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  1. is better wolfestein! is from 1992
  2. is doom from from 1993.
  3. Im hope can play Doom on that pc XDD
  4. Awesome, like a custom radio like gta create fm station to custom music
  5. Add Music to Cd player in game to entertain you instead of only playing the same music
  6. I would like a mod where you can add personalized music through a CD as in the videogame my summer car can work both in car radio and in the portable CD player. It can be inserted into the CD player to listen to personalized music. Up to 15 tracks can be added to the CD. Custom music must be in Ogg Vorbis format (.ogg), and each track must be named Track1.ogg, Track2.ogg, Track3.ogg up to Track15.ogg. The music must be inserted in the following directory: . \ steamapps \ common \ My Summer Car \ CD This is an example of the game My Summer Car but the folder can be called custom music or CD and add music. Link of the page: https://my-summer-car.fandom.com/wiki/CD A link Of Funcion of CD:
  7. Very Good Man IM liked Im can play this game Im not get bored anymore
  8. The motorcycles is too loud and you can't pass over a zombie horde this fools can make fall off the motorcycle and goodbye cruel world And is dangerous you can fall down and hurt yourself. or can kill you
  9. I want Sometime Like that
  10. It would be great if the cars in the game overturned and so the character suffered damage and also have the possibility of catching fire
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