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  1. I have fond memories of me and sirtwiggy saving a spacestation from certain doom whilst playing janitors so... 1)D 2)F
  2. Yep! I was thinking Hillary Clinton got mugged in Swinton but that's pretty much close enough
  3. I won? I won! Aaaaah! Well, I dont know if this game is still going on but lets try throwing out one for you guys (lets make it kinda easy) An american presidential candidate gets their phone stolen at knife point whilst visiting Greater Manchester.
  4. Well this sure looks nifty
  5. I made myself a similar shirt for the first rezzed i went to a few years back Cant wait to get my hands on official ones if they ever start making them
  6. I wondered why you included me in the list and then I remembered that this issue came from Steam where I'm important
  7. I will be at EGX and you can be damned sure I'm going to be buying some of these woo
  8. I know its still 3 weeks away but I'm giving you the biggest bear hug I can muster at EGX. I might get Rhys to do it, he is much stronger than me.
  9. I might have also, at the request of a redditor, done a video detailing the new occupations/traits But thats just a rumour I heard I wouldn't believe it if I were you wait who put this link here?
  10. Wouldn't it be pretty awesome if the Devs gave a weird welshman the go-ahead to record some gameplay footage of Build 31 and he did that and you could all watch it but instead of being all forward about it he subtly linked to it in the bottom of his weird message about the possibility of it happening? Yeah that'd be pretty cool Tooks but I think you've made your link too long I dont think its subtle anymore why are you still going for the love of god stop
  11. You guys need to send me the details for the server for science reasons
  12. Personally I already feel 'trapped' when it rains I don't also then want to be 'trapped' because its sunny or winter... Just my opinion though but I find the 'sitting in doors because the weather isnt nice' section of the game to be the dullest.
  13. Tooks

    Fish tank

    Now wait just a minute. How about.... we just get goldfish in the vanilla game. People can mod in their own exotic types of fish. Yeah. Mods where people can dig moats around their house-fort and fill them with piranhas. Yeah! Dragon-shark mods. YEAH! But it would all start with goldfish. Dragon Sharks? Let us not play god here, sir.
  14. Unfortunately, unlike bloody mary, NPCs cannot be invoked by chanting their names three times so you're going to have to wait a little bit longer.
  15. Tooks

    Fish tank

    As cute as this is, this would sooner be a mod idea than a vanilla game one.
  16. Tooks

    Power Plant

    I'm 98% sure I would cause the power plant to explode.
  17. I have a feeling you will need more of a generalist in single player, like unemployed. Taking a specialization in Single Player will likely be hard until NPCs show up. Looking forward to the revamp but I'd be willing to wait if we could get more skills added. I'd like to see Lockpicking. Plumbing would go great with a water revamp. Fire Control would be a good one to see with a revamp of fire. Depends what you intend to do on your playthrough though tbh. The burglar profession could probably be stacked with some interesting traits to make a rather survivable Nomad style character that doesn't really rely on Farming, Cooking, Carpentry as he just moves from one spot to the next. I often wonder how long one could survive on non-perishable foods if one were able to gather every piece of it from the entire map.
  18. I want to just +1 this idea! I'd lock the idea behind some items, perhaps have the burglar start off with these too. I don't think you should just be able to pick locks without any items to assist you.
  19. The old system needed to be gone. Everyone pretty much used the same builds. My only worry about the new system is, as it really encourages co-operative play, its going to make single player REALLY difficult until the fabled NPCs return to flesh out our worlds.
  20. afaik the 'stealth update' is a WIP and was only mentioned in mondoid of past to show the progression of that feature. Not everything in a mondoid is 'in the next update'
  21. Will our former zombie selfs carry our loot? That would be a fun and incentive way to want to go back and hunt for them. I think I read somewhere they drop the items held in the hands to the ground, but if they have our inventory on them then that would be nice. If this happens I may start lurking into MP servers, gathering a questionable inventory and then succumbing to zombie infection, just to leave weird zombie loot around there
  22. Two years ago I downloaded Desura to try out an MMO game (I think it was called Mortal Online? I forget, that game was poop). Decided to give the Desura market a browse to see what was about. Found the demo for this game and tried it. I got about 2 minutes in before deciding this game needed my money. Found the forums shortly after and soon discovered the community needed my love <3
  23. Thank you very much to my soon to not be secret Santa, I owe you a hug irl if I see you ever. I shall be waiting until after the festive period to play the game though as I imagine it'll make me sad Thanks to Connall too, for setting all this up, Merry christmas to you all <3
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