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  1. I am sad that this got no traction, I thought it was a neat idea.
  2. It should be the other way, glutton reduces both positive and negative effects on mood from food (dopamine release slowly tapering as your brain wants more food), picky eater would be happier with foods they like but naturally be much pickier about what they're willing to eat at all.
  3. Nope, normal keyboard. Tried with and without mods, still happens on occasion. This is save specific, and no reapplying the sprint key does not work. I believe I mentioned in the original post that monkeying with options didn't help.
  4. Upon doing some more research, I haven't found anything super concrete, but the system seems like it could use some improvements.
  5. I can assure you this change will absolutely not affect how people treat weapons. You're sacrificing basic QoL for effectively nothing, a good example of a similar game that enforces the idea behind the change while still maintaining the ability to see durability from the hotbar is Darkwood. You don't make people pre-plan by taking away their ability to effectively receive information, you make people pre-plan by making weapons scarce, valuable, and require frequent maintainence, which the weapons in PZ are none of these things. They're effectively disposable until you find something like an Axe, then you have pretty much impunity to go around bashing in heads, because by the time your axe is no longer easy to maintain, you've found another. I agree with the idea that weapons should be valuable and require pre-planning and that weapon breaks should be significant... but this is not going to achieve anything resembling that. It's always just a click away, open your inventory and mouse over, it's not any more dangerous to do, just annoying to have open constantly.
  6. This for sure does not exist in game.Not even with the Dynamic Traits mod. If it existed previously and was removed, maybe it was overpowered or just didn't work right. It's possible they intend to do something similar in the future with different implementation, I think my solution is pretty solid, though. EDIT: It does exist, but it doesn't seem like it works.
  7. Well, I agree with you except for one thing, you actually made it because you have the equivalent of an RNG diceroll in your favor, you're "immune", but not actually immune. Genuinely the weakest aspect of the lore all for the sake of copying romero's homework.
  8. What about NV is realistic? The answer is literally nothing.
  9. Character bravery is something that seems quite strange, characters becoming frequently panicked by effectively nothing despite being seasoned veterans of the apocalypse. I have a solution to this problem that would be both an improvement to existing systems and a dynamic gameplay element. Bravery is a hidden stat summarized by the character's info screen in terms like "Feeling/I feel confident." "Feeling anxious." "Terrified" etc, etc. These would be rough translations of the stat. Bravery can be increased by killing zombies, and increases slightly faster when fighting multiple infected at once (and winning.) Higher levels of bavery begin giving diminishing returns on bravery gained from actions, similar to how higher levels require more XP. Injuries, fleeing from combat or hordes, as well as other environmental factors can influence bravery (such as fog or rain). Anxiety and depression also significantly influence the build and fall of bravery. Being injured will soft-cap your max bravery level until they're healed, depending on the severity. When bravery is built up, panic is built more slowly, and decays quicker, at higher levels single, double, or even triple zombies seldom bring panic to the character. The character can become temporarily desensitized if they've held max bravery for a significant period. The brave, cowardly, and desensitized traits all directly effect your character's starting bravery as well as build and fall. Desensitized maxes out character bravery, and prevents the fall of the stat. Brave increases starting bravery, and makes it easier to maintain, though still easy to lose if you are consistently making mistakes or being chased off by hordes (or survivors in future) Cowardly naturally decreases starting bravery, makes high bravery harder to maintain. Other traits could be added around this system as well, if desired, pacifist for example could lock your bravery at minimum, or another trait entirely could be added. Low bravery influences how quickly you become sad, high bravery influences how quickly you become bored, having extremely high bravery means that combat no longer excites. I think this would be an excellent addition, though admittedly a decent amount of work to implement. The only comparable stat we have in game right now is weight. It would make gameplay infinitely more dynamic, solve the issue of frankly quivering man-babies for survivors despite having kill counts in the thousands, and be an interesting mechanic to maintain without being a hard requirement. Its development would also open the door to other dynamic stats/traits and features.
  10. There are some concessions made for gameplay purposes, while I do think it should drain your endurance slightly faster thasn just walking, I don't think long-term back damage would be a particularly fun mechanic to deal with.
  11. Further discovery, it is save-specific, some saves you load in and can't sprint, but most are fine.
  12. Honestly I think over time the player should slowly become more open to eating more types of food.
  13. Nah, just Apocalypse. This has been this way since I updated to 41, and persisted after 51 was released. I can just go around bashing in windows near zombies with no problem, but I jog for even a second and everything in the tri-state area immediately has a tracking beacon on me (but that's confirmed a bug with 51)
  14. No, no it's not. Imagine if Fallout was realistic, it'd be terrible. This is also a survival game first, role-play is secondary and strictly optional.
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