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    Water/Swim Mechanics

    Bring a Towel - problem solved. Also they don't need to "soak" for long you can build a 1 tile bridge next to land with 1 block empty. Would be drop in, get out. Actually it is about as easy as that. You build 3 tiles - from land to water. Then destroy 1 tile connecting land to water. You don't need to even build "large bridge" of zombies simply need literally 3 tiles. After that you are perfectly safe cause there is 1 tile broken and no way to walk across. How do I know this? That's how I make my base in the town next to the River. You have 2 towns easily next to you thanks to that. Can easily go into town in the day and come back at night and break the tile behind you preventing them from coming across. They could, but that would make the feature pointless since there is very little water to begin with. The real problem is you have a good idea but issue is actually the map and not your idea. If the Map was not so demanding toward reality, you could add more swamps and lakes into the map where there are huge swaths of the forest - making your idea a lot more useful.
  2. ZombieHunter

    Water/Swim Mechanics

    The main issue here is players will simply build bases on the water and swim in and out of it. Since they no longer have to worry about zombies attacking it. Also last time the River Froze in Kentucky was 1976.
  3. ZombieHunter

    Holster System + Gear Wheel

    One thing I felt was very unrealistic is how a person has to go through the GUI to equip different items. If I have a flashlight in my pocket, I am going to know its on my pocket. I am not going to root through different items in alphabetical order to reach it. Introducing the Holster System + Gear Wheel. The Holster System The Holster System consists of 4 variations 2 - 1 handed slots 1 - 2 handed slot 2 - 2 handed slots 4 - 1 handed slots The speed and amount equipable of holster and equipment switching is based on what you are wearing. Different Types of Holsters 1. Basic - Pant Pockets + backpack This is the slowest and has a chance of fumbling if you are in a panic state. Fumbling has a small chance of you to drop the item on the ground when switching It takes 3s to switch between the 2 handed, and 2 1 handed items 2. Gun Holster \ Knife Holster While it is a gun \ knife holster - it can be used for anything one-handed ( for sake of gameplay balance ) This speeds transition from 1 handed to 2 handed to 2s. but not 2 handed to one-handed. 3. Back Sling Used to hold 2 handed weapons Increases transition speed from 2 handed to 1 handed, drops it to 2s. 4. Back Sling + Gun Holster Transition speed between 2 handed and 1 handed and vice versa both reduced to 2s. 5. Back Sling + Utility Belt \ Back Sling + Hunting Jacket \ Back Sling + Flak Jacket Reduces both transition speed to 1.5s Other Mechanics 1. If you hold down Quick Switch instead of tapping it, it drops your current item on the floor and immediately equips the other transition speed 1s. In panic state - may slow down transition speed to 1.5s 2. You can equip 2 - 2 handed items but only back sling modifies transition speed will be 2s. But you will not be able to equip 1 handed items in quick slot. 3. Flak Jacket \ Hunting Jacket \ Utility belt also increases reload speed by 25% 4. You can equip Jacket + Weapon belt to hold 4 one handed items, but won't be able to equip a 2 handed item in quick slot. 5. You can manually equip items in normal way by going through inventory but when you switch to quick equip item by pressing equip switch - transition time is 4s for 2 handed nonquick slotted item, and 2s for 1 handed item. Gear Wheel \ Equipping Quick Slots The way it works is the player must access a new GUI menu to equip items accordingly. Gear Slots Allows the player to make Macro quick changes to their gear. of Both Weapons + Certain worn items Once the items are set up in the GUI the gear equips are handeled through a Gear Wheel ( Similar to Car ) Player can pick one "Gear set" and player will change to that set. The time it takes to change to the new gear depends on number of items that need to change between the 2 sets. Calculation is +1s for each 1 handed item +2s for a 2 handed item +1.5s for each gear item If a player removes a certain item from their backpack linked to the Gear GUI - it simply removes that item also from the Quick Equip options associated to it. Does not force player to redo everything. Gear Equips requires player to be standing still. Quick Slots Quick Slots unless "Gear Sets" is between the 2 groups of blue boxes. It is handled by a "Quick Switch" key. The speed of switching between the 2 sets is dependent on the Holster Mechanic described earlier. Quick slot equips can be done while the player is jogging but not running. PROs The advantage of the system is players no longer need to keep opening their GUI just to keep equipping a different set of items for different situations. They can quickly at the tap of a button switch between the two. Also have gear sets ready for different situations without having again to fumble through the inventory to equip each item individually. Much more fluid gameplay CONs Based on the amount of gear - gear switching it might even be slower - but the advantage is more convenience. Right now not enough special-purpose gear Short-range melee weapons have become almost useless with an upcoming update and need rebalancing. ( Knives used to be a great weapon, now it's near-suicidal unless sneaking from behind ) Guns have very little use in the game - thanks to the massive sound profile and zombies have better triangulation of Point of Origin than an NSA Spy satellite.
  4. ZombieHunter

