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  1. Filibuster Rhymes' Used Cars!

    Finally found a (spoiler)... Just wanted to let ya know, You are a BOSS.
  2. [IWBUMS Build 40 Test Server] SpiffoSpace: Weather

    It can turn purple for all I care.... Is the Crashing really fixed??!!! Don't be playin with my emotions!!!
  3. Men with Ven

    I was born for this....
  4. [V40.16] RX 480 experiencing graphics problems

    And then stream of nullpointer exemption errors... Edit... If you just want to play without this annoying crash every 10 minutes, hit Backspace to open the Weather Debug menus, and Disable Climate... Hope it gets sorted out, the climate stuff was looking pretty cool... But i'll take function over eye candy any day...
  5. [V40.16] RX 480 experiencing graphics problems

    Same here.... freeze, sounds still play.... 10-15 second freeze.... move around for a second or two, freeze again.... happened during Fog...
  6. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.17

    Had this happen once in 4 games today... game froze, could still hear sound effects.... and after about 10-15 seconds, it would un freeze for just a moment, and then freeze again.... Got the same hundreds of errors as post above states... Only thing that was really different between the one game that froze and 4 or 5 that didn't, was fog.... The one time it froze, was during fog...
  7. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.17

    So, I notice that with every game I start and/or continue, the ZOOM is disabled even though it is checked in the options as ENABLE ZOOM => YES... I can re-select "YES" and APPLY to get it to work, but it does reset every time so far...
  8. ORGM Rechambered

    Good deal.... ok, back to testing !!!
  9. Super Survivors!

    Not always.... they do get bitten, scratched, etc... and bleed to death just like the player character... Do a Medical check on NPC's in your group after they get attacked, you will see that they also receive injuries. When I first started using the SuperSurvivors Mod, I recall that NPC's appeared to be less affected by Zombies as well... That is, until I started trying to keep them alive in my group.... Then you quickly realize they are not invincible as you may have thought initially..
  10. ORGM Rechambered

    Woah!!!! that's a big change list... Can't wait to try this out!! Quick Suggestion/Question... Ber93R, any chance of Mag compatibility with normal Ber92 ? A cursory search on the internet indicates they are compatible, and I find myself discarding the 93R due to lack of magazines... We all know in a Zombie world, storage space is a commodity, and a gun with only one magazine is, well..... less useful than a gun with 47 magazines....
  11. How to add Vehicle Zones to your Map Mod

    The picture is from OP... I never really used the directional feature, because I figure random is best to represent ppl parking however they feel like that day... Another example I encountered just yesterday was even with a larger 5x3 parking space, a vehicle spawns such that it blocks movement across an adjacent 1 square wide sidewalk.... That's annoying!! especially if it's the sidewalk to the front door of a building. I might have to use the directional feature there... but with 4x3 I'm pretty certain it would block no matter which direction... Could be wrong, but after re-doing all of those curbs, I wouldn't want to chance it.... Given the choice, I'd drag that parking spot out and away from a sidewalk to ensure movement can occur thru there... Anyway, thanks for hearing me out... I suppose its really just a minor issue that only bugs the maker of the map...
  12. How to add Vehicle Zones to your Map Mod

    K'but.... I had (on occasion) a 4x3 parking space spawn a stationwagon halfway thru a fence making it glitch in & out.... and several other occasions where it seemed to bounce the car up to level 2 ??? where you could only see it from certain vantage points.. I guess it depends on what car decides to spawn there... Unfortunately, once they are in precarious places like that, you cannot get in and move them so it kinda ruins that particular save-game if you know what I mean...
  13. How to add Vehicle Zones to your Map Mod

    So I just finished correcting all my early maps from 4x3 parking spaces to 5x3.... I'm thinking 4x3 was an old spec or typo, because 4x3 will sometimes cause a vehicle to glitch through a fence or end up on a roof... Just trying to save a would-be mapper some grief re-doing all those curbs!!!! F'n curbs!!!
  14. Beeverdoid

