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  1. Can't sleep near corpses. Always find a nice safe clean place to sleep
  2. Or. Turn on admin mode and become invulnerable. No need to worry about copying and pausing.
  3. I am not saying don't add new stuff. More like - Polish up old stuff first then focus on adding more. Adding new features to old content is still "new content" in the end of the day.
  4. A lot of old content really needs some love and adding all this liquid splitting and animals seem like adding "more stuff" for sake of stuff. To give multiple examples The whole "Smoke Bomb" - uses an insanely rare resource ice pack. In 500 hours of Zomboid you know how many ice packs I found? 1. Cars for example is another piece of content that needs move. There are parts of cars that can't be replaced. Nor are there any anti-zombie "modifications" to cars. Which is something that I am sure alot of people will appreciate. Such as putting bars on Cars. Speaking of cars - Cars getting stuck and moving 1mph on shrubs even though it has a 350 hp engine? and offroad wheels? Cars Weight \ Tires \ Engine - should be deciding factor how fast it can go offroad - with things like a Cow Catcher being able to destroy saplings outright without daming the engine. Another issue is building There are no really creative barricades players have access to. Like setting up Spiked Barricades in the street running between them and watching zombies skewer them selves as they chase you. Instead players get access to questionable traps like pipebombs and noise makers. Weapons again - lack any real customization Not being able to reinforce parts to add durability Only a few weapons can be modified to make it more deadly. Would really appreciate seeing old content getting a refresh to make it worth while. Cause right now there is a ton of old content that is just rarely used, or just frustrating mechanic choices.
  5. You can disable infection in sandbox settings if you want to
  6. it isn't easy as you think - there quite a few disadvantages. Also if you are having a potato PC now - by the time Final Release of Zomboid comes out - you should probably be able to get a better PC by then. I am guessing at least 4 more years before official launch
  7. While adding "New" content is fine, I think there should be a more focus on adding more to existing content. Especially with Blacksmithing coming out in 42 The Ability to Modify Cars to make it more zombie resistant. Adding a Cow Catcher or Bullnose Front Bomber to allow players to protect their engine block. Add Bars to Car windows. Hydraulic skirts that activate when parked to prevent zombies from crawling under it. ( full custom job ) The ability to modify weapons to not only add durability ( reinforcing shafts \ plating edges \ etc ) and make them more deadly. Ex Fire Axe with a weight strapped to back - adds a bit more stamina drain - can't be used for cutting trees anymore. But gives insane damage bonus against zombies and doors. Ability to modify armor Magazine arm pads and leg pads Home Building Cheval de frise - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheval_de_frise Etc
  8. One of the most annoying features of the game is how little trees DRAMATICALLY slow down cars to a crawl. A 3 ton car \ truck is going to uttery destroy the tree This gets worse during erosion - which is on overdrive and how fast new trees grow. Just like life - when a lot of people "travel' through a path it inhibits growth. Since it isn't practical to constantly track movement - the 2nd best option is to kill of sprouts as things walk \ drive over it.
  9. I think one thing that could make a massive impact on the game using tile meta data to track zombie heat density in giving the information to the player through radio. So after 1 month - Zombie Radio appears In it - it tracks high density heat zones and relays information such as "Zone C4 - showing large population 2 quadrants radius ( so B2 to D6 ) moving eastward. If anyone in those areas I strongly suggest leaving soon" So heat map ( not visible ot players ) generates zombies slowly moving in about 2 tiles per day from West to East This information is constantly tracked by "Zombie Radio" to help keep survivors safe. Zombie Radio eventually needs help in ways of supplies after 6 months and takes donations. By keeping "Radio" supplied - you get more accurate and constant updates. Such a feature would not only add some serious excientital threat. Also make the world feel alive. Though for balance you are warned 2 - 3 days in advance of major movements and hotzones can't spawn appear near player.
  10. When Zombies are attacking windows - the Spear can do a ground stab animation Unrelated Details: One zombie started in "laying down resting position and got up" the other zombie walked from nearby. I was Host Normal Spear no attachments Location is Westpoint Bar under the Gunstore on North East corner of westpoint Windows had 4 plank barricade
  11. If it were a zombie corpse I would just be dragging it on the ground, wouldn't bother picking it up.
  12. It would be a nice feature and quite feasible to make a DIY Fuel Tank expansion for generator. It wouldn't even need much new coding as it could use same code as Rain water collector and sinks. Barrel + Hose + Generator + Wrench. It would just drain barrel through gravity straight into the generator tank. One less task for player to constantly worry about is always a good QoL feature. This compensated by the amount of time and trips it would take player to fill up the barrel. Yes it is realistic Generator External Tanks - are not uncommon though they use a Vacuum Pump instead of Gravity.
  13. Yes because it would require making assets for every single car individually right now. Which would take a considerable amount of time. Though they said they will look into adding it - but no ETA
  14. Your character can't carry more than 50 lbs total. So unless your friend is a kid - there isn't much hope.
  15. Right now First Aid - is just a 2nd thought in gameplay mechanic and Zombie Infection is flip of the coin Mechanics ( For game that requires massive MMO level grinding even with boosters some respite is needed for players ) What would be interesting is if Zombie Infection was more of controlled and more diseases were prevalent as compensation. First Aid Changes: ============== Player now gets XP for "Identifying" the disease + Identifying Progression of disease ( medical checkup ) + Treatment of Disease. Zombie Infection using something similar to State of Decay 2 Blood Plague Mechanics ============ So a single bite isn't going to kill you But each bite \ injury inflicted by a zombie does randomly increase the the infection chance. Scratch ( 1 - 5% ) Laceration ( 5 - 15% ) Bite ( 40 - 60% ) The infection meter will slowly decrease over time by maintaining good health ( Ranging from 0.1% to 5% per day - based on Fittness, First Aid, Nutrition ) Once it reaches 100% there is no hope. What does this Do? It respects player time and investment. So they can have some respite and a way to save themselves. There can always be a server option for HC players - one bite one death. Parasites =========== Zombie Attacks now have chance of giving Parasites Which result in Increased Food Consumption Treated with Anti Parasite \ Herbal Remedy Will leave by it self after 7 days if untreated Uncleaned wounds chance of Bacterial Infection ============ Making Disinfectant and Clean bandages important Antibiotics - 100% Chance to remove infection single use Herbal Remedy - 50% Chance per day to remove infection Disinfectant - 40% Chance per day to remove infection Soap and water - 20% chance per day to remove infection Bacterial infection causes minor weakness to area affected + minor pain Viral Fever ============ Increased Water Consumption Temperature increased ( Heats up more easily ) Suffers moderate hit to Stamina Herbal Remedy decreases Temperature Pain Killers decreases temperature Recovery time based on Fittness + First aid of player affected ( 2 days to 5 days ) Sprain ============ Running with heavy load \ tripping - Depends on fitness level of affected and First aid of player applying bandagel Decrease movement Speed + Pain Treated with Ripped Sheets + pain killers ( Based on first aid skill recovery time from 1 day to 5 days ) Herbal Treatment reduces recovery time by 25% Toxic Gas =========== Use Mask to Prevent Toxic Gas in anywhere with many dead bodies - or military combat areas Results in Vomitting ( Temporary stun + Water loss ) + Decreased Vision Recovery 24 - 48 hours based on persons Fittness and First aid Skill level of person affected Summary: I think such changes would not only improve First Aid - But make death less flip of a coin and will respect players time and investment into the character.
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