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  1. Definitely agree about glasses, but smell is definitely a big factor in identifying plants. Maybe less food found with the dust mask would be a bit more fair.
  2. The adaptive music while it's absolutely awesome when it's working correctly, is way too sensitive to the smallest things. I see a few zombies in the distance or on ground level from 4 floors up and suddenly it sounds like I just got a full wanted rating in Need For Speed: Most Wanted. There was already way too little dead air before the change, but now even minor combat triggers the high-intensity music. Additionally, there are times when I'm genuinely in trouble and should be hearing the music go ballistic, but there's just nothing at all or ambient music in the background.
  3. Sound is actively being worked on, so it would be cool if the different programs on televisions and radios had unique gibberish. I love the vibe of the English-sounding gibberish and some more variety in the soundscape for TVs and Radios would be appreciated.
  4. Try the mod "No Alert Sound". The devs won't listen but someone else did.
  5. Coming from someone who has actually shot themselves in an attempt to off themselves, stop being offended for me and my loved ones, please. It's insulting and doesn't make you come off as righteous as you hoped. It makes me extremely uncomfortable to play No More Room in Hell and see a first person perspective of shooting yourself. Seeing the end of a barrel is "triggering" for me, even in fiction, do I play it anyway? Yeah of course I do, it's fun. If you can't stomach it, then don't play, it's not for you. If you can't handle that, then you wouldn't have been able to handle the rest of the game either, because it's just as dark. Going into a gritty, realistic take on the zombie apocalypse, I and anyone who is going in should 100% expect suicide to be a recurring theme, whether it be through gameplay or exploration or otherwise. It is not unreasonable to expect people to use even the most basic of critical thinking skills when stepping into something like this. Sheltering people from the narrative because the narrative makes people uncomfortable is invariably bad, and dilutes artistic expression.
  6. Why are you playing a gory, horrific, narrative-dependent game about horrific circumstances that already includes a dozen ways to commit suicide and already has plans to add more then?
  7. Can't delete this duplicate comment so just editing it.
  8. You're saying this entire time (over a year) I've been standing still for literally no reason because of a tutorial message you forgot about 8 years ago?
  9. I agree and disagree. Yes, it might help new players understand freshness states better, but really it's pretty obvious just from the way food in the game works now. The conditional text for (Fresh) and (Rotten) are there to indicate the "extreme", Fresh is in the best condition it could be in, while Rotten is unsafe to eat. These are genuinely necessary to indicate to the player, and the state in between is food going stale. Non-perishable foods don't need condition text because they have no conditions, and canned non-perishable food does have condition text once you open the can. I don't directly oppose this decision, but I also don't think it would add anything to the game. There are better ways for the devs to spend their time like finishing out the rest of the item sets they need to add, finishing out the missing animations, etc.
  10. Apparently the charge mechanic isn't in the game anymore. Good to know?
  11. I absolutely agree, I wouldn't mind if it weren't so insanely loud. It's cheap, isn't scary, and is absolutely ear splitting.
  12. Wind sounds already sound suspiciously like zombie groans and moans, it seems very intentional and I think that's a representation of how the apocalypse takes a toll on people.
  13. I agree. I don't think that suicide by firearm or hanging is "too dark". This game is literally about a horrible disease tearing everything you've ever cared about away from you and forcing you to fight your former friends and family. It's gory, has an incredibly dark tone all around, includes things like popping pills. suicide by bleach, psychological effects like the wind sounding like groans of the dead and depression, etc. I don't think it's really a step further to include hanging, suicide by gun etc, and it's actually kind of jarring that it's not already, in my opinion it takes me out of the setting. I also think this should be included for the player, I want to be able to prevent my character from zombifying even if it's still death, not to mention the narrative issues it presents not having it. Ultimately it's the dev's decision, regardless of what we think about it.
  14. When food is no longer Fresh, it just says the name of the food item. This is when the food is stale. The fact that it gives unhappiness reinforces the idea that this is its "stale" stage, especially as it's the direct precursor to rotting. I.E: Bread Steak (Uncooked) Salmon (Cooked) As opposed to: Bread (Fresh) Steak (Fresh Uncooked) Salmon (Fresh Cooked)
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