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  1. I have normal 5 toe feet Have you ever broken a bone while playing on a playground toy.
  2. When skydiving you pull the cord and an anvil come out instead of your parachute
  3. one duck two duck three duck four horsemen of the apocalypse five duck six duck seven duck eight duck nine duck ten duck
  4. Once, we were playing tag and I tried to slam the door to the front yard. Did you ever tried to fly as a kid by jumping off something tall
  5. In middle school I did, He was a bully! We became friends in high school though. Have you ever tricked someone into eating something really really spicy.
  6. +6 for having Reaper in your name +3 for avatar +1 for being a member -7 for having less then 20 posts 3/10
  7. Spiderwolf! Spiderwolf! Does whatever a spider wolf does. Can he swing from a web? no he cant. hes a wolf. Lookout! he is the spider\wolf
  8. Your playing basket ball when a meteor falls, it gets goes threw the net and hits the ground exploding on impact.
  9. Before I knew the difference between salt and sugar, I took a big spoonful of salt and ate it. Have you ever jumped off a swing and flown into someone, was it an accident
  10. you fall down the stairs from the 107th floor to the 13th floor
  11. Your surgeon accidentally gives you a full gastrectomy with no replacement
  12. Possibly, I can't say much more than that or she might get mad at me What would you do if a man eating taco was rampaging through downtown
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