  15. ZombieHunter

    Silencer / Suppressor Mod

    Thanks, I found the ORGM settings - I am running a dedicated server and found the ORGM.ini file but it is 0kb, I am guessing it only saves the changes. So I will have to manually edit it in SP then copy that file onto my dedicated?