    Ground Fridge

    Essentially it is an Underground Storage - which has to be built on the ground. Mechanics of Constructions Step 1 - Pre Build Materials 20 Wooden Planks - 50 nails - 8 Sheets - Allows you to create a "Precursor Shelter" on the ground. Step 2 - Build Mechanic Uses the Skill Book Reading - system Just as how the Skill Book Records "how much you read" When you press "Use" on the Precursor item on the ground - it records "How much you constructed - does digging animation instead of reading animation. It takes roughly 40 hours to fully build Because progress is "Saved" like book reading - player can do a few hours a day at it until fully constructed. When complete it acts like a normal fridge with only 50% efficiency . Actual Fridge Temperatures are are 40 F and below while a Underground Fridge would be roughly 50 F. ------ Other options to use Materials like "Coolers" - which don't have much use currently. https://inhabitat.com/diy-building-a-root-cellar-from-recycled-materials/ ------ The Not Science Fiction Option that will blow your Mind. Ice Fridge Ice can actually stay year round as long as it does not have direct contact with sunlight. http://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20151211-the-impossible-ice-caves-that-stay-frozen-through-summer https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/apr/22/the-ice-stupas-of-ladakh-solving-water-crisis-in-the-high-desert-of-himalaya So it would be the same Shelter as Above but requires it to be modified into a "snow collector" For winter - in order to freeze the insides Once it is full ( same Idea as a Rain Barrel ) It can be Converted into an Ice Fridge, but has only 50% capacity as an Underground Storage but 100% efficiency of normal fridge.
  5. ZombieHunter

    Food and Bite Progression in Multiplayer

    It matters on your game settings such as 1. When did you staring time? For example if you kept it for few weeks to months - things would rot faster which are already on shelves 2. How many hours you set in a day? shorter days mean more days go by 3. Temperature - things rot faster when hot - so keep them in a fridge
  6. ZombieHunter

    Not a fan of Instant Death Trend

    Again - my issue really isn't actually the difficulty -- I never had the problem with players losing in a 3+ v 1 scenario. My only issue is there really is no fair player mechanic to actually do something to counter it. Even in Martins Stream he did yesterday there were just large group of zombie blobs every 20 feet. Other games use creative mechanics to deal with enemy blobs - like throwing stones \ bottles to create a sound source to pull attention away from an Area TWD \ Zombie Nation put rats in a cage as a distraction mechanic I agree Oh Shit Moments are a great thing to add to the game. I just feel there are alternative ways to add them, like 2 NPCs running down the street firing off their gun being chased by a large instanced group of zombies. Previously if I wanted to enter the building I could just fight them off by making sure they didn't surround me and kite them. It felt rewarding - even if it was unrealistic. Because I risked my life to fight to get my reward. The new Meta will just be Run and Run some more. Guns are still off the table. Knives are now impractical as Martin showed you risk easily dying with a knife. But you are right - it is better to wait for the build to make claims. But in the end of the day I hope you remember the game should be fun, not Ball Breaking Simulator.
  7. ZombieHunter

    Not a fan of Instant Death Trend

    That really isn't the problem though. The problem is when a horde attacks your base for no apparent reason besides "player construction exists" Typically at night I get like 6 - 7 zombies easily randomly attacking my door. Before I can just go out and take them out. Now it is essentially impossible for player bases. You try to use a gun all you end up doing is attracting 20+ more. You go into a big building and go up a stairs and suddenly zombies randomly decide to go through the door. Normally you would have been able to fight them off - now you are fumbling with the GUI ( not realistic ) to make a sheet rope ( fumbling more with the GUI ) to attach and escape. So this change impacts a lot more mechanics than I feel people realize. Essentially there are a lot of existing issues - which is just going to lead to a potential train wreck in balance.
  8. ZombieHunter

