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  1. Whats the state of npcs and zombie migration?
  2. I've wanted craftable ammo since i started playing this game.
  3. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/61-robomats-modding-tutorials-updated-12112013/ robomat explains how you create your own proffesions and add traits to them, and how you create your own traits and add your own bonuses. I don't really know if thats what you was looking for.
  4. aah you wanna create a proffesion whit all the prefered traits already in:D? damn i must do this too gonna save so much time everytime i recreate a char!
  5. Wouldn't it be awesome being able to dig graves for the corpses like your old character? add a gravestone or wooden cross and write something on it.
  6. i have never survived a bite, except in build when you could survive by keeping well fed up.
  7. When i bought zomboid it was a really cheap alpha on desura.
  8. do the MD5 Checksum compare the script txt files too?
  9. speider

    Classic mode?

    the old zombies looked more like aliens than zombies:P
  10. haha raptor tennis!, the game seems cool are you gonna keep updating it in the future?
  11. Yep I've used it I think... Thanks for both to take some time creating those ones. I guess what's missing is an import/export script for blender now isn't it ? a script like that would be legendary, i wonder how hard it is to code
  12. is it possible to build fishing rod? oh missed that
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