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  1. I'm kind of surprised by how short sighted is considered a "free trait point" currently when the need of glasses can be such a huge issue IRL. As such, I thought up a few suggestions that not only would make the short sighted a much more meaningful negative trait that could even be increased to +6 trait points or even +8 but are a lot more interesting in game and make it something that is actually a huge choice to make. 1- Your screen should literally blur if your character is without glasses with the exception of things within a certain range of your character getting gradually worse the farther from your character it is. Very similar to how the "fog" works outside, but near the character it should barely be noticeable while it should get stronger the farther from your character it is until things are indistinguishable from a certain distance. This means that your character wearing the glasses on their face is extremely important since without it, you as a player won't be able to see things far from your character as well as if there was a permanent fog in the game. Also it should give CRAZY negative accuracy that gets worse with the distance your character is from the target. This means that without glasses, you won't be able to hit enemies with a gun that are far from you AT ALL. Even though you can start with glasses (which is very important that you do), there are many situations in the game that make the character drop the glasses, like tripping or being brought to the ground by a zombie that caught your foot and so on. More to come with the NPCs update for sure. This also mean that you don't get to wear facemasks to protect you or full head helmets that cover your face or any sort of mask that also takes up your eyes. In runs that have the zombie virus be airborne, this means no wearing gas masks or any seriously protective masks. 2- Glasses should have a hidden "durability" that shrinks as they fall to the ground or whenever they are stepped on while on the ground. This is huge because you never know when your glasses will break, which means you need to get spares from zombies. I won't even get on the matter of prescriptions not to make this overly complicated, lets just say everyone magically has the same prescription, but if your glass breaks because a zombie tripped you and stepped on your glasses and you don't have a spare, you are very screwed. 3- Being without glasses should give stress by the hour, since it is extremely stressful to not be able to see things properly. It should also give a permanent first level of panic if without glasses outside since you can't properly see if there are zombies in the distance that can already see you. Similarly, it should reduce the boredom reduction effect of televisions if you are without glasses since you can't perfectly see the TV unless you are very close to it. With all this, short sighted would still be a pretty good negative trait to get, since you can just start with the glasses to counter its effects from character creation, but it would be a serious negative trait that properly portrays the effects of being short sighted and how important glasses are to you, being the difference of life and death in a world that not seeing things can quite literally get you killed. As someone that needs to use glasses every day or else I can't even properly see my computer screen while sitting on my chair I can tell you that being without glasses in a zombie apocalypse would be a death sentence and the game should properly portray that.
  2. When a character you've keept alive for very long dies, that can entail huge losses on skill levels grinded, yet if you choose to create a new character in the same world, in the same save, the new character is created with the exact amount of trait points than the previous one did, even though, in theory (RPing), that character has already been alive in that world ever since the first character also was, so their start should have a small amount of trait points more than the previous one since they already survived by themselves for a while. tl;dr after a character dies, the next character should get a small amount of bonus free trait points in the character creation, both for Multiplayer and for continuing in a solo play world. The amount of points would be calculated based on how much total XP was accumulated on the character that died + any amount of bonus trait points received from even older dead characters (so it is cumulative). This is a measure to make it more valuable to create a new character in the same "world" that your old character just died in instead of starting a new play from 0 in day 1 or create a new world. This is also extremely valuable for MP servers where since there is no way to accelerate time passage, the losses due to death are extremely higher and in a small server of friends, the death of multiple players may even "kill the server". The idea isn't really to remove the penalty of death, but to give some level of reward to the player on his next character that is related to how much he advanced on his previous characters and to consider the fact that the new character has already "survived alone" for a while. You aren't rewarding death nor removing the death penalty, but just rewarding the player for having been able to survive for a long time and advance the character in a world infested by zombies. That can also be a toggable mechanic on the settings when creating the world/server for those that don't want it. The new character will still be much lower in skill grades than the previous ones and the death will still have a considerable penalty, just that if you were able to survive for long and raise your skills by a lot, your new character will at least have a few free trait points extras for you to create, since the game is a lot later in time, there are no more transmissions on TV and there are a LOT more zombies around, since the amount of zombies also grow with time, so in no way, shape or form is this any OP mechanic in any way, but just a loss mitigation balancing issue that also fits the scenario lore-wise. Without a function like that, the new character actually starts way worse off than the first one since you won't have any TV shows to raise skills like carpentry and there are a greater number of zombies, possibly even be closer to a helicopter event if that haven't happened yet or if it is set to happen "sometimes" instead of "once", which is what I meant with a death killing the server or making it better to start a new world from 0 instead of continuing on an old world.
