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    trombonaught reacted to Loskene in Runners Return   
    Really looking forward to runners, they look scary as hell.
    Others have brought up having more variety in zombie capabilities here, and I wanted to comment on that a bit as well. My favourite sandbox settings are one with the zombies' strength, speed, cognition etc set to random, so that you never really know what you're going to get when you run into one. Frail, blind, deaf and dumb or the undead T-800 trying to unlock your doors. I'm obviously going to add runners to the mix here too, but in order not to make it impossibly difficult my only way of balancing how many of a particular type I encounter is to change the overall zombie spawn amounts. This is less desirable because I want a regular number of "bog standard" zombies of low to median capabilities and a smaller number of zeds that are much more threatening for one reason or another, to better reflect the variety of people they came from, since you never know who might've been a professional weightlifter or marathon runner in their former life. Plus in my headcanon muscle memory is what lets the zombie virus actually control a human body without a consciousness, so one with more physical conditioning to particular tasks retains a lot of those capabilities after death. Like using door handles, a "mindless" action all of us do every day.
    Anyway the thing I'm asking for here is the ability to select the ratio of different zombie attributes when you make them random. ie if I'm picking zombie strength I can get a little subdivided bar or something representing 100% of the zombie spawns, adjustable so you can say like "35% weak, 55% normal, 10% strong". Then the same for movement speed, how many can open doors, vision and hearing range etc.
    Have to say I've been liking the game a lot more when the zombies are less predictable between one another. They are somewhat varied with the decomposition rules and such but it really makes no difference compared to when you fiddle with their sandbox presets.
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    trombonaught reacted to DresdenBBQ in Runners Return   
    My jaw literally fucking dropped when I saw the runner zombies. They look disgustingly brutal and I have no idea how anyone could survive if all the zombies were runners. That's just ridiculous. 
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    trombonaught reacted to Ziggylata in Runners Return   
    Id like to see the non-alerted sprinters use normal walk animations, if thats possible.
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    trombonaught reacted to Thelonestander in Runners Return   
    Those runner zombies look BRUTAL. 
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    trombonaught reacted to explorator in Getting bored when inside is unrealistic   
    I have never been THAT bored because it is so easy to remove by standing outside, or getting close to a zombie.
    I think when they eventually rework Boredom, they should make Books, Magazines, and Newspapers remove a random amount, because not every book is equaly entertaining.
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    trombonaught reacted to WrittenInBlood in Getting bored when inside is unrealistic   
    As I see this, boredom in current state totally needs rework, but dropping it completely takes away one important thing - grind restriction. 
    I think boredom should rise every time player repeats a task, this way it will be very inconvenient to, e.g., clear a patch of trees, water large arae of garden in a single day, or dismantle 50 TVs in a row to grind Electrics skill.
    And current "static" boredom increase could tied to interior furnishings, so that living in a large storage filled with same and same crates will get on character nerves faster than comfy, nicely decorated apartment. Math could look roughly like [room area + instances of a single object inside / number of unbarricaded windows], with possible modifiactors from pretty, but otherwise useless objects like potted plants, posters and pictures. 
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    trombonaught reacted to Kaixrou in PUBLIC IWBUMS BETA - BUILD 41 RELEASED - Animations!   
    Yep it's becoming the best cause the dev team is " AWESOME!!! " 
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    trombonaught reacted to ohgodspidersno in PUBLIC IWBUMS BETA - BUILD 41 RELEASED - Animations!   
    Your guy is probably panicking. Take beta blockers.
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    trombonaught reacted to HostofProselyte in PUBLIC IWBUMS BETA - BUILD 41 RELEASED - Animations!   
    Also I think the glasses items negating Short sighted like in Hydrocraft would make a lot of sense and when the glasses break, trait comes back.
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    trombonaught reacted to buwaro in Build 38 and Beyond: Small but Important Suggestions Thread   
    1065 more starting hats/facewear for different occupations
    i.e.  police hat for police, balaclava for buglers, chefs hat for chefs and fast food hat for burger flipper, sweat band for fitness instructor, fisher's hat for the fisher, and surgical masks for doctor/nurse
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    trombonaught reacted to Fortport in Zombies Folding Against Walls   
    I feel like zombies should never lay flat and clip through a wall, and lately in the new build I've seen zombies sitting against them. It's hard to see their head to stomp them properly and it looks bad, to see half their body clipping through or something.

