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  1. Typically a bullet would go through at least one of about any kind of wall (even .22 rimfire) since most indoor walls are mostly drywall and maybe a board in the way they wouldn't stop anything. An exterior wall might stop a .22 round depending on the type of wall, (mine is brick irl) brick could stop low caliber pistols but nothing higher, rifles shotguns and high caliber pistols would punch through it easily. A car cannot stop any bullets at all excluding the engine block; which is why shootout manuals recommend hiding behind the front axle. The highest caliber round in game is .308 this
  2. That would be kinda like an aimbot But the aiming is very alpha like.
  3. The new cover system is out? I wouldn't know because for some reason the "News" tab on game pages in my Steam library are all greyed out. I don't think so, actually. Supposedly it's supposed to come out with the animation overhaul. Lerk was most likely refering to when the cover system is released.Yeah, i mean that WHEN the new cover system that ist coming is out it would be pretty useful
  4. Well as the title says, i suggest that guns should penetrate walls. Wooden walls are much softer then brick/cement walls or log walls. Rifles have an mich greater power to penetrate walls then an pistol. (For that part i dont know if its too hard to code) After an projectile has penetrated lets say 2 walls you dont get as much damage as you would get if it hit you without any wall. This would make player made structures not "uninvadeable" fortresses because you cant hide behind an wall if you are attacked. That would be interesting when the new coming cover system is realesed. Edit: It would b
  5. But does it filter out bacteria? I dont know now exactly but i think you still need to boil the water to be 100% sure. But Charcoal filter out any dirt and junk.
  6. I had such an idea too, not as radical but somethink like that for building. First (for exaple an wall) you build an "fundation" you need mostly no skill for that. Then you collect planks and nails and "build it up" now its lvl 1. Again, now you need lvl 3 capentry to make it stronger, or you need more materials,more time and it maybe fails. And even it you can build it without the req. Skill you get much Skillpoints and it will be not as "good" or has as much hitpoints as if you had the skill. Even if you used more materials.
  7. In this game you need to know the Game Operation Flashpoint (not red River etc.) If you played it alot (like me) you will remember the radio chatter like: 1:"Oh No... 2 is down!" 3:"Dam 1 is down" 4:"Im taking command, i say again im taking command out" 3:"11 o'clock BMP 100" 4:"6 attack BMP 11o'clock" 6:"Roger" BOOOM 5:"Oh No!... 6 is down!" So, you tell a little story with the radio chatter. I love this game and its so fucking hard one bullet kill you. Realesed 2001.
  8. Oh no! The Nostalgia form OPF (Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crisis/Arma cold war assault) 1: "12 O┬┤Clock M1A1 Abrams 200" 1: "3 attack M1A1 Abrams" 3: "Roger" 2: "Oh no... 3 is down!" 4: "Enemy Soldier 100"
  9. Well, yesterday after cheating and trying with the New beta build, i had an idea, that if you pick for example good hearing, so eagle eyes (or how it spelled) cost from 6 to maybe 10 and the opposide, if you take Bad hearing you can take eagle eyes for maybe 4 or so. The same with jobs. Thats good for more characters that arent absolute perfect.
  10. You may get unconsciousness from MASSIV (but not deadly) damage in an short time. Maybe if you get shot twice.
  11. Hello first, its more an question then an suggestion but here is it. Do we get (Someday) ADVANCED Medical Options? Well im not talking about an heart transplantation but like some kind of intensive care. If you get infected with something and only an doc can help you. Sepisis is very dangerous and in a unhygyenic world pretty common. (Amputation is already an maybe) Well yet is it so, if you get shot in MP, you remove the bullet in 5 secounds, maybe disinfect and then stitch or bandage the wound. After about 30 secounds you just done. I know its IMENSIVE Work to code something (have some modd
  12. Well, he explained it exactly. But i'd like to have some smg's (mp5..) Well, thats coming after fort knox.
  13. Or just an way to make gasoline (maybe biogas) or find it more common.
  14. Dam, over the half of these things is an NO from the developers. Read before post http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/192-commonly-suggested-suggestions-read-before-posting/
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