  3. A 1 point trait that if the player eats anything peanut related they could get sick.
  4. So, the pacifist trait - is a pretty terrible trait to pick, purely because no one who's actually smart at the game uses firearms due to their inaccuracy and loudness. (You can create unmanageable hordes with a few shots; let alone the thousands of bullets that you have to waste to get a decent aiming skill where you don't miss 4 in 5 shots). So; it's a terrible trait purely because melee weapons are the preferred weapon of choice and no one wants decreased XP for all melee related skills - not a surprise because of their stealthier approach to combat. And the +4 points that it gives you is purely not enough to persuade a smart person who plays the game to survive to pick the trait. So here's my balancing suggestion... It's safe to assume that pacifists hate violence, right? So how about we add a very minute amount of unhappiness per zombie killed and a drastic amount of unhappiness for murdering a player (or human NPC). This will amount to at least 20-30 zombies killed in a day to get depressed, or be 1-3 humans murdered. This will add a permanent use to the antidepressant pills that are currently in the game; and will be the new smokers' cigarette. Pacifists will have to regularly take antidepressants to forget about the horrors of the apocalypse. And due to the increased negative effects of having such a trait; the trait should give you +6 trait points, making the trait actually seem reasonable to use. Please leave your feedback in a reply below!
  5. 41.65 Singleplayer No mods Steps to reproduce: Equip the Claustrophobic trait Experiment with different game speeds, pre-built rooms and survival times In this clip, panic rises only on Fast Forward x1. The character is in a 3x8 room and has survived for 5 months and 21 days.
  6. How it works? Loot is generated when opening a container? When a player enters a chunk? Are there any differences from the singleplayer mode? I have found various options on the forums, but I don’t understand which one is correct.
  7. 41.65 Singleplayer No mods Steps to reproduce: Read the Herbalist magaizine OR equip the trait Forage for berries or mushrooms My character that has read the magazine can't tell if berries or mushrooms are poisonous before foraging them. →
  8. I know that there is OnTest function. But it takes only item as argument. It doesn't access to the character who is trying to use the recipe. My recipe is for making a book. And I want to disable it if a character (in multiplayer) has "Illiterate" trait. Because it means that character can't write (not only read).
  9. For the cost of 10 points a player gains a 1% chance to resist the zombie virus. In other words, if your bite or scratch would transmit the virus you get a one time pass. Now, as it's only 1% this is more of a really fun perk that I could see people like streamers picking. Getting bit especially is such a drag because you know you're dead, so a trait like this gives you just a sliver of hope and if you do actually hit that 1% and survive you would be extremely hyped. It's a "tell all your friends" kinda moment that zomboid doesn't have a lot of, so I think it would be great for the game. You would need to indicate to the player they resisted the virus somehow tho, or theyll think their scratch wasn't leathal. Thoughts? Oh, I forgot to mention there are genetic resistances to viruses and diseases so it wouldn't be a huge stretch.
