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  1. The NoiseWorks stuff is coming along so well! A suggestion related to that particular video, though not the NoiseWorks stuff: When impacting a zombie, they clip through the car... This is something I've run into when making games myself. The key is to, on impact, add a modifier to the zombie's animation speed during damage calculation. So if carspeed = x and zombie animation speed = y, zombie animation speed = x+y when run over by a car moving above a certain speed.
  2. Wouldn't "Till Ground" make more sense? Otherwise, great job! Keep it up!
  3. As of right now, there aren't any tools to do it easily. Perhaps when B41 goes stable and the devs release AnimZed, but for now we only really have round about ways of doing things. Modifying the models would require you to import the local model files into a program like Blender, I'm not very good with the 3D side of things, but here's a link to some scripts that may help you out: https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/12864-blender-3d-scripts/
  4. Fun fact, the game did actually have wheelie bins you could move around at one point and use to store a larger amount of items than you could carry. I imagine they'll be re-implemented and expanded on eventually.
  5. The map is not up to date, it's missing a good few areas, small areas mind you, but yeah. It's 2 versions out of date. Also, a pet peeve of mine is how it refers to the Knox County Challenge Map as Knox County 0.1.5. The challenge map is a remake with a butt load of changes, labelling it as the original version is just flat out wrong.
  6. Okamikurainya


    The fire is looking really good! Though yeah, you'll probably have to work on it not looking like you're burning a block of magnesium in regards to just how bright and white the light given off of it is. 😅 I look forward to seeing how it develops! Keep up the good work!
  7. A cool addition to the car events could be a car with wheels removed and a burglar type zombie spawning nearby. :3
  8. New version! It now uses individual input files for each of the three current types. That's a bit beyond the scope of this I'm afraid. For that you're probably better off with a 3D model or spriting it out by hand. 😕
  9. Sadly I don't have them anymore... But I realized that I was being kind of dumb and still had Superb Survivors in. I believe that is what is causing the issue, since 10 days in pure vanilla Kingsmouth testing didn't cause the issue.
  10. Happens to me as well on Windows 7 in Build 40.20. Sleeping in Kingsmouth will cause the game to just freeze. Ending the process and loading back in will load and you'll sleep until the point you wake up, where the game will freeze again, ending the process again and loading back in once more will wake you up and you can then play normally until you sleep and have to repeat the process.
  11. Striking a car with a melee weapon will result in a fleshy splat sound rather than a clang or a thwump.
  12. 1069: Light Sweater and Heavy Sweater traits. IRL, I hardly sweat at all while running in the African heat, while my friend becomes a veritable fountain with the bare minimum of exertion, so it's very much a variable thing.
  13. Oh wow! So it was actually planned for B40! So we may actually see it down the IWBUMS for B41 or B42. And yeah, that sounds absolutely terrifying! XD Okay, I live in South Africa, America, or anywhere really (just google some of the crap ESKOM does over here), almost definitely has better power infrastructure than where I live. But, just prior to a power outage we'll often have the power cut out a few times for a short amount of time before it goes dead completely. So at least from my perspective, it's realistic, and I've often seen it used in American media (including Seaso
  14. Something I've been having to deal with IRL lately is power outages and fluctuations. I was thinking it may be a interesting mechanic to have in the early game, when running on the main power. Have it possible that the power may flicker on and off during a major storm, maybe even for an hour at a time during tropical storms, and have it start to falter a day or two prior to the power going out completely as the back up generators at the power plants struggle to handle the load without human intervention. Could be a cool thing to get you really looking for a generator and a small bit o
  15. 1068: Rising and Lowering arrow indicators for exertion, the same as for the current temperature Moodles.
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