    @Sharkster, Good point!! I recall the first time I played the vehicle test branch, how different the game was all of a sudden... Great distances were no longer a problem, and the rain and cold in between those distances were all things of the past. First time I played, I died lost on the roadside from the cold because of the two available directions to run, I chose the wrong one... If only I paid more attention to orienteering in my youth... After vehicles, this never happened again.... ever. I think the solution to the problem of an unrealistic "safe-zone" which will be the armored car lies with the entire Mad Max series.... Fuel.... Without it, you can sit there and not get eaten for days and weeks..... but unless you can reach the trunk where your food run loot is, you're going to die a slow agonizing death... So I think Sandbox settings will determine how useful or over-powered this becomes... All that armor becomes a lot less useful if the vehicle won't move... (like the big armored truck in FTWD that got stuck in the ditch several episodes ago) it just became a liability in a Blackhawk down type of magnitude... By this, I mean.... a minute ago you "thought" you were going from point A - B with all your best shit in your super awesome armored vehicle.... Then it got stuck. Now your entire last 100 hours of looting effort is stranded and about to be surrounded to a point excavating it from a horde would be more costly... More to this point.... There was another zombie game (forgot which one because they all suck compared to PZ) LOL Any rate, this game had a feature where zombies were able to cling to the vehicle, thereby continuing to batter on it even as you drive... A very serious negative attribute to any such exterior augmentation be it armor, roof rack, or light bar.... could be that zombies can cling to the vehicle at a higher frequency than perhaps the one that ends up on the hood for a brief moment until you turn... @naskO Normal (home depot) steel would be pretty useless vs. anything coming out of a centerfire rifle. AR500 steel however might be worth investigating... This stuff is like magic and you can get it on Ebay/Amazon!!! If "SHTF" #12 on my to do list, just after filling the bathtub with water would be to arrange a simple hanger for a silhouette target behind my driver seat to protect vitals vs. gunfire from behind when I go on looting runs...
  15. Beeverdoid

    I think in a zombie world where you can be pulled through a window and eaten by zombies creates a need for quick solutions to offset the daily threat of death.... Many of these solutions will *NOT* be optimal in terms of vehicle design where : weight, handling, visibility, etc. are concerned.... They are merely ways to stay alive in a pinch... If you zombie proof your vehicle with improper tools with less than optimal skills, in an even less than optimal environment, under constant threat with little to no sleep.... things will get overlooked, and it absolutely will not be perfect... At least until someone acquires the skills, time, and material to produce good quality components.... None of which a starting level character will possess. Which brings us to the next possibility.... I expect that any non-skilled (metalwork/fabrication) character will produce things that look and fit horribly, and are barely useful in terms of the trade off between armor vs. vehicle stats... IMO, this is fitting in terms of realism where we should remember that we're talking about dentists, accountants, policemen who are all skilled in a profession which is *NOT* vehicular armor fabrication... Should this stop them from attempting these things to improve their odds at surviving.... absolutely not!!! I think this is the core of the game..... to learn to survive by acquiring the skills and material to accomplish projects such as these... Compare in terms of a couple planks over a window vs. properly installed metal bars.... Anyone can bang up some planks, and they will barely keep anything out.... but a skilled metal fabricator can create something that could contain a lion or bear... I hope that we will see some sort of tiered progression in terms of skill/quality... but not without balance (more on this below) Basic things to do to a survival vehicle in order of importance might resemble something like this : 1 - Do something to keep from getting yanked out of the window and eaten every time I drive somewhere 2 - Do something to keep the engine from getting damaged every time I run into something 3 - Do something to prevent my tires from getting punctured every time I drive off road 4 - Do something to improve reliability and keep it running at all costs (dual battery, larger fuel tank) 5 - Do something to increase storage capacity for looting runs 6 - Do something to prevent lights from getting smashed every time I run into something Conversely, In a sandbox world where fuel is scarce, the list might be much shorter 1 - Remove everything to save weight and increase fuel economy Since no vehicle is perfect for all purposes, stripping down a vehicle to improve fuel economy to extend usefulness in a fuel scarce world might be a decision for some people... (no doors, panels, etc) What I hope NEVER to see in this game is the "END ALL B.F.G. UPGRADE" that renders all other versions useless... This is where other simple minded games end, where the last upgrade is simply the best of all worlds... This IMO, will detriment replay-ability more than add to it... The thing that adds to replay-ability is options.... options which have benefits and consequences. That said.... I *HOPE* that the highest armor upgrade has the worst fuel economy and visibility among other trade-offs to truly make it an option instead of a linear path to the game killing End All B.F.G. Upgrade...