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  1. OKIC.... lots of room for improvement with this feature... First off, the blindspot... I figured since shots were going off, they were actually leaving the vehicle... DOH!!! hmmm.... I suppose a cutoff of some sort would be ideal here to prevent putting too many rounds into the Passenger side A-Pillar. Maybe a similar Cover notification system as NolanRi uses in SuperSurvivors! , where the NPC says "!!" when rounds hit cover instead of them... In this case, the player would say "DOH!!!" or something just to let us know rounds are being wasted.... Perhaps a OneHanded firearm ONLY rule ala' GTA.... or at a minimum severe penalty for trying to use a long gun inside vehicle... On that note, accuracy should suffer across the board, so OneHanded firearms should be penalized also.... just not as much as Long Guns... Oh man... this just became DAWN of THE DEAD > Meets > ROAD WARRIOR !!?! Using your Profession Framework, a Driving Skill could augment ones effectiveness while shooting from a vehicle in various ways to enable those 120mph trick shots of yours.... Also, another bonus (or rather lack of penalty) for Collapsing stock equipped weapons fired from inside vehicles... Penalty system something like : -15% for one hand firearms -30% for SMG's (10% added back for Collapsing stock) -50% for Long guns (10% added back for Collapsing stock) Also, Aiming Time penalty should be in full effect so long as vehicle is in motion (ie, instead of calculated against player running) Aiming Time stat could maybe be multiplied as well to better represent the awkwardness of shooting from a seated position with steering wheel and stuff all in your way... Gotta teach SuperSurvivors how to shoot from cars now....
  2. Damnit Jim... I'm a Law abiding citizen not a Gangbanger!!!! LOL.. Well, I blame it on the Controller... Because for one, it changes the way you think about the input.... ie, You don't really move the mouse around like crosshairs, but rather just sort of push the directional in the general direction you want to shoot... and the Trigger is the Gas pedal... There isn't really a [CTRL] that's used constantly.... Good news is, it's quite seemless, and no real loss in control of the vehicle other than coasting abit when the Gas function switches to WeaponTrigger as soon as input from the directional stick is detected... As soon as the directional stick snaps back to Zero, the Gas pedal works again... How embarrassing, this changes everything... I like how you can shoot 360*
  3. Defecation v1.11

    So the next logical step for progression of this mod is Diet... Like, what if *ALL* you eat is Peanut butter hmmm ?? Sure it's got nutritional value and good shelf life, but there are consequences.
  4. No kidding.... Did not know this... Come on.... who else didn't know this ??? I can't be the only other one.
  5. Defecation v1.11

    Murphy's law..... it says zombies will break down the door just as you sit down to take a dump....
  6. Large trash dumpsters work in terms of blocking.... I usually put them on the outside.
  7. What are you Survivor's Courtesy Code rules?

    Wait... so if you pick up a dead crawler, it looks like a regular dead, dead-zombie ? Has anyone tried picking up a whole bunch of alarm clocks, and setting each alarm an hour apart just before dying ? This way your zombie-self would be a perpetual distraction allowing other live people to move about easier... This reminds me of that movie "Pay it Forward"... I gonna try and keep my gas tank full, so when I die, the next person who takes the car won't have to go get gas... and make sure there's nothing on the seats so the next persons friends won't get killed trying to get inside while running from a horde...
  8. Re-balancing of zombie threats

    Without a GOAL, any game is too easy... I mean if all one wants to do is survive, then just avoid.... Which is the only alternative if you have no weapons anyways. I've been playing my stand alone map, and have found it challenging to basically try to rid my hometown of all Zombies set on Insane with 2x multiplier... I don't think there is enough ammo on the map to do the job, but it doesnt matter because i've not come close to meeting the goal... For more of a challenge, how about increasing the [Sound Follow Distance] on the Advanced Zombie options by maybe double, and increasing their Vision, Smell, and Hearing to their perspective max settings on the [Zombie Lore] options ?? I kinda like the old school "dumb" zombies that have nothing going for them except numbers... Let us play out Dawn of the Dead Mall type scenarios, where it's basically a war of attrition, planning, and patience... But yeah, short of some other Goal, its not hard to avoid and keep avoiding them.... unless you make them all Sprinter Zombies in the [Speed] option...
  9. Super Survivors!

