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  1. it seems that things like carpentry and cooking gets a huge library of vhs tapes that you can level up fast with, but there are hardly any for metalworking, tailoring and electronics except for personal vhs tapes rarely found. Also the simons fitness tapes, why are these not even educational? Its a nightmare trying to raise your fitness and strength without using xp and modded books surely, simon should be able to help with the xp
  2. Surprised nobody has thought of this one, would be very useful to clear overgrown grass from your property if you just pushed it around like the shopping cart mod
  3. I cannot be the only one that thinks the screen on the tv is very boring and basic, It would be nice to see some animated gifs or low res animations to bring the tv to life, covering the news channels, life and living and all the educational vhs shows, if we have learned anything about PZ its that everyone loves the little things and quality of life makes the game better
  4. I like the idea of this, however i don't think it will play out how you think it will. You can't use cars, you can't sprint unless that's one of the zombie types you prefer. The survivors will be much faster and more cunning than you, they will be armed or carry weapons. Just think how many zombies you ended up killing before that one lucky bastard managed to sneak up on you at the right moment. So it could end up being a very long drawn out game of cat and mouse filled with frustration when you finally see a survivor and he jumps into a car and drives off, or wraps a baseball bat around your head because you weren't quick enough. That said, I still like the idea
  5. lol found it, mods deleted, thank you sir
  6. currently when i want to host a small mp server with my friends, I am finding that adding mods onto a server are a nightmare because you have to add them all via an annoying drop down menu and it gets very hard trying to keep track of mods you have added and accidentally adding the same one twice, not sure if this would be better as a mod suggestion or a core game suggestion, however this page needs to be updated and made more user friendly and match the mod menu for single player games
  7. Okay, So i have been playing since 2016 and i have accumulated a lot of mods over time, and im currently running close to 200 now, however there are some older mods that no longer exist on steam and as a result are left in my mod folder and theres no way to unsubscribe them when theres no longer a steam page to unsubscribe from, so how do i get rid of them?
  8. I love this game, I think it would also work perfectly on android devices as the graphics are the same as a lot of android optimised games such as Dawn of zombies and last day survival. Now as a security guard that spends 12 hours a night sitting on my backside with nothing to do, I would love to be able to play this on my tablet, with mod support to get me through my night
  9. Really? I have just been using them for storge, how do they work?
  10. I would be nice to have animations of the characters 1. sitting in chairs, watching tv/dvds 2. sitting at the table and actually eating food at the table off plates. 3. animation of them getting into bed and out of bed 4. Washing machines cleaning clothes 5. seeing the frying pans on the cooker being cooked. 6. Pets, nice to have a guard dog I love this game, i just want it to be the best that it can be visibly, just like how the sims worked so well, when they interact with the enviornment and items have their own effects and animations to bring everything to life.
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