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  1. Okamikurainya

    trees dying/forest evolution

    I'm not so sure... For one, the forests to fields and back again cycle takes a very long time, like at minimum with human intervention being at least 5 years. However trees taking over by themselves takes a far shorter time IRL, though these would mostly be bushy sub-growth rather than big pines and such.
  2. Okamikurainya

    Diversity in Injury

    Can't believe I missed this, yeah! I think the devs said they're thinking of doing it and it's something tied quite closely to Zombie lore IIRC. Certainly something necessary though I don't think a new name has to be given to it. Just have a normal bite without the possibility of zombiefication. Could lead to interesting interactions, maybe a medic could tell the difference? I've never had by back "hurt" ingame, despite the moodle constantly warning me of this and my normally having an inventory weight of around 40 or more (I like building stuff). Certainly required! I didn't think of this and I like it! I think casual players might hate it though... Tis but a scratch! Also could be caused by climbing with a very heavy inventory. I do mountain climbing and I've been in situations where I've had to fix this myself. Should cause a ton of pain and panic. I'm sure that some of us have friends in this position IRL and it would be an unprecedented step in diversity if TIS included this. Would be a terrifying experience to be paralyzed during the Zombie Apocalypse. Makes perfect sense. Makes sense though I fear it could become somewhat micro-managey. Yes, should also cause pain and nausea. Should also be contagious, don't believe the guy who says it's just a cold! This would be an absolutely epic RP factor. Relive Season 4 of The Walking Dead? Yes! Insect repellent could be added as well to make getting bitten less likely. I think adding a physical object for mosquitoes might be a bit too intensive. Maybe have them as a summer thing where you'll get bitten randomly. Outdoorsman wouldn't be affected as much of course.
  3. Okamikurainya

    Diversity in Injury

    Totally, though really bad burns you don't feel at all apparently. My friend is a goldsmith and he's had a number of times that he and his classmates back in college simply didn't realize they were burning themselves.
  4. I know that, hence my referring to it, though I don't agree with it. >_>
  5. This would go a long way to solving the apparent stairway problem. Please TIS, give us stairs in four directions! It's the only thing keeping me and my OCPD back from making buildings and towns.
  6. Okamikurainya

    Diversity in Injury

    So far we have: Scratched Bitten Deep Wound Burned Fractured As well as "Bleeding" tied to the first three. I suggest adding: Bruised When getting hit with a blunt weapon such as a baseball bat or taking a lot of damage in one go from a "Zombie Punch". This wound hurts quite a bit though won't cause any damage over time. Can be treated with cataplasm and a bandage to make it heal faster. Sprained Similar to Fractured though lasting for a far shorter time. I don't know about you but jumping from the second storey has never caused me a fracture. Considering we're getting weight based effects from falling, I think this is the perfect time to incorporate this wound type. Fractured (Arm) Same as a normal fracture but applied to the arm and requires a "sling". Can be caused by being hit by heavy blunt weapon trauma. Cauterized A self inflicted wound, similar to a burn but not lasting as long. Done to avoid bleeding with a lighter or propane torch though does a good chunk of damage and causes a lot of pain. I guess this could also be a simple switch out of a bleeding wound and a burn too. Splinter Doesn't damage your HP but causes pain whilst you have it. Can use tweezers to remove it. Caused by carpentry actions at a low skill, baseball bat/axe breaking while equipped. Any other suggestions? What y'all think?
  7. Okamikurainya

    More interactive helicopter event

    Another problem is running out of fuel when not over a viable landing spot... Could just have the helicopter go straight down as if landing and then explode, leaving a wreck if the tile is valid or just vanishing if not while setting fire to things around it if it can. A crashed helicopter wouldn't realistically be easy to get undamaged supplies from though I do think you could use the metalworking trait to dismantle it for scrap metal and such. True, I really think it should be impossible to fly without the profession, no books or anything can help you with this one. It would make having a pilot on your team a real benefit and make you want to keep him/her around and safe.
  8. 130: Highlighting of the physical object of the container you're browsing in. Even if there's an option to disable it, for me it would make looking through the masses of crates at McCoys or in the warehouse more logical as well as looting corpses after a mass horde culling.
  9. Okamikurainya

