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  1. I was thinking the same thing. Well the error file was there, and it was a freshly downloaded copy of PZ I was testing with. I deleted the folders in C drive before I downloaded, so I'm not sure how there is an error log. I just assumed it was the game making it.
  2. Sorry I'm a dreadful tester xD. Allow me to start again. The -nosound basically made no difference for me. I tested the game with both the original files and the -nosound files, I can still start the game from the 32bit and 64bit .exe applications in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid folder. But if I start the game from the steam menu I encounter this problem. My game will take me through the loading screen, to the alpha warning menu where I click to continue and it will proceed to the main menu of the game. But after about 3 seconds of sitting on the main menu the game will close itself without explanation. This is only when I enter the game through the Steam library. I've tried using both the attachments you have provided, but neither has solved this. I am currently running project zomboid on my laptop Company: Medion Model: Akoya P7812 Processor: Intel Core i5-2430M 240GHz Memory: 8GB Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce GT555M 1GB OS: Windows 7 64bit Also from error.txt I pulled this:
  3. I can load the game from the exe, but still can't do it from the steam menu. Not a huge issue I guess. With the -nosound inplace
  4. No problem, I can confirm that both the spawnpoints.lua files do not exist at those directories.
  5. I tried these files but i'm sorry to say the problem still persists. I'm assuming this is the problem I have, just have I click to exit the alpha warning screen the game will run the menu for about 3 seconds before the game crashes entirely.
  6. ^ does infact, coz online stuff takes up my download limit. < has now begun uni. v Has not has a cheeseburger from Hungry Jacks (Burger King) in the past year.
  7. I can think of many scenarios where a shield might be the death of you. Zombies pinning you to the ground by laying on your shield, your shield getting caught on objects as you run, zombies having a better grasp by clinging to your shield, getting pinned down by a zombie holding your shield while another zombies attacks you from the other side, your shield weighing you down or begin too awkward to carry thus inhibiting your movement speed. If your having trouble fighting off the zombies, then a shield really wouldn't help much with that. A single zombie is already easy to deal with, it would be useless against a group of them. Shields are big and clumsy in my opinion.
  8. What has been seen, cannot be unseen...
  9. There is no guarantee that you can throw it all back up. Trace amounts will always be left behind, and you only need trace amounts in your system for bleach to kill you. Swallowing bleach, it's pretty final.
  10. I still don't think manifacturing of chemist drugs is really something I'd be interested in. I mean I find enough painkillers on the map as it is to last me until I die.
  11. Perhaps. I'm not sure how well it would fit in. I mean begin able to Manifacture a generator? or produce complex medicines without the use of technology? One faulty conductor and boom goes the generator, 1 miss calculation in your medicine and suddenly your tripping balls, or worse death. As Cl0ne said, it requires advance knowledge of engineering or chemistry. Both require complex setups to get it right. Perhaps a more underpowered version? Doctor allows basic diagnosis and treatment of wounds/illness. They know first aid and basics of helping the body rid itself of illness. They cannot formulate complex treatments or medicine. I'm not sure how engineer would work.
  12. I personally wouldn't like this at all. Cinematic point of view yes it builds tension and makes the view more exciting, in a game it would just be plain annoying. If there was a specific avoidable system in which players could avoid tripping then maybe. But otherwise it is a bad game mechanic as rath has said. clumsiness in general is very precarious for games. It's rated on par with, and is often mistaken for, glitch/badly made controls.
  13. Well I'm not personally a fan of helicopter or plane drops for the main reason 'why are they dropping supplies in the middle of nowhere?' It makes no sense, there is no military presence and I very much doubt that the military is going to drop valuable supplies into a town on the off chance there are survivors who offer no solid defense what so ever. In terms of your items dropping of npc's, this will be a part of the game eventually. NPC's will drop whatever they are carrying on them at the time. Eg if a NPC is barricading their safehouse they'll probably have nails, planks and a hammer on them. If their holding a shotgun you can be sure that they will drop a shotgun. But yeah clothing won't be an indicator as NPC's will store and carry items like a regular player.
  14. I mentioned something similar a while back, an idea to bring in multiple 'seasonal foods' that would be available each year. Berries were among the list of seasonal foods: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/2366-seasonal-offerings-food-preservation/ I like the idea of NPC's also growing, harvesting, finding food. Also fighting over food .
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