    What if when we knocked a zombie down at a wall, they fell on their butt and sat against it? Or if when we knocked them down, they'd fly backward, hit the wall, then lay down sideways in front of it instead of through it? There's already an animation for sitting. Sure, you wouldn't be able to stomp them, but it'd look way better and also take a second for them to stand up again. This could apply to corpses and death animations also, potentially making it more satisfying to kill them by the wall if they slam into it and fall over.
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    trombonaught reacted to Kaixrou in PUBLIC IWBUMS BETA - BUILD 41 RELEASED - Animations!   
    So I hope in the hunting update of build 42 I think it is that they add craftable bow and arrows that you need to find a magazine to craft. Like you can use foraging and scavenging houses to find the supplies to make bow and arrows.
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    trombonaught reacted to Okamikurainya in Disease Overhaul   
    Flu is an abbreviation for the literal Influenza Virus, a real virus that exists, while a Cold is a colloquial term for any number of upper respiratory tract infections. Though you're right, folk do use Flu incorrectly a lot of the time.
    For gameplay, having a catch all treatment for a disease that would be more common than others and can be caught ambiently lowers the amount of micro management. You can still treat individual symptoms, as I have stated above. I disagree with you here.
    That is in a world where a majority of people are not directly interacting with wildlife, like they would be forced to in the post-zombie-apocalypse. Rabies cases are mostly when a rabid animal happens to wander into civilization and bites someone or their pet which then may bite a person. The amount of incidences will go way up when large portions of survivors move into the wilderness.
    I live in a rural town and we have a case of Rabies in the stray animal population at least once or twice a year. This is Africa though, so there's that.
    That said, Tetanus is a great idea for an additional disease! Thanks!
    Just realized that Tetanus wouldn't be functionally different in the game's meta from the Common Infection, so I just left it at that.

    Added Vaccines in the Medications and added Syringe in the Items. :3
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    trombonaught reacted to Steelpoint in Disease Overhaul   
    Compared to the complexity of other systems, upcoming and implemented, I've felt the current medical system is not as indepth as it could be. This proposed system I feel, even if half implemented, would improve it.
    If only because it'd make Medical professions and/or medical traits a stronger pick if it came with the ability to diagnose illnesses. 
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    trombonaught reacted to Dr_Cox1911 in Disease Overhaul   
    Hope that this will see the day of integration! The current system really is (compared to the others) kinda bland.
    In the new Thursdoid the showed the insulation system and this again shows the lack of depth to the diseases.
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    trombonaught reacted to bunpyre in Build 38 and Beyond: Small but Important Suggestions Thread   
    Just because it's only a small request I'm putting it in here.

    I'd like to ask that it's considered that dandelion coffee gets added in? It would tie in nicely with foraging and be a nice post-apocalyptic drink.

    In the same vein, may there please be some consideration for the coffee and tea recipes to make sugar optional?
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    trombonaught reacted to Tinke1979 in PUBLIC IWBUMS BETA - BUILD 41 RELEASED - Animations!   
    We need more cigarettes to the world!  My characters usually are smokers and it was a shock to me that I cannot find any cigarettes at the moment. Played about 2,5 hours and raided many houses and couple of shops, killed tons of zombies but no cigarettes