    Not a fan of Instant Death Trend

    Like I said it is realistic, so I have no issue with the mechanic it self. The problem really is there is no "compensatory" mechanic to balance it out. While it is true that if 2 - 3 zombies would easily grab you. It is 100% equally true that many zombies near each other trying to grab you will also knock each other down and slow each other down. Unlike Marathon runners that will purposefully try to keep space between runners next to them and beside them - Zombies won't care about those beside and infront and will instead try to run them over. That would balance out the mechanic as it will thin the horde chasing the player. Other mechanics could be Zombies tripping and falling on failed attempts trying to lunge and grab you. Causing other zombies to trip and fall over fallen zeds.
  9. There seems to be a movement toward instant death at every corner with no player compensation. Zombies with Super Ninja Stealth Mechanics that can walk up behind the player without making noise and biting them in the neck. New feature where you bat one zombie - the others instantly jump you grab you and you die. ( Which is fair - that would likely happen ) I don't see anyone enjoying it except for the Super Ultra Sadomachism Hardcore players - which enjoy punishment. Essentially people whose idea of vacations would be the following, I really don't see how it is fun - without some sort of fair compensation to players. Reasonable Compensation Mechanics; If zombies are tightly packed - chance zombies near middle and back will fall and trip each other. Running Zombies trip over fallen zombies Running Zombies have high chance of tripping 20% every second running. ( I doubt they tie their shoe laces or keep track of whats on the ground ) Large Scale Traps to deal with hordes - PItfalls \ Spiked Walls \ Limitation to soundtracking by Zombies. - So they don't have pin point idea of origin unless within "X" amount of tiles. Faster loss of interest. Ambient noises drawing away hordes Chance of tripping and falling when climbing over short fences - causing prolonged stun Cause all that is going to happen now is - person drives a car, walks out. Meets Horde - Dies Person goes into building - meets 3 zombies - dies Person walks into forest, zombie appears from behind tree - bites - dies
  10. ZombieHunter

    Katana and Turn Animation Super Weird?

    I mean the post wasn't meant to be serious, I was hoping for some one to make a joke reply like. "Well Katana's were rare in the 1990s, obviously the survivor didn't want to ruin the blade"
  11. ZombieHunter

    Gun Light and Backpack Light

    One thing I feel the game is really missing is "Creative" Engineering that many people would do in these kinds of situations. Equipment: How Equipment Flashlight would work: Two new hotkeys added Equipment Slot 1 \ Equipment Slot 2 \ Equipment Slot 3 For gamepad this could be done using a Gear Wheel - so it's only a single button. Strapping a Flashlight on the Barrel of a Gun. This would probably be the most common modification done. People would tell you it would alter the weight of the barrel and reduce accuracy but - if you can't see 2 feet in front of you in the pitch black. It's better to have low accuracy than 0 accuracy. Recipe: Duct Tape + Small Flashlight + Gun Small Beam of Light from gun Lowers accuracy 15% Battery amount detected by right clicking on the gun in your inventory and checking charge Backpack Shoulder Light. Strapping a flashlight to the backpack shoulder harness is not a great idea. The beam itself is too small unless it's a heavy flashlight, then you have an issue with balance if its too big. So some creative engineering creating a custom metal frame and taking out the large bulb from a big flashlight and creating a shoulder lamp. Recipe: Large Flashlight ( Yellow LED ) + Copper Wire + Metal Frame ( made with Metal Sheet + Acetelene Torch ) + Light switch + backpack Large forward cone of light A decrease in the total backpack carry weight by 2.5 lbs Battery power checked by right clicking on the backpack in your inventory Decrease Running speed by 5%
  12. ZombieHunter

