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  1. I think there's a lot of disconnect here. A lot of folks are seeming to be raising hackles and getting defensive and nothing is going anywhere. I personally like the new combat, but I agree that there is a bit of a disconnect between what is seen and what happens. What I suggest is not change anything mechanically, but set something so that there will definitely be a swipe or a bite animation if you get scratched/lacerated/bitten. The combat remains identical, but feedback is given.
  2. Current Zone Definitions: Army Athletic Bank Bar Baseball Beach CarRepair ConstructionSite CountryClub Default Dinner Doctor Factory FancyHotel Farm FarmingStore FireDept Fossoil Gas2Go Gigamart Golf McCoys Offices Pharmacist PileOCrepe PizzaWhirled Police PoliceState Pony Prison Restaurant School SeaHorse SecretBase Spa Spiffo StreetSports ThunderGas TrailerPark VariousFoodMarket Wedding These are implemented into the objects.lua like any other zone, such as foraging and vehicle zones. Example: { name = "Beach", type = "ZombiesType", x = 30664, y = 30946, z = 0, width = 33, height = 34 }
  3. Practice makes perfect. Do not engage unless necessary. Sneak, don't run. Slow and steady and you'll be ready.
  4. Okamikurainya


    For what has been done, you can check here: https://projectzomboid.com/blog/2017/02/buildstatus/ For what is coming, you can look at this:
  5. The basis for this is that you have a mouth... You're dying of dehydration and it starts to rain... Water, the very thing you need, is literally falling from the sky... What would you do? I don't see most people throwing up their hands and being like "Welp... All this water ain't in a bottle. Time to die!" No. They'd open their mouths and drink. But yeah, it is a thing that happens and something that I've used on hikes to save water. If you're wondering about the "taint", well unless you're living in a very polluted area, rainwater shouldn't have any (all water used where I live is rainwater stored in large plastic containers connected to the roof). Outside of gameplay balance, the reason water in barrels and such are tainted is because they're left open and standing, allowing bacteria, debris, animals and such to all leave their essence in it. That said, if they do ever add puddles... Would be cool if you could get tainted water from them.
  6. 1059: Something very small but incredibly important is ambient thirst recovery, akin to that of having a water bottle in your inventory, when outside in the rain.
  7. They're talking about multiplayer where zombie vehicle collision is handled somewhat differently to singleplayer.
  8. It all depends on the "zone" you're in. Zones are sections of the map that have been set for certain things such as foraging, which animals you'll trap or where zombies are more likely to spawn. The foraging option will appear if you go right click in a forest or a deep forest (the one with massive trees).
  9. Ah alright. This is pretty subjective and vague though... If it was intentionally skipped, what were the actual reasons for it? Is it a fear about balancing? Or the desire to keep the character empty handed at spawn?
  10. I think you're missing the point of what I meant... I'm saying that it lowers character customization to merge the two into a single pool of points. It would require a total re-balancing of values to prevent there being too little customization or too many positive trait bonuses because the apparel and gear part was skipped altogether.
  11. That's the thing, it isn't for the zombie apocalypse, it's for before. You don't bring any money into the game, it's just an RP type reason for the ability to have a limitation on how much and what you could get. You could literally name it "Item Points" or such, rather than "Money". The premise is that you had a job in the "old world" and these are items and clothing you'd purchased. The amount you have varies depending on what your profession was and/or how much you granted yourself in Sandbox Mode. I don't think this is a good idea, the two systems should be separate. The pool of points you get for traits is far too small and if you were to increase it to allow greater customization then balance would fly out the window. This should be something unique to the main character creation page where you choose the outfit and appearance of your character.
  12. With the upcoming release of the animations update and all of it's new clothing options and items, I feel it would be nice to increase character creation freedom in some way... My idea was having an "income" applied for the selected profession, a set amount of points or money which you can spend on starting gear including clothing and tools to further specialize and individualize your character. You could kit yourself out with tools to jump right into the game, or you could spend what you have been granted on character outfit customization, to truly be your own as you start to play. Custom Sandbox could even include an "Inheritance" option which will grant you a configurable extra lump sum to truly go mad and create the character you want. What y'all think?
  13. Thank you! It's been bugging me right up to now, you're a saint.
  14. There are numerous reasons, but foremost of them is the legality of using named weapons. A mod can get away with it most of the time, but it's a violation of the trademark unless the devs specifically make a deal with the weapon manufacturers. This is why the weapons in the game are generic versions.
  15. Happens in singleplayer. I imagine it would be in multiplayer too though.
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