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  1. Who is crying bad mechanics are bad mechanics. Your excuse is a classic cop out.
  2. Its planned for a future update - they talked about it a few months back they were still prototyping ideas. So You might see it in probably like update 43
  3. Its been in Early Access for almost a decade.
  4. Kids are a No. You can see all the features Devs have said No and Yes to here ( click on the arrow top right of the embed to go to page ( weird I know ) ;
  5. Explosions happen in movies - also it is near empty gas tanks which explode not full tanks. If you shot a Fuel Drum Full of Fuel you would not have an explosion ( I know Michael Bay lied to you all this time ) If you have a Fuel Drum with 10% fuel and sitting outside for some time and shoot it - has a higher chance of explosion ( Crazy I know ) The reason is Fuel catches fire, but it is the Gas ( as in state of matter ) which is explosive. ================== With that said people should be able to carry fuel in plastic bags. https://quintanaroohoy.com/mexico/ahora-transportan-huachicol-hasta-en-bolsas-de-plastico-en-puebla/
  6. I agree its a really annoying mechanic zombies attacking your base for no apparent reason, I have been mentioning it for more then a year. I remember a Dev replied one time saying something along the lines as, "This isn't intentional behaviour - they are programmed just to attack destructible items as they randomly bump into it - the problem is zombies spawn around the player which causes a higher chance of them bumping into it. This "Bumping into it" is what results in a chain reaction since the noise a zombie bumping makes attracts more zombies resulting in a domino effect. ----- The solution I proposed at the time I believe was make various attack strengths of zombies So Regular bumping not only does no damage - but after 4 - 5s they stop and wander off if they get no response. So it still has the same "effect" of terror but not the annoying damage consequences. This also creates "counter-play" by shutting down all noise in the building to let the zombie "wander off"
  7. You should probably take a break from the game - play other games like Dying Light, Metal Gear Survive, State of Decay 2 Come back after NPC update drops
  8. Personally when it comes to Zombie Games my rating would have been Dying LIght 1 ( Haven't played 2 yet ) State of Decay 2 ( excited for state of decay 3 - and yes they fixed a lot of issues on SoD 2 ) MGS Survive - ( It gets a bad rap but has amazing mechanics ) Then Project Zomboid The problem with zomboid in my opinion it feels like it prioritizes realism over fun ( randomly - more on that below ) and quantity over quality. Combat is Essentially RNG Zombies randomly attack buildings you are in even if you make no noise. Inventory is basically an Excel Spread sheet Then Random applications of Realism For example so many kitchens have no knives ( Intentional? bug? oversight? no idea ) 54% of people from Kentucky in real life own a gun. Realistically speaking every other zombie should have a gun or bullet. Yet nearly 3,300 tons of fire arms are non existent. Basically Zomboid is a great idea - having a big open world survival. but I think its focusing on all the wrong places and need to focus on more creative solutions for the player to deal with zombie threat.
  9. Yes and it would be great to fix these issues before 1.0 Hits. Since I am giving them the exact location - it should be an easy fix.
  10. Location: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.5391728724312648,0.30166300326974493,190.7924332881379 Issue: The window on the left side of the House is Unpathable due to the Arm Char too close to the kitchen Cabinet
  11. Its still done by Fuel Stick. The reason being 1. Its 100% reliable. 2. It can be done immediately on drop off 3. It doesn't require having special truck and special hoses so there is universal standard The gauges you are thinking about is probably for Gas station owners to know if there is a leak There is also a an audio sensor for the Driver to know when the tank is full ( but in most cases the station owner orders a specific amount of gas, so its rare for it to spill.
  12. That's the thing, you really don't each individual item to have its own recipes. You can use a Smarter Efficient system by using simple tag ( backend ) For example any item tagged as "packed" automatically gets an unpack option. While items tagged with: packable have an option to be "packed" a separate line added to packquantity - to determine how many. This would cut down heavily on recipe lists.
  13. One thing that might be nice is Gas stations having a Fuel tank, You need to use a crowbar to lift the lid but once you do that right click to check gas level. Which reports how many barrels of gas remains in the gas station reservoir tank.
  14. One of things which really irks me is the GUI for crafting. It's just massive and not in a good way because of all the redundancy ( unpacking an item is "crafting " ) Crafting Tables - which can be made or found in garages of houses \ industries \ etc would help clean up alot of the crafting GUI. Especially if you had specific recipes for benches and improved efficiency recipes for said tables. For example player with a log + Saw can only make 2 planks for 1 log. If you use a Carpenter Bench you make 5 planks for 1 log.
  15. They are also against the idea of Solar Panels - so that's out the question.
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