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  1. This is actually a pretty fantastic idea, actually. I know this is far from reality with how electronics currently function, but it reminds me of blank VCR tapes in Hydrocraft and how, in my mind, you could use those to catch and record certain shows without necessarily having to be home. Beyond that, you aren't really stuck watching television to grind your stats. As it is, sure, TV shows give a huge bonus—maybe a bit too big, but that's not an absolute requirement, whatsoever. If you read books and are active in-game, you'll still improve over time.
  2. I will say, this is looking at a very narrow bit of experience and not taking into account other things that'd go into it. Consider for a moment that, yes, while you can keep ahead of the Zeds, they'll most likely not give up the chase on you and losing them can become pretty challenging, especially if you're not able to fight them off (Exerted, exhausted, etc). On top of that, I noticed you aren't playing with Sprinters or Fast Shamblers which, understandably, changes the dynamic pretty heavily since they can very easily catch up to you. That isn't to say your criticism isn't vali
  3. I know this isn't really the point of the thread, but figure I'd just let you know; if you've got admin / god-mode enabled, your character can't become infected, won't lose weight, and won't become tired or exhausted.
  4. I think this could be an easy enough thing to implement, though as far as I'm aware, the engine doesn't have anything in place to detect what health an environment object is at. As is, it's pretty binary with the object either being there or broken down. I'd actually love to see some levels of degradation, like a door becoming scuffed or warped as it hits a health threshold or something similar.
  5. I do think, like @Pandoreasaid, this is an issue with SP over MP. As far as my own personal experience goes, when playing in a multiplayer server for a good enough amount of time, you'll run into exactly what you suggested with furniture becoming displaced, items being misplaced or dropped haphazardly, and things just outright being stolen or destroyed overnight. That's not something I think can organically be replicated in SP, though I do think the idea of interior textures degrading over time if neglected, or other decals like stains and garbage piles worsening / multiplying over
  6. Personally, I'd prefer to see this as a mod of some sort than anything inherently available in the game. I kind of feel like this might go against what Zomboid is intended to feel like.
  7. You can already do something similar by setting the player spawn coordinates to whatever it is you'd like, which will then cause new players to spawn at those exact coordinates. As far as pre-existing players though, that might be an interesting thing.
  8. The Devs have said that they're not interested in implementing "Super-zombies" or special infected, ala Left 4 Dead, but I think this is a reasonable and fairly easy thing to add—as far as coding. Like you said, it'd definitely make for a more interesting bit of ramping challenge, which the current sandbox settings don't really allow for, except for increasing numbers.
  9. Likewise, I totally understand and respect the Dev team's wishes with wanting to iron out the new build and make it as smooth of an experience as possible before releasing it out into the wild. Quite frankly, I wish more indie game development teams had that mindset, and I'd never trade that for the world when it comes to Zomboid. That said, I agree and think something akin to a limited or closed beta might not only be fun, but also potentially really helpful, depending on how the Dev team feel about semi-public beta testing. I already work in game development and QA testing, and I
  10. Yeah, as said, the default difficulty makes it so bites are a guaranteed game over, which is appropriate. I think the question here is, as far as custom difficulties and sandbox settings go, adding a few more options to make the gameplay more flexible. Like I'd said, you can just straight up turn transmission off and act as though you're totally immune, which is silly with how easy it makes the game, but I feel like an in-between where bites are still serious—maybe even just as lethal, unless you've got antibiotics or something handy, might be fun for more soft-core playthroughs.
  11. What build were you on when this happened? Usually, zombies can weave between non-wall objects to reach whatever's on the other side, even if they're right next to each other.
  12. Yes, there are other mods that also allow for similar functions, but I'm talking about implementing it into the base game since this seems like a fairly common and straight-forward idea given how the base game works.
  13. An easy way to implement this might be an alternative setting, like @Axiomaticsuggested, wherein if the player has the key, they might have the option to push it. It probably wouldn't look the greatest, but that's a small price to pay. You could have it function with many of the same restrictions as the new Fitness mechanic wherein, if you're too tired or fatigued, you're barred from doing it—that and, it would likely be significantly slower than actually driving it, but also more than likely a whole lot quieter, too.
  14. Considering you can already turn transmission off entirely in the Sandbox settings, I don't think this is a bad or especially harmful idea. So long as this doesn't affect the base game, then I'm all for it.
  15. Personally, I would encourage the Devs to stray away from utilizing Zombie-made clutter in the form of items and objects, since this could lead to a greater server load for MP. Whether or not the load is the same for particles and other decals, like blood, I'm not sure, but my experience with game development tells me that decals are, as a general rule of thumb, not as bad. That said, the reason I say this is because decals can and usually do eventually go away, whether as part of the server settings or because of rain / cleaning. I'd much prefer to see decals being used and genera
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