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  1. Question

    Raspberry or Strawberry jam ?
  2. I tried PZ on GOG.... then I got my money back thru the 14 day no questions asked refund policy.
  3. Ok.... to maybe make it easier for other ppl to do this... From STEAM, right click Project Zomboid on Games list.... Select [Properties] Click over to [BETAS] Notice [Controllertest] is not on the list. Enter the password : badassstas456 Controllertest will now appear on the pulldown list. Select it to download the build. Anyways.... I use PS3 controller running XBOX emulator... The controller menu does see my controller, but the D-Pad doesn't seem to register on the test screen. edit... oh wait.... look at the pic above... you cant see the button flash register thingy... On my resolution, lot more was hidden When I went to test this build, I had ORGM, SuperSurvivors loaded, and got 9600+ stack trace errors relating (I think) to key binding features in both those mods so heads up... I'm currently reverting back to make sure my old settings work.. One thought... So the STEAM controller configuration lets you assign multiple functions to a single button. I use my Right ThumbStick's button (R3) to control zoom. - Double click for ZOOM OUT - Click & hold for ZOOM IN Those Thumb Stick (R3/L3) buttons are also missing I think from this builds button mapping section... I'm not seeing any advantage to this controller configuration build vs. what is built in to STEAM.... or am I missing something ? Runs smoother / faster ? Now if you guys can add more button mapping functionality that would be pretty cool... Currently, when things get thick on screen... the double clicks don't register too well via STEAM config... so maybe if it's built into the game it would be more reliable ? I think the big thing with using a controller is this.... We want to get away from Keyboard/Mouse as possible for the majority of things... But this is not currently possible due to the number of Key-Bindings that PZ uses... I relegate a few "Rarely Used" to keyboard so as to leave room on the controller for more vital things... The Horn/Yell for instance... has no place on my controller at the moment. But just about everything else I need to do can be done via controller. That is, until you start running lots of mods with even more Key Bindings!!! Here is my recommendation/solution that would imo make controllers much more viable. Create a HOTKEY RADIAL menu - It expands and contracts in terms of # of slices based on how many functions are programmed into it. There couldn't be icons since this would essentially be an overflow radial to handle whatever the player wants... Then as you push in that direction, text could appear which can be assigned same way a Backpack is re-named. I currently use the D-Pad to activate Radial menus. - UP arrow for Vehicle - LEFT arrow for Weapons It would be awesome to have a custom DIY radial menu to handle all the little things that don't get direct button press priority!!!!
  4. Joypad Testers

    I'm Joypad...
  5. Workbench

    I like the idea of a workbench.... But it shouldn't preclude attempts to craft things in the field as this is often necessary. I think what it ought to do is improve the quality of products made, or conversely unlock a tiered level of quality that cannot be achieved freehand on uneven/unstable surfaces. And universally reduce the failure rate thus reducing material wasted in failed attempts. I think the workbench represents the Object, yes.... a table with a Vise, and basic tools to do a particular job. Perhaps the tools should not be fixed or consumed in making the workbench, but rather a prerequisite as per the product you're trying to make. Another thing it represents is a shoring up of the table. Mounting to the ground for stability. Installing a light source so you can see what you're doing. Adding a means to support or clamp the work. In the case of welding, providing a ground clamp point to weld small objects where the circuit is completed through the table/vise instead of clamping directly on the item. Providing a burn-proof surface. In this case, not any table will do. So what i'm trying to say is..... Sure, a doctor can deliver a baby in the nastiest public transit terminal littered with heroin needles and feces... But the kid stands a better chance at survival if they were brought into the world in a neat, organized, and clean, environment designed for that purpose.
  6. Crepe Expectations

    Those outfits look crepe!!! I can't wait to loot cool outfits off dead bodies because I wont have the patience to find clean ones in dressers and such. We're gonna need a lot of Palm Olive and soap... crepe job creator people!! crepe job on the trailer vid Clerkius!!
  7. How to draw maps for the PZ Mapping tools

