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  1. Ok, so PFM is loading just fine... but your leonprofessions mod is not getting loaded.... New professions should appear immediately after the console line : LOG : General, 1585178807101> ProfessionFramework.INFO: Adding Trait Jogger2 And be at the BOTTOM of the list in game character setup screen... I did notice that there is an issue with examplemod refusing to load... Are you sure you setup your leonProfessions mod correctly ? ie, mod.info file in your leonProfessions folder... Might wanna look there bcuz its trying to load "examplemod" and failing, and there is no sign of "leonprofessions" trying to load at all...
  2. Oh Ooops... my bad... that's correct, should have read : I have my Profession lua in ...\Zomboid\mods\MyProfessionsMod\media\lua\shared\MYPROFESSIONS.lua Random thoughts... - Are you testing on a new game ? or old save ? bcuz new mod memory may cause issues - Right version of game ? - Try disabling all mods, and re-enable them making sure PFM is activated before your custom professions mod... - Console.txt throwing any errors ? scrolling all the way up may reveal where its hanging up or unable to find something...
  3. I have the Framework mod in ...\Zomboid\mods\ProfessionalFramework-master I have my Profession lua in ...\Zomboid\media\lua\shared\MYPROFESSIONS.lua There is an issue with your example.... Unlike [Perks.SmallBlunt] (no space) Long is just [Perks.Blunt]... So the script stops at that mistake, and does not apply sprinting, or anything passed that line. Otherwise, I pasted your example in myprofession mod, and it appears in the setup option just fine... ProfessionFramework.addProfession('Hitter', { name = "Pinch Hitter", description="When the bases are loaded with two outs...", icon = "", cost = 0, xp = { [Perks.Fitness] = 1, [Perks.Blunt] = 2, <<<<<<===== FIX THIS SO IT READS AS SUCH [Perks.Sprinting] = 2, }, inventory = { ["Base.BaseballBat"] = 1, ["Base.Baseball"] = 1, }, })
  4. All these affect weapon damage : CriticalChance CritDmgMultiplier MinDamage MaxDamage
  5. LOL... i'm such a noob at modding its embarrassing... Anyways, I made the mod last night after reading your post and uploaded to see if it worked... but the title of your thread was "how to do that" so here's what I figured out during that 20 minutes of poking around... (took longer to find that picture of the guy prying a plank) First of all, we are not adding a FUNCTION to a TOOL... because the function already existed which is unbarricade... We merely added a TOOL to the FUNCTION. In the timed action ISUnbarricadeAction, the isValid function kicks you out if you don't have a Hammer or Stone Hammer... so I just added the Crowbar there... In the ISWorldContextMenu.lua it only shows the option to Unbarricade if "hasHammer" is true... So since we did not want to be able to use the Crowbar to Barricade (install planks) and only Unbarricade (remove planks), I added a new check in in the ISWorldObjectContextMenu function for "hasCrowbar" so as not to affect everything else that checked for "hasHammer". I don't think we wanted to be able to hammer nails with a Crowbar right ? Next we find each instance where Unbarricade is made visible in the context menu, and add the check for "hasCrowbar".... in this case, (3) instances existed : - if not IgnoreObject - if window ~= nil - if door ~= nil And finally, the function ISWorldObjectContextMenu.onUnbarricade has all the logic to determine what ends up in your PrimaryHandItem... I added a check to not automatically equip a hammer every time if you are holding a Crowbar, and visa versa... Previously, it just always equipped either of the (2) possible hammers. So that's how we added a TOOL to this FUNCTION... Admittedly, I did it the Caveman way by replacing the whole vanilla file instead of making the changes in a more elegant way.... But I think we can agree that this should just be in the base game.... So I didn't waste too much more brain juice on it other than to see if it worked...
  6. Here you go... If you're holding a Hammer or Crowbar it will use what is in your hand. If you are holding nothing, it will look for Crowbar first... then Hammer. Workshop id=2010986515 Mod id=Crowbar2UnBarricade
  7. Instead of press/hold... How about hold/release ? this would work for controllers because far as I can tell, they initiate on release... so it would depend on whether the hold time is a tap or a hold.... sort of like powering up in some games for critical attack...
  8. Arsenal26

    New Big City

    Nice work!! looks great...
  9. hmm... Insta-Kills = suicide... inb4 someone says it's your fault for getting surrounded... without realizing the flaw in the control logic.
  10. Of course not... Vanilla fixes were written in a slightly different way. There's more than one way to skin a cat. No worries, I read the fine print regarding mods & there being no requirement for credit if mods end up in the game... I don't even care about that.... just the Big Picture, that's all... And you're absolutely correct... It was about several months before the fix that I first mentioned the issues (albeit insistently on my part) to which you warned me not to be so repetitive... So apologies for that... After I received my warnings I just decided to fix it myself even though I had no idea how to do a mod what-so-ever, luckily for me I had taken some computer classes back in the 7th grade so I wasn't completely lost... Took a minute, but I managed to fix Auto-Walk to Containers and uploaded my first mod ever. It got hundreds of subscribers per day hitting nearly 2300 before the vanilla fix arrived. And after that fix was in, I re-purposed the mod to fix Auto Walk to Everything Else (light switches and whatnot) and that continued to get subs until the vanilla fix for that came in a few weeks later. My goal was to preserve the "Sanity" of those ~2300 players and my own from going nuts while trying to beta test 41 as the official fix was being worked on. So Thank you you TIS for the vanilla fix.... Whether the mod influenced the fix or not, it truly doesn't matter... Back to the point of my earlier post... Modders can sometimes fast track good ideas into reality, and take things in different directions as they may be laid out in the vanilla plan...
  11. I think you're on to something here... Mod wise however... Vanilla's path is pretty much set unless we make a mod with enough players subscribing, like my Inventory Sanity mod that fixed Auto-Walking, and RH4DB4's Save Character settings mods that eventually got rolled into an update. Unfortunately right now, with the frequency of updates, mods get broken frequently... So I get the feeling many of our favorite modders are just waiting until vanilla is more stable so they don't waste their time. You've got some decent ideas.... but perhaps a better place for them would be Mod Suggestions... might be more well received there... edit... I mean Mod Ideas/Requests.
  12. Will do... good lookin out Beard.
  13. Win10 OS Intel Core2Duo E7400 @ 2.80GHz - (8gb) AMD Radeon HD6800 (1gb)
  14. Seems this happens when stop and load games a few times (Not restarting the game)... Re-Booting the game appears to give it a fresh start.
  15. Arsenal26

    A Good Day

    The Suburban is one of many vehicles from Filibuster Rhyme's mod...
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