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  1. Admin Walls

    With addons/mods/or core game functions, is there anyway for an admin to make custom walls not be destroyed by zombies?
  2. we need the old servers back

    I agree. I'm currently working on getting everything prepped for another server as I speak. I think I'm just a glutton for punishment. I figure every time NEW features come out, there will be a surge, so I want to have a server ready to go at that point. But in the meantime, I'm not rushing right this moment. I still follow and check in, but I'll be patiently waiting.
  3. we need the old servers back

    I was the head admin of New Dawn off and on for 4 years. I've been there with the vanilla game, and I've been there with tons of mods. EG is right. The reason I don't work on that server right now is due to the politics of it. I got tired of having to constantly fight between the admin and the players. Honest to god, it just isn't worth the headache. It's a job that you don't get paid for and one that NEVER ends. Lets be honest here, the player population of this game isn't huge. It's a game that's been in Alpha-Beta for at least the 4 years I've played. So the few servers that ARE left are in general vying for the same player-base, many of which all have different wants out of a server. So admin add more "features" mods to make their server stand out - and they manage to hold a players attention for a few weeks, but that's all they are doing. Holding the attention of a mesh of players until either new game features come out, or until a new server appears with the next "big" thing or different feel. I think honestly, we're going to be stuck in this cycle until the game gets complete, and new fresh players come into the game. The best thing that could happen (IMO) is if the game officially added people to the payroll to oversee the online communities. Bring the players together onto 3 or 4 official servers, a vanilla one, an RP server, and one that tries all kinds of mods, and works to build up the community.
  4. Old Dawn RP

    BIG event planned for Saturday. Hope to kill you all there.
  5. Old Dawn RP

    The question is was he alone?
  6. Old Dawn RP

    Glad you're enjoying it. Planning on another event on Saturday. Hope to see you all there.
  7. Old Dawn RP

    Glad you're enjoying yourself. Hope to see you at the event in Saturday.
  8. Old Dawn RP

    Server info: Server status: ONLINE Server location: United States Player slots: 24 HOW TO CONTACT US: Official Website: Team Speak: Available on the Site SERVER NAME: Old Dawn RP We’re currently opening up a few applications to our server. We are a mid-range RP server, that focuses on enjoying RP, while enjoying the game as well. We have a light rule set, and are just looking for a few more players to round out our server. Our Prime Player base tends to be in the evenings and mid-day weekends, but we are open all day so that players can play and join our Australian and European players. If you’re interested in joining a small server, where you can tell your own story and enjoy the game, feel free to register and give us a look.
  9. How to add another map on my server?

    If you add them via the method I described, and have steam turned on, it will take care of it for you. If you do not use a steam integrated server, then you'd have to do it manually.
  10. How to add another map on my server?

    You do not have to do a wipe. As admin, go to admin panel, and then "see server options", from there you need to add the Mod to the "Mods" to the "Map". and the "Workshop Items" Section. All of these should be found on the map mod on steam. After this, you /save /quit. After this, do a steam update on your server, and then log in, making sure that you and all your players have the map mod added to their individual accounts as well. As for saving a backup, that is beyond me, but it isn't necessary just to add a map.
  11. RELEASED: Build 36.4

    We didn't have to. A quick patch and we started up just fine. I do know several players are having issues with a few mods that aren't quite optimized yet, so if you have mods, that might be the cause of some errors.
  12. Adding Traits

    When using the admin panel to view a players' stats, the game allows you to add a trait to a player post character creation. While they get this trait, none of the effects seem to be working when added in this manner. I've tried this with both positive and negative traits. No skills are increased/decreased, and no traits that would speed up/slow down movement, seem to be working either.
  13. Admin Safehouse Option

    Thanks, I appreciate the speedy response.
  14. Admin Safehouse Option

    Whenever the Allow Admin Safehouses is set to True, it doesn't allow players to set safehouses, even with PlayerSafehouses is set to true. Not sure if this was the intended function or not.
  15. RELEASED: Build 35.26

    Having an issue, and can't see if it was addressed already. Has anyone else on MP had the issue as an admin where a moderator has the ability to delete admin accounts via the database section. They have access to the whitelist, and can delete all characters, regardless of their accesslevel.