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  1. Negative Traits

    Thanks for the heads up Fenris, and thanks for your advice on the server as well. Your help is invaluable.
  2. Negative Traits

    I thank you for your help. I think I get what I was doing wrong, and will test it. Once I get it working, I'll send you the link to my mod. I appreciate all the help you've been!
  3. Negative Traits

    Ok Fenris, I've got a question. I've tested this with Dub's Profession mod, and the same issue is springing up. When you select a class with a trait added to it using :addFreeTrait(), a player can select and remove that trait, and then get the points for it refunded. After this, they can then select off of the class, reselect the class, and the trait is available again to be removed. This can be repeated stacking up LOTS of points in the process. Any chance there is a way to make a trait locked onto a profession so that it can't be removed?
  4. Negative Traits

    That was simply one example of an optional trait. I am in need of some negative traits to balance out some of the point costs of some of the positive traits and professions I'm adding. From what you are saying - unless a skill starts off in the positive, there is no way currently to make it go in the negative, which I understand. There are several traits that add positive values to xp gain, I'm really looking into how to slow xp gain based on a "flaw".
  5. Negative Traits

    I have a functioning profession mod that I intend on releasing soon. I have figured out how to make positive skill traits simple enough. Where I am confused at is how to make new negative traits to help balance out. For example, I'd like to make a skill: Amputee: The person would have their prosthetic, but I'd like to have a negative trait modifier of -2 to axe and blunt skills. If a character chooses it who has positive, it would simply lower it by two, but how would this work with someone who has a 0 start with? With positive traits, you can increase the xp gain of these skills, is there a way to DECREASE the xp gains of these skills and like it to a trait?
  6. Referencing

    I did a reinstall of hydrocraft, and it is working now. Something was apparently screwy there. Thanks for your help everyone.
  7. Referencing

    I used your exact code, and it worked. When I substituted the kevlar vest code from hydrocraft, it didn't show up, but the other three items did.
  8. Referencing

    I hit you up on steam. I'll talk to you there.
  9. Referencing

    I did try that. My best guess is that that I need to "require" it, but that is just a guess rather than actual knowledge.
  10. Referencing

    I am definitely new to modding, but have been working on a custom professions mod. My mod currently makes custom professions and then adds items to them based on the selected job. My question comes down to adding in items from a different mod? I can get it to load with base game objects, but I am not able to get it to load Hydrocraft items. Is there a resource that might point me in the right direction? I'm sure its something simple.
  11. we need the old servers back

    I agree. I'm currently working on getting everything prepped for another server as I speak. I think I'm just a glutton for punishment. I figure every time NEW features come out, there will be a surge, so I want to have a server ready to go at that point. But in the meantime, I'm not rushing right this moment. I still follow and check in, but I'll be patiently waiting.
  12. we need the old servers back

    I was the head admin of New Dawn off and on for 4 years. I've been there with the vanilla game, and I've been there with tons of mods. EG is right. The reason I don't work on that server right now is due to the politics of it. I got tired of having to constantly fight between the admin and the players. Honest to god, it just isn't worth the headache. It's a job that you don't get paid for and one that NEVER ends. Lets be honest here, the player population of this game isn't huge. It's a game that's been in Alpha-Beta for at least the 4 years I've played. So the few servers that ARE left are in general vying for the same player-base, many of which all have different wants out of a server. So admin add more "features" mods to make their server stand out - and they manage to hold a players attention for a few weeks, but that's all they are doing. Holding the attention of a mesh of players until either new game features come out, or until a new server appears with the next "big" thing or different feel. I think honestly, we're going to be stuck in this cycle until the game gets complete, and new fresh players come into the game. The best thing that could happen (IMO) is if the game officially added people to the payroll to oversee the online communities. Bring the players together onto 3 or 4 official servers, a vanilla one, an RP server, and one that tries all kinds of mods, and works to build up the community.
  13. Old Dawn RP

    BIG event planned for Saturday. Hope to kill you all there.
  14. Old Dawn RP

    The question is was he alone?
  15. Old Dawn RP

    Glad you're enjoying it. Planning on another event on Saturday. Hope to see you all there.