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  1. vhs tapes and player/recorders weren't really common until at least the mid-80's.
  2. That's it? No explanation? What did you make it out of? How long does it take?
  3. I have no idea how long ago this was, but I could swear we used to be able to use bath towels to cover windows. It counted for the "add sheet" option, It could well have been a very long time ago because I bought (or signed up for - or something) Zomboid in 2011.
  4. Yeah, that would have made sense but this was a single player game. I'm still at a loss to explain it.
  5. Thanks for replying. I hadn't started any fires even remotely close to the house. The house in question is one of the three mansions close to Riverside, right on the river. The one with the high steel fence, specifically. I first noticed the fire outside the door to the laundry room, where I had just been. I was putting away some cleaning supplies. The fire start location is interesting because the kitchen was completely uninvolved when I first noticed the fire. I think the stove is out of the question. The generator is out of the question because I didn't know how to hook it up. So unless you can start a fire by misclicking and putting some stuff away in a dryer (maybe?) I am completely stumped. I am honestly guessing lightning strike because otherwsie there's no reason for the emergency broadcast system to be running a live countdown to the severe storms.
  6. On a recent play through, There was a countdown (ETA in days) on the emergency broadcast system to an upcoming severe thunderstorm. On the day of the "event" my house caught fire in a completely unexplained way. No generator (because no magazine), no cooking, and no campfires or anything. Is it possible for your house to be struck by lightning? If not, are there other severe consequences from this event that would make sense for EBS to be running a countdown?
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