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  1. 1238. I think the vehicle system designers are leaving some things on the table when it comes to differing sounds for cars with their engines, mufflers, or suspensions in a low condition state. Take for example this messed up MFP pursuit vehicle: This would be a great audible cue to let the player know why his / her vehicle is attracting so many zombies. Also, I'd love to see squealing, smoking tires from cars and trucks with high enough horsepower.
  2. The moodle is how the game tells you you're doing something wrong. Are you running a generator inside? Spending time near a lot of corpses? Eat or drink something you shouldn't have? Tainted water? Poison mushrooms or berries? Burnt bacon? And of course if you got scratched or bit, there's a chance you got the Knox infection.
  3. Not as far as I know. You can shoot through certain fences, though.
  4. No, but that would be interesting and realistic.
  5. I hope so. It sounds awesome.
  6. Anyone know why it was discontinued?
  7. Your corpse probably hasn't strayed too far. Fire a shotgun and see who comes running!
  8. You got bitten, so you were infected. Your body got up and went to the Z Jamboree, or whatever zombies do when no one is looking.
  9. If it's lack of realism we're concerned with, I'd say we're there already especially with respect to farming. Anyone who thinks they can put a bunch of cabbage seed in the ground and end up up with a bumper crop a few weeks later should try it some time and see what the yield is really like.
  10. That's a good idea. It could also be craftable with maybe level 1 metalworking.
  11. I watched for a few minutes before the incident and I couldn't find any cause. You lost health pretty quickly in a manner that would be consistent with how overloaded you were, but it just kept going until you were dead. The drop in health from being overburdened maxes out though, and it should never actually kill you. What mods do you have running, if any?
  12. It could make sense depending on the gun. Dropping a magazine out can be (but isn't always, gun pedants) a one-hand operation.
  13. Put them in a dumpster or large green recycling bin, then empty it. As the fire system stands right now, burning bodies is much too dangerous to make it worthwhile. FWIW, bodies disappear after a few weeks (days?) under the default settings, so you could just pile them in a faraway corner someplace.
  14. Yessss. When you find that old fifty cal at the army base and fix it up with your level 9 metalworking, you're gonna need something to put it on.
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