    Still... this build is good! Maybe I need to play nonsmoker next time!
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    trombonaught reacted to nasKo in LAZEOID   
    Hello everyone! Lazy Thursdoid this week while we can get away with it, IWBUMs are out and for the most part everyone seems to be really happy with how its going. A few much more isolated issues to resolve on low end PCs and Mac, Linux builds. It sucks and we promise we’re working on them, if there’s anyone out there who feels they haven’t been responded to about their issue, chances are we’re already aware and are working on solving it or getting hold of a similar spec ourselves to debug on. Otherwise, people seem to be responding very positively, and player counts, reviews and everything seem to be very active. Exciting times!
    We released 5th patch to IWBUMs yesterday, and boy was everyone really happy to see the increased soap spawns! We seem to have licked all the specific performance related issues, and now only need to improve general performance with skeleton sharing between zombies in hordes. This will happen during IWBUMs at some stage, but is a bigger task than some others so we’ll see at what point it does drop in.
    We feel our naming scheme for the playstyles has been a lot more successful than previous attempts, the hotbar system has been going down a storm. We’ll carry on polishing, balancing and fixing until we’re finally ready to start testing the multiplayer code (no timescale on this, it really does depend on a lot of factors) and until then… enjoy!
    This week’s image from Vic on Steam. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too!
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    trombonaught got a reaction from Gurluas in NERF DAMN HELICOPTER!   
    I for one appreciate the challenge, but what gets me is the flavour. Why is this chopper here? Who is the jerk following me around? Are they observing me? Are they actively trying to kill me? Why not shoot me?
    I find the lack of story behind it to be more frustrating than the hordes it brings.
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    trombonaught got a reaction from thejoker954 in NERF DAMN HELICOPTER!   
    Variable chopper activity would be awesome.
    - fly-by: one continuous line over your area. Quick and not too disruptive.
    - observation: watches how you deal with zeds in the name of "science." This is our current jerk who is indirectly trying to kill you .
    - care package: hovers in one spot within hearing range. If you get to its location, you find a care package (think annotated map stash).
    Good things come in threes so I'll stop there. If I had to add a fourth though, an "extermination chopper" trying to take out potentially infected survivors (with guns and bombs) would be awesome in the late game.
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    trombonaught got a reaction from thejoker954 in NERF DAMN HELICOPTER!   
    I for one appreciate the challenge, but what gets me is the flavour. Why is this chopper here? Who is the jerk following me around? Are they observing me? Are they actively trying to kill me? Why not shoot me?
    I find the lack of story behind it to be more frustrating than the hordes it brings.
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    trombonaught reacted to Kaixrou in PUBLIC IWBUMS BETA - BUILD 41 RELEASED - Animations!   
    Ok so I was thinking like with the morgue it's like a info tab on the start screen that shows you all that stuff and you can click on the characters for more detail. 
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    trombonaught reacted to mastice in PUBLIC IWBUMS BETA - BUILD 41 RELEASED - Animations!   
    I like this idea - even if it's not a morgue (because that would require a power source to keep the bodies cold) maybe we could construct a monument of some sort?  Were it would display the same information over the grave of the fallen?  Or we could edit in the information of the fallen?  Just some thoughts on it.  🤷‍♂️
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    trombonaught reacted to Kaixrou in PUBLIC IWBUMS BETA - BUILD 41 RELEASED - Animations!   
    Ok so I have something I want in game but isn't in yet that lots of people would probably like: A morgue that shows the say last 5 characters I played and best 5 characters I played that died. With Their zombies killed number, how many days they lived, their name and maybe their stats. Stuff like that so I can see what characters I did good with and how well they did, so I have some goals to look foreword to. If you could add something cool like that in the game I would be super happy to see my past survivors I got so connected to, please add this if it's not to much trouble. 
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    trombonaught reacted to Okamikurainya in Build 38 and Beyond: Small but Important Suggestions Thread   
    1061: Small chance to yell out in fear when suddenly stumbling upon a zombie and getting the Panic Moodle, with a larger chance for it to happen with Cowardly Characters. This may attract more Zombies.
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