    More Late-Game Power Sources & Home Batteries

    Well you could go either way Either take restaurant oil and just filter it a couple of times to make Biodiesel - which there are many places on the map to pinch from. Or Filter Hooch enough to remove the water content. I just went with Hooch cause Kentucky is famous for it. More importantly hooch can be made by farming the materials which gives it an added advantage the down side would have course being growing it and fermenting it. As for needing conversion kits - that is only for people who didn't know how to fabricate parts on their own. Anyone with a set of instructions can fabricate the parts in their workshop. Same way players make doors or explosives. With that said an instruction manual on fabrication is all the person would need to make the necessary changes to a generator. The reason you would salvage the cars is you want newer model cars with that came out in the 90s which had higher grade rubber hoses \ gaskets to replace and repair the ones on the generator. After all zomboid already has many instruction manuals, magazines, books to unlock recipes as well as T.V. With a high enough skill level in Mechanical Engineering anyone would be able to do it following an instruction manual.
  13. ZombieHunter

    More Late-Game Power Sources & Home Batteries

    As I mentioned earlier you are confusing commercial generator with Homemade generators. So going back to the 90s - a person would simply need to change out their rubber tubing and gaskets and filter as well as making a custom made tank with heater. All this can easily be done at home and in case of zomboid with scavanged parts from a car engine. Biofuel is the best part. Kentucky is famous for Moonshine The only major difference between Moonshine and Biofuel is the percentage of proof has to be higher in Biofuel. This can be done by having multiple distillations passes to reduce water content. Now you better not say 90s Kentucky decided to give up on making home made hooch.
  14. ZombieHunter

    More Late-Game Power Sources & Home Batteries

    Biodiesel Generators back then was not something you find but instead something you make. Keep in mind we had full scale biodiesel generators in 1980s and before that learned how to convert existing Diesel generator to a BioDiesel specific one. Essentially all early Biodiesel generators were just Jury-Rigged existing diesel generator. Of course it is not something you do easily and there are quite a few parts to replace but that is what making surviving fun having that McGuyver moment.
  15. ZombieHunter

    More Late-Game Power Sources & Home Batteries

    Your statement is very true but balancing would not be hard because of the existing limitations the system has. Wind Generator. So there are 2 types of wind Generators basically Industrial Generator - which needs to be manufactured with rare earth magnets which can power a few houses Home Made Generator - You can rig up with the parts you can find around but would take a full day to powerup a tub of batteries. Simply put unless they add industrial wind generator onto the map it can't be constructed so player would have to stick to the simple one. While it wouldn't make much noise it is too inefficient to power a household. Instead, all you would be able to do at most is charge a jury-rigged Battery pack. There would be the 2nd issue, the parts to make them would be pretty rare. So it would also take you a while to get enough parts to make enough windmills to actually be able to power your house. Which is fine, considering the amount of effort the player has to go through to even reach that stage should reward the player. Essentially Wind Mills is balanced by Some parts rare to obtain parts ( Generator would be hardest to find, the rest would simply be finding enough metal and cables and batteries ) Power output is low Dependent on Wind conditions Medium skill in electronics and metal working A considerable amount of resources need to be gathered Solar Power Solar Power Works in almost the same idea as Wind Power but has its own issues. For example, wouldn't work at night. More importantly, you can't craft most parts you have to actually find panels and the generator. While arguably easier of the two to setup, it also produces less energy per square foot. A Cell phone sized panel, for example, would take 6 hours in perfect weather conditions to charge a cell phone battery. So if we were going for more practical applications of Small \ Medium Panels ( Large would not be practical to tranport so again would be jury-rigged solution of combining 4 medium. You would probably need Roughly 16 Large panel to power a house/ That would be; 64 Medium Panels 256 Small Panels Which again would mean balancing works out nicely The player would have to spend a considerable amount of time to find even rarer parts than a Windmill. Keep in mind this is 90s Rural Kentucky. Solar power here would be akin to black magic so the parts would be extremely rare. Dependent on sun light Needs a lot of surface area Bio Diesel Probably the easiest to and most reliable of the 3. Unlike the other Bio Diesel probably has the least amount of rare parts required and produces significantly more power. But has its own issues It is loud Requires a large farm to support Has to first grow the plants, then break down the plants Time consuming to generate fuel ---- So to summarize nothing really is "overpowered" cause it requires the player a long long time to even reach the stage where a silent running base would be viable. Honestly I think it would greatly add to the game.