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  1. CK2 - The Republic. It offered a different type of playstyle for ck2 and I got it quite cheap anyways ^^ do you eat/like tofu?
  2. hover? yes. fly? no. in germany there are tons of rules for traffic and this makes the uncontrolled, everybody is flying everywhere as he pleases, flight-situation very uncommon for germany. have you ever slept in a capsule hotel? you know, like a beehive.
  3. Howdy folks! I've been playing some zomboid in a newly started sandbox yesterday and had some scavenging and some clearing of roads to do. while I was wandering down the blood-covered streets, I stopped to ponder the looks of it. and then I felt that the scene needed some tumbleweed, that just rolled down the street with that little sound it makes (out of the movies of course, there is no such thing in the region where I live in). Now, first of all question number one: does tumbleweed grow in kentucky? Number 2 heh could tumbleweed be used as part of the meta game, because zeds would ma
  4. like burying is so much riskier than a fire that eventually smokes a lot. burning is way more convenient though... put'em on a pile and light it.
  5. if by disposing you mean kill? then I'd say ye old bash-It's-head-in. preferrably with a iron 6 or iron 7. which game was too hard for you to finish it?
  6. Haven't played Payday2 in a while... But I guess I will have to buy the Hotline Miami DLC, I'm just a sucker for hotline Miami.
  7. good music and nice ladies longboardin'? where do I sign?!
  8. Or we could just crack open the Svalbard Global Seed Vault just in case of a zombieapocalypse of course...
  9. not too bad, but wouldnt it look odd when my char is standing there for a while, whilst all connected corn-crops get watered from the distance? Pathfinding should be quite easy to do in this situation... You'd just see the character wak to each crop and water them automatically. that would be great, yes please. It would stop in the middle if you run out of water tho, right?
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