  10. The Brave trait seems to be bugged. In v 39 I was able to handle a dozen of zombies and more at once without getting panicked. Now I go all the way to Extreme Panic with just 6 zombies chasing after me. That literally never happened before, not even with much larger groups and I have over 6000 zombie kills on that character. I have tested the trait in a brand new solo game, no mods. There was a small difference with and without the trait. Without the trait I started getting panicked right away with just 1-2 zombies. With the trait I started panicking with 3 zombies and with 6 zombies I reach Extreme Panic after ~10-20 seconds. Huge difference from v 39. So it's either bugged or it was severely nerfed. However, there is nothing in the patch notes to suggest that the trait was changed in any way. Edit: OK, looks like there is more to this than just the Brave trait. I have rolled back to v 39 and I am currently doing some testing. Getting very interesting and confusing results. Will update soon. Update: So, after much testing in both 39 and 40 I have figured out that the panic behavior is significantly affected by the trait Keen Hearing. The game version seems to be irrelevant. A character with only the Brave trait would reach Extreme Panic quite fast when walking circles around a group of 6-8 zombies (very close, almost within arm's reach). On the other hand, a character with both Brave and Keen Hearing would only reach Slight Panic in the same scenario and even that would go away after a couple of seconds. Then I could just keep walking circles around the zombies indefinitely with no panic. Even with larger group. That being said, I now have no idea whether this is intended or not. Whether Brave is bugged, or Keen Hearing is bugged, or neither, or both. I also don't understand why my character's panic behavior has changed from hardly ever getting Slight Panic to reaching Extreme Panic easily, when it has and always had both Brave and Keen Hearing.
  11. A negative trait that rewards the player with a fairly significant amount of points, I'm thinking 8-10. It would function like the smoker trait in that the player would have to take medication periodically to main their health, let's say once daily. If medication is not taken then you start to slowly suffer from the symptoms while becoming more ill until eventually dying. Medication could primarily spawn in pharmacies, with a lower chance to spawn in residential bathrooms and be a consumable like painkillers.
  12. Hi all ! I am here to show you my second mod for Zomboid, this time, it's a trait mod that will allow you to play a blind character ! Soon, the game will feature 5.1 sound and much more ambiant sounds like zombies footsteps, etc... So I decided to give you the ability to play a blind character, to focus more on sounds. I think this mod will be way more interesting when the new update will hit Mod First Release 1.0 Features : - You can pick a new trait that allows you to play a blind character - The blind player has a really tiny "seeing" sight where you can see zombies even behind you - You can't de-zoom + everytime you look away the screen gets darker (keep your cursor close to your player while sneaking !) - You have excellent hearing Troubleshooting and planed features : - Doesn't work in local co-op (sorry... It's planned) - Black and White vision with shaders is also planned Changelog : Version 1.0 (release) - New Trait to play a blind character Workshop Link : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=546189296 Pz-Mods Link : http://pz-mods.net/gameplay/blindtraitmod/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feedback is appreciated, Blind trait is currently a +15 Trait, but I think it's a bit tiny, I may increase it to 18, what do you think ?
  13. I've been working on a profession mod for our RP server - AGN New Dawn. Link on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=913317143 What does it add? - Several new professions - Several core professions changed - Upgraded stats for all new professions - Starting books from Hydrocraft Mod based on what profession is chosen (Hydrocraft Required) - Several new traits from the New Trait Mod (New Trait Mod not required) Intended Updates: - More Professions based on Server needs. - Balancing of skills and costs - Negative traits - Images for all professions and traits - Skills added instead of hydrocraft books - Starting items based on chosen professions The mod DOES work, and we are playing it on our server - it currently shows language errors, so one final step will be adding language translations. If you want to try out the mod in a server environment, please visit us on AGN at: https://newdawn.aggressivegaming.org/
  14. Parkour (Traceur) (+6) +1 Sprint, +1 Nimble Fencer (+6) +1 Blade Accuracy, +1 Blade Guard Tip-Toes (+3) +1 Sneaking Tinker (+4) +1 Electrical Quick Draw (+4) +1 Aim Speedloader (+4) +1 Reload Masochist (+4) Cannot become unhappy while in pain or bleeding. Ignores accuracy reduction while in pain. One Arm - (-10) Cannot use secondary slot, or wield weapons that require two hands. Terrible Cook (-2) Your cooking will never give an increase to happiness. Ever. Ombrophobia (-2) Panics during rainstorms. (panic while indoors, extreme panic outdoors) Photodermatitis (-8) Being outside during the daytime causes gradually increasing Hyperthermia, regardless of the weather. As Hyperthermia increases, Sickness and Pain develops as well. Once it reaches Fever and Agony, health starts to drop. Nyctophobia (-4) Fear of the dark. Extreme panic while outdoors at night, or indoors without a light source.
