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  1. This for sure does not exist in game.Not even with the Dynamic Traits mod. If it existed previously and was removed, maybe it was overpowered or just didn't work right. It's possible they intend to do something similar in the future with different implementation, I think my solution is pretty solid, though.
  2. Well, I agree with you except for one thing, you actually made it because you have the equivalent of an RNG diceroll in your favor, you're "immune", but not actually immune. Genuinely the weakest aspect of the lore all for the sake of copying romero's homework.
  3. What about NV is realistic? The answer is literally nothing.
  4. Character bravery is something that seems quite strange, characters becoming panicked despite being seasoned veterans of the apocalypse. I have a solution to this problem that would be both an improvement to existing systems and a dynamic gameplay element. Bravery is a hidden stat summarized by the character's info screen in terms like "Feeling/I feel confident." "Feeling anxious." "Terrified" etc, etc. These would be rough translations of the stat. Bravery can be increased by killing zombies, and increases slightly faster when fighting multiple infected at once (and w
  5. There are some concessions made for gameplay purposes, while I do think it should drain your endurance slightly faster thasn just walking, I don't think long-term back damage would be a particularly fun mechanic to deal with.
  6. Further discovery, it is save-specific, some saves you load in and can't sprint, but most are fine.
  7. Honestly I think over time the player should slowly become more open to eating more types of food.
  8. Nah, just Apocalypse. This has been this way since I updated to 41, and persisted after 51 was released. I can just go around bashing in windows near zombies with no problem, but I jog for even a second and everything in the tri-state area immediately has a tracking beacon on me (but that's confirmed a bug with 51)
  9. No, no it's not. Imagine if Fallout was realistic, it'd be terrible. This is also a survival game first, role-play is secondary and strictly optional.
  10. Getting your weapon stuck is absolutely a concern with blunt weapons, especially hammers. and... maces. Maces are incredibly cumbersome even if not all that heavy and would be extremely unhelpful if the enemy got too close, best you cold do is wallop them with the shaft and hope they get pushed back, small blunt weapons like hammers would absolutely get stuck inside a skull, large blunt weapons are extremely cumbersome to use. You would be no worse off with a machete than you would be with household blunt weaponry. While I agree that swords are absolutely worthless against something that eithe
  11. Gameplay>Realism, the fact that people still need to be reminded of this makes me sad.
  12. I hate to tell you, machetes and kukris would be incredibly effective. They're made to cut through wood, something that has a fairly similar consistency to a skull, and they do it well. Not to mention cutting the throat of a zombie would still work. Tri-point daggers (and similar) would be very effective at piercing skulls, etc. I agree that no one would ever use a katana, but that's mostly because nobody would really use a katana against a person, either.
  13. As title says above, the current "random" sandbox selection is incredibly underwhelming. I selected it one time, only to be really disappointed when every single zombie was walking slower than the average crawling zombie. I propose instead, it actually randomizes each individual zombie's speed as they spawn, meaning you can see sprinters and cripples in the same rally group. EDIT: Community manager said that it should do that already, so I tested it, and it worked this time, so I guess it was just that one save.
  14. If this is already in the game, it's impossible to tell. I can smash dozens of car and building windows in close proximity to infected and they don't lift a finger to check it out. I used to be careful about smashing stuff, but after I realized that it made literally no difference, I just decided "Fuck it, a hammer is the ultimate guest key" and let myself into places.
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