    Ok... Kinda gave up on the SurvivorMap issue and Stand Alone maps for now... Messed around with some FireControl rules for NPC's using ORGM-SelectFire / Automatics... I didn't want to tie this in with the NPC's bravery score, because I wanted it to be more of an "Order" and less of a self preservation decision on their part... NPC's will still flee based on the same rules, but with a few minor tweeks to make them a little more useful... First off, I increased the evasion proximity from 1 to 2 squares, that way, they don't wait till the Zed gets a free bite before thinking about backing up a little... Then, I tied the decision to switch to Full-Auto with the DangerSeenCount vs. Follow Distance... This could more appropriately be tied to Bravery, but I wanted some say in how survivors use the ammo I give them!!! Again, more of a Rule of Engagement, and less of a Panic mode (more on that below) At anyrate, if follow distance is set to (4), then they will fire in Semi-Auto until 4 or more Zeds are in their FOV... This FOV is unfortunately tied to the range of the weapon, so someone with an MP5 will react different than someone with an M16... As mentioned a few posts up, this is why Rifle equipped NPC's are kind of useless and freak out alot, because they see further, and there is a larger number of Zeds against their bravery score... To remedy this (sort of) I increased the Group bravery bonus by a factor of 10, and hasGun bravery bonus to 10 as well... This way, if the NPC has a gun, and has some backup with them, they won't freak out so much.... I also adjusted the "AtLeastThisClose" to equal self.attackrange instead of (15).... It seemed to me that NPC's were not using Rifles to their potential range, so I think this takes care of that, allowing them to pick targets out to 26-30sq if they are using rifles. This gives them the ability to engage out to their potential range which kind of helps them not freak out so much as well, since they'll thin out the horde some that is being counted against their (bravery score + bonuses)... Once the number of threats decreases below the follow distance, they revert to Semi-Auto fire.... umm... most of the time... lol Anyone who has used this mod, knows Super Survivors kind of go nuts with Automatic fire!!! And really this is why I wanted to adjust their behavior with Automatics... Lastly, I added a proximity (panic) switch.... If any Zed gets within 5 squares, they'll go Full-Auto to get themself out of that situation... This would be the self-preservation decision as opposed to the ROE that is the following distance... I think it's kinda cool having a little squad of NPC's that behave a little more tactically and somewhat conserves their ammo when given the choice using Select Fire weapons... Prior to these tweeks, I would always try to give them Mini-14's or SKS's so they wouldn't blow through their ammo so wastefully... I think I can trust them with MP5's now. What I want to do, and haven't quite been able to get to work is.... To balance Full-Auto fire better in a couple of ways... First, decrease Critical chance with Full Auto fire. Second, decrease the hitChance by some factor as well. Since Full-Auto fire are not well aimed shots, shot placement should suffer... I think this would promote better Tactics and Strategy when leading NPC squads around. Here's a short clip guiding a Survivor w/MP5 & 2000 rnds, into various predicaments. I think it would be so cool if Survivor NPC's had to reload... or rather knew how to, and had to reload...
  10. ORGM Rechambered

    I hope you're not in California.... because that would be illegal AF!!! *But what about the zombie apocalypse?!?!* *Sir, they aren't violating any gun laws.... please come with us*
  11. Super Survivors!