  15. So I'm thinking of a trait (Or set of traits) that give certain skills a boost to Xp gain. Like each one would give a person a +10% experience boost (or more) in a different skill, but doesn't grant any levels in it. It would be cheaper than the skill level ones, because it doesn't grant any actual 'knowledge'/ It could be done one of two ways (that I can think of anyways) : 1. It is free, but only one can be chosen (Each is mutually exclusive) 2. It starts low, but each skill bought after the first increases in price.
  16. i saw something like this suggested in a post made like 2 years ago. so the concept i have for a depressed character trait would be that if you choose it your character suffers from periodic episodes of depression that last for 1-3 of weeks before they pass. they happen randomly maybe once in the span of 2 months. maybe they could be triggered by things that currently cause unhappiness if you let it go on for too long. if you have the trait and have an episode you wouldn't be able to get out of the "feeling a little sad" state regardless of what you do to increase happiness. Antidepressants can help reduce the time and severity of the depression. maybe it could go as far as not being able to get out of the higher levels of depression unless you take an antidepressant once a day. I could go on but i just wanted to get the general idea out
  17. This is something that's been floating in my mind for a while now. Why should we always get Bored when doing stuff inside of a building and not by doing THE SAME THINGS outside? There should be a Trait to change this, and this is where the ''Shut-in'' Trait comes. Name: Shut-In Type: Positive Opposite: Outdoorsman/Claustrophobic Points: -2/-3 Notes: ''Not affected by long periods of indoors inactivity'' (Could use a better description...) Effect: Boredom will not increase when inside of a building or when not doing anything. This way, we'll not have to read a book after a long period of cooking, crafting, sorting stuff around or base or any indoors activity in which you sink plenty of time.
  18. http://undeniable.info/pz/CharacterPlanner.php I Made this so you can show people what builds you use easily or you could also plan a build with it. Just choose your Profession and Traits and the link in your URL bar will automatically update so you can just copy it once your done, and share the link with someone to show them your build. So as an example, here is my main build: http://undeniable.info/pz/CharacterPlanner.php#veteran,Strong,Organized,Dextrous,ProneToIllness,SlowHealer,HighThirst,NeedsMoreSleep,WeakStomach,SlowReader,Clumsy Show us your favorite builds!
  19. http://undeniable.info/pz/CharacterPlanner.php Would be useful if you want an easy way to show people what build you use, or to check or try builds without having to open up PZ and start a new game. Its not finished yet. It does not update the link when changing things yet, and does not show the experience effects yet but otherwise working. And since i have this info in the database I also added traits and professions to the lists pages where it will show you everything a trait or occupation does such as experience boosts, recipes taught and free traits added from occupations. List of Traits List of Professions I know these trait and occupation lists exist on the official wiki but since this system works by reading the game files you can always be sure it's gonna be up to date.
  20. Greetings Project Zomboid community! Here's yet another "My First Mod" thread. To those of you that haven't already closed this tab, this was my attempt to fill in a gap in the "hobby" traits. As of 33.20, players can choose to gain a small start in fishing, farming, and most of the other skills currently offered. For those of you that don't want to send your character through culinary school, this very simple mod adds a 3 point trait that gives the player one point in cooking and (hopefully) access to a few recipes. For the record, I know next to nothing about Lua, and made this pretty much solely through trial and error and copy/pasting from the game's files. It's only a few lines long, but there's a good chance that what I did will make experienced modders cringe in disgust. You have been warned! Screenshot: If anyone has any suggestions or advice, I'd love to hear it. Anyways, enjoy! CookingTrait.zip
  21. This is a perk I thought of with the new Radio system. It would go like this. Trait Cost: -4 (As unlike Herbalist, it won't help you stay alive) Electrical +20%XP Electrical Skill +1 Can craft all three types of Radios (He basically starts with the knowledge from the Guerrilla Radio Magazines) Knows all the existing Public Stations Frequencies(Basically, every radio he picks up comes with all the Presets for the radio Stations) Knows a random Military Frequency (OK, this one's based on a rumor I've heard that there are secret military stations you can listen to with high power radios. Never heard one of these myself, tho) So, wadda you guys think of this perk idea?