    When you do BMP => TMX you get to preview those TMX files which you are previewing to the RIGHT... The only additional detail in the preview is the vegetation, because that is what the step accomplishes essentially. Now if you double click the Cell (8,4) on your example it will open up a detailed display of that cell only, and a New Tab will appear at the top next to [The World], [CELL 8,4] This is where you can navigate to your [Buildings] folder on the far RIGHT and similar to previewing TMX files, you can get previews of any building you have saved before placing them into the cell. After placing buildings and setting Spawn points, apply the changes by clicking [FILE], [SAVE]... But before this will work correctly, you must tell it where these go. so if you haven't already done so, use the [WRITE SPAWN POINTS] and [WRITE OBJECTS] options to designate where your folder is.... These can both be found conveniently under [GENERATE LOTS]. For my map, they are here ==> C:\Users\User\Zomboid\mods\OFFSET MAP\media\maps\WORLD_OFFSET\spawnpoints.lua and here ==> C:\Users\User\Zomboid\mods\OFFSET MAP\media\maps\WORLD_OFFSET\objects.lua Then going back to [The World] tab, click [FILE], [GENERATE LOTS] and fill in the appropriate info, check boxes, etc. After reading a Tip about using BUILDINGED as much as possible, I rarely use TILED at all... I've created entire Cells as a Building. It just seems easier to make changes early on until you get the basics on the map nailed down. If you put as much as you can into your buildings, you can move the entire City Block or Neighborhood along with its roads, alley ways, trees, etc... without having to re-draw every little detail, if you want to move a building. - The shopping center in the example below is actually saved as 1 Building file. - The examples on the right are homes I made facing different directions to quickly populate a neighborhood.
  8. I would love to have new hair...
  9. Animation videos Someone (not me) compiled this playlist. Dunno how complete it is.
  10. Z Spawn Density in Large Buildings

    As I complete more and more of my map, I've noticed that zombie spawn density is the opposite of what I'd like it to be in some areas. - Homes are about right with at most 1 zombie per 200sqft (ie, 1600sqft house has about 6-8 zeds inside) - Small gas stations have maybe 0-3 inside - Fast food places have maybe 1-4 inside My issue is with Large buildings/stores having ZERO zombies inside... I've got displays, shelves, mannequins, checkout stands, light switches, bathrooms, etc... placed in the store, so it's not like an empty warehouse... and despite being within the ZombieSpawnMap image, absolutely no zombies spawn inside. So I'm wondering, is there a particular type of object, or something I can place to increase the zombie density of certain buildings ? Lets say I wanted to create a huge 12 theater cinema just jam packed with zombies.... is that possible ? Seems like such a waste to create large empty structures, where in most zombie situations they tend to congregate inside large structures like shopping centers, and such... I did notice that a Prison building I made is just stuffed with Zombie spawn.... And the only real difference between this building and lets say a Walmart store, is that the Prison has a extreme number of rooms in relation to its footprint... Does number of rooms in a building affect spawn density ? Just thought I'd throw that question out there, as I continue to mess around with different combinations.
  11. Two ways to move furniture.

    aha!! a criptic clue...
  12. ORGM Rechambered

    awesome.... rummaging efficiency will definitely be improved... I'll be lurking on page one to DL this
  13. ORGM Rechambered

    Ohhh... sweet So for the weapon, is that [Inspection] or [mouse-over] info... Reason i'm askin is, sometimes trying to find a particular model is cumbersome due to having to equip to inspect. I understand that not all people can determine this with a cursory glance, thus the need to pickup and inspect to verify. But maybe this info can be sort of unlocked on the Mouse over info based on skill level ? Oops... Jus looked again... No tabs... so that's the new mouse over info! cool
  14. Pea Super

    That settles it then, bring only what you need.... EVERYONE TO THE ANIMATIONS DEPARTMENT!!!!
  15. Vehicle storage space weirdness

    "A+" for presentation Geras.... bonus points for flippy pictures. I actually drive a Step Van daily at work, and we can definitely fit more than 90 in it....