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    Super Survivors!

    Husband/Wife name Steam/steamapps/workshop/content/#######/##########/mods/Super-Survivors/media/lua/shared/translate/EN/ File - ContextMenu_EN.txt (line 105-106) Random NPC name list Steam/steamapps/workshop/content/#######/##########/mods/Super-Survivors/media/lua/client/1_Dialogue/ File - SuperSurvivorDialogue.lua (starting at line 1113)
  2. Arsenal26

    Bags in car add containers

    I think this was a functional addition that allows you to place and retrieve items from a container in a trunk/glovebox without having to keep taking the container out... I like this idea, and it sort of works... Pre-loaded containers, bags, backpacks will obey the trunk/glove box capacity rules... BUT... If you put the container in the trunk/glovebox, and then fill it up... it will not obey capacity rules, and as stated above, will lead to over-capacity situations... If it can be fixed to obey capacity rules, I think this feature is useful especially being a gamepad user.
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  4. Arsenal26

    How do I edit the current map?

    Yes and No... No, as I understand it you cannot open and edit the base map. Yes, you can make your own map mod, and overwrite sections of the base map. To do this, From WorldEd : In the options for BMP => TMX [X] "assign generated maps to the world" In the options for Generate Lots under World Origin, enter the X/Y in terms of cells where you want YOUR map mod to appear. I made a custom 20x20 cell map offset to (45,25) and then connected it with another map that overwrites sections of forest in the base map for roads to connect to mine. Same idea.
  5. Arsenal26

    Inventory Interface?

    Not just there, It resets within the same game session... Perhaps when you move across cells... Not sure exactly how, but I wouldn't play this game KB/M just too slow with so much going on... We're it not for the ability to fix this issue via mod, I'd have tossed the controller a long time ago.
  6. Arsenal26

    Inventory Interface?

    I didn't realize the issue only occurred with game pad users... That explains the lack of give-a-shit to this extremely annoying issue... Anyrate, it had been reported years ago with no dice... This is the Droid you're looking for : <LINK>
  7. Arsenal26

    Cure Zombie Virus

    So what I'm hearing is.... You can find the cure to the zombie virus that destroyed mankind, and then still die of mutated AIDS ? FML that's cold blooded.
  8. Arsenal26

    ORGM Rechambered

    Ahhh... damn gamepad... but was able to reproduce with KB/Mouse also. Although it wouldn't really ever happen accidentally using KBM. Ur correct in that gamepad use is why it happens because there isn't any drag & drop, so we're always right clicking stuff to get further options.... From inventory view... [RIGHT click] first weapon to bring up options, left click [RELOAD]. Before it finishes, [RIGHT click] another weapon..... reloading will stop immediately and the result is magazine missing + altered capacity... It wont happen if you [LEFT click] the second weapon...
  9. Arsenal26

    ORGM Rechambered

    So I reproduced the error I mentioned awhile back regarding the shotgun "Missing Magazine".... Seems if you're reloading a weapon with a fixed (tube/box) magazine, and then select another weapon (that uses removable mags) before the first weapon is finished loading... That weapon will bug out and think it's magazine has been removed. This happens via Inventory screen..... and it's reversible via your reset to default function... However, this happened once before during normal game play somehow, (using radial, not inventory menu to switch) and was not able to reset to default. That instance was using a SPAS-12 select (semi/pump) set on semi.... not sure if that had anything to do with the permanent bug effect. Seems with a Moss590 the [Reset to Default] fixes the issue.... Have not tested again with Spas-12 or similar. One side effect is.... the first weapon will have the second weapons capacity if you use the [Full Ammo function] to load it.... Otherwise it cannot be loaded unless reset to default. Oops not entirely accurate.... So I did it with a Moss590, and selected a Beretta93R, and the Moss only had a mutated capacity of 15. But when using an SKS, and selected the Ber93R before it completed loading, it ended up with a 19 round mutated capacity... So, its not inheriting the capacity of the second weapon, but definitely still increasing.
  10. Arsenal26

