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  1. 1041: Lore books would be nice too, like in the Elder Scrolls games. Just some nice Kentucky reading, Spiffo's Adventures Comics, letters in mailboxes and so on and so on. Don't have to be long, just around four pages worth even would be nice, just to aid in immersion.
  2. Okamikurainya

    Custom Tile Templates

    Added link to topic for Advertisement and Sign templates by Хибити\Hibiti [BLR].
  3. Okamikurainya

    Knox County Revival

    Heya all! I've been slowly but surely remaking and remastering the original Knox County map in its' entirety and I've reached a point that I feel showing some of the work would be okay. I've been adding a few things I feel are common sense here and there, such as bedrooms to houses that didn't have, extra details, etc... Screenshots: Also worked up a set of counters that never made it into the modern version: Was hoping someone would be up for helping me upscale a few other objects that never made it to the modern version. It would be a massive help as I'm fine with editing, but my actual sprite creation skills are lacking. Still a long way to go. The first segment of the Northern Highway is complete and I'm focusing on the Suburbs now, with the Villas being the next focus.
  4. Okamikurainya

    Kentucky Map

    Going off the map's coordinates, and assuming a maximum of 50x and 50y, this is the area that has been set aside for the game. Now, fun fact, despite the game area originally being called "Knox County", the ingame area actually spans 4 Kentucky counties (Hardin, Meade, Jefferson and Bullitt) and the real world Knox County Kentucky is many, many miles to the south east, nowhere near the actual game territory. The game area also includes a nice chunk of the Harrison County of Indiana, and maybe a little of Floyd County. Basically all the area across the Ohio River, which makes up a good chunk of cells, with the small community of "New Boston, IN" being at approximately Cell 30x20.
  5. Okamikurainya

    Interactive Crafting Tables to Clean up the GUI

    What about a crafting tab? Not as indepth as the recipe menu, but part of the inventory itself. Click it and it will show you all the items you're currently capable of crafting. You can right click on the item you want to confirm or just double click the item and you'll instantly set about crafting it? This will free up right click menu space... And speaking of right click space... Perhaps you could move the Carpentry Menu to holding ctrl with a hammer equipped and right clicking? You'll be "readying your tools" and there might be less visual noise to find what you need? Same could be done for the Metalworking with the blowtorch and welding mask equipped?
  6. Okamikurainya

    Bloody Age

    It's always bugged me that the zombies in Zomboid have bright red blood and that that never really seems to change... With the animation update on the way, and with it clothing and all sorts of overlays for bleeding and blood splatter, it would be the perfect time for a change in this. Now, from what I know, Zombie age is already tracked. This would be an extension of that. Fresh Zeds could be as they are now, big bags of oxygenated hemoglobin. But then each week that they exist the blood will gradually shift colour. Going from a bright red, to a dark dried blood texture before changing to a fleshy, goopy brown liquid. Harkening back to an older post of mine: The blood colour could tie into the infectiousness of the Zombies and make the blood splatter something to fear and make the "Blood" part of the "Blood+Saliva" actually a factor. A simple 16 colour scale could be used, with the first red having a +0% modifier, but each blood colour level adding a +0.4% risk of infection via blood getting in an open wound or scratches, leaving the oldest with an extra 6% chance of infecting you. A balance to their general weakness at that age. What y'all think?
  7. Okamikurainya

    Custom Tile Templates

    Updated with wall tile templates. If a mod would be so kind as to maybe move this to Tutorials and Resources? Think it would be better suited there. Edit: Updated floor tiles with transparency.
  8. Okamikurainya

    The One Stop TileZed Mapping Shop

    I've been pouring through the forum and google for a good while now and I've not been able to find anything regarding as to what each Foraging Zone is for. I was wondering, when you can, if you could add that into the tutorial? It would help a lot. The names are mostly self explanatory for where they go, but which ones allow for actual foraging? Which ones do what? These things are still left pretty ambiguous. Thanks in advance! The guide here is helping a lot.
  9. Okamikurainya

    Vacation Islands (pre-Alpha 1)

    Whipped this map of Grove Beach up in CartoZed using the Mapzoid Vacation Island colour scheme for anyone interested.
  10. Okamikurainya

    Lost in the Translation

    Hey all! I'm struggling a bit with TileZed/WorldEd. Certain tiles such as curbs and grime aren't being carried over from the editor into the actual game. In editor: In Game: And certain tiles, such as rugs, are corrupted. In editor: In game: I thought I may have done something wrong while adding the custom tiles, so I uninstalled everything and redownloaded the tiles and such, but the issue still persists. Any idea what's happening here? Thanks in advance for any help! Edit: Also, I can't place any tiles directly next to a wall of a building, or even under exterior objects of a building.
  11. Okamikurainya

    Starting with items related to occupation

    As for spawn... I've felt that's always been one of the most "WTF" moments in the game. The infection is already going very strong and you just, what, wake up? My thinking is that the house you start in should be barricaded and sheet curtained up and totally barebones, item and food wise, outside of maybe profession related spawn items which would be pretty degraded from the start (simulating that they're your tools that you've been using for a while) This would make more sense, things started going down and you holed up, but now your stash of supplies is finished and you gotta venture out and play the game, but the world is far worse than when you first decided to hunker down, so good luck.
  12. Okamikurainya

    Starting with items related to occupation

    There used to be a mod for this that I really loved that seems to have vanished off the face of the Earth. Anyhow, I think it's a great idea and one that makes sense. Or at least have a "Profession" loot index that increases the chance of you finding items related to your profession in your spawn house.
  13. Okamikurainya

    Old Versions?

    Actually think I bypassed that, though I can't be sure until it happens. The change I made is more of a dirty "ignore" than a crack. Basically got it so that you can just minimize the login and play the game anyhow, rather than affecting the variable itself. Either way, 02q really is the best of the old versions, if you can find the key files, it would be a massive boon to the community.
  14. Okamikurainya

    Old Versions?

    The method I used could very well be used to pirate the current version of the game, so I'm not sure if I should post the actual method... Though if the mods are okay with it, I could upload the version of 02q with the bypass in it's entirety, somewhat obfuscating the method. But it's up to them. That said, thanks so much for all the help! Goodness knows I most probably would have given up without it!
  15. Okamikurainya

    Old Versions?

    After much effort, I managed to locate the variable that lets you bypass the login. So yay! 02q and RC1 are now working for me!