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Rate the poster above you

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Pretty straight forward rate the quality of the poster above you and state why.



Enigma posts first.


I post:


9/10 all of his posts are well written, loses a point because sometimes his posts are so smart they make me feel dumb.


The goal is make a little constructive criticism but do so in a polite and civilized way.


In the above example I show that I like most of enigma's posts but would appreciate it if I didn't need to have dictionary.com open in another tab to understand some of them :oops:

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There actually is a 5-star rating system on people's profiles. Meh.

I remember your posts being mostly off-topic and/or quite random.

Hate rating people but most of the time I am having a giggle.

8 funnies out of 10?

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9.5/10 for you nasKo


Why? Because only some people can tickle me to the core and I'm afraid he is one of them


Why not 10/10? Because you put out sarcasm, and people don't understand it. So, .5 deduction for good, yet oblivious sarcasm


Also, his Indian accent is AMAZING

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