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  1. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. You guys are a breath of fresh air in this era of indie games and half-baked releases. I've supported Zomboid since its debut on Steam, and never once have I been disappointed with how you guys handle your transparency or workflow, it's been a constant and very much appreciated grind of improvements and updates that always bring new and better things to the game. Things might be slow-going, and this is one pretty serious delay, all things considered, but I have no reason to even doubt you guys for even a second. Pl
  2. The golden rule I've been taught with game development is, basically, if it takes you an hour to make something for singleplayer, it'll take you twice as long to make it work in multiplayer—sometimes more. I'm really excited for Multiplayer, and I'm basically checking in every now and again almost exclusively for news on that but, at this point, the last thing I want after waiting for so long is something half-baked or that'll need several more updates before it can be called "finished". So, best to just let it sit and wait for the devs to be satisfied. Besides, with ho
  3. Might be a good idea to not make a habit out of that. The Discord is a good way to find other players and servers, but that's just my opinion.
  4. In my opinion, not really required. You can be a pacifist, but still shoot guns recreationally, or know how to swing a bat. You would only really have a moral or psychological hindrance towards harming another "living" being, which is already reflected by your character not being very effective in combat, in general. In my mind, this is basically your character "pulling their punches" so to speak, even if they don't mean to. You don't hit as hard, and you're less likely to aim for obviously fatal spots, like the head.
  5. Based off my own experiences, assuming no points in guns means your character is entirely inexperienced with firearms, I can tell you for certain that guns are surprisingly heavier than they appear, or in some cases lighter. Aiming with iron sights doesn't come naturally, and using holos / scopes only adds to the confusion, since they require some finesse to properly use - let alone install, by yourself. This not even taking into consideration the ability to steadily aim, knowing shooting stances, and dealing with recoil. It doesn't take much to get used to all the above, but it still requires
  6. Bathrooms do have a purpose, and it's a secondary water source and possible source of medical supplies. Mundane requirements, like having to empty your bladder, doesn't really add much value in terms of gameplay aside from a time-based required action that doesn't impact the game world all that much, unlike eating. Besides, not everyone would be comfortable with that as a base addition, but it might make for a fun / interesting mod.
  7. Ahh, I see. I still haven't experienced that, but if that's the case, then yeah, maybe some temporary stun protection might help after the initial knockback.
  8. Oh yeah, that much I know, it helps alleviate boredom, but there's no "Positive" effects aside that affect your mood, like for example; being 'Happy' or 'Entertained'. I've seen tons of suggestions for it where, say, being Happy might make you slightly faster at reading or interacting with things, and being Entertained will help keep boredom away for longer. It doesn't need to be a huge effect, but I think it'd make building a really nice base or collecting really good furniture worthwhile from a character point of view.
  9. The Positive moodles for having a good home is something I've been thinking about quite a bit, and I still think it's a good idea. Having a nice home (or just interacting with nice furniture, like a Television), a decent diet, keeping yourself entertained and healthy, etc. I feel should contribute to how your character develops, like - it could give you a minor benefit to learning skills or earning XP, since you're in a better mindset. Likewise, being depressed, bored, or sickly could negatively affect how quickly your character grows.
  10. When can I expect to be able to build a nuclear power plant in my backyard out of 1958 schematics?
  11. I'll admit, I understand why these things aren't in the game at the moment from a development point of view, but I do really like the idea. Pulling weeds and grass out by hand, while thematic with having the survive the apocalypse, can be pretty tedious and boring. Besides, having more options and tools available for people who make gardeners and farmer-type characters would be really neato.
  12. I can confirm, eating baked beans right out of the can with my bare hands does tend to make me pretty unhappy.
  13. I've seen a good number of mods, like Hydrocraft, that let you make your own basic weapons and tools out of scavenged materials. That's a really cool idea, and I think it being in the game wouldn't be too terrible of an idea, actually.
  14. A lot of these can already be set in the custom options when making a sandbox game, such as stronger or more zombies. I also recall the Devs saying they didn't want to steer too closely to L4D with "Special Zombies" or Zombies that grow stronger over time, but if that's what you're interested in, I believe there are mods are already do that. As far as animals go, I believe they're immune or just not affected by the disease, but I could be wrong. Fire trucks would be rad, though.
  15. A lot of these are cool, but fundamentally impractical ideas, unfortunately. I am a fan of the idea that your base or chosen home might need to be maintained based on weather and time, like fixing or replacing planks over windows, or just performing upkeep on certain things if damaged enough by Zombies. If you mean the water you use after washing bandages, it might be safe to assume you disposed of it. I wouldn't drink potentially contaminated water even after boiling it. Much better to just use it to flush your toilet manually and boil yourself some new water
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