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  1. Power after the electricity shuts off should be producible via means other than simply using a fuel generator. For instance, small wind turbines IRL are used to power battery chargers and mobile homes. Subsequently, they could fit the role of a power source that is both renewable and quiet, unlike the fuel generator, provided that the player could find any, or construct them once they reach a high enough mechanical and/or electric skill. The obvious trade off would be that they're less efficient. Furthermore, I think also giving the player the ability to find and/or build home batteries, again under the condition that they have a high enough mechanical and/or electric skill.
  2. Hello all, I've recently encountered a problem regarding butchering. For some reason, despite having a fresh dead bird and a hunting knife in my primary inventory, I cannot butcher the corpse. No option to butcher has appeared, both when I select the bird and the knife. I've attempted this with both a hunting knife and a kitchen knife, as well as both a bird and a mouse, yet the option still hasn't appeared. Does anyone know of a potential resolution to this problem? Thanks.
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