  22. Well, yesterday after cheating and trying with the New beta build, i had an idea, that if you pick for example good hearing, so eagle eyes (or how it spelled) cost from 6 to maybe 10 and the opposide, if you take Bad hearing you can take eagle eyes for maybe 4 or so. The same with jobs. Thats good for more characters that arent absolute perfect.
  23. So, ever since Build 31's release, I've been extremely pleased with how many more traits and occupations there now are. Compared to earlier builds, this is a much more balanced and fleshed out means of creating a character who's pros and cons align themselves pretty accurately with their profession. I, myself, was guilty of choosing the Construction Worker or Ranger profession during the earlier builds due to Thick Skin/Builder and Outdoorsman being pretty overpowered, at least when compared to things like Night Owl - when Sleep was not even properly implemented, yet. So anyway, this is just a small list of things I've come up with. I've based the suggestions off of my own observations, so obviously they're far from perfect, nor do I think they're properly balanced. That being said, I'm not looking for these to be implemented as is, nor do I really expect anything to be done with these ideas-- I'm really just trying to give the Zomboid Devs some food for thought and ideas for future additions. I already love what they're doing, so I'm more than confident that - regardless of my input - the future bulds (like 32) will be equally as amazing. But enough of that. Onto the list! Firstly, some traits. These were the easiest to come up with due to how the game currently functions. Some traits have no counterpart, whilst other factors seem to have not been tapped, as of yet. There's a lot of potential, is what I mean. Moving on to something of similar note, I only have one new idea for an Occupation, as well as a suggestion for a pre-existing one; Lastly, some moodles... Simple stuff; What do you guys think?
  24. ... is actually pretty useful for hauling logs. As it turns out you can transport eight logs in a Big Hiking Bag with room to spare if you bundle them with rope before packing them. Total carry weight for a single equipped BHB loaded with eight bundled logs is just under five pounds/kilos/weight units as well. This means that with the Organized trait, sixteen ropes and two BHBs you can transport sixteen logs at once with no other traits taken, no profession taken and no skills invested in. -Edit- You can also manage to equip 3 Big Hiking Bags fully loaded with a total of 24 logs if you can manage to get your carry weight to 15. Obviously you are unable to equip weapons doing this and can't really afford to carry too much spare gear with you, but this is still incredibly useful for transporting large amounts of lumber around. I didn't think to test this earlier as I never bother equipping 3 bags myself. Handy dandy picture: Just thought I would share this useful bit of information.
  25. OK, I´m trying to learn how to make new traits and professions. I would need a step-by-step beginner (for dummies) tutorial for coding these effects in lua, so I can get a hang of it. For example, here are a few traits and the effects I had in mind; - Rare genes; genetically immune to the zombie infection, a very rare trait or very expensive in points. How would I code the effect? - Epileptic; Epileptic seizures have a random chance of stopping the character in place for say 10-30 sec or slowing him/her down. Can be prevented with antiepileptics (must be taken regularly) or say digitalis tea (forageable natural remedy, toxic if overdosed) There could also be a modifier to seizures, say stress and fatigue would provoke them more easily. - Psychotic; If left unhappy for too long the character has a random chance to become psychotic which would have some nasty effects (any ideas?) like impaired functionality (can´t do many tasks etc.) Profession Trait; Teaching; Can give other characters an xp boost like books with the cost of giving both sides boredom etc. Ideally the teacher would give a higher bonus when his/her skill in the subject is higher, but could only teach as high as his/her own skill level. Any ideas on how to code these, help would be much appreciated.
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