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  1. When you guys near completion will you ever port it to android phones as a paid app? Most phones/tablets would own this game with hardly any issues and i would love to be able to play while on the go
  2. as title says, The current save im using is brand new, however im not finding any seed packets anywhere and the craft helper mod says i can plant seeds from vegetables but i don't seem to get any option to claim them, I'm also using hydrocraft mod and a number of others too but i feel the hydrocraft would possibly have more of an impact on this
  3. Everyone must have a story or scenario that made them laugh in PZ. Be it in multiplayer or solo. I will start. I have super survivors and custom sandbox settings, so i control the apocalypse. Anyway, I start a brand new session and within seconds of going live, my wife, without hesitation, walks out the house, into the neighbors house and rinses them all out with an uzi. No warning, nothing. The world hadn't even fallen properly, there was still power, food and water, most people were still going about their daily routine, maybe just catching the news on the TV about a sickhness going around yet the wife activated order 66 as if she had been preparing her whole life for this moment. A few days later i came home to find her gone, she hadn't turned or got caught in a horde, she just left and never came back. Maybe it was for the best.
  4. Really? I have just been using them for storge, how do they work?
  5. I would be nice to have animations of the characters 1. sitting in chairs, watching tv/dvds 2. sitting at the table and actually eating food at the table off plates. 3. animation of them getting into bed and out of bed 4. Washing machines cleaning clothes 5. seeing the frying pans on the cooker being cooked. 6. Pets, nice to have a guard dog I love this game, i just want it to be the best that it can be visibly, just like how the sims worked so well, when they interact with the enviornment and items have their own effects and animations to bring everything to life.
  6. So im not sure what I am doing wrong but im not able to repair clothes. I see the hole in the item and the tailoring icon is shown in red. I have a sutre needle, a thread, and some denim/leather strips. but cant figure it out
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