    hmm... Not likely, because the only thing I changed were coordinates for one Preset Survivor (recruitable Doctor) to place him on my stand alone map... Line # 191 in the stack trace in refers to : ================================================= function SuperSurvivorsLoadGridsquare(square) if(square ~= nil) then local x = square:getX() local y = square:getY() local z = square:getZ() local key = x .. y .. z if(SurvivorMap == nil) then SSM:init() if(doesFileExist("SurvivorMap.lua")) then SurvivorMap = loadSurvivorMap() -- matrix grid containing info on location of all survivors for re-spawning purposes print("Survivor map loaded") else SurvivorMap = {} print("Survivor map set") end SuperSurvivorBravery = SuperSurvivorGetOptionValue("Bravery") SuperSurvivorSpawnRate = SuperSurvivorGetOptionValue("SpawnRate") ChanceToSpawnWithGun = SuperSurvivorGetOptionValue("GunSpawnRate") ChanceToSpawnWithWep = SuperSurvivorGetOptionValue("WepSpawnRate") ChanceToBeHostileNPC = SuperSurvivorGetOptionValue("HostileSpawnRate") MaxChanceToBeHostileNPC = SuperSurvivorGetOptionValue("HostileSpawnRate") SurvivorInfiniteAmmo = SuperSurvivorGetOptionValue("InfinitAmmo") SurvivorHunger = SuperSurvivorGetOptionValue("SurvivorHunger") SurvivorsFindWorkThemselves = SuperSurvivorGetOptionValue("FindWork") RaidsAtLeastEveryThisManyHours = SuperSurvivorGetOptionValue("RaidersAtLeastHours") --(60 * 24) RaidsStartAfterThisManyHours = SuperSurvivorGetOptionValue("RaidersAfterHours") -- (5 * 24) RaidChanceForEveryTenMinutes = SuperSurvivorGetOptionValue("RaidersChance") --(6 * 24 * 14) end if(key) and (SurvivorMap[key] ~= nil) and (#SurvivorMap[key] > 0) then local i = 1; --table.sort(SurvivorMap[key]); while(SurvivorMap[key] ~= nil) do SSM:LoadSurvivor(SurvivorMap[key], square); i = i + 1; end i = 1; while(SurvivorMap[key]) do table.remove(SurvivorMap[key],SurvivorMap[key]); i = i + 1; end end if (square:getModData().SurvivorSquareLoaded == nil) and (not SuperSurvivorPresetSpawn(square)) then SurvivorMap[key] = {} square:getModData().SurvivorSquareLoaded = true local hoursSurvived = math.floor(getGameTime():getWorldAgeHours()) if(SuperSurvivorSpawnRate ~= 0) and (ZombRand(SuperSurvivorSpawnRate + hoursSurvived) == 0) and (square:getZoneType() == "TownZone") then if(ZombRand(15) == 0) then -- spawn group local hours = getGameTime():getWorldAgeHours() local RaiderGroup = SSGM:newGroup() local GroupSize = ZombRand(2,5) + math.floor(hours/(24*30)) if (GroupSize > 10) then GroupSize = 10 end local oldGunSpawnChance = ChanceToSpawnWithGun ChanceToSpawnWithGun = ChanceToSpawnWithGun * 1.5 local groupHostility local Leader for i=1, GroupSize do raider = SuperSurvivorRandomSpawn(square) if(i == 1) then RaiderGroup:addMember(raider,"Leader") groupHostility = raider.player:getModData().isHostile Leader = raider else RaiderGroup:addMember(raider,"Guard") raider:setHostile(groupHostility) raider:getTaskManager():AddToTop(FollowTask:new(raider,Leader:Get())) end if(raider:hasWeapon() == false) then raider:giveWeapon(MeleWeapons[ZombRand(1,#MeleWeapons)]) end end ChanceToSpawnWithGun = oldGunSpawnChance else SuperSurvivorRandomSpawn(square) end end end end end ==================================================================== Which also contains Raider spawn... Can't say i've seen any raiders on Stand Alone maps either... Has anyone got PRESET Survivors or Raiders to work on a Stands Alone map ??? I think it would be great for map Makers to populate their maps with interesting NPC's Random Survivor Spawn work fine in townzones, but it seems any PRESET's do not... To determine if the problem was the map OFFSET, I added my map to Muldraugh, KY starting at cell offset (45,25), and still any PRESETs I placed in within these coordinates caused the above errors... "Object tried to call nil in SuperSurvivorsLoadGridsquare" Looks like the SurvivorMap.Lua that is generated is not allowing Presets to appear ???
  12. Super Survivors!

    Thanks for the reply despite your new busy schedule... Very much appreciated!!! So I get coord's off WorldEd map utility... (not sure if that's different coord's ??) Got to get to work, and i'll look into that this afternoon... Anyrate, making sure the areas is totally clear... I simply change the first Preset NPC in the file to : x = 2120 ,y = 400, And then I get hundreds of these right after clicking to start the game... 1529592134124 ----------------------------------------- 1529592134125 STACK TRACE 1529592134125 ----------------------------------------- 1529592134128 function: SuperSurvivorsLoadGridsquare -- file: SuperSurvivorsMod.lua line # 191 1529592134131 1529592134131 ----------------------------------------- 1529592134132 STACK TRACE 1529592134132 ----------------------------------------- 1529592134133 function: SuperSurvivorsLoadGridsquare -- file: SuperSurvivorsMod.lua line # 191 java.lang.RuntimeException: Object tried to call nil in SuperSurvivorsLoadGridsquare at at se.krka.kahlua.vm.KahluaThread.luaMainloop( at at se.krka.kahlua.vm.KahluaThread.pcall( at se.krka.kahlua.vm.KahluaThread.pcallvoid( at se.krka.kahlua.integration.LuaCaller.pcallvoid( at se.krka.kahlua.integration.LuaCaller.protectedCallVoid( at zombie.Lua.Event.trigger( at zombie.Lua.LuaEventManager.triggerEvent( at zombie.iso.IsoChunk.doLoadGridsquare( at zombie.iso.IsoChunkMap.processAllLoadGridSquare( at zombie.gameStates.IngameState.enter( at zombie.gameStates.GameStateMachine.update( at zombie.GameWindow.logic( at at zombie.GameWindow.maina( at zombie.gameStates.MainScreenState.main(
  13. Super Survivors!

    Is there a way to use Preset Survivors... recruit-able Doctors, etc.. on a custom map ?? I know the original_KY map is offset some strange way.... and whenever I try to adjust coordinates to my map which starts at cell 0,0 I get hundreds of errors immediately after [clicking to continue] just before the game should start... Am I missing something besides the SuperSurvivorPresetSpawns.lua ??? or.... do I need to tell it that my map isn't offset somehow ?? Anyone have an idea ???
  14. Super Survivors!

    Ok, cool.... Thank you much for the explanation !! that makes sense...
  15. Profession Framework Mod

    K.... so no "Bin Laden's - Gold plated AK-47"