    Cure Zombie Virus

    Haven't tried your mod, but just by reading the description, it appears you've just made a QUEST!!! Albeit the Ultimate Quest far as the zombie genre goes. Simple... open ended... non-linear... random... recyclable... what's not to like ? I hope you build upon this mod... maybe add sandbox menu options to set difficulty (rarity) of the ingredients and how many it might require ? ingredients like the spoiling apple could maybe occur more often in higher difficulty settings... I like stuff like this that add new dimension to the whole game. Good one! edit Just a thought.... In messing quite alot with the NPC SuperSurvivor mod, each NPC has an .ID which would make it interesting if you could do a "Patient Zero" scenario.... Like find the Original NPC who spread the virus, because the cure can only come from his blood... But you can't just kill him because it needs to be living blood, so you have to talk/interview them first... His specific speech can be made very close to the standard stuff with very minor differences and clues.... AAAANDD.... depending on the difficulty level, maybe they need to be at a certain "Relationship level" to unlock the information to begin with... How difficult would that be ?? Initially I thought maybe Patient zero should be a zombie.... like I am Legend... but i'm not sure zombies have specific ID.... OH OH..... wait there's more.... You can't even make the cure by yourself... after getting Patient Zero to JOIN your group to take them to a lab setting (school/hospital/etc) you need to find a SCIENTIST NPC... yeah.... like assemble a team to save the world... edit again... AND THEN!!!!!! All zombies are ATTRACTED to patient zero because he lets off some kind of funk that zombies like.... so you gotta run around this dude and he's l.ike a zombie magnet!!!!!
  11. All i'm replying to the question for, is to save some other end user/gamer a tiny bit of grief if their expectations of their purchase was/are the same as mine. Things are the way they are for whatever reason they are. Not trying to argue why it is, but rather just answer the guy's question. Just a squirrel in ur world tryna get a nut, and help other squirrels sometimes. <Edit> The entire reason I'm here playing Indie games is because of Sony's lack of awareness. They've got a long way to go before i'll look to spend any money on their platform. I realize I made a parallel comparison in my statement above to which I won't apologize for because it's the same thing. My hope is you hear the message and not loose people like Sony did. That is truly the reason. Packaging the same game for different platforms that lack the PRIMARY FUNDAMENTAL FEATURES that make the game great on one platform and not the other is no ones responsibility except anyone who chooses to represent the game and what it stands for. With that, ill continue my story... So after having purchased the title on GOG, I was excited to come here to this forum and learn about all the endless detail and depth this game had to offer... I was truly (and still am) very excited to witness this development!!! BUT EVERYTHING AVAILABLE IN MY VERSION WAS LAST MONTHS NEWS... because everyone was talking about stuff that was not even released on the GOG version yet. So if you want to listen to everyone talk about ANIMATIONS AND NPCS, and not be able to experience any of it... Then choose GOG. Because that's about how it was with VEHICLES.... OMG.... I don't even know how to describe it other than COMPLETE LET DOWN... Like telling a 2 year old, Santa Claus is just a Fat guy with no job... CRUSHED... Oh yeah... get this IN-DEV game.... and experience what everyone else experienced 3 months ago that no one is talking about anymore, and sit there and watch as everyone except you enjoys all the latest features that we've been waiting so anxiously for sooooo long.... But YOU keep waiting... LOL are you kidding me !!?!??? COME ON MAN!!! This game is SO FREAKING AWESOME.... I would have spent ANOTHER $14 even if they didn't refund my money.... It really is.... Again.... I just want to save some other poor squirrel some grief here. That's all.
  12. Not sure how up to date they are now, but at the time... Vehicles build was not available... and coming here to see all the discussion and testing feedback and not being able to participate was just ridiculous having paid the same money for the same game title... Also, at the time... I was not so familiar with how mods worked... more specifically, I didn't know i just needed to drop the mod files in a folder in the ...Zomboid/mods directory... and much as you are finding, mod availability sucks... Not that I use alot of them anyways, but I wanted the ability to. And lastly the servers were all largely empty at that time. As it turns out, I don't play multiplayer much anyways.... but again, I wanted the ability to should I chose to... Seems to me, that this disparity in features should be clearly noted somewhere in the description. And it reminds me of how Sony Playstation mod support was essentially nerfed compared to the same game on other platforms... Just bad business and showing a clear disregard for what the end user wants.