    More interactive helicopter event

    Ok, I'm gonna go through this piece by piece. Yes. How I would do it is as such: The player gets into the helicopter and for a few moments it rises vertically until it is above the height of any buildings before unlocking the controls and allowing the player to fly. There wouldn't be any upwards or downwards flight other than landing or ascending and during both of those instances there would be no movement on the X or Y axis. Not at all, unless the coders have coded themselves into a corner, the addition should be fairly simple since they have vehicles on the way anyhow. Or just, don't shoot out of it? The helicopter would be a terrifying weapon and powerful tool by itself, shooting out of it just isn't necessary and I assume that TIS wouldn't include military helicopters. TIS are already working on this and IIRC have stated that they already have functioning vehicles behind the scenes but are waiting on animations and a fix for the streaming issue, though don't quote me on that since I can't find the original quote for the life of me. It would give the player in control of the helicopter an immensely powerful boost in power that would need to be balanced. Fuel, the risk of attracting zombies, etc should be enough to make it a bittersweet boon.
  10. Okamikurainya

    More interactive helicopter event

    It was a joke. One of the main things me and my friends would do in Day Z was search for the downed helicopters specifically for the cool goodies provided. Hardly, I can think of many ways in which can be done. There's only two limitations for it and that's the speed at which they travel (which is apparently being worked out for the addition of vehicles in general) and the fact that they can bypass natural barriers such as the Ohio River (Which can be done with lots and lots of planks anyhow).
  11. Okamikurainya

    Active Sandbox

    When I hear the term sandbox I think of a game I can tweak and change to my preferences. Project Zomboid gives this, though only at the start. My proposition is to have a setting at the start labeled as "Active Sandbox" and when selected the player will be able to access the Sandbox settings from the pause menu to change them as they see fit. Started with no zombies? Ok, press escape and change it so that zombies will spawn now. Want to stop them spawning? Ok, turn respawn off. Set loot to respawn but don't want it to anymore? Ok, turn it off... Etc, etc... What y'all think?
  12. Okamikurainya

    More interactive helicopter event

    So becoming Day Z? Well heck, if that's the way then I'd love to be able to find a helicopter once vehicles have been introduced so I can terrorize my neighbors with hordes in my wake. XD One thing I doubt would be added but I really want is the shadow of the helicopter.
  13. Okamikurainya

    Knocking Out Walls

    Something I think should be a obvious feature that I'm surprised I haven't thought of until now. Right now, if the player wants a door frame or a window in a room that didn't have one before, they have to destroy the wall, then build a doorframe/window frame in the spot. This is a big problem for relatively OCPD people like me who now find a single spot in their wall doesn't match up with the rest. I suggest the ability to right click on the wall and be given the option to knock out a window or a door frame so long as you have a sledgehammer. This will of course make noise and will be tied to your Carpentry skill, giving the possibility that you'll end up destroying the wall in any case if your Carpentry skill is low. What y'all think?
  14. Okamikurainya

    Fearing Winter

    What could be interesting is going with WWZ's idea of zombies freezing in the winter. In this case, the zombies become static, just standing there but they'll start to wake up if a player is nearby. I'll bet that if you've played default survival that you'd have killed a lot of zombies by this point and a frozen static zombie amongst corpses would e hard to spot. So while you've gone into that house thinking you're safe, the zombies you passed outside are starting to wake up and they're going to come for you.
  15. Okamikurainya

    Infected Cooking Utensils

    Boiling seems like the best way to go about it. Just placing it in a fire should sterilize it but it would still be dirty... How about adding an Infected icon like the skull showing it's poisoned? To remove the virus from the knife you have to put it in a fire and heat it up until the icon is gone, after that you clean it with water and a dish towel and it's all clean and good again. While infected, the knife acts as a really bad poison. While dirty it just taints the food and might give you food poisoning. While clean, all is good!