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  1. Just started messing with Recipes... This was helpful... Thanks.
  2. LOL... 35.... well, that's the last you'll be seeing of this "streamer"... I can't believe he thought he was promoting this game he seemed to enjoy so much... More software companies should put people in their place like this...
  3. Amen... just because he's the 3rd most watched Zomboid streamer or whatever is no excuse for reporting a bug with that kind of fervor... Its fantastic that you guys stand by your conviction and not get punked out... I love the part where he looked hopefully at Nasko, and got a triple A-Bomb instead... OUTSTANDING. I'd expect that from the big EG... but he didn't see that one coming from Nasko... I guarantee it... Amazing team work... you guys are animals... This all reminds me of that scene from the OTHER GUYS... (bad cop bad cop) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoyonEm_BDQ
  4. It's really unfortunate that you're reading things as an Argument... because it's just discussion with suggestions in the suggestion section of the discussion board.
  5. Can't really keep any kind of distance with effective range of [10]. I get that as your skill increases its effective max range goes up at a higher rate than pistols... But the starting max range of [10] is too low for a bolty... especially when compared to a long revolver which has [11]. Pistols are from 7-11, and rifles are pretty much 10 across the board with the exception of Assault Rifle which is 11... A noob shooter is ineffective at longer ranges, but that's where the hitchance increase per skill comes in.... Max effective range should be more of physical characteristic of the cartridge... whether it hits or not is another thing... I adjust rifles in my game to the 15-17 range... that seems to feel about right..
  6. Didn't see it on the list, but Pan view and Reload work properly now... Hallelujah...
  7. You need to push the directional analog... Not the move stick, but the one you face with while you strife... When you do this, notice the character changes into fighting stance... Now you can swing or shoot with the attack button instead of shove & stomp...
  8. Any chance of doing something about the Pan button executing a [Reload] when holding a firearm ? I realize buttons are limited, and double functions are necessary... but when using a Rifle panning to acquire far away targets unfortunately results in reloading every time... Perhaps the reload function can be blocked *if* the [Look] analog is being pushed ??
  9. I thought the same thing too skimming thru the changes and missing the part where it says selects "previous container".... Essentially, left button selects [UP] and right button selects [DOWN] the list of available containers now... This is actually pretty great when trying to loot through huge piles of bodies.... if for instance you skip something by accident, you can go back and grab it now without having to start from the top of the entire list...
  10. Oops... disregard last... mis-read "Previous container".... I like how we can select [UP] and [DOWN] the list of available containers now... Good trade off for having to switch sides...
  11. Funny you should use the word "Sane" as that is the title of the mod that fixes this... Here you go... pretty sure it still works... Workshop ID: 1916033214 Mod ID: InventorySanity[CWO]
  12. Ok, so PFM is loading just fine... but your leonprofessions mod is not getting loaded.... New professions should appear immediately after the console line : LOG : General, 1585178807101> ProfessionFramework.INFO: Adding Trait Jogger2 And be at the BOTTOM of the list in game character setup screen... I did notice that there is an issue with examplemod refusing to load... Are you sure you setup your leonProfessions mod correctly ? ie, mod.info file in your leonProfessions folder... Might wanna look there bcuz its trying to load "examplemod" and failing, and there is no sign of "leonprofessions" trying to load at all...
  13. Oh Ooops... my bad... that's correct, should have read : I have my Profession lua in ...\Zomboid\mods\MyProfessionsMod\media\lua\shared\MYPROFESSIONS.lua Random thoughts... - Are you testing on a new game ? or old save ? bcuz new mod memory may cause issues - Right version of game ? - Try disabling all mods, and re-enable them making sure PFM is activated before your custom professions mod... - Console.txt throwing any errors ? scrolling all the way up may reveal where its hanging up or unable to find something...
  14. I have the Framework mod in ...\Zomboid\mods\ProfessionalFramework-master I have my Profession lua in ...\Zomboid\media\lua\shared\MYPROFESSIONS.lua There is an issue with your example.... Unlike [Perks.SmallBlunt] (no space) Long is just [Perks.Blunt]... So the script stops at that mistake, and does not apply sprinting, or anything passed that line. Otherwise, I pasted your example in myprofession mod, and it appears in the setup option just fine... ProfessionFramework.addProfession('Hitter', { name = "Pinch Hitter", description="When the bases are loaded with two outs...", icon = "", cost = 0, xp = { [Perks.Fitness] = 1, [Perks.Blunt] = 2, <<<<<<===== FIX THIS SO IT READS AS SUCH [Perks.Sprinting] = 2, }, inventory = { ["Base.BaseballBat"] = 1, ["Base.Baseball"] = 1, }, })
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