  13. As I mentioned above, using the STEAM controller config which allows assigning multiple actions to the same button using different press types such as : - Press & Hold - Double press - Normal press & release Allows putting critical often used function such as ZOOM in a way more convenient place than a radial menu.... Don't get me wrong.... Radials are wonderful to get controller users away from keyboard.... BUT I feel zoom is highly underrated... I use it all the time... Zooming [IN] every time I enter a building... [OUT] while outside to scan for zombies.... [IN] while driving through tight spots [OUT] while driving fast to be able to see ahead... I suppose you could say zoom is used quite alot for the "Action" oriented player as perhaps opposed to the "Crafting" oriented player... So my point is.... putting both [ZOOM IN AND OUT] on my RIGHT thumb button [R3] allows for very quick zoom changes without having to move my controller grip or find the zoom function through multi level radial menu activation... I hope whatever controller build you're working on does at LEAST what the STEAM controller config menu does... By that, I mean the ability to re-map EVERYTHING, leaving nothing permanently default... This would render all discussion about what works best irrelevant since players would be able to configure their button layout to what ever works for them. In the spirit of re-mapping.... as I mentioned above, I hope to see a re-map-able radial button that would accept keyboard bindings to help integrate use of mods that are key-bind-heavy... iirc... I use D-Pad to open radials... - Up for vehicle - Left for Weapon - Down for yell menu I believe D-Pad RIGHT is available to open a fourth Radial menu ??? This is just an example, and I am not suggesting perma-mapping anything anywhere... I would much rather see a basket of functions that I can map to whatever button/D-Pad direction/thumb stick I want... or leave completely off if I wanted... I really really think this is one of those decisions that are best not made..... Make the map-able framework and leave it up to the player to set it up... It will be impossible to make pre-made bindings that are 100% acceptable to everyone. I recall coming across so many games that were unplayable because they made the mistake of prepackaging a few "presets" which were just not very well thought out... And I always wondered why they didn't just leave it up to the player... Just Another $0.02
  14. I tried PZ on GOG.... then I got my money back thru the 14 day no questions asked refund policy.
  15. Ok.... to maybe make it easier for other ppl to do this... From STEAM, right click Project Zomboid on Games list.... Select [Properties] Click over to [BETAS] Notice [Controllertest] is not on the list. Enter the password : badassstas456 Controllertest will now appear on the pulldown list. Select it to download the build. Anyways.... I use PS3 controller running XBOX emulator... The controller menu does see my controller, but the D-Pad doesn't seem to register on the test screen. edit... oh wait.... look at the pic above... you cant see the button flash register thingy... On my resolution, lot more was hidden When I went to test this build, I had ORGM, SuperSurvivors loaded, and got 9600+ stack trace errors relating (I think) to key binding features in both those mods so heads up... I'm currently reverting back to make sure my old settings work.. One thought... So the STEAM controller configuration lets you assign multiple functions to a single button. I use my Right ThumbStick's button (R3) to control zoom. - Double click for ZOOM OUT - Click & hold for ZOOM IN Those Thumb Stick (R3/L3) buttons are also missing I think from this builds button mapping section... I'm not seeing any advantage to this controller configuration build vs. what is built in to STEAM.... or am I missing something ? Runs smoother / faster ? Now if you guys can add more button mapping functionality that would be pretty cool... Currently, when things get thick on screen... the double clicks don't register too well via STEAM config... so maybe if it's built into the game it would be more reliable ? I think the big thing with using a controller is this.... We want to get away from Keyboard/Mouse as possible for the majority of things... But this is not currently possible due to the number of Key-Bindings that PZ uses... I relegate a few "Rarely Used" to keyboard so as to leave room on the controller for more vital things... The Horn/Yell for instance... has no place on my controller at the moment. But just about everything else I need to do can be done via controller. That is, until you start running lots of mods with even more Key Bindings!!! Here is my recommendation/solution that would imo make controllers much more viable. Create a HOTKEY RADIAL menu - It expands and contracts in terms of # of slices based on how many functions are programmed into it. There couldn't be icons since this would essentially be an overflow radial to handle whatever the player wants... Then as you push in that direction, text could appear which can be assigned same way a Backpack is re-named. I currently use the D-Pad to activate Radial menus. - UP arrow for Vehicle - LEFT arrow for Weapons It would be awesome to have a custom DIY radial menu to handle all the little things that don